AMA with CodyFight

Introduction segment

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1. Can you start us off with what Codyfight is about ?

Linas #Codyfight:
We believe that AI does not have to be a human servant, it can also play an important social role, so we vision to empower AI interplay and competition with humans. Even though it is a coding game anyone can be a part of the Codyfight community and earn crypto rewards for it. 😍

It includes AI and humans playing in balance, artists earning passive income, community leaders organizing tournaments, community always waiting for the biggest events such as world championships.

Most unique mechanism of Codyfight is a combination of AI vs. Human competition where both can play in balance, while the most exclusive benefit is an opportunity to scale robot farms and own multiple robots which all can play at the same time in different matches with AI code taking care of it without the need to sit and play yourself 😎

Riswan Rasheed:
Q2. Why according to you is Codyfight more enjoyable and fun compared to other play to earn models?

Linas #Codyfight:
Here it goes! Codyfight's goal is to introduce a brand new world of expression opportunities. This means different people can join in including gamers, developers, artists, collectors, investors, and community leaders. This is something that similar games do not offer.😎

Some of our game's features:
- own bots made from NFT skins and CKeys
- trade NFTs through built-in marketplace as well as outside the game
- use those robots in the game arena
- code bots to automate robot playing in arena (it's cheating in other games)
- scale robot farms to maximize rewards (think about other games like 9-5 job, and Codyfight like business scaling for players)
- draw and sell skins in the community skin shop - passive income for artists
- organize official tournament for the community with custom games rules with profits for organizers and participants|winners

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3. What's the utility of $CTOK and how does one aquire it ?

Linas #Codyfight:
The internal game currency is Codyfight Token $CTOK is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

The main network is Ethereum with bridges to other blockchains. CTOK serves the purpose of igniting Codyfight ecosystem and keeping it alive! Using this token you can purchase CTickets, NFT skins, multiple Robot subscriptions (CKeys), repair skins, rename your robots, and much more!

CTickets give an entrance to competitive arena games while NFT skins make the Codyfighter look unique and stylish. 😍

The most important utility - is the internal game currency used to ignite Codyfight ecosystem:

*in-game purchases contain competitive game entree fees (CTickets) and NFT skins;
*rewards for players are granted from the arena, tournaments, challenges;
*passive income for artists flow from skins sales and for developers from source code providing;
*the will be always lots of in-game player incentives;
*players will be staking tokens to provide liquidity and earn rewards for it;
*metagame direction will be driven by player votes (DAO).

When it comes to token holding for a long time, one of the easiest and the most useful benefits will be NFT skins because of how valuable they are. Nevertheless, we’re going to develop strategies associated with valuable in-game items to promote players to hold the token.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q4.Can you tell us what are you guys planning to achieve by the Q1 of 2022?

Linas #Codyfight:
Our eyes are set on the IDO Token launch that is waiting right around the corner as well as the release of the game's Alpha game version so that the first testers can experience the game for themselves! ❤️

Riswan Rasheed:
Well done
WE will see a good future

Twitter segment

Riswan Rasheed:
The security of users funds is the core issue and must be the core commitment of any project team. So,could tell us what are security mechanism implement in Codyfight platform?Does you smart contract being audited by third parties or security firms?If so,does the audit is public?

Linas #Codyfight:
We already achieved a huge milestone as a project at its early stage - we confirmed not one but two launchpad partners! CTOK will be launching soon on DAO Maker and GameFi. Also, CTOK has already been implemented and audited by Hacken:

Launch is planned for Q1, more detailed information coming soon, so make sure you follow us on social media! Also, there's a release the Alpha version of the game in Q1, so keep an eye on that. And third-quarter of 2022 to release a Beta version of the game! Check here for the whole roadmap:

Riswan Rasheed:
#Codyfight is NFT blockchain gaming. But in terms of community, there is still a large audience in the gaming world that has yet to meet the crypto and blockchain industry. What are your plans to reach these people and make your voice heard by all gamers?

Linas #Codyfight:
We plan to spread awareness to the gaming community via different gaming guilds and various events and tournaments to attract audiences that are are yet to meet the crypto and blockchain industry! 👌

Riswan Rasheed:
My main worry with NFT Gaming is that the majority of the games are pay-to-win, meaning that the more expensive NFT you buy, the simpler it is to win. How will #codyfight ensure that their game is not pay-to-win and is fair?

Linas #Codyfight:
The thing with the robots in Codyfight is that you can never say you have the best one because the game will constantly be changing and if the robot you made via combining an NFT skin with a CKEY was glowing during 1 week of gameplay, you may find it being not as useful because the Skills and items that the robot possesses is no match for the new features and you will need to play more to make your Codyfighter stronger so that it is a match for the perils in the arena! 😎

Riswan Rasheed:
In Codyfight, community leaders or casual players can create their own tournaments and invite other players to participate. What are the requirements for running a user-created tournament on your game? Also, will the prizes be paid for by the tournament's creator?

Linas #Codyfight:
The community leaders will be able to benefit from organizing community tournaments which will have a prize pool for the winners as well as the organizer cut which will also be visible to all participants to promote transparency! ❤️

Riswan Rasheed:
In your roadmap Q3 of 2022 the Codyfight beta will be launched and I would like you to tell us if we should participate in a whitelist to be able to test it or will it be an open beta? Will you give rewards to those who participate and report bugs in the game?

Linas #Codyfight:
The Beta version will definitely have the same testers that participated in the Alpha and we will look at different rewards that we can give them for it.

Live segment

1)Md:Apon Sorkar🔥:
Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other users?134

Linas #Codyfight:
Here at Codyfight we feel really community-orientated. Of course, we are working hard with corners of the world who are known to have a huge pool of coders and other interested parties. We have a strong pool of key opinion leaders who aid us in communicating with our community, also we are working on having TG groups for different regions, so that people could easily interact and communicate in their own native language.

Here you can find our current communities:

Regarding involving community, further gameplay features will be confirmed or rejected by the community. Token holders will be given the possibility to participate in voting for upcoming game features. The Codyfight Token allocation size may impact the voting power of the holder. By following this direction, Codyfight will become more popular and more balanced for players, especially considering that not many game development companies today listen to their users’ complaints about problems or balance flaws in the actual game.

2)Anggelin || Gems Hunters Discussion:
126+8 = 134😁😁

They say not only pro players will be able to earn a living with CodyFight and that average players will also be able to earn a good income, but I would like them to talk about what the minimum investment will be to start playing and how long it will take us to recover the ROI?

Linas #Codyfight:
Yes, we actually do! Right now I do not have the exact numbers with me but we will be releasing our calculated charts on how much does 1 robot make you while farming and then having multiple on our Twitter so do check it out! ❤️
🎯 Twitter:
The equations will definitely not be precise because every programmer can make their robot different and better in certain ways but this opens up the way for people to earn from the game without having to put in lots of hours into grinding the rewards! 😎

3)Orina 💎Emine:


Why do you intentionally not have the buyback systems and I hear you have two launchpads already.. Is CTOK audited already or not?

Linas #Codyfight:
We already achieved a huge milestone as a project at its early stage - we confirmed not one but two launchpad partners! CTOK will be launching soon on DAO Maker and GameFi. Also, CTOK has already been implemented and audited by Hacken:

Launch is planned for Q1, more detailed information coming soon, so make sure you follow us on social media! Also, there’s a release the Alpha version of the game in Q1, so keep an eye on that. And third-quarter of 2022 to release a Beta version of the game! Check here for the whole roadmap:

4)Luis Arias:
You say that we can choose which side we want to be on, the humans or the robots, right? Does that mean that we can play both programming robots with AI technology, and participate manually each turn, being human?134

Linas #Codyfight:
Not exactly that but let me clear it up!
You will be able to have your own army of AI bot controlled robots and alongside you will definitely be able to just manually play the game but those will be separate games. Also fun fact to mention - you will never know who are you playing against and whether it's AI vs AI, Human vs AI or Human vs Human! To add onto that you will definitely not have to see your robots facing each other when having multiple bots!

5)Didar Hose:
Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?134

Linas #Codyfight:
The community will play a big role because they will not only be able to organize their own tournaments with prize pools but also they will be the ones voting on upcoming updates and features to be released!



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