AMA with CaesarShiba

Introduction segment

Q1. Can you tell us with what goals did you came up with the idea of Caesar Shiba ?

Well, we have been passionate about Crypto since a long time now, and went by the classic road (Bitcoin/ETH, then some alt, then some shitcoins)

We even tried some stuff like bot trading, scraping bot for listing announcement etc…

All this led to the idea that creating our own cryptocurrency was the real adventure, the real challenge

We did not want to come up with a basic token, so we looked for a cool and original concept that would be sustainable. That's how (after several changes about the concept) we created Caesar Shiba

We think if the community supports us our goal will be reached: creating a fun, healthy token that can bring something totally new, rewarding every holder, often, and not only the early comers.

I really like the way you present your answer ❤️

Thanks 😊

Q2. Can you elaborate about the rewards system for the users ?

The reward system was built with the idea that it should possibly benefit anyone who buys or has bought our token

At each transaction (buy, sell, transfer), 5% of the transaction (in CSR) is taxed, and goes to what we call the CHEST

If someone (person P1) buys at least X CSR (now, X = 20K CSR), he participates in the game (as the last buyer/holder), and a timer starts for Y minutes (now, Y = 30min)

Two cases then:

If no one else buys at least X CSR before the end of the timer, P1 is declared the winner and he receives the chest content (more precisely: at the next transaction (of any kind), the balance (amount of CSR in the P1 address) is updated with the addition of the amount of CSR present in the CHEST, and the CHEST amount returns to 0 CSR). If P1 buys again before the end of the timer, the timer won’t restart as he was already the last holder.


If a person P2 buys at least X CSR in the next Y minutes, P2 is now the new last buyer/holder, and the timer restarts for another Y minutes.

The interesting concept behind this is that:
- You can win very often, as the game restarts after each win (at first buy transaction over X CSR).
- The token price and the chest value are bound: the higher the token price is, the bigger the reward is, and the bigger is the chest amount, the more attractive becomes the incentive to play, and so the token: it’s a virtuous circle.
- You can be a winner by holding, or just by buying some CSR just once!

All the parameters (timer duration, amount of CSR to participate, chest maximum amount etc…) are updatable: be prepared for special events!

Great 👍 you explained it very well Kai

Thank you

Hope it's clear for everyone :)

Q3. How are the holders awarded by holding $CSR and what is its utility?

As I said in preivous question, holders will be awarded because the price will follow the chest

With special events (example: max chest up to 5%, with only 5 minutes timer duration, and 100K CSR to enter the game), you can expect some booms for the CSR token

However, there is no real utility for our token behind the lottery aspect: Caesar Shiba stays a pure speculative asset

Anyone who wants to participate must remember that, as participants are and will be the only responsible for their investment

Q4. How has the growth been so far for Caesar Shiba and What is more planned to be achieved by your team in Q1 of 2022 ?

This is just the beginning for Caesar Shiba

The token was launched on 14/12, and with “hand-crafted” shilling by 2 team members, we already reached around 150 holders during the first week, with an ATH around 110K

We stopped the activity on 19/12 because we were enjoying some family time for the holidays

We came back yesterday, more motivated than ever, so here we are for our first marketing step: the first AMA

we plan to communicate in further AMAs to reach out to other communities (Asia for instance)

In the upcoming weeks, our goal will be to build a solid fan base and a robust token, while adding some cool new stuff

(winning history for example, that is in the oven and almost ready to deploy)

Then the even funnier part will start with the addition of NFT and more (see roadmap) :)

Twitter segment

1)While going through your white paper I read that your token is the first to provide a real backward rewarding system.I am a beginner in this field so Can you please make it more clear and what about its benefits?

For many tokens, only the first, early holders are rewarded

some tokens use reflection, which is cool but gives small benefits and for long-term holders only

Using a lottery-system (that we call the CHEST), you can:

Win a lot more (at 100k MC, the chest is equivalent to $3000, at 10M MC, you got yourself a Lambo!)

Win more often: chest timer is now 30min, and we plan on doing special events with reduced time

Hold, and see the price rising from people wanting to win the chest!

Hopes that answers your question Delfy

Just as I said in the beginning I really like the way you answer the questions


2)What were the inspirations that led to the development of @CaesarShiba ? Can you tell about the team behind the development of @CaesarShiba ?

The inspiration is mainly passion

as we did not find any other token with the same system ;)

More seriously and precisely, we wanted to come up with something simple, fun and that would instantly grab people’s attention

About the team aspect as we said in presentation:

we are longtime friends, all 30+ years old. We started as a 3 person team, we are now 4 full time. As we prefer to stay anonymous, we chose pseudonyms (Maxwell, Kai…)

We met during our studies (computer science) or are colleagues

As Senior Software Engineers, we have worked in various fields that require advanced skills and knowledge (Security, Cryptography, Signal Processing, 3D rendering, Smart cities..) for almost 10 years now


3)Nowadays one of the major threat in Crypto platform are whales. And influence of whales cause huge asset loss especially for beginners. Do you have any strategies to face this problem?

We created a simple strategy to prevent that:

we have a max wallet set to 1% of the total supply

Which represents 1M CSR

So no whales allowed Bernard :)

4)I say that your roadmap is divided into 4 phases. I feel really enthusiastic about your project and I would like to know till now upto which phase you have completed and what do you think about the future of the project?

Hi Albuzz :)

You can see what parts are already completed directly on the website, with the checkboxes

so, for now, we are only at the beginning, as it’s only our second week of work on the project due to holidays

This AMA is our first marketing move

5)In your website I saw that your Taxes Are based advanced pricing model. What do you think about the advantage of that? How it would help in maintaining the stability and growth of your Token?

Taxes are splitted in 3 (or more precisely, 4) parts:

- 5% dev/marketing (2.5% for marketing, 2.5% for our team).
For now, we are using all this tax for marketing in order to reach stability

- 5% in the chest: this is used to fulfill the chest used in the game

- 5% goes back to liquidity: we studied several coins and saw that coins with this system had a rapidly growing liquidity and a healthy ratio MC/liquidity)

So each aspect of the taxes helps growth and stability: more marketing brings more people, the chest is the main attraction of course, and the liquify aspect makes the token more robust

Live segment

1)jannat amar Jan:
Do👉 you have a coin burn // buyback system, Or do you plan to increase the value of those, token burn tokens and attract investors to invest,.?

Well, the chest mechanism has an integrated burn system: as the chest is growing at each transaction, and tokens going into the chest can’t be sold, creating a strong pressure on the market. Each time the chest is won, the game starts again. This is a big difference with classic tokens, as we aim to find a coin that is able to be self sufficient and not a one shot pump and dump. Once people will get that, the coin will probably get propulsed into another satellite 🚀 ✨, meaning, the moon itself ;)

2)Vikas Sharma:
How can a winner hold the chest with a maximum 1% wallet? Also, if someone wins the chest, will they be able to verify the max wallet?

The max wallet check is not done when some wins the chest: we only do an update of the balance of the winner to add the chest content to it. This way don't worry, you can win all the chest (you just won't be able to buy more ;) )

How do you compensate the risk for investing in a high cost token?


Well first, the liquidity has been locked. To prevent from whales, we set a max wallet at 1%. The chest has a max capacity (3% of total supply), which also prevents from big sells.
Finally we had in mind creating Caesar Shiba that everyone should be safe as an investor: due to the relation between the token price and the chest, plus the fact that the game is always restarting, the coin is here to lasts and be strong. Not only the first investors will benefit from Caesar... As we say on our website: Caesar reversed the rules... The last investor wins!

4)Moch Dwi Alamsyah:
When one owns a “Chest”, Will there be a limit on the maximum and minimum number of chests the user has to win? How to win more?
And how much does it cost to start owning a chest and how much profit will return to the user?

There is no limited amount (min or max) for users. However, we can add addresses to a backlist that forbids them to participate the game (they won't be considered as holders and can't win).
To win more or more frequently, we will be doing special events: time to hold reduced, bigger entry amount, bigger chest capacity for example.
To start owning a chest, it costs you 20K CSR (for now, updatable as we said before), so the cost evolves with the token price. But for only 20K CSR invested, you can win 3M CSR, which is a pretty effective ;)

5)Vikas Sharma:
Are there plans to release games in the future? Are you contemplating or are you planning to contemplate collaborations with companies in the video game industry? Such as releasing a Caesar Shiba skin in Fortnite or seeing Caesar Shiba in the next Super Smash.

We have several ideas to make Caesar more than a token (that includes customizing your own Caesar soldier with several NFT corresponding to several body parts, a games where Caesar attacks other Shiba coins with a role for the chest and more).
For collaboration nothing is done yet, but it's clearly a plan as soon as we will reach higher MC and stability: we aim to promote our token in the best and orginal ways and to make the funnier possible



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