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Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Colonize Mars is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading

Introduction with Colonize Mars


First of all kindly give your introduction



My name is Hunter, I am the founder of the Colonize Mars project. Nice to meet you all!

Our mission is to tell the story of colonizing Mars in an accurate and compelling way so that more people are inspired to become explorers and pioneers of the final frontier.

We are designing and building a Mars Colony simulation based on the latest aerospace technology, and then giving you an opportunity to own part of the colony forever using the blockchain.

You can participate by collecting our NFT digital trading cards. There are some really cool upgrading & ownership mechanics so you’ll want to check it out! Our first pack launch will be on April 28th at https://mars.cards/. You’ll need a WAX wallet to participate.


Wow that’s really cool. Hats off to you guys for thinking so out of the box 📦

Q2. Can you talk a bit about what use case is Colonize Mars serving to its customers ? @Hunter448


In terms of use case, Colonize Mars is a set of digital collectibles, so people who enjoy collecting high-quality NFT artwork will like our project. Here is an example of our Rover card to give everyone a sense of what it will look like.

Here is how you can participate:

- Purchase Packs in our upcoming sale on April 28th at https://mars.cards/. You’ll need a WAX wallet to participate.

- Open the packs to receive cards that correspond to different vehicles and equipment in the colony.

- Burn / upgrade your cards to get rarer ones. The rarest cards are called ownership cards, which will correspond to a unique vehicle or piece of equipment on our colony map.

- Our colony map will be an interactive 3d map on our website that shows our colony on Mars. It starts with a small outpost for Mission One, and will continue to expand in future releases.


Q3. From the perspective of investment how is owning part of s Mars Colony on Blockchain beneficial?


Investing in Colonize Mars NFTs gives you the opportunity to own part of the first-ever Mars Colony on the blockchain. We think this will be a compelling collection for NFT enthusiasts and Space / Mars enthusiasts alike.

Mission One is an opportunity for the NFT community to invest in a project on the ground floor, that will continue to grow and be built upon in the future.


Q4. What is Colonize Mars gunning for further in 2021 ? @Hunter448


Eventually we want the simulated Colony to be able to (theoretically) self-sustain life on Mars.

We are starting with Mission One (the April 28th release). It will be a small Mars outpost, which will contain two unmanned cargo rocketships and the supporting vehicles & equipment to set up the basic infrastructure on the red planet.

Later in 2021, we are planning additional Missions to launch, with larger and larger collections of equipment, vehicles, and even astronauts!

Community ask Questions by Twitter


Twitter Username : @PujiLes31565116

Colonize Mars is a limited edition collection of digital trading cards. They tell the story of the development of a simulated Mars colony. Why did you choose to colonize Mars for the community? and how is your marketing strategy to attract the community?


In terms of marketing, we have been hosting multiple NFT Giveaways on our social channels. The latest one is to celebrate our launch date announcement, and is available for anyone with a WAX wallet. Here is how to enter if you are interested:


Keep an eye out for more giveaways in the days leading to launch, we have some fun things planned!


Twitter Username : @RangoJ

I only saw the Rovers so far, will there be buildings we can collect and maybe also upgrade?


Great question! We will have multiple vehicles & pieces of equipment for Mission One. Here is an example of another piece of equipment called the fission reactor.

On future missions, we plan to introduce astronauts and even 3d printed buildings.

You will be able to upgrade your cards through our crafting system.


Twitter Username : @AbMahmuddd

Where do I get information about your team? Why do you prefer to be anonymous? Do you have a plan to identify your team later?


The team has grown to include various artists, developers, writers, and even a few aerospace engineers that are advising us on the more technical aspects of building a colony on Mars.

Community ask question by Website

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Website question no 1.

From : @neverencryp

I went through your website and there was a place where we sign up for notifications and other important information but you asked for our gmail and wax wallet address, i did like to know what wax wallet address is and how can we create it.


Hey @neverencryp go here to create a WAX wallet in just two clicks. https://all-access.wax.io/

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Website question no 2.

From : Ray Alvarez (@Beterror203)

It is interesting the value that NFTS have today but as colonizemarsnft is preparing to expose its art through the NFT and expose the value of cryptos, also because it decides to do it with a network like WAX and not another network like ERC-7211 or ERC-1155 that can be sold in Opensea and decides to expose it in this wax market?


@Beterror203 great question! We chose WAX over other platforms for a few different reasons:

- Minimal transaction fees. Gas fees are a major barrier to entry on other platforms and on WAX it is easy to mint larger amounts of NFTs.

- The community on WAX is friendly, helpful, and supportive on independent creators and projects.

- It is really easy to set up wallets and purchase the WAXP token using credit / debit cards.

- There are new, interesting projects coming to WAX all the time.

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Website question no 3.

From : @dudeiebitch

Nowadays in NFT marketplace we have problems called copyright issues, do you have a way you look at issue of copyright in your NFT market or do you have any plan of creating a p2p that enhance communication among users that sells and buys in your marketplace.


@dudeiebitch the NFT marketplace that we are selling on is AtomicHub, which is a standard built on top of the WAX blockchain. They do a good job of making sure collections adhere to copyright standards.

Telegram live Questions answered by Colonize Mars

Q1 from Brian Brown:

What was the inspiration for the Colonize Mars project? And did you base the cards off real life vehicles/machines or are they all completely original? Cheers!


Brian thanks for the question! It is a mixture of both, we did a lot of research on the latest aerospace technology in order to create our unique designs. Each vehicle and piece of equipment is based on the actual science needed for a Mars Colony. We did have a ton of fun putting our own spin on each design 🙂

Q2 from Bian L:

How will the distribution of packs with cards be organized? Will it be a classic sale on the WAX platform or something else? Will it be possible to sell the cards on the secondary WAX market?


@thebrianlock great question! We are doing a 24-hour sale window that starts on April 28th at Noon EDT / 4pm UTC.

We wanted to do a sale window, so it is easy for eveyone to get a pack who wants one. Everyone will have a chance at low mints regardless of purchase time within the sale window.

You will not be able to open your packs until the Unboxing / Crafting Window starts, which will be the following day Apirl 29th at 4pm EDT / 8pm UTC.

The colony map will go live on our website during this time, so everyone can start viewing the colony & ownership leaderboard.

Q3 from Ginger X:

There are a lot of NFT game projects being created within the WAX ecosystem right now. How will Colonize Mars stand out from them? What are your strengths?


@gingerxn thanks for the question! In addition to our artwork style & basing it on actual aerospace science, we are particularly excited about the ownership cards within the project. They are the rarest cards because each one corresponds to a unique vehicle or piece of equipment on our colony map.

This is a pretty distinctive feature for a WAX project because it gives you the opportunity to secure the ownership rights to a persistent part of a shared colony map.

Q4 from Boss:

How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates??


@Bdbosssg59 thanks for your question, we think this is a great one to end on.

Our website is https://mars.cards/. We are currently doing a giveaway for a free NFT patch to anyone who subscribes to our newsletter.

Our social channels are:

Twitter -> https://twitter.com/ColonizeMarsNFT

Telegram -> https://t.me/colonizemarsnft

Please feel free to join for more updates in the future & giveaways leading up to our launch!

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