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Introduction with AnRKey

Q1. Can you tell us with what goals did you came up with the idea of AnRKey ?

Castles | AnRKey X:
So the goal with AnRKey X is to privide Play to Earn DeFi based games with the lowest possible barrier to entry in a growing ecosystem!

We are a game and NFT studio releasing multiple games per year!

We are aiming to be at the forefront of Social DeFi gaming with already one highly successful product! but more on that later!


So let's move to our next question

Q2. Can you elaborate on Battle Wave 2323 ? How is it exciting and how does the play to earn model work ?

Castles | AnRKey X:
For sure!

Battle Wave 2323 is the first of its kind!

The most exciting part of Battle Wave 2323 is that teams of users help EACH OTHER boost winnings by playing together!

Buy staking AnRKey X APY boosting NFTs users build an APY score in an attempt to win!

Currenty the top 3 teasm each week win APY prizes and so far we have distributed OVER $500,000 USD in $ANRX to our players!!

The Play to Earn model for Battle Wave 2323:

$ANRX is the CORE TOKEN of our games, all players start the game by staking $ANRX in to a team then get boosting!

1. Stake APY boosting NFTs to increase reards

2. WIN free prizes including NFTs and APY boosts plus $ANRX in daily bonus games

3. FARM FREE Oracle Shard APY boosted NFTs to use in game or sell on Open Sea

4. Stake $ANRX in your team - More $ANRX staked more rewards


Q3. How is AnRKey also participating in the metaverse phenomenon?

Castles | AnRKey X:
The metaverse will be a MAJOR component of the crypto gaming world in the future and we are right there ready to build!

We have just made an official partnership with NETVRK (READ HERE)! We will be building an AnRKey X virtual HQ and arcade!! Our users will also be able to sport eachother in the open world and play together where ever they meet!

obviously this is only beginning but we are looking forward to the platform going live!

We will be moving into the realm of ingame items such as skins, weapons etc. to bling out your avatars and attach ingame attributes to the assets!

Nice !

Q4. What are the various ways to acquire $ANRX and what makes it a good investment?

Castles | AnRKey X:
➡️ Our main trading and gameplay pool is on polygon. So to gain access to our STAKING program in order to PLAY the BATTLE WAVE 2323 V2 BETA, purchase your $ANRX Tokens on QuickSwap.👇🏻

Trade on QuickSwap:

➡️ BSC and UniSwap STAKING are not compatible in BATTLE WAVE 2323 V2 BETA for gameplay, they can be used for TRADING👇🏻

Trade on UniSwap:

Trade on PancakeSwap:

$ANRX is a good investment as the token usecase is very strong, $ANRX is required for all actions in Battle Wave 2323 - to enter teams and earn rewards for the week $ANRX tokens must be staked and rewards are based on the amount of tokens staked. All tokens staked are removed from circulation.

Users are incentivised to hold most of their tokens long term as they are mandatory to continue playing the game.

The use case of the token is growinf and as we build the Open Social gaming Economy will only increase!


Moving to our last question of this segment

Q5. What is more planned to be achieved by your team in the remaining part of 2021 ?

Castles | AnRKey X:
coming up we have our Game and NFT dev engine which will allow GLOBAL game creators to build games for our gDEX platform!

Cant say much but big things coming very soon 😉

we are really excited about that one!

We also have our in-game community marketplace in development to bring the NFT trading experience directly into Battle Wave 2323 (like cryptoblaydes for exampla)

That wraps up the first part of the amazing session

Thanks for that well detailed introduction about AnRKeYx

Let’s now proceed to the twitter segment

Community ask questions from Twitter

1. For whale protection, your white paper says you have built various algorithmic economic market regulators and limiters quantified, this is really impressive, but can you brief us on these limiters and regulations.
Twitter username sunnyaremu


Castles | AnRKey X:
sure thing! Ill start by letting you guys chek out our team!

We have STELLAR and very experience team working on our games and with that comes the knowledge that in cryprto whales tend to control most yieldfarming platforms

so we put the following in place with innovstive smart contracts

1. ALL players are limited to the same amount of $ANRX staked - no player can exceed 20,000 USD in $ANRX per game

2. All players are limited in the amount of APY boosting NFTs they can stake

3. ALL APY boosting NFTs staked in a team INCREASES the APY of ALL players on the team not just the individual

4. In-game NFT boosts are reandomized so that players cannot always get the MAX prize

As we monitor gameplay we can alter a. umber of factors in the game to optimize the rules as well !

Move to the 2nd question 😊

2. I read that your platform is "Built with One-of-A-kind platform protocol", can you share what this Protocol is all about and how it brings something different to the Defi gaming world
Twitter username Karljay009

Castles | AnRKey X:
The gDEX Protocol is a scalable hybrid built on L1/L2 (Ethereum and Polygon - Matic) for maximum transaction speed, minimum gas fees with fluid NFT and FT cross-chain swapability - now 100% on polygon!

The gDEX protocol has 3 core parts:

AnRKey X Play to Earn Games:

DeFi games and Games As A Service products within the gDEX are equitable to all users, allowing rights ownership and profit sharing, incentivizing participation within our play to earn real money economy. - Battle Wave 2323 is the first of many!

Game & NFT Development Engine:

The gDEX Protocol includes SDKs and tools, arming 3rd party developers and gaming NFT asset creators with the power to easily build and deploy their games and NFTs within the AnRKey X DeFi social gaming economy.

Community Marketplace Network:

Participants in the AnRKey X economy have the ability to monetize their own DeFi games and NFT game assets. The gDEX Protocol includes infrastructure that allows for creators to upload, market, and sell their own unique products
Castles | AnRKey X:

Moving to our last question of this segment

3.Page 24 of your lite paper mentions a three value generator TWICE,
I'd like for you to expand on this.
Thank you 😀
Twitter username Josephayoola19


Castles | AnRKey X:

Bascially that is outlining the 3 core generators of earnings for players as well as revenue generators for the team to keep building!

Building the global DeFi gaming economy with help from our partners at the DeFi Gaming Coalition (which we founded) will help our $ANRX holders to eanr across multiple games in the AnRKey X universe!

I alrady mentiong ther gaming Dapp engine where blobal creaors will make games and $ANRX holders vote on which ones to add to the protocol! and finally our community marketplace (think cryptoblaydes) where all of our NFTs and in-game assets in the future will be traded!

1 Being a gaming platform, what games does AnRKeYx is currently support? What type of games do you plan to add in the future?? Also, what are your plans on reaching out to community with little or no Interest in gaming? can you briefly talk on your marketing strategies too

Telegram Username: @iSvspectIt

Here's the first interesting question from website

Castles | AnRKey X:
Sure, we only support our AnRKey X produced games - soon we will begin to support games build for our protocol using our SDKs and tools - we already have a pipeline of devs in the indie gaming sector which you can read about here

We have live advertisment campaigns, twitter marketing strategies, PR releases and coming community campaigns which all tie in to our marketing strategy, also AMA series for targeted markets and regions.

Our games make people money while also engaging them in team based Esports play, its only a matter of time for more players or non-gamer crypto users to join!

Another one's here

2. Says on your website that AnRKeYx allows users to Easily develop and deploy DeFi gaming Dapps & Scalable NFTs and even Access a vibrant marketplace to sell their game & NFT creations. My question is this, what is required of a creator to be able to create and sell their creations,
Also what is your commission/percentage when creators sell these?

Telegram Username: @cjayreloaded


Castles | AnRKey X:
The only requirement is to use our SDKs and Tools! We will be releasing more information regarding tokenomics of that sector when we make the official announcement

This info will also include the percentage taken on sales of the creations etc.

we are keeping the cards close to our chest until everything is ready!

3. In my findings about The $ANRX token (aka arcade coin), I discovered it is the foundational economic unit of the gDEX Protocol, and through its use, For the first time, users become stakeholders in a democratized economy where they can participate and grow earnings through the production and utilization of “tokenized assets”.
Can you tell us what these assets are?

Telegram Username: @KaptinBlack

Castles | AnRKey X:

when we say tokenised assets we mean users can participate by playing our games and growing their holdings of APY boosting NFT assets such as game cards and in the future - Character/Avatar Skins, accessories, weapons and much more. All of these assets will be tradable and come with thier own set of attributes (think power level, XP boost, APY boost, speed etc.)

then in the production sector we are talking about our game and NFT engine where creators can produce their own in-game assets and games


Thanks again for answer all the website question.

Live Questions answered by AnRKey

How does Yield meet the most pressing DeFi requirements of interoperability, cross-chain interactions, and different blockchains? Is KYC required for users to take advantage of all of yield's amazing features?

Castles | AnRKey X:
KYC is NOT required currently to play our games.

Yield farming can occur over most ecosystems and in the future we will be looking at that approach.

What we are currently implementing is our NFT interoperability system where game card colletables can have game actions across platforms

Do you have any Coin Burn or BuyBack system or do you have any plans to burn tokens to increase token value and attract investors to invest in your project?

Castles | AnRKey X:
We currently dont burn our token as we have already a low supply with total at 200,000,000

token burns are not always the best solution for price health and attraction as most of the "anon" projects that implement those mechanisms are not sustainable

3)Garena free fire:
How secure is your project Nowadays crypto hacks and attacks have increased significantly What do you think about this?

Castles | AnRKey X:
We have been thoroughly tested by leading blockchain security firm CertiK and have undergone 2 seperate successful audits! please see here

🌀 🦋 🌀 🦋 🌀 🦋 🌀 🦋 🌀 🦋 🌀 🦋 🌀

AnRKey X offers the FIRST celebrity NFT with DeFi technology: Chiquis Where can we get it?

Castles | AnRKey X:
You can get it right here![items][sort]=cheapest

You can also check out our FULL game card collections here




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