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Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what is CryptExLocker about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading.

Introduction with CryptExLocker

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Introduction questions

Q1. What is CryptEx about and when did you guys decide to come up with this project?

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gentlemen, I already answered) sorry for the long wait, the internet provider decided to play a trick on me

CryptEx is a set of B2B services for securing the Binance smart chain system. The economic model of which is based on payment for the services of the liquidity locking project. And CRX is a token of our project with positive tokenomics. CRX can be used to pay for CryptEx Locker services with a 20% discount.

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Q2. What are the most significant features of CryptEx that makes it a one stop liquidity pooling platform ?


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Second Question CryptEx's main source of income is income from locker services. Right now, projects come to us to block their liquidity or invest team tokens. This is a profit margin model. We take a commission, 50% goes to the stakers.

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What you mean by locker services if I get it well
When you see projects say liquidity pool locked till a stioulated time

Can be done by your project

br btl?:
The tokens are locked in smart contracts. For each locker, we use the type of architecture that fits it best.
For instance, with team vesting, we used the minimal proxy pattern.
In this pattern, each token is blocked in its own sandbox. Sorta like virtual machines within an operational system. We call these sandboxes “satellite contracts”.
When the tokens are locked in this satellite contract, a locked token, even if it has its own vulnerabilities, can not affect any other clients that lock with us.
It works for every type of lock. For each locker, we use whatever works best

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Alright I get it

Q3. How significant is having HashEx as partner?

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We already have several partnerships, but that's always a work in progress. We have also started distributing staking rewards on May 10th. Have to add a little about our staking program - we share 50% of CryptEx income between our stakers. And if you stake with locking, you get more. Again, you can find all the details on our medium page - medium.com/hashex-blog/

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Q4. How is holding $CRX beneficial and how can we acquire it ?

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good question;) CRX is a native project token that is built into the overall ecosystem. Customers can pay for services in CRX to get a 20% discount, and CryptEx investors stake tokens to get a share of the proceeds from the sale of services.

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Can you tell us we're CRX Can be used to pay for services

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Revenue from paying for lockers goes to the reward pool. From the 1st to the 10th day of each month, rewards are paid to holders who have staked our CRX token. Stakers are allocated a part of 50% of the income from CryptEx services. The longer the CRX is frozen in staking, the greater the reward. The award goes to wBNB.

I forgot to voice the main thing

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Q5. Finally, any substantial developments on track for completing in 2021 ?

Community ask questions from Website

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Website questions

1.Regarding your Liquidity pool (LP), what is the least duration one can lock the LP for? And is their a maximum period of time?

Telegram Username: Amys78

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Minimum staking to increase is 2.1 weeks

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Staright and apt

2.Is CryptEx going to be seating only on BEP20, is there any plan for other blockchain to be accepted or integrated in the future?

Telegram Username: realtrizmalli

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yes, but this is still in development, as it takes time and effort

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3.When you say “50% of fees generated from services on the CryptEx platform go directly to CRX Stakers upon CRX Staking launch” do you mean 50% of the whole circulating token? Please make this clear.

Telegram Username: Kaptinblack

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50% of the income that CryptEx receives goes into the rewards pool. To then be distributed among CRX stakers

Community ask questions from Twitter

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Twitter Questions

1.Concerning smart contracts, What are your status regarding the audit of your smart contracts and security mechanisms to protect and assure the participants of the ecosystem?

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LP Locker protects projects from fraud, team abuse and other forms of exploits. For all the time, the CryptEx LP locker has locked over 150 projects. After creating the pool, you can lock LP with a CryptEx smart contract for a selected period of time.

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How do you know if a project is a potential rug

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Our experience in security and audits allows us to spot weak points and potential vulnerabilities in a smart contract

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
2.In your site you say audited smart-contracts securely lock LP tokens for any customized duration specified. But smart contract are susceptible to attacks such as;
Reentry attacks
Integer overflow
Timestamp dependence
How can this be tackled?

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Yeah HashEx is the team that's responsible for CryptEx. As you see, this expertise and knowledge achieved by working with smart contracts, allows us to quickly understand trends, and easily detect potential threats that might affect users. Security is CryptEx and HashEx speciality

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3. I have seen too many good projects fail to execute because the development team was rewarded with many awards before even submitting anything useful. This is human nature. But what are the plans for further expansion in the future, can you explain?

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there was a similar question. however, it is worth repeating. Take a look at our roadmap for 2021. This cannot be done without experience and investmen

Live Questions answered by CryptExLocker

Hello sir,
Do, you have official YouTube medium and telegram social media and how do, you maximize them to reach, users and investors?🌏

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we are trying to develop both in telegram and beyond. for example, today I talked with youtube bloggers who are happy to talk about our project

2.Rasel Islam:
✅What is your plan to plant communities in sevaral countries so as create more awareness about CRYPTEXLOCKER and also how many do you plan to reach this year??

br btl?:
want to make the most of the English speaking market.

3.🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 Kylian Mbappé 🟠🟠🟠🟠🟠🟠:
Are you planning to promote your project in countries and regions where English is not as widely spoken? Do you have a local community for non-English speakers to better understand your project?
@pollytraore @brbtl

br btl?:
I do not speak English well))) but I understand everything. we plan in a couple of years
4.🙂 Ladan 🙂:
I want to invest, in your project. but I doubt it a little.
Can you please assure us that unlike, other scam the projects there is no possibility of fraud.

br btl?:
everything is open here! go to our chat, poll people. They will listen to you, help you, but no one will force you to invest. As a good project, we don't need to force

I hope you were interested)

who still have questions, we are happy to wait in the cryptex chat!

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Thank you for your time today

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