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Introduction with CryptoTask

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1. Can you tell us what was the motivation behind developing Cryptotask and when did you guys start working on it ?

The Idea for Cryptotask came about 3 years ago when we started bringing it to life, and that was the time when we slowly started developing and growing our idea into action!
Basically, we want to give freelancers worldwide a better and safer option to do what they do best and focus on that, rather than on the many problems they suffer now.
With CryptoTask we are tackling all the big issues in online freelancing (which is a $1.5 trillion niche). Our customers are primarily freelancers and employers fed up with traditional freelancing pain points like the following:
Huge fees for both freelancers and employers (30%+)
20% of freelancers are unbanked (we’re solving that with crypto payments)
Biased and inefficient disputes
Job value is often limited
Fake reviews
Late payments
We are solving all these issues with the use of smart contracts and other blockchain unique features which allow this to happen, also we have a much lesser overhead than traditional platforms so we can afford much lower fees while staying profitable.
Now we have working platform, real product, +35.000 active users and solid traction to continue our growth!

Riswan Rasheed:
Q2. What are the main characteristics of Cryptotask that makes it attractive?

The main news for us was the latest announcement and grant from Tezos, who chose to accept us into their immense ecosystem. Tezos will help us by providing all the support necessary for the development of the project, and we will represent the biggest dapp in their ecosystem which for is is a great honor.
The main advantages of our project are the following:
Effective escrow system that is going to be integrated into our platform and will the security of the payment, and that feature is coming with the very low fee of only 3%. Have to mention that that fee will be used to buy $CTASK and burn it in order to drive the price of the token which is an incentive for the investors!
Affiliate mechanism, which offers the service of middlemen who are going to help connect freelancers with clients which can literally be headhunter agencies, who will, in addition, drive both clients and freelancers to our platform.
There’s a scalable dispute system too, that will allow for quick resolution of the disputes. Below you can find an explanation of how it works (bear in mind that this system also got reviewed in Forbes and CoinTelegraph).
Also, we have to mention the integration of Google jobs which will help expose the job offers to a wider array of audience.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3. Can you tell us about how a freelancer will be signing up with CryptoTask, get a job and finally get paid ?

At the moment we have two types of users, clients who post jobs on our platform and freelancers who apply for the jobs posted by clients.
Clients are allowed to post jobs for free, where our growth hacking crew comes in and finds them freelancers suitable for the job. On the other hand, freelancers can also apply for a variety of jobs found on our platform free of charge.
We’ll be rolling out the escrow system shortly, which will offer secure transactions for only 3%, of the total task value where our competitors take 20%+. Quite soon freelancers will be able to offer their services on the platform also, from which clients will be able to hire them based on their demands.

As a freelancer, you would have to enter our website, complete the simple signup form, after you complete the signup form, your account is waiting for approval.
All accounts are reviewed and verified manually, which is extra security measure, as that way we are excluding the risk of scammers on the site.
After you profile is approved and verified, you are free to apply to any job suitable to your skills based on site.
If you get the job from a client after the successfully completing the task, you get you earned money, and this is the part where our ecrow system comes into game, and scheme that I have sent!
So as seamless as that!

Riswan Rasheed:
Q4. What's the role of Cryptotask native token in all this and how do we acquire it ?

Here is the tokenomics article -

Utility article -

$CTASK is a utility token that’ll benefit its holders by rising in value.
We achieve that through the burning mechanism. Any revenue generated through the platform is used to buy the token through UniSwap, which also rewards liquidity providers, adds value to the token and we proceed to burn them by sending them to 0x.
You can purchase $CTASK through UniSwap, Bilaxy and HotBit.
Buy here -

CTASK HODLers/freelancers will be able to get a discount on all our services, like a discount on monthly premium subscription (includes more job bids, fewer fees, other benefits), discounts for the featured freelancer, or freelancers recommendations, and many other benefits we will implement in the future.
In general, there is a lot of good freelancers who struggle with finding opportunities to get started. To alleviate this problem, we will use our mechanism for decentralized P2P marketing, where a freelancer can offer in advance a certain percentage of task value to a middleman who brings in a client, say 20%. 70% goes to the freelancer and 10% is used by the smart contract to buy off CTASK, this is interconnected with the last answer.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q5. What are some of the biggest developments on track for completion this year for Cryptotask?

Our biggest milestone is our users — we are a fully functioning dapp with over 35.000 users, that is no small feat. Our freelancing platform is fully functional and people use it every day, also we have many partner companies who post jobs there regularly and we are just starting.
A couple of days ago, our most important partnership has been announced — we are now partners with Tezos, a top 30 huge blockchain company who will share with us their awesome tech and access to a large community — many of which will become our users.
For the rest of 2021, we have the following goals — Big CEX listing, rapid expansion and more users, with goal of 300k by the end of the year. Meaning, more companies posting jobs, and we will be focusing on polishing the platform.
Drastic changes are coming with time and in close future, and we are continuously working on the development of our product and the satisfaction of our platform users!
Roadmap can be found here -

Riswan Rasheed:
Thanks for the Wonderfully Detailed Answers!!

Welcome mate! 😉

Live Questions answered by CryptoTask

1)Bé Điệu Đà:
As you know Covid-19 has a large impact in the crypto Market, So How can your company maintain its project and also the team that are working hard during this pandemic?

The opportunities are limitless, as mankind simply has to work to function. With lockdowns imposed by COVID19, there was a surge of self-employed individuals and remote jobs.
This also makes our project bulletproof. In case of the deadliest bear market crypto has ever faced, our platform will continue generating revenue which will reflect on the buying pressure of our token. We are planning on providing education programs for our freelancers to better their quality, client satisfaction and we believe this will also serve to attract them to our platform.

2)Kudo Shinichi:
While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Absolutely community is a vital part of any project and we consider our community feedback to be precious part of our project development.

3)Kudo Shinichi:
Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?

The main advantage we offer are LOW fees for SECURE transactions. Right now EVERYONE can use our platform free of any charge, and with the roll out of the escrow system, for just 3% we'll offer secure transactions. Our competitions, mainstream freelance platform take fees that are 20%+ of the task's value.
Next is the middleman system we previously covered. This allows headhunter type of users to connect freelancers and clients and get a cut of the task value.
Our V2 whitepaper explains what are the benefits we have compared to other freelance marketplaces
In addition there's an "affiiliate system", which is quite literally a referral system that will reward anyone who invites users to the platform when they make a transaction.
We are also upgrading our platform everyday, mainly UX and SEO, which is already in place. We unified the domains and integrated Google jobs and we have HUGE spikes in the traffic we are getting .
You can confirm this at by pasting any job from the platform :)

4)Ajmal Kamba:

✨Freelance platform:
🔔Telegram news:

Here are the most important links revolving project Cryptotask.

You can purchase CTASK on the Uniswap following link -
Bilaxy and Hotbit

5)✰kaito✰ kid✰:
Staking is popular topic in the crypto world. Does your project support staking???,How can stake your token???

We had our staking and farming program with Gysir, and new staking staking and farming opportinities will be announced pretty soon, so stay tuned!

6)Bé Điệu Đà:
Token burn” is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does your great project have a plan about token burn?

Sure, we have just implemented our burning mechanism and you can read in detail about it here

7)Kudo Shinichi:
How do you plan to spread awareness and benefits about your PROJECT in different countries where English is not good?

We are planing to expand on foreign markets, such as Asia, South America, Africa, etc.. by the end of this year, it will be followed by establishment of nativ communities where people will coordinate easily!

8)kuluk and uhuk:
The common problem that often accours DeFi projects is that smart contract vulnerability can lead to loss of funds, what steps has your projects taken for solve to fix this major problem and prevent such occurrences in the future?

Our project has been audited and the audit has been reviewed by the Cointelegraph as well as Forbes magazine.
New Audit of the projects smart contract will happen in period of the transition to Tezos Blockchain.

Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the token in the long run????What plans do you have to help drive the demand and scarcity of the token???? Please share with us!!! ✅.

CTASK rises in value as revenue-generating platform features get used, and circulating supply gets reduced. Revenue streams consist of featured profiles, featured tasks, escrowed tasks where the platform takes 3% of the total task value, and P2P marketing where the platform takes 10%.
Regarding the dispute mechanism, reviewers within the CryptoTask dispute system are token holders who stake an amount equal to the task value they are putting themselves forward for a potential reviewer. Being a stakeholder means you already have a chance of being selected. That chance is directly proportional to that individual’s stake, preventing Sybil attack.
It will be pretty simple for the Investor to understand and use the CTASK token, plus we are considering listing the Token in some of the big CEX — like Kucoin, this will help expose the token and ease the trading for all investors, with much fewer fees.

10)Himanshu dubey:
4 components are very important for any projects. Team, community, token, and concept.
Explain these components in your project. Which component is more important for you?

How will you describe your project in one sentence.

In one sentence, let's try 2 words!

With goal of being even bigger!



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