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Introduction segment

1.Please introduce briefly about yourself and Engines of Fury

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
I am Mindaugas,I am the community lead of the Engines of Fury team and today will answer all questions that you might have about EoF and guide you through the progress of our development! I work closely with the community and board members team to ensure both sides are well connected and informed about the latest news!

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Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
To begin - in short, Engines of Fury is a visually stunning & addictive autobattler built by a team that has years of experience, with a vision of gradually converting the game into an open world MMORPG in the long run.

2. Can you share a bit about the Engines of Fury upcoming plan and goal?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
What we’ve done so far:
Game design: champions, items, arenas, fighting simulations - a lot of it has been done already and will be shared on our Twitter/Telegram channels soon. So stay tuned and follow us here:

Investments & Partnerships: Private round almost closed with a lot of BIG and value add names there. We’ve already started announcing them and will continue over the next few weeks.
Launchpads: Already confirmed. Will announce it SOON!

Key milestones upcoming:
Q1: IDO/DEX/CEX launches
Q2: NFT marketplace launch
Q3: PVE game launch
Q4: Full game launch
2023 & onwards: MMORPG launch

3. How does Engine of Fury build this excellent game? Can you share in general about Engine of Fury in house infrastructure? Tell us how good your system is, and how smart is the team behind it's infrastructure.

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
Our team consists of 30+ people right now, but it is still growing. From 2017 we had many blockchain projects that we worked with. Some that you may know very well, such as Matic Network (Polygon), NOIA (Syntropy), and many many more. So our team became big believers in decentralisation since then. And since this summer, seeing the games in GameFi, we decided to form a new team that could make a game that WE OURSELVES would actually love to play.

The core team is seasoned professionals - founding members of multinational game development studio, guys that have been part of one of the first ICO making esports gaming platforms (from back in 2017), and a lot of people with lots of experience in visuals, game dev, blockchain projects. And we have amazing advisors too - not all of them have been announced, so please make sure to stay tuned on our socials haha!

4.Engine of fury battles are “fought”, meaning that players will stake and fight tokens. This is UNIQUE, similar concepts have been proven SUPER EXCITING and ADDICTIVE in standard games. What are the battles fought? How does it work? Why is this model innovative?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
In short, players will be able to fight in PVE & PVP Battles, to enter both, they are going to need either to pay a small fee or to stake some amount of $FURY tokens. According to the Champion level, items, spells they have selected, as well as RNG factor, the Game will decide the winner & Play a 15-20 seconds stunning 3D Video of your Champion actual battle vs other player or a monster - during the Animation you will get to see, if your Champion has won the duel, or not.

This model is innovative because of several factors:
Firstly, the Skill aspect will lay in your Items & Spells selection, not the actual Fight. This, together with RNG will ensure fair play for everyone, without any other factors that include tampering with movement, hits, or other bugging. If you played Runescape, you probably know what “Ticking” is in Duel Arena - Players abuse game mechanics to gain additional hits in a duel-staking environment.

Furthermore, the whole Fight model will be very transparent, to determine RnG values, Chainlink VFR will be used. It means that the RNG values will be valid-able for everyone.

5. Currently the Gamefi space is developing in an amazing way, however many projects are losing the essence of the real gameplay to give greater value to the cryptographic part, could you tell us what is the priority of EOF, what value they have for you the players and your community, do you think you can meet all the offers, advantages and benefits raised?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
First of all, I agree completely with the “losing essence of real gameplay”. We are gamers ourselves while a couple of our core team members have been making games for more than a decade now. So this is exactly why we are here - we couldn’t find a game that we ourselves would have loved to play in GameFi space back in early summer, and that's why we started developing one of our own. There's a saying in Lithuanian - if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So now we are creating a game which will mitigate the current “grinding” based game approach and bring back the excitement, adrenaline, and dopamine-kicking experience by providing amazing graphics and implementing the wager/staking based approach to fights between players - so every fight is a new exciting moment in a gamer's life. Also - the autobattler is only the beginning of our ecosystem. We will be gradually expanding this game into a full-blown open world MMORPG over time. AND it will be done together with you guys - we will have governance models in place, so that the Engines of Fury community would have influence over the building of the open world.

6.I realized that I can get $FURY tokens by melting NFTs in Engines of Fury, how do we do this? What features should the NFTs we can melt have? What do you want to do by putting such a system?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
There will be times when you will not want to use the item on your champion / or would like to sell it on the marketplace. But if you are a bit impatient one - you will have the ability to destroy that NFT (melt it) in order to receive tokens instead. More on the amounts that can be "melted" out of an NFT coming soon!

5. According to your roadmap, your IDO is scheduled for Q1 2022. Can you give some details about your upcoming IDO event? Where will it take place? What is the total amount that you plan to raise through this IDO? Will users have to be whitelisted in order to have an allocation during this IDO?

IDO is Currently planned for late-January to mid-February. It will take place on several Top Launchpads, where 1,200,000 $FURY tokens should be sold out pretty fast. I don’t want to spoil upcoming news for you about the actual Date and Place, so please follow our Telegram and Twitter to be one of the first ones to know!

Twitter segment

Q1 Can you give more information about your Upcoming IDO, DEX, and CEX Events? What are your main targets you aim to achieve through these Events? Also about your IDO, how much funds are you planning to raise through your IDO? What is the expected price of your token during your IDO? Lastly, How can users participate in your Upcoming IDO?
Twitter question from

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
Regarding the initial public sale allocation: It was our decision to release the 1.2m $FURY tokens on a public sale, on top of doing lots of airdrops, marketing campaigns and various other activities to ensure larger and fairer distribution of $FURY to the community. Finally, we will list on DEXes and CEXes immediately after the IDO, so there are going to be tons of opportunities to buy the token. 📈📈📈
Price of $FURY will be 0.25$

More information about IDO will be announced soon in twitter!

Q.2 How do Engines of Fury intends to ameliorate any adverse effect this disadvantage may cause? Could equally tell us how gamers could earn and own FURY TOKENS? where to invest in and promote FURY TOKENS? Would there be a mechanism like Wallet for storing of FURY TOKENS ? Because it caught my attention to know that you are still updating them and when we enthusiasts expect them completely updated? Finally, could you also detail us how gamers could transform into game characters to participate in match?

Twitter question from

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
How do Engines of Fury intends to ameliorate any adverse effect this disadvantage may cause?

Im not sure what adverse effect we are talking about here

But i'll anskwer other questions

just a minute

Probably translated in Google, because questions are very very hard to understand

So as you can see

there are 5 pillars in the game loop

You will be able to earn $FURY

in several ways

PVP, PVE, Tournaments, boss fights and becoming arena master

And this will be just the beginning

We will consider adding more P2E options later on

You will be able to trade $FURY to NFT's in our market

NFTs will be such as Characters, weapons and armors

It will give you a slight advantage in the duels that you will be taking against other people!!

Q.3 many crypto games today set high cost to start playing their games and therefore start with a small player base, does engine of fury requires a starting fee or conditions, if so what is the cost of playing engine of fury game, what condition must I meet to start playing the game? do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of $FURY in order to start playing the game?

twitter question from

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
Good question

To start playing Engines of Fury

you will need only 1 NFT

and that is your character

there are 3 character classe

You can find all information about them in our twitter ;)

Soon we will announce bosses, arenas and more information so keep tunes

Q.4 You mention that players have a chance to receive NFTs after PVP Tournaments which can be melted into FURY tokens, but you specify that a limited number of NFT will be allowed to melt per month. How much will that limited amount of NFT be that we can melt each month? How much will be the fee that we must pay to be able to do it? Will we always win our NFTs after every tournament won or are there exceptions?

Twitter question from

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
Good question

So first of all

you will receive blueprints for an NFT

not always the nft itself

you will need some $FURY to make the item from blueprint

Then you will be able to use it/ sell it / melt it back to bigger amount of $FURY

More information about the algorithms regarding melting/prices, rarity and other calculations will be announced in a month or so. We will be very transparent with the algorithms behind all these calculations!

Q.5 How can we join Engines of Fury and start playing? Is there a need to purchase inventory to participate in the game, and where can we purchase it and how to activate it?

Twitter question from

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
good questions

The beta is comming out in Q3

Marketplace launch will be in Q2!

Live segment

Also Engines of Fury is just starting now I guess, I would love to know if you can hold events for community events such as airdrops, raffles to get the community motivated to participate in the project?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
Hey, you can find all our socials in this link. we usually inform about latest airdrops and giveaways in telegram, but main news channel is the Twitter

Can you list outstanding features of your platform? Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
Here are some of features that makes us stand out!

3)H J:
Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project ?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
Afraid? No, we're living in the times where 3rd industrial revolution in inevitable, 2.0 network is being changed by 3.0 metaverse projects, everything is becoming decentralized, we're are in a very interesting time of the history. However, our technology is up to date right now, and still not used in the full potential. So if you are asking if the blockchain will be replaced soon, i got you some bad news, this is just the beginning ;)

4)Maria Fuentes:
You say that if we have a lot of NFTs we can Melt them and receive $ FURY tokens instead, but really the value we will get will be much less than a sale, right? So why would we prefer to melt them rather than sell them?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
Nice one. Listen, there can be many variables in this ''situation''. For example:

You got 3 nft items, but you want 1 new one and you don't need all those 3. But you don't have enough of $FURY. Selling all those 3, might take some time to sell. So what you do, you just melt them and use the $FURY for purchasing new item.

That is just one way how melting can be useful, also it will help liquidate our NFT's and $FURY, so the most unwanted NFT's will be easy to melt and you will not be stuck with an Item that it's not in the meta right now :)))

5)I am Rock Star Bro:
•What is the most Special NFT on the EngineOfFury?

• Will you release any limited edition NFTs?

Mindaugas | Engines of Fury 🎮 Will never DM you first:
oh yes ofcourse, the first NFT's batch will definitely have some unique and limited release NFT's also those who will be made in collaboration with other NFT games and companies!



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