AMA with bePay

Introduction segment

Q1. Can you start us off with what is bePAY about and how it is a different from other crypto ecommerce services ?

Bach Pham:
Thank you for the good Question. I and my friend start together as a mobile POS company and we have runs 10,000 active stores and 300,000 user

Then we would like to run to the crypto space to develope more financial services to our customer.

The 3 most important things that make us different with the competitors are:

1) We connect the crypto capital (DEFI) with the traditional market (Buy now pay later)

That means the consumer has more choice to pay the merchant, they could use the product and services with a low budget, no interest rate.

According to McKinsey, the market size is $106 billion and keeps growing more than 20% annually. The fastest growing in the personal loan industry.

Potential customers: The market we aim to serve is Gen Y, Gen Z who prefer a more easier and flexible payment, no interest rate.

Merchants love BNPL services because that will increase their revenue at least 25% per year, increase customer retention, increase the Average Order Value.

2) We have a team of experts: have nearly 15 years experience working in the multinational country in retail, fintech, mobile development. We also have strong partner and Advisor board.

3) We also have an existing network of 10,000 active stores and 300,000 users. That help us quite good advantages to growth to a sustainable uptrend


Q2. What does bePay Finance plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Bach Pham:
We aim like to build a strong network effect that need Merchatn, Consumer, Marketplace... grow together

Thus, we have 5 strategies to attract more users substantially:

1) Focus to the B2B2C in crypto e-commerce, crypto marketplace to provide their merchants and users the BNPL solution. That will benefit both of us.

2) Viral shares: Use the Refer program, giveaway

3) Partner program with our strong network

4) KOL network to share the Useful content and Tips for the long-term

5) Personal Finance Academy platform to share how to spend and manage money smarter.

Q3. Who are some business partners/clients for bePay Finance?

Bach Pham:
Thank Auria

We have partnered with:
1) bePay Foundation, that runs the network 10,000 active stores and 300,000 user

2) Beenext Ventures, ( ) that manages Assets nearly $1 billion. They already invested in more than 200 companies and some of their portfolio already are the unicorn like Tokopedia in Indonesia.

3) Bitbns ( the largest Crypto exchange in India with 2.2 million users.

4) Ascent launchpad, the launchpad in Bitbns that we are launching the IDO in this 21 Nov (

We are also talking with other potential partners in crypto ecommerce, NFT marketplaces, and will announce when we officially launch the collaboration.

Q4. How can a user register and start shopping with bePAY?

Bach Pham:
Thank Auria.

For the user, they will see bePay solution in the Check-out screen when they shopping in their current marketplace; They will have more choices of flexible payment, more reward and no interest. We will begin with crypto marketplace and crypto e-commerce.

Please follow us in bePay channels to update and earn reward when you are the early users in the upcoming months. Today, we have the Giveaway that reward you 50 Token for each friend

Can you share a little bit about the team? What are their backgrounds and how big is it at the moment?

Bach Pham:
Thank Auria

For the Founding team. We have a team of developers & finance experts who have 15+ years of experience in the retail industry.

1) Me, Bach Pham has been working in the financial services industry since 2006. With many roles in financial advisor, investment, financial restructuring, etc. I helped thousands of SME businesses increase their financial conditions.

2) Will Truong CTO, lives in Sydney, Australia. He has been working in the IT industry since 2003. Will Truong published his first mobile app for Apple AppStore in 2009 and for the last decade, he was solely focusing on making the best mobile apps for smartphone users. Before bePOS/bePay, he was the one-man business behind PDF Max ( – one of the most popular mobile PDF apps for iOS/Android with 4 million users.

Together, we build a company that run a network of 10,000 stores and 300,000 user and get the Recognitions:

- Top 1 Grab Ignites Ventures 2020

- First prize in Shinhan’s Future Lab - Vietnam 2019

- Top 3 Fintech Lab - Vietnam 2019

- Top 10 Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019

- One of 13 Hottest Fintechs in Vietnam in 2019 (by Fintech News Singapore)

- Top 3 VISA Everywhere Initiative - Vietnam 2018... and many other, you could check the detail on our website

Twitter segment

Q.1) Twitter question from @AhmedSamna6

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken wellCan you expand our knowledge about Your Roadmap this year and the future and any Updates on your Research and development progress

Bach Pham:
Our slogan is distribute the wealth worldwird. Then one of our long-term objectives is to assist in the globalization of crypto and decentralized finance, as well as the dissemination of blockchain technology:

1) As our network already spans more than 10 countries, we can ensure that our team has the necessary expertise to deal with and service multicultural and multilingual clients effectively.

2) In addition, we have plans to connect and reach non-English local communities, where people are more demanding and hungry for new products and services; these areas are important markets for our products.

3) We have plan to release the MVP in the early next year. Our team is working hard to ensure that the project runs as quickly as possible to satisfy our community's expectations. You could check the live roadmap on our website:

Q.2) Twitter question from @SejanHosean2
What do you think Defi's present and NFT future, what challenges and opportunities do its give you? Do you have a plan to get the most out of the reality from Defi and NFT?

Bach Pham:
NFT, Metaverse and DEFI are the most important part of the world in the next 30 years.

With the participation of major businesses - recently Facebook; NFT and DeFi projects have gained a lot of traction and garnered millions of dollars in funding.

Besides accelerating the decentralized fiance wave with our BNPL platform permitting in-store and online buying, bePAY will give BNPL solutions to users seeking to participate these opportunities.

Crypto enthusiasts may now get started on their journet faster with the support from bePAY when opting to invest in Play-to-Earn games, NFT markeplace, which are becoming one of the most profitable sectors of the 2.5 trillion dollar business. And bePay The world's first Buy Now Pay Later solution for crypto will be their supporer!

Q.3 )Twitter question from @imwiiw27
One of the passive income of bePAY is thru referral program, Can you tell us more about the referral program of bePAY? What rewards we can get in this program? And does the new users can get rewards too?

Bach Pham:
With 20% of our total supply dedicated to building, developing, and rewarding the bePAY community, there will undoubtedly be many programs, competitions, and daily/weekly quests in which users can participate and earn BECOIN - our native token - by providing contribute about bePAY.
In the near future, bePAY will launch various referral schemes through which consumers may earn BECOIN by referring friends to join our community.

As proof, we're running a campaign in which you and your friends can win 50 BECOIN by following a few simple steps to join our social networks.
Here's the link to the competition's website:

Q.4) Twitter question from @Vicky79583658
Token burn is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does BNBPay have a plan about token burn?

Bach Pham:
Yes, we do have a token burn strategy in place. The purpose of our token burning is to remove a specific amount of a token from circulation.

As you can see in the tokenomic portion of our official whitepaper, it is explicitly stated:

- Token Burn: 20% profit of platform will use for buyback token each quarter

For more detailed information regarding our Token Distribution, IEO Funds Allocation, or Token Release Schedule. Please visit our website: or directly see our whitepaper here:

Website segment

Q.1) Website question from
i think for some online store / e-commerce they already have their own BNPL payment method for their users. so how bePay will compete their own (merchant who have) payment method? or you will offer bePay to online store who not already have BNPL payment method? or you will your very own online merchant store too?

Bach Pham:
Today, BNPL is becoming an emerging trend among Gen Z and Millenials in America, Europe, Australia, and certain parts of Asia when it comes to shopping payment. BNPL programs have now been integrated into several large retailers' POS systems, including Walmart, Amazon, and Target. However, major BNPL businesses such as Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm currently only accept normal fiats for installment financing.

bePAY is currently the pioneer in promoting BNPL programs with Crypto E-Commerce, NFT Marketplace, Metavers... Our services will be made available to our 10,000 merchants in over ten countries. bePAY's BNPL solution is also available to merchants that want to keep up with the fast-paced growth of crypto, blockchain, and DeFi and want to provide a different payment option to their customers at the point of sale.

As previously said, the market is enormous, and bePAY has a lot of potentials to become a viable product and expand swiftly in the future.

Q.2)Website question from @Caterpillar29
I heard that bePAY #IDO is coming on Ascent Launchpad this month? So can you tell us in advance a few details about the upcoming IDO? Do you have a final date for this event? And why we shouldn’t miss your IDO?

Bach Pham:
It is true what you've heard. On the 21st, bePAY is going to have an IDO on Ascent by Bitbns.

If you think as a venture capitalist, you will realize an IDO from a potential project will include:
1) A huge market
2) An experienced team with Partner and Advisor
3) Good Traction and good progress

These are all the 3 things we here at bePAY believe that we have already achieve.

Therefore, the potential of the project to skyrocket quickly is totally possible. With the small investment at the beginning, you can receive back big and promising returns.

Nothing can ensure a project's success 100 percent, but it will get steam quickly if you choose the correct project, you are going have a significant probability of winning.

Follow and join us on the 21st IDO in this link:

Live segment

✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅Do you have any
1. Telegram Group
2. YouTube channel
3. Tiktok Channel
4. Website
For this project? From where we can learn something? Please share with us link.

Bach Pham:
You could join our community on this link: and get the rewards

With the Crypto Project, the Community is the 1st important. Because we are DAO project, build the community, serve community and distribute the weath to the community!

2)Sir DeFi 🤵🏻‍:
🥇 How does the bePay BNPL payment solution work? How long will we have to pay our debt after making a purchase? What happens if we don't pay in the corresponding period?

Bach Pham:
When we lauching. You could see bePAY BNPL in the check out screen of your marketplace; You could buy the product with just 25% of amount, for example. You must pay $100 for the product; but with bePay, you just have to pay $25 and then pay other $75 in next 6 weeks ($25 per 2 weeks); If you dont pay in the corresponding period, you may have to pay the late fee with small amount and can not use bePay in the marketplace until you finish the full payment!




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