AMA with Bullieverse

Introduction segment

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1. Can you start us off with what Bullieverse is about ?

Srini Anala:
Today web 3 games lack a distribution channel while centralized rent-seeking marketplaces are banning NFT/web3.0 games.
We want to create an open distribution channel and offer developers and creators to ship games to vibrant NFT communities in Web3.0.
With the BearHunt, We created a minimum viable game that is good enough to complete the economic value accrual loop, with more focus on social and economic base layers that are foundational to build out a self-reinforcing virtuous metaverse economy. We are starting small and humble, growing a strong
community of Bullieverse, and now we want to build the biggest gaming ecosystem in Web 3.0.

Bullieverse is like the Epic Game Store but with NFTs. We envision Bullieverse DAO to be the world's largest decentralized Metaverse studio.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q2. Can you let us know about the distinct features of Bullieverse that make it an enjoyable and profitable P2E venture?

Srini Anala:
In Bullieverse, There are incentivies for all the participants. Players, Creators, DAO Memebers ($Bull token holders), Land owners and Game portal Owners. Bullieverse is a self-reinforcing virtuous metaverse economy and a marketplace for various participants in the ecosystem.

We launched BearHunt, The worlds first NFT P2E Game built on Unreal engine which is in PVT beta now.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3. What is benefit of acquiring and holding $BULL and how does it serve as utility in your platform?

Srini Anala:
Bullieverse has a dual token model, the Bull, and the Shell. Bull tokens are the governance tokens that are linked to key decisions and voting on resolutions, as the organization moves towards
decentralization. $Bull tokens can be staked to earn rewards from the DAO Treasury growth. Bullieverse DAO has various sources of Revenue. Below are the DAO revenue avenues from the Bullieverse economy
- 2.5% of transactions from secondary market trading of COBI NFTs on OpenSea royalties
- 5% of fees from the marketplace transactions (in-game assets, cosmetics, NFTs, Land) and in-game
- 5% of fees from creator marketplace
- Land sale - All proceeds accrue to DAO
- Ad Revenue
- 5% of entry fees for competitions.
Shell tokens are the gaming utility token that keeps the platform liquid and fuels the play-to-earn and create-to-earn economies.

You can imagine something like LooksRare, But more revenue sources than marketplace transaction fees. $Bull token holders can stake their tokens to capture value from the Bullieverse Treasury.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q4.Can you tell us what are you guys planning to achieve by the Q1 of 2022?

Srini Anala:
A lot of them are in pipeline. We already have our first game in pvt beta, We are planning for the Bearhunt game Public launch in Feb, $Bull token launch, Staking Dashboard, Bear NFT collection which is a reward earned by playing Bearhunt game. Land Auction for BULL and BEAR NFT holders.

Riswan Rasheed:
Well done
WE will see a good future

Srini Anala:
We are super excited. Thank you!

Twitter segment

Riswan Rasheed:
Do you have competitors?? in if yes, what are you introducing in your project to make yours different and better

Srini Anala:
Yes Sandbox is our competitor, In a way Axie too. Axie is limited by content and They reward only players. This is good but this can go to the next level by rewarding creators and enabling user-generated content to flourish.
Sandbox is limiting creators by tying them to real estate. And The user experience does not appeal to serious gamers. On Bullieverse the focus is on fun and rewards are a means of capturing the value players create on the platform. On Bullieverse, developers will be able to monetize their work fairly compared to Roblex where they only make 25% of value. Our Chief of Growth Arun published an awesome article here :

Riswan Rasheed:
What are Bull NFTs and how can investors benefit from their purchase? Is it possible to find them directly in the Bullieverse or must they be bought in external markets?

Srini Anala:
Users gain their citizenship on Bulliever Island by holding a Bull NFT. NFTs allow community members to play games with a 3D version of their Bull. 10,000 Bull NFTs were launched earlier in 2021, and are owned by over 2300 wallets. The design of the NFTs was done programmatically using 160 different traits for the bulls. You can buy Bull NFTs on Opensea -

Srini Anala:
Buying a COBI NFT instantly makes you a Citizen of Bulliever Island. It's possible to become a member of the Metaverse through a free pass as well, but it comes with limited access. Citizenship, complete ownership, and certain exclusive benefits are accessible only to bull owners like P2E rewards. The potential of Play2Earn rewards further depends on the rarity of your COBI NFT and the number of bulls you own.

Riswan Rasheed:
Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development,Is your project is safe from hackers? and what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

Srini Anala:
Southeast Asia is a good community and we have several Asian investors, Partners, and Gaming Guilds that we have already backing/support from to help penetrate that market. For instance, Good Gaming Guild has over 100,000 gamers who can be onboarded onto our metaverse to demonstrate fast growth. All our contracts and infrastructure are audited.

Riswan Rasheed:
What do we need before we can join the community and get access to the Metaverse in Bullieverse?
Also is the Metaverse truly owned by players, creators and community?

Srini Anala:
You will need to buy or own a Bull NFT. It is on Opensea - This will allow you to play the Bullieverse Bear Hunt when it goes live. While visitors can play the game, only NFT holders can earn from gameplay. Also, when NFT holders win the game, they earn a Bear NFT further increasing their earning potential.

Bullieverse will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization. This process occurs as Bull token is distributed among players, creators, and community, with the Bullieverse Inc. ownership becoming less concentrated over time. Bullieverse Inc. team will be able to vote with the locked Play-to-Earn and Staking rewards allocations. This will prevent hostile actors from disrupting the ecosystem during the early and crucial phases of development. We estimate that team will no longer have the majority vote by Jan 2026 and Envision Bullieverse to be the world's largest community-owned Metaverse.

Riswan Rasheed:
I saw that you have NFTs of your own to join the community and gain access to the Metaverse, but the only way to enter your metaverse is through these NFTs? Can you tell me what other use cases these NFTs have? Also, how can I acquire one?

Srini Anala:
You will need to buy or own a Bull NFT. It is on Opensea - This will allow you to play the Bullieverse Bear Hunt when it goes live. While visitors can play the game, only NFT holders can earn from gameplay. Also, when NFT holders win the game, they earn a Bear NFT further increasing their earning potential. Buying a COBI NFT instantly makes you a Citizen of Bulliever Island. The benefits and utility of owning a Bull are as follows,
- Play-to-Earn
- Create-to-Earn
- Own Land on Bulliever Island
- Own Assets
Incrementally higher rewards via more NFTs or Shell tokens
Own a bull, and you gain foremost access to our releases - spectacular new games, bull properties, and infrastructure that is added to the Bulliverse space. All rewards in the Play2Earn category have significantly higher rewards for bull owners, enabling them to earn much more than other players. The potential of Play2Earn rewards further depends on the rarity of your COBI NFT and the number of bulls you own.
The Bear Hunt Game: An addition to our Metaverse is the Bear Hunt game, which is again exclusive to COBI NFT owners. Winners of the Bear Hunt game will receive a Bear NFT.
Land Grab: Land in the Metaverse would be sold in phases, and as bull owners are top-tier participants in the game, they get early access to the sale of land.
NFT Marketplace: We plan to build a marketplace for the community, which would enable NFT holders to trade and rent their NFTs to peers. These would be loaned out for a specific period, and help other users gain access to certain exclusive events or games, or earn better rewards.

Live segment

1)Rosemary Bianco:
🐻🔁🐮 You say that bears are coming soon to your platform, but these bear NFTs can only be claimed on a bull NFT? Can you explain to me what the differences will be between a bull NFT and a bear NFT? Do they have different uses in the game? Will the bear collection also be 10.000 NFTs?

Srini Anala:
Bears will be rewards for Bull NFT holders who play and win in the Bear hunt game. In the future, we have new multiplayer games where both these NFTs can be used. Bear NFTs can also be rented to scholars as they carry P2E rewards, or increase earning potential. Bears however can be acquired only through gameplay - not via an external mint event. More about out play to earn rewards here :

2)Orina 💎Emine:
📒Is your Beta Version going live before token Launch and what the is that taking place?

Who are the core team in this project and what is their experience like?

Srini Anala:
Beta is live for white listed community Members already and Will onboard more community members end of this month. Bearhunt will go live for public after TGE (End of Feb). Core Team: Srini Anala, Murali Reddy, Sanjit Daniel, Arun Krishnakumar

The team are serial entrepreneurs in Blockchain, published authors, alums of Sony R&D, Goldman Sachs, and educated from IIT, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics.

Core team behind games from Microsoft like

Advisors: Arjun Kalsy (VP at Polygon), Mike (Partner at Double Peak), Sreekanth (CEO of Solrzr)

The Create to Earn mode has always caught my attention, but could you really tell us how it will work in Bullieverse? Could it be that only developers can get rewards, since these are the only creators? Or really anyone can create?

Srini Anala:
Anyone can be a creator and only limited by their imagination. Today building games on Unreal engine is only for big studios and there is a lot of learning curve. With Snowcrash and Smart flake we are providing technology, tools that do all the heavy lifting and make it easier for independent developers and creators to unleash their imagination and fairly monetize their work by access players on our open metaverse and publish NFT assets on our border less market place.

4)Luis Arias:
I was struck by your 3D Avatars product, in which we can use our NFTs as avatars, but can any NFT really be used for this purpose? Or will it have to be a collectible created in Bullieverse?

Srini Anala:
At this point we have created 3D avatars of our 10,000 Bull NFTs that we sold in Aug 2021. However, we have the technology and the product roadmap to import other NFT communities, create a 3D avatar for their 2D images, and make them part of our Bullieverse games, events and experiences. However, for the next 12 months, we will be focused NFTs that are created in/by Bullieverse.

✍🏻I learnt that one of the features of Bullieverse is the introduction of Game Portals. What will be the functions of Game Portals in the Bullieverse ecosystem? Will the Game Portals serve same purpose as Lands?
And also What is Bullieverse SNOWCRASH? What are their characteristics? Utility?

Srini Anala:
In simple terms, Snowcrash is an intuitive UI that will allow game creators to drag and drop to create games and gaming environments on Bullieverse. These games will then go through a curation process and get listed on the gaming marketplace. Gamers can then play these listed games. That is the purpose
of Snowcrash - to act as an abstraction layer on Unreal Engine and provide an easy way to create games and leverage our players to earn incentive mechanisms and NFT asset integration. More details can be seen here in our white paper.



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