Welcome to the recap of our AMA with Bitxmi!

Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Bitxmi is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading.

Introduction with Bitxmi


Welcome and please introduce yourself! 🙂


Hiya I am Sanjay jain CEO and founder of Bitxmi. I am right now from our dubai office


Q1. Can you introduce us to the entire founding team briefly and let us know how the idea of this project sprung up when we have so many Exchanges already?


We are Crypto Exchange from Singapore company was founded in nov’2018 and we Launched on Jan’2020 in London

We have team of 75 people and Sanjay Jain is CEO and founder with 30 years of business activities. We are upcoming and growing exchange with huge potentials

We being asked same about so many exchanges our UPS is Customer are Boss!!!


Q2. What exciting features does BitXmi offers that will intrigue traders? @BitXmi


Our USP are:

Low trading fees

Low withdrawal fees

Security of trade and funds

Prompt Pay-out

24/7 multiple language support

We have Spot, Market, Margin Trading, OTC, ETF and Contract trading

Also we are soon will have Pool and Defi and Lending upto 75% LTV for crypto


Q3. What are the current promotions and special offers in place in BitXmi? @BitXmi


Well most of the exchange and wallets change between 8–35$ for withdrawals

Bitxmi charges $1 for all USDT withdrawals and $10 top for BTC or ETH

Our Trading fee is 0.10% only, lowest in Crypto space

We have get Paid to trade promotion, 35% referral earn scheme.


I don’t remember any other Exchange offering this high !


Yes as we are lowest trading fee exchange in crypto space


Q4. Do we have any substantial developments in the pipeline for rest of the year ? @BitXmi


We are going to Bxmi as Mode of Payments for nos of Online and offline

Bixtmi Debit and Credit cards with visa and Amex in process

Our offer is valid for all April and we pay 0.05% in bxmi for all trade

You can trade in any 140+ pairs and get paid!!

Community ask Questions by Twitter


Twitter question no 1.

From : @meml1997

I read that Bitxmi’s token $BXMI is use to facilitate the trading activities on the platform, while also being utilized in loyalty campaigns. Can you tell us more about this loyalty campaigns? How do they work and what role does BXMI has in them?


Traders can pay or offset trading with Bxmi coins

All traders will use Bxmi for trading or MOP will get 0.1% as loylity point and that can ge either cashed in USDT or again used as MOP with other merchants


Twitter question no 2.

From : @ApaguJonah

Can you tell us how Bitxmi Exchange protect it’s users by ensuring that only genuine projects make it to your exchange..as this has been an issue in the past..


We are a multiple national company registered in Singapore and Australia we have offices is Singapore, Australia, China, India, Dubai, Antwerp (Belgium) and London

We are team of 75 people works from Most part of world and have sales and marketing office in Dubai in heart of financial district Gold Suk and Diamond district of Almas Tower


Twitter question no 3.

From : @MadinaSakenova

As You know, Many people judge a Project By $BXMI price, What do you have to Say to investors? What’s the plan to increase $BXMI Demand?


3IN August’20 we launched our coin at $0.10 and now it is $0.72 and we already see 7x growth and targeted price of $1 by 1st anniversary augsut’21 and potential price of $3 by end of 2021

Bxmi will be used as Mode of Payments soon with lots of online and offline business and trade

Our Debit and credit card soon when Bxmi will be token to settlements

Community ask question by Website


Website question no 1.

One of the most important elements when choosing an Exchange is to know how safe our funds will be in it. what security measures does Bitxmi have then? Do you have any kind of insurance in a hypothetical case that it was hacked?

Telegram Username: @KevSalom


Our main motto is safety and security of client’s Data, Trade and funds

We use AWS top secured servers in Tokyo (japan) with all top SSL and Domians

All the funds are kept in cold wallets and we have Bots and top compliances in place to monitor 24/7 if system trace any unsafe trade or withdrawals it tigger the alerts and block the accounts


Website question no 2.

I’ve known Bitxmi exchange some months back and one of the issues I had with your exchange was that it was easy to find a lot of scam projects on your exchange as at then.. so can you tell us how you’ve improved in this aspect, how do you protect your users by ensuring that only genuine projects make it to your exchange..

Telegram Username: @Jonahapagu


Sir we had lots of Gang who try to misuse of airdrop

As mentioned system find the trace and interlink them and most of the time the accounts get freeze

But as a goodwill re refunds most of the clients coins as we don’t need other coins but safeguard our exchange

We have 24/7 team to monitor such


Website question no 3.

BitXmi plans to launch its own webinars based on the platform for teaching cryptocurrency trading. Can you tell us more about this webinars? Do you plan to only teach trading or will you add more things? Will they be free for everyone? When will they be live?

Telegram Username: @meml97


Bitxmi will be soon have webinar and training programmes as awareness for full info and how to trade in Bitxmi and on other crypto and Blockchains

Telegram live Questions answered by Bitxmi

Q1 from aliando mustofa:

What is the most ambitious goal of your project? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?


We want Bitxmi in top 10 exchange in crypto space

Q2 from Shimu:

How will you attract investors and build the trust and win the hearts of millions of people in your project?


Our `bxmi is growing at a fast pace already we have 7X and more MOP and bxmi adoptions on way

Q3 from Shimu:

Tell us a little bit about your security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?


Our main USP is security of clients Data, Trade and funds and we 24/7 monitoring with bots and in person any attack or misuse

Q4 from natasya:

What do you think about the market in Asia and what are you doing to invite traders in Asia to join your project?


Our Main Markets are SEA (south east asia) and Middle east.

We offer lots of OTC and deals from Dubai office

Q5 from Enma Wayne:

How many coins has BitXmi issued and is that enough for the team’s short-term plan?


We have only 210m coins and only 70m will be offered in Public to get best price and ROI to clients and Investors

As we need all to earn with us and be part of Bitxmi success

Q6 from Enma Wayne:

What is BitXmi and what was the reason behind starting this project? How optimistic are you of the future use-case of the BitXmi compared to when you started it?


We are a crypto exchange and we will be in top crypto and fiat exchange and all join us will be proud and part of our success.

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