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Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what is CumBlast about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading.

Introduction with CumBlast

Q1. What is Cumblast about and when did you guys decide to come up with this project?

I’ll tackle that

CumBlast is a new adult content sharing platform.

We built CumBlast to solve some of the major frustrations both fans and creators have in the adult content sharing industry. This is a huge industry with a massive addressable market and with the latest innovations in blockchain, we thought we could apply those to this use case.

1. With traditional adult content platforms, you’re forced to enter a credit card. No one wants that on their credit card statements! Using $CUMBLAST, you’re able to detach yourself from any centralized financial institution and be totally rogue. Fans can anonymously watch, purchase, tip, message, schedule 1-on-1s with creators.


2. Creators are currently charged obscene %s on their hard-earned earnings on other popular traditional platforms. We want creators to receive their full share of their work, so we don’t charge anything. Yup! 0% on their earnings. That means hundreds or thousands of dollars per month more for creators. We’ve already started to onboard creators and seen positive reception.

3. Lastly, NFTs! We’ve all seen digital art be sold for millions of dollars (Beeple for 69 million dollars). Let’s consider the adult industry. Why can’t creators sell NFTs of unique scenes to their fans for $CUMBLAST? It should be a thing and the adult industry hasn’t caught up. We want to be one of the first to make it happen

Released our website on Sunday evening (two days ago) and we’re already a 400 member Telegram community and growing quickly!

Please type “DONE” after answering every questions & when you feel you're satisfied with your answers. 🤗


Q2. What are the most significant features of Cumblast that makes it a one stop adult entertainment platform ?

I would say my previous answer outlines those features well! But I’ll elaborate a bit on anonymity and NFTs


Regarding anonymity, we won’t be requiring Know Your Customer (KYC). Users will simply connect their wallet to make payments or to buy/sell $CUMBLAST. We won’t be collecting any of your private data – you’ll be fully anonymous watching and interacting with content on our platform as a fan!

For creators, we want to ensure they have the best experience possible. Without our creators, we don’t have a platform. They bring the users in, so making sure their experience is phenomenal is one of our biggest priorities.

Consider NFTs. When you create your content on a site like Pornhub, you’re simply uploading the video and collecting small revenue from that over time, much of which is taken from you by Pornhub.

With CumBlast, you get to create an OnlyFans like page, accrue subscribers, but ON TOP OF THAT, mint NFTs for immediate, large cash payouts, which you keep 100% of. Then, you’ll also make 10-20% of every sale that happens afterwards, as the original owner re-sells that NFT to other users down the road.

In short, if you’re a creator, it’s almost a no-brainer to consider joining CumBlast

We’ll be releasing videos of several active creators soon announcing their involvement with CumBlast! And we’ve already had our community make some awesome teasers. You can view them on our Instagram here:


Q3. How is holding Cumblast's native token beneficial and how can we acquire it ?

Great question

As opposed to most of the “sh*tcoins” in this space, our coin is not a meme coin. Our coin has clear utility in the platform that we’re building. $CUMBLAST is our platform's currency and is used to access your favorite CumBlast's creators. Subscribing, buying NFTs, tipping, private messaging and 1-on-1 video calls are all conducted with our $CUMBLAST token.

If you want to buy it, we’ll be launching our pre-sale tomorrow at 3pm UTC. You can receive updates on our Telegram here Once we officially launch, you’ll be able to buy using Pancake Swap and a wallet like TrustWallet or MetaMask

Q4. Will this token be platform exclusive or you may partner in the future with leaders like Livejasmin etc?

That’s an interesting idea. The idea of enabling a gateway for other platforms to easily adopt our currency!

We have some big plans, including that as a consideration, in the near future, but at the moment, our focus remains on building out our own marketplace.

That being said, services like LiveJasmin offer live cam shows, and THAT IS a service that we will be offering on CumBlast

Imagine being able to tip in crypto currency to your favorite adult performer! Fully anonymous, detached from any centralized financial institution. And then those creators keeping $CUMBLAST in their wallet, knowing that the value will continue to skyrocket. Crazy world we live in today

Now we are moving to last question of first session

Q5. Finally, any substantial developments on track for completing in 2021 ?

Tomorrow at 3pm UTC, we’ll be having our pre-sale event on Dxsale. We want to make sure everyone who buys into our pre-sale is committed to hold over the long-term. The worst thing that can happen is a huge dump after launch.

We’ve already started to onboard our initial line-up of creators. We’re starting small, targeting casual creators on OnlyFans, etc. but over time, we’ll be getting bigger and bigger names. Once we have our app developed and launched, many big creators will want to join us, especially to save 20% on their earnings.

We have relationships with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. These are immediate Yes’s once we’re ready to handle that volume on our end. We also have contacts at Coinhunt, Coinsniper, and have a 11K karma reddit account ready to go to shill on CoinMarketCap and the top reddit accounts.

Long-term, this is an actual product. We are NOT a meme coin or shitcoin because we provide actual utility. My vision is that by the end of the year, thousands of creators and tens of thousands of users are visiting our site daily to view and interact with adult content.

End of July, we want to hit $100M market cap. This is reasonable given the timelines and market cap all-time highs of other projects in this space – AND if we execute well, which I’m confident we will.

By the end of 2021, we’ll have launched our platform, onboarded thousands of creators and tens of thousands of users who are using CumBlast daily, and have at least 5 BIG names in the adult industry onboard.

By 2022, I want to take the monthly active user count of CumBlast to many millions and hit a 500M+ market cap. One of the beautiful things about any software platform is that scale is achievable. Once we establish our platform and have a number of creators and fans, we’ll see a lot of natural growth as more creators will hear about the platform, want to move from existing platforms, and then bring their own users to ours.

Live Questions answered by CumBlast

If you’re a creator/model/performer who wants to use CumBlast, we’re very available on Telegram to chat. Just DM me after the AMA and we can get started. Our first 250 creators on the platform will be receiving a GIFT BAG of $CUMBLAST tokens as a reward for being early adopters.

2.Mijanur rahman Ajhari:
-Does your project support staking program?if yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform??????

I can share more about the tokenomics of CumBlast.

5% Auto-Staking: 5% of every transaction is distributed back to holders, split fairly, so that everyone can earn passively.

5% Auto-Liquidity: 5% of every transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool, making it harder for a few whales to impact the price.

Locked Liquidity: This is a long-term project: Upon launch, we will lock our Liquidity Pool for 1 year.

Q: At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project:

1. Investors
2. Community
3. Market/Exchange
and why?

I’ve seen the early stage growth of many projects. Successful ones and unsuccessful ones. The one pattern I’ve noticed in all of the successful projects is that the community has faith in the project and are willing and able to come together to promote the project.

Investors are also important because ultimately, I and my team have a responsibility to our investors. They entrusted us with their money and we need to follow through.

The token price is the least important. The token price is merely a reflection of the faith that our community members have and our ability as a team to execute and do right for our investors.

User experience is an important aspect for the project.Does the xxxNIFTY Network focus on this?What is the xxxNIFTY Network doing to provide the best user experience,especially educational value for new users?Any plans to raise awareness about encryption in the non-crypto space?

User experience is critical to the success of our project, since we’re building a technology product for fans and creators. Personally, I’ve spent more than 5 years designing software user experiences for consumers and businesses alike. I know the in’s and out’s of the technical chops around creating mockups, designing wireframes, building a minimum viable product TO the day to day people chops around interviewing software engineers and designers, managing them, and creating a culture that gets them to do their best work.

Actually have an interview with a software engineer who worked for one of the top technology companies in the world shortly after this AMA, so we’re serious about making this platform a reality.

5Mijanur rahman Ajhari:
How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Community is EVERYTHING to me. Without our community of passionate and high conviction members, we wouldn’t be where we are today. For example, this video ( was made by one of our community members within 24 hours of our launch – completely free of charge, because this really resonated with him. We have a group of 15 who are working tirelessly to make CumBlast a reality.

Thanks again for the wonderfully detailed answers.

Before you go any final words to our community?

Yes, sure!

Thank you for being such a great host

I just wanted to say one thing:

A week ago, I never thought I’d be involved in something like this in the adult industry! I’m not necessarily for or against these kinds of products, but if we’re going to do this, we want to do it right. We want to make sure our fans get what they want and can browse with freedom without the fear of being tracked, and creators should earn every dollar they make. In addition, have the use case of NFTs, which have yet to seriously enter the adult industry.

If I’m right, I think we’re at the very forefront of what’s possible in this space. If so, I think the leaders in this space, specifically, utilizing blockchain tech in the adult content sharing space, will be worth many billions of dollars in 2022, 2023, and beyond.

My team and I are determined to make CumBlast a leader in this space. I hope you can join us in this incredible journey.


Our AMA with @cumblastofficial
has ended ! Thanks everyone for attending our AMA and thanks Cumblaster for your time Today!

Thank you!



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