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Welcome to the recap of our AMA with 360Wellness!!

Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what 360Wellness is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading

Introduction with 360Wellness


Q1. Can you tell us how did you came up with the idea of 360wellness and also shed some light on the people who initiated this project? @ataraxia360 @playza23

Kevin | 360Wellness:

So my name is Kevin. I am French and moved to Singapore in January 2013 where I lived for 7 years working for the 2nd largest automotive parts manufacturer, a German company named ZF. I was Head of Product Management and Engineering for the Asia pacific region and leading a team of 60+ people across 6 locations.

Sport and fitness has always been part of my life. Denis and I were actually flatmates in Singapore and while he decided to become a crypto investor full time in 2017 I went all-in in endurance sports and Triathlon. I competed in over 16 Ironman races in the region the last few years. Did few podium finishes and qualified for the Ironman World Championships in 2019.

That’s when I started to coach athletes online as a side hustle and started to conceptualise the initial project idea of 360Wellness. Started with a few sketches during my lunch break, conducting user interviews with endurance coaches and Fitness instructors I knew and a few months later, resigned from my job to found the company 360Sports Pte. Ltd. incorporated in Singapore In September 2019. Today Denis and I are bringing together the best of both worlds Fitness and Blockchain together with 360Wellness and the upcoming launch of our Digital Fitness crypto currency $DEFIT.

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Hi, I’m Denis, the Chief Digital Officer and Crypto Lead for Digital Fitness. My background is in Social Media with over 11+ years of experience in the sector with digital content creation and marketing initiatives with a leading SML firm based in Singapore.

I’ve been in crypto since early 2017 and stopped my job back then to fulfil this passion, I joined with Kevin since October as we saw great potential of integrating the coin into the app. Yes as Kevin mentioned we were flatmates back in Singapore and know each other quite well.

I’d also like to share all our team members which aren’t here


So two flatmates with 2 different interests converged to form 360wellness!

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

we have over 30+ people now working internally and externally with DEFIT and our parent company 360Wellness

Not everyone fit into one slide indeed. But we are truly blessed to have a fantastic team who believe in our vision and joined us along the way.

Kevin | 360Wellness:

I love to solve problems. And over the years I’ve come to realise how difficult it is for Fitness/Wellness professionals to grow their business as most of them come from a sport background and are not tech nor marketing savvy. So I started user interviews with many of my friends to find out what would be the dream platform for them to operate their business. We packed all their today’s unmet needs into the 360Wellness product roadmap, providing them with everything they need to grow their business successfully while enhancing user experience.

We ended up with building that fully decentralised wellness marketplace. First focused on live virtual classes but we are currently designing all upcoming features for booking PT sessions, boot camps etc

When I say decentralised I truly mean it. Our app is subscription free.

We offer a digital place for health and fitness professionals to exist by themselves, with their own branding to sell their own services. Not at one point we are delivering coaching services ourselves but connect people.

So the thinking process took us further and we started wondering. Hold on a second. What’s more natural for us, while building a decentralised fitness marketplace, to create and give our community their own decentralised digital currency 🙂

DEFIT idea was born. But you know, turning off an idea is much easier than keeping it lite. So Denis came on-board to define our project specs and we partnered up with YFDAi and FERRUM to get an amazing set-up to launch DEFIT and with the ambition to make it become the #1 Digital Fitness crypto currency.


Q2. Can you talk a bit about what innovations has 360wellness brought to the table with respect to already available health and fitness apps/websites? @playza23 @ataraxia360

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Sure, so there are currently 2 main solutions we provide with 360Wellness mobile application

The 1st is the live virtual classes with our trainers which you can access daily with different selections of fitness such as HIIT, Muay Thai, Kpopx, Dance, and Facial Fitness. We plan on upgrading this and scaling up to many more classes along with trainers from all around the world.

Browse through the list of upcoming events, find the most adored health and fitness professionals and register to the events to receive calendar invitations. Each and every event a member joins contributes to the individual’s wellness journey and its benefits will be directly added onto the wellness tracker getting them one step closer to their goals.

Secondly the 360Wellness innovative wellness tracker allows users to track how well they train, feel, eat and sleep all in one place. It delivers a daily update to each user with a unique WLNS™ score along with personalized insights and recommendations to lead a better and healthier life. It has been developed in close collaboration with wellness industry experts and sport scientists. This is a unique offering because it can be applied to any individual and anyone can use it to track their overall wellness.


Thanks for the detailed answers. It really seems 360wellness has everything required to maintain one’s fitness and health through a digital portal

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

yes we truly believe it is a revolutionary mobile application

and we have a lot we are building in the background


So can someone subscribe for a personal trainer as well ? And also how does DEFIT token fit into this ?

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Sure Kevin will take the personal trainer question

I will talk about the DEFIT

Kevin | 360Wellness:

So you can’t actually subscribe to a trainer, technically speaking. But you can buy the product and services they offer. At the moment we’ve built the live public virtual classes to start with and the overall app architecture. We currently have a team of 15 software engineers working simultaneously on our upcoming web-app for professionals and additional mobile features to come along.


Ok got it . So Kevin, are you in the app too ? 🤔😁

Kevin | 360Wellness:

This will allow coaches to sell public but also private live classes on invitation only. Not only online but also administrate their full business with their on site clients as well like bootcamps or personal training sessions as we are offering full payment management solution with Apple, Google and Stripe API integration within the app. So imagine any trainer making today a monthly revenue of let’s say 3,500USD. And now imagine 10,000 of them coming over to our platform to operate their business

This is how much transaction volume we will capture and implement $DEFIT to encourage them to switch from Fiat currencies to crypto

Haha no. Trust me I am busy enough right now with all we have on our plate. And I am a much better business man than personal trainer

I join many live classes each week though so we may meet during a class if you hop in 😉

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Great then for the DEFIT token I’ll describe the benefits not only for the coaches but also the investors and the users

Investor Benefits 🚀

Staking — Details to be announced closer to TGE. Being a FAS incubated company we will use their staking technology which we believe is one of the best!

Burning Mechanism of Staking fees will be in effect once it begins 🔥

Buyback of coins with 10% of Profits coming from the mobile application 💰

User Benefits

Referral Rewards given to users for onboarding friends and family onto the mobile application 🔥

Achievement Rewards based off Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery and Sleep on the 360Wellness Tracker 💰

Top users featured in the App 🚀

Top Wellness User Trending

Top Coin User Featured

Then finally the benefits for the coaches as Kevin mentioned are being able to save $ by using the token along with…

Instructor/Coach Benefits:

Welcome Gift driving acquisition 💰

Based on their most popular media channel (E.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). % based Token granted once company and instructor profile successfully set-up.

*The revenue of the coach needs to be 10x of the coin value at when it was received. (E.g. 11 cents per token would mean a coach receiving 500 welcome tokens comes to 55$ and would have to do 550$ worth of revenue to unlock the welcome token gift.)


For tracking sleep and recovery are you partnering with a smart watch or fitness band company?

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Extra visibility and higher ranking in top search results based on our specific formula of ranking the coaches on the marketplace. 🚀

Ranking will be updated twice a week (every Monday and Thursday; to maintain engagement from coaches). Accordingly, a coach will be ranked depending on his/her activity over the last 3- or 4-days period. To determine the ranking per period, we use a 2-step formula:

Ranking based on a score of use of DEFIT coins, Xperience points and the Quality of Classes

Kevin | 360Wellness:

Well there is actually no need to partner up with anybody

All connected wearables brands offer API that can be integrated into your own app

Coming from Triathlon and the endurance world this is actually the first thing I wanted to do but focusing on live virtual classes was a smart decision regarding the pandemic situation


So you have integrated all the major smartwaches in the 360wellness app ?

Kevin | 360Wellness:

We’ve now resumed the work on connected wearables, another month of work and by may you will be able to sync 360Wellness with Garmin, Suunto, Polar and Fitit to upload and consult all your recorded activities 😉

Can’t wait to ditch my Garmin connect and Strava accounts


Q3.What is 360wellness planning to achieve further this year?

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Sure let me share our Roadmap for the year!

So as described in the investor benefits the listing of the coin will be happening in early April and the staking will also begin around that time.

Connected Wearables as Kevin mentioned are coming in May, then we have the DEFIT coin integration into the application by Q3 and then our awesome NFTs to roll out in Q4!

As we are wrapping up the 1st set of questions here let me share our DEFIT presale video created by YF Dai to get everyone pumped

Turn up the volume and enjoy the pump up music!

Community ask Questions by Twitter


Twitter question no 1.

From : @Yilmazatacan132

Where can users now buy $DEFIT tokens? What will it be used for in the 360wellness app and what great utility does it bring to the user?

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

The presale will be happening on YF Dai and Ferrum very soon, date to be confirmed shortly…there is certain criteria that you must meet to be able to join the presale which includes staking their tokens for a certain period of time.

But everyone can join the public round which will be coming not too long after the presale

I believe we answered all the use cases for the investors, users and coaches previously so I won’t repeat myself there :)


Twitter question no 2.

From : @MesutGunerri

Kevin | 360Wellness:

Height, length, weight, and other parameters are measured differently in various countries. Of course, the language is different. So, do you have any local help? If so, for which countries/cultures?

Well that isn’t quite a big deal actually related to height and weight. It’s just Imperial or Metric system. At the moment we don’t ask such information from our users but when we will do, we will offer the possibility to choose.

Regarding languages, we started in English only version. This is already giving us huge development opportunity tapping into a massive industry which is the online fitness.

I am actually now in France opening up our first Business unit to conquer the European market in addition to our Singapore Headquarter focused on South East Asia, our core market priority. Implementing languages does not take too much work, but we need to ensure we do it in alignment with a strong sales and marketing strategy. Most likely French will be our next language and then most likely some Asian languages


Twitter question no 3.

From : @KaanErkosse

About artnerships, I can see that you’re partnered now with many HEALTH AND FITNESS PROFESSIONALS. So may we ask when will be able to see you partnering with leading blockchain companies for building a suite of tools, accessing multi-chains under one roof and more?

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Yes we have this already planned as we understand the issues with the Ethereum blockchain and this will affect us greatly if users can’t move the DEFIT token around with low gas fees. Therefore that is why we are exploring the following integrations:

Kevin | 360Wellness:

Oh wait I like what you did Denis highlighting the reply in bold. Let me do it as well lol

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Binance chain is our top pick as it is working already and has very low gas fees

We believe this will also help the hype for our token in the coming months after we list because most people in the Crypto space understand how big of a force Binance is

So it is on our roadmap to do this integration, stay tuned for that information

Community ask question by Website


Website question no 1.

From : Leixa Garcia (@leixagarcia)

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

One of the most attractive features of 360 Wellness is the “Wellness tracker” that is included in the app. How does this work? How can an app be able to determine our emotional state with just a few pieces of information?

Yes our algorithms have been programmed to automatically calculate every user’s WLNS score based on how balanced an individual’s life is. All the components of the formula which include Fitness, Feel, Recovery and Nutrition matter to reach your full wellness potential:

Fitness — Includes both virtual classes and self-regulated activities

Feel — Details of an individual’s feelings and emotions for each day

Recovery — Involves the recovery after workouts or days off which includes sleep, naps, leisure time, etc.

Nutrition — How well the user is feeding the body with healthy nutrients throughout the day

For the emotional state or feelings you can simply add in what you feel at that particular moment. What is so powerful about this is you can track your feelings over the week and see how your week was sort of like a journal! Having an emotional journal where you can look back over the weeks and months to remember the good times is super healthy and great for your mental health too!


Website question no 2.

From : Sir DeFi ( @sirdefi)

How do you handle the privacy of our data, do we have to give our real name, do we have to pass KYC beforehand in order to participate in the training?

Kevin | 360Wellness:

It is so important to us that user data are encrypted and protected. We will not, never sell our user data. Enhancing user privacy is also one of the reasons that drove them closer to the blockchain integration idea.

We got so many other ways to monetise that this ain’t needed.

No KYC needed. Just pick a class, sign-up, and join the live event all directly within the app. With today’s SMART TV or simply owning a Chromecast you can within 2 clicks broadcast your live event on TV and literally turn any living room into an at-home-fitness studio 🙂 It’s like Clubhouse, but cooler. Joining video live fitness/wellness classes 🙂


Website question no 3.

From : Kevin (@KevSalom)

Tell us about the $DEFIT Staking, how much is the return, is it easy to use, assuming that those who will be inside the platform will not be crypto experts, but people who want to exercise.

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

At this time we can’t give you any details on the staking as that is coming shortly after the listing of the coin. This will be coming from our partner Ferrum as we are currently in partnership with them for their Advisory Services meaning all the amazing recommendations and features they have for their staking portal are now at our disposal.

I can say the ease of use will be a super important part of how we enable people to start using the DEFIT token, it has to be simple and easy to use so we can move the masses over onto the blockchain. Therefore we have this in mind fully when we deploy this into our mobile application.

Telegram live Questions answered by 360Wellness

Q1 from 🎖Sir Defi🎖:

On your websites you say that we can own our $DEFIT tokens “to move to the next level and unlock exclusive benefits”. What kind of benefits do you mean, what can I earn?

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

Sure let me share the visual so everyone knows what you are talking about.

So there will be increased discounts on what sports apparel and merchandising there will be on the mobile application. We have already brought on a couple brands onto our app and we will start scaling this up more in Q2 for the rest of the year

Let me share a couple brands who are currently working with us

Use 360wellness when checking out to enjoy a 30% promo code.

Then this is the one you need for this summer.

This Australian swimwear brand is used by Aussie Olympians and the owner is a fantastic and inspiring lady!

She does triathlon too that’s how we know each other.

Q2 from Priyanshu Sharma:

The roadmap tells us what you have planned until 2021, with this being crypto that’s a very short roadmap! What are the plans for the future, and do you hope to do

Kevin | 360Wellness:

I can feel diamond hands here 😉

We obviously have a lot in mind and not only, also laid down in our 5 years business plan. I am so glad to see here someone thinking long term as often people tend to be more interested into the next pump haha.

But yes you can expect AI development to custom use behavorial messaging and recommendations, white labelling solutions to corporate organisations looking after employees wellbeing. We have the potential to become a unicorn by 2025. And we have the team, skills and talent to back up our word here 😉

Q3 from Tatar Ramazan:

How sure are you that you will raise enough funds in your token sale? How is the interest of pre-sales investors?

Denis CDO | Digital Fitness $DEFIT:

We are quite confident in raising the full cap of our sale because of the influencers that have just come on board..we have got some of the largest following base crypto influencers who invested in us already that YF Dai have connected us with!

Also YF Dai’s first Launchpad sale just sold out fully today, their public sale sold out in 3 minutes so there should still be quite a bit of demand for our token from the people that were not able to get into the 1st sale as people believe in what YF Dai is doing!

Q4 from Habibi:

At some point do I have to show myself to the public? Can I participate in the live events without the need to record myself?

Kevin | 360Wellness:

IYes absolutely. 90% of our live classes integrated in-app are through ZOOM Developer API integration so you have the option to turn your camera on or off. As you wish. Just try one class next week. I promise you that once you experience it, you will love it 😍 And just so you guys know, this month we run a 100% payback operation so your the classes you attend will be reimbursed as we want to encourage you to try. I’ll see you in class 😉



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