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Introduction segment

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Introduction questions

Q1. Can you start us off with what is Axes Metaverse about and how it is a different from other play to earn models?

Nick Poleaxe:
Axes Metaverse appeared from two parts:
Axes - the main lore, which is based on the current live game, and Metaverse means our desire to create Metaverse with a bunch of gaming mods, built around Axes’s NFT characters.
NFT is the center of our metaverse. You can play using them and earn tokens, do passive farming and so on. In the upcoming GAO we will release the first wave of character NFTs for a very fair and affordable price.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Please for the purpose of newbies here
What's the meaning of GAO

Nick Poleaxe:
GAO means Game Asset Offering. We have already conduct first GAO in December and successfully closed it for $1M offering chests with our NFT Characters👍

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Q2. Can you elaborate on the gameplay, story and also the role of NFTs in Axes Metaverse?

Nick Poleaxe:
The key point here is that we aim to create a metaverse centered around NFT characters. Players will be able to compete and farm in different game modes, evolve their NFTs and so on. The obvious first step is to tokenize gameplay and it will inevitably be changed: new characters (stay tuned for announcements in the next few days), new competitive system are to be implemented in order to integrate play-to-earn mechanics.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
So currently there is no token for Axes

Except nfts

Nick Poleaxe:
IDO of Axes Metaverse tokens is planned in the first quarter of 2022, exact dates are going to be revealed later.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Wow we would be expecting this great news

Q3. What is the benefit of holding Axes Metaverse Token and how will it be acquired ?

Nick Poleaxe:
Great question! We have carefully studied the problems other NFT and play-to-earn projects had with minting, game economy design and so on

Speaking of the NFT market problems, we always monitor our competitors in terms of minting, game economy, technical challenges, and take into account their mistakes, as well as advantages.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Q4. How easily can a user register and start playing and earning in Axes Metaverse ?

Nick Poleaxe:
Right now, you can play the original casual game, which we are transforming into P2E. You can download it in Google Play and AppStore and play, but not earn, cause the Metaverse version will be released in Q2 2022. In February I believe we will release the Metaverse demo with network mode, so join our community to stay updated: @axes_metaverse

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Q5.Can you tell us what is Axes Metaverse planning to achieve in the later part of this year?

Nick Poleaxe:
Our roadmap for the quarter of the year can be checked on our website and it is going to be updated with our long term goals. Tokenomics of our metaverse is being developed at the moment and it is going to be announced on our website once it is finished. Currently, our main goals are gathering a strong p2e community and establishing strategic partnership with one of the top-tier blockchain. We are also focused on finalizing our first game mode of the metaverse - tokenized and improved version of

Twitter segment

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Twitter questions
1. By @babahvoss

When I don't use my characters, I see that I can lend them to other people and split the prizes, but what happens if the character I loaned to someone else loses it in a match? And how are the prizes for winning distributed?

Nick Poleaxe:
Renting out will cost a fixed amount for a period of time. For the lease period, the tenant gets full control over the NFT (only it can't be sold), so all tokens earned with its help will go to the tenant👍

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
So i can rent an nft
Just for show in my collections

I think this first time am hearing about this

Could talk abit what brought about this renting idea

This quite getting interesting

Nick Poleaxe:
Yes, you can rent your NFT characters to other players through our marketplace that we release later and get passive income from it. Cool isn't it?

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Yea absolutely

2. By xa3yte

On your road plan, I see a game asset offering (GAO) scheduled for January 2022; what is the status of this, and is it ready yet?
Also, what exactly is the GAO and how does it work?

I think you answered abit of this above

Nick Poleaxe:
You right. As i said previously GAO means Game Asset Offering, so on our 2nd GAO we'll present to audience new set of characters and if you want participate in it then follow our socials to stay updated😉

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
3. By @tigonflames

According to what I've read, Axes metaverse is working on a market place that was supposed to launch last year and allow users to trade their NFTs. Is this already possible, and can users trade NFTs on Axes now?

Nick Poleaxe:
We are finalizing the work on the marketplace to provide the most pleasant use experience for our users and the release is expected in the near future👍

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
4. By @Josephayoola19

What are the various game types now accessible on the Axes metaverse, and how can players upgrade their Axes hunters in the game? Can you give us a sneak peek at some of the more exciting game modes to come?

Nick Poleaxe:
Let me just quote our latest post from our Telegram channel @axes_metaverse_news

Axes Metaverse will bring together a variety of games of different genres, each of which will give players a unique gaming experience.

💪 Axes: Battleground – an action game. Directly controlling one of the heroes, you will be able to participate in large-scale royal battles.

🧐 Axes: Team Tactics – a tactical role-playing game. Assemble a squad of heroes and send them to perform dangerous missions or fight in the arena against squads of other players.

⚔️ Axes: Kingdom Wars – a multiplayer strategy. Fight for land ownership, build and defend castles, establish resource extraction and production.

Axes Metaverse games will share a common economy. Player resources earned in one game can be used in another.

To train a hero in Axes: Team Tactics tactical battles, and then send them to the Axes: Battleground battle royale? Easy! This is one world 🗺

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
5. By @stephen_hawk3

Why do you believe there is a need for blockchain technologies, given your 10 years of mobile game development experience? What advantages does the blockchain offer the Axes metaverse?

Last question for this segement

Nick Poleaxe:
First of all, users can participate in our upcoming GAOs, the second of which will be held on 30th of Jan, the public sale part actually, if you are connected with VC funds and would like to get partnered with us, the private sale will be on 29th of Jan, so just before the launch, users could obtain NFT characters chests and after the launch, the price of NFTs will be significantly increased due to the hype around the project and our currently existed non-crypto audience, which will be drawn to the project exactly after the launch (Q2 2022)

Moreover, key points of NFT utility can be researched on our website. In terms of marketplace, currently we are developing our own nft-market that will allow you to trade your assets but we are also discussing partnerships with well known nft-marketplaces. Heroes that will be dropped in the first GAO are going to be revealed soon! Last but not least in terms of gameplay we have developed a clear vision and I am going to share it with you. Firstly, we are going to tokenize and improve it to make high quality battle royale. Further, we are planning to introduce more than 3 revolutionizing game modes.

Live segment

What are the passive and active ways to earn Axes Metaverse tokens?

Nick Poleaxe:
We plan to engage active players, traders and passive investors into the metaverse. So there will be plenty of opportunities to earn metaverse tokens😉

2)Broken Native:
i love how the idea is that anybody can play in it, please can users who aren't Blockchain inclined also participate?

Nick Poleaxe:
Axes Metaverse is a bridge for non-crypto players into play2earn world 🌎

Explanation: as we are Azur Games and have 2B+ installs from more than 100 countries we are able to shift all our usual players into play 2 earn

I can see that Axes Metaverse doesn’t support mobile devices, is this how your project will run or there are plans to create a mechanism which it will support every platforms?

Nick Poleaxe:
Actually, game will be available on iOS and Android, as for PC, join our community and we will reveal the information very soon😉

4)🌿Salto Angel🌿:
The truth is that it seems very suspicious to me that its name is very similar to that of the great NFT game Axie Infinity, therefore, how will we know that this game is not a scam that seeks to deceive those new to NFT games? or does that name have a reason for being?

Nick Poleaxe:
Nowadays it's clear that the P2E market is already booming with dozens of projects but Axes Metaverse significantly stands out for a number of reasons. Firstly, our metaverse is based on an already successful project, while most of our competitors only have begun to raise money for mvp. Secondly, Axes Metaverse is developed by a well-known company that has a name in the gaming industry, while most of the projects are started by crypto enthusiasts and struggle with building a strong game-development team.

💯Could you explain us how you want to extend your name across different cultures and languages?

Nick Poleaxe:
Great question! We have concluded several partnerships with local VC funds, who will help us to spread awareness of the project to different regions, such as Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Europe and Latin America




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