AMA with Crypto Fight Club

On the 24th of December, 2021 at 15:00 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Ashton from the Crypto Fight Club for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 70,000 people. It was hosted by DC Host, Keymer.

The session was divided into four segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1, questions from the website and Twitter community were answered in Segment 2 and 3 respectively, and live questions from the community members in attendance were answered in Segment 4.
If you missed this event and would like to know what Crypto Fight Club is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Information here should be researched and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Also note that slight edits have been made for clarity, and links in this recap lead to images, documents, or other media.

Segment 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. It is a pleasure for me to be able to lead and learn about a great project: Crypto Fight Club, and without further ado, we begin! 😀

Welcome, Guest.


It's good 😂


Let's get into some business!

Let's go!!

1. To start, what is Crypto Fight Club really all about? What got the project started? What was your inspiration?

Yea man quite a colorful story.

Crypto Fight Club is all about taking existing ideas from current play2earn and staking models and enhancing them both, providing a product that has easy entry barriers and will make it fun and lucrative for everyone to get involved. A key reminder that if you hold the coins on a platform that yields interest or even exchanges, these keys and coins are not yours!

CFC ORIGINALLY came about when we had a meeting with the current founder Cedric, also the owner at Elite Fight Club. He originally wanted to make some NFT art, similar to crypto punks but inspired by famous fighters...

Instead, my partner Felix and I decided to gamify this 'crypto punk' idea and leverage a key partnership we have at our other company- Gamestarter. Andrew and the team at Gamestarter fell in love with the idea and wanted us to PUSH PUSH PUSH to get something of substance and bring more use cases to GameFi.

ok hahaha

let's continue

2. Could you tell us what is the mission and vision of Crypto Fight Club?

The number 1 mission of Crypto Fight Club is to always talk about Crypto Fight Club. Had a few conversations with people and due to the nature of this industry, it was only right to shill this business model to anyone and everyone you see.

But let me give you a rundown on what CFC is all about and how we do things in this neck of the woods.

Crypto Fight Club is the ultimate crypto fighting championship where you and your friends can obtain BEP721 NFT fighters and battle it out in the ring. Some fighters are inspired by past-time legends and even modern-day champions. We want to feature real personas and will give it our all to work with some of the champions around the world and actually implement them into the game.

As mentioned, CFC was inspired by Cedric, the founder, and owner of a Bangkok-based fight club called "Elite Fight Club."

We are reshaping how proper decentralized staking should be built with transparency and 0 middlemen. I mean - who likes counterparty risk? I guess people who give up their keys for less than 20% APY amirite?

Our goal is to provide use cases in the crypto space that benefit anyone and everyone who is participating. In the future, we want to build more partnerships with global brands like UFC, ONE Championship, Glory Kickboxing, Animoca Brands, etc. Partnerships will go 3 ways: fighting, crypto, and gaming.

TONS need to be done


I was going to ask you if you planned to associate with them? Hahaha

UFC is Awesome!

UFC is dope! We've seen some awesome fights this year

It was really cool to see two shitcoiners battle it out in Dubai Blockchain Week in October too. I believe it was Loomdart and Rookie XBT

I want to build similar events with our current and future crypto partners.

I like that they have a pretty big vision !!, all my wish that they achieve them😏

You will have the support of DC


let's continue

3. What is the background of the team? Who are some of the core team members?😏

It sure must be a great team!🤷🏻‍♂️

The team is dope. For example, the other co-founder Felix, he and I have been working together for about 3 years on various successful startups. We've both been in crypto since 2015 but working in different sectors. He's well versed in legal and tech and I'm the marketing/operations guy. It's a good mix if you can fill in slots for other team members.

Other team members are too, crypto vets and even noobs. We believe in providing opportunities for hard work ethics versus experience and knowledge. If someone can work hard and execute, they are a good team member because it shows they are willing to constantly learn.

In numbers, the team consists of the following:

2 full-stack blockchain devs
4 Unity game developers
3 marketing managers
2 UI/UX designers and developers
1 project manager
and then the executive team of 3, including myself.

Absolute unit of a team


I had a gif of her earlier but cannot find it. An absolute gem of an employee.

You can find her on our website she is gorgeous


Surely it is a fairly complete team👍🏻

We'd like to expand but for now, we're good. We don't wanna overdo it.

by the way, will you have a gif or sticker of each employee?🤔😂

Lol kind of. We have them all in 3d voxel form but no animated gifs... yet

This is the only official pack we have. We'll work on getting some animated ones for the team.


we will continue with our last introductory question😏

4. Could you tell us a little about the upcoming activities and products of Crypto Fight Club?

Man, we are gearing up for a HUGE launch on the 26th. It is the biggest day in CFC history. So far.

The most important day😳, in two days!!

We are hosting our official NFT 2.0 and staking product launch at 10 am UTC on December 26th. People will be able to mint Crypto Fight Club NFTs and stake their $FIGHT immediately after minting.

You can find all of the information about the launch and our vision behind it here

We will be releasing 5000 unique, limited edition NFTs. To obtain them, you will have to burn 2000 $FIGHT (around $120 at market price) to mint one of these bad boys.

You do NOT know who you're going to get. We're big fans of creating randomness from a mystery pack.

Random is good!!

But, Only 5000? that must run out super fast 😂

well, in the next segment select a question referring to this same topic, so whenever you like we can move on to it.😉

We'll see... No one knows!

Let's do it! Ready when you are Keymer!


So, we end this segment, let's move on with the website questions

Segment 2 - Website Questions

The only NFTs that will be sold on the 26th will be the wrestlers only? Or in addition to this, will they sell certain accessories or exclusive lands for these participants? Or really the only NFT that can be commercialized will be these fighters?

Telegram Username: @KASG95

For now, we are only releasing the NFT fighters. These will double as your staking vehicle and also the in-game character for upcoming game drops.

We will introduce BEP1155 wearables closer to our PvP launch in Feb/March. These wearables will be used to increase your fighter's base stats for battle.

CFC will host bid2earn auctions and airdrops to NFT holders where even if you lose an auction, you still earn.

Some gloves up for grabs will look like this.

Great, wouldn't you have a step by step, how can we participate in that sale?🤔

Yes, actually. Here is this Yahoo tutorial we created.

We will also host a live stream event on the 26th minting an NFT as a tutorial.

First come, first serve sers and chadettes!


And another thing, after we buy our fighters, when can we use them in the game? 🤔

We will have the first minigame in January, leading up to the launch of the main game. We plan to release a few of these games.

All are play2earn and each day, players can come in and play.

The first mini-game is called Chicken Run.

Here's a little sneak peek.

I understand, I understand!

And there are no limitations on the number of fighters we can have?

and sorry for asking every detail😅

It's ok!

Happy to talk here all day!

There isn't, but there is not a point in owning more than 1 or 2. It wouldn't affect your staking or gameplay.

Just giving you further options. Maybe if you're an NFT hoarder/collector... Or SUPER bullish on CFC NFTs lol.


I thought I could rent one of them, or get a scholarship, or in that case, play simultaneously🤷🏻‍♂️


Aside from our tournaments, we are thinking about offering a similar scholarship opportunity as Axie.

It's good!!

thanks for being so detailed

let's continue

While reading your whitepaper, I noticed a very interesting concept you used, which is the Proof-of-Wait Function. You mentioned that to own a fighter you need to stake and lock $Fight tokens inside your NFT fighter for a specific period. Can you please further explain how this concept is carried out? How is this concept used in your Staking program? Is there a minimum amount of $Fight token to stake to own a fighter? What’s the Staking or lockup duration?

Telegram Username: @RuthOdion

You don't HAVE to stake. It's just a bonus.

Proof of Wait is similar to the proof of work but instead of a reward for mining a tx, like in Bitcoin, you are rewarded with delayed gratification. In short, we call this longer pay better. You not only evolve your fighter's fighting stats by staking for 1+ years but you also earn a bonus of $FIGHT on top of your APY.

You are rewarded by the longer stake you make, rather than the size.

There is no minimum to stake but there is a minimum to earn the 20% bonus. It's 6000 $FIGHT or 600 of the LP version of $FIGHT.

Staking the LP version of $FIGHT will reap INSANE APYs as you're in a larger pool of the 1% inflation.

I think @RuthOdion was already more than clear with that answer !! thanks


CFC is a 3D pixel-based #NFT game, but it caught my attention that its concept is quite similar to Minecraft. My question is, where does the inspiration for the creation and look of CFC come from? What are the differences that make them stand out from their competition? Why use 3D NFT pixels?

Telegram Username: @Thomas23P

So... back in my day, I played a lot of 2d pixel games. They were easy, simple, and addicting.

We had been inspired by another Gamestarter Original called Pixel Pix, which can be found here:

The 3d pixel / high poly interest is growing like nuts. Roblox is blowing up with new games, people are streaming Minecraft more than ever... Our designers liked the idea and handcraft each fighter pixel by pixel...

We aim to render the highest quality of pixel-based character to the best visual design.

Fine Fine!!

Before continuing with the selected questions on Twitter, could you share with us your social networks?

Absolutely. I love a good shill.

I'll give $10 BUSD to the first person in my Telegram chat AND Discord group to tell me what the FIRST RULE OF CRYPTO FIGHT CLUB is.

- Website
- Whitepaper
- Staking Deep Dive

- Telegram Chat
- Telegram Announcements
- Discord

- Twitter
- TikTok
- Instagram


let's move on with the Twitter questions🔥

Segment 3 - Twitter Questions


let's move on with the Twitter questions🔥

Q1. You say in your Medium that "You can use your $ FIGHT tokens for all kinds of things", but you don't really detail all the utilities and DeFi products that we will find throughout your ecosystem, so could you detail all your utilities and DeFi products?

Ways you can earn and use $FIGHT

Stake $FIGHT or LP $FIGHT tokens into your NFT 
Enter into a tournament and finish amongst the top 10
Spend on bid2earn auctions
Deposit into escrow w/ another fighter to battle for $FIGHT
Finish amongst the first 5 players in a minigame in the daily/weekly scoring
Winning a tournament in the game (requires an entry fee) 
Sponsor a fighter in a tournament

Users can spend $FIGHT Tokens

Mint new collectibles and wearables
Creating customization skins for their fighter
Buying an entry ticket into the tournament to spectate
Voting on proposals (just passively holding not spending)
Mint mystery NFT boxes

noted !!

Will that be your only token? or in the future do you plan to create another?🤷🏻‍♂️

I'll answer your question if you ask it in my TG group. Too much detail and I don't want Keymer to think I'm hijacking his entire group.

No problem.

We will support a dual token system. The main play2earn token will be similar to Axie Infinity's SLP token but ours is called $JUICE.

More info to come soon enough.



Thanks for answering all our questions

Let's go to the round live.

Let's go future fighters!

Open chat in 3.

---Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions---

Segment 4 - Live Questions


You should select the best questions 😀

[Temitope Awoyinka]
There will be an NFT mining and staking mechanism on your platform.

I'd like to know how your NFT mining and staking mechanism works?

Check out this document. I think you will learn a lot from it:

will only be circulating 5000 NFT fighters forever?

Nope, we will have more fighters coming for big event announcements like PvP game mode, which is around the 3rd unlock of the IDO vesting schedule. We have not capped the limit yet- it really depends on the market demand for the NFTs.

[Esrat Jahan Eshery]
Do you intend to burn or buy back any market tokens in the future? Do you have any programs like this? Do you intend to burn or buy back any market tokens in the future? Do you have any programs like this?

Every time you mint NFTs the $FIGHT tokens used are burned.

We will host irregular buybacks to provide more liquidity in the future.

Question: Sir I want to buy your token. is it listed on
MEXC or any exchanges

Where can I buy your tokens now? Can you tell us, please?

Trade & Learn more about $FIGHT


$FIGHT Trading Room

- $FIGHT on Nomics
- $FIGHT on CoinMarketCap
- $FIGHT on CoinGecko
- $FIGHT on DEXTools


Do your tokens have farming and staking usages and if yes what APR do you give to us Does Your project have farming and staking usages and if yes what APR do you give to us?

First movers in the staking program will earn well over 100% APY.

Probably somewhere like 10,000%+ APY until others start staking as well.

How many more should I answer? 😄

[Bisayo Olamide]
I'm not a person that loves playing games, can I still earn by just holding a crypto fight club NFT token? Mmmmm.
Can one earn without playing the game?

Yes. Stake $FIGHT and you'll earn Buku APY in $FIGHT.

We do have a successful audit from HACKEN. You can proof it here:

You can ask CFC RELATED questions in our or our telegram

With this, we reach the end of our session

Thank you very much for clarifying every detail of your project, and see you on the 26th with your NFTs

Thank you, Keymer! It was a pleasure

Thanks for everything!

I'm glad you entertained the conversation, unlike other AMAs where they just spam questions and try to get it over with. Much appreciated

The chat will be open !!

Thank you Decentralized Club! It was real!


Calm, we are interested in interactive projects like this!😏

That's what's up homie




🎉Welcome 🎉 We are a community who eats, sleeps and drinks crypto 😉 Contact👇@cryptoTALK01 @UniqueBoyDK for AMA and project promotions♻️

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🎉Welcome 🎉 We are a community who eats, sleeps and drinks crypto 😉 Contact👇@cryptoTALK01 @UniqueBoyDK for AMA and project promotions♻️

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