Introduction with Kephi Gallery

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1. Can you tell us what was the motivation behind developing Kephi Gallery and when did you guys start working on it ?

Community ask questions from Twitter

Riswan Rasheed:
How far has KephiGallary advanced in cross-chain technology and will we be able to transfer NFT from Bianance chain to Kardiachain vice versa, will there be staking of MyDefiPet pets and Fara worriers in our Gallary. Lastly, what is you vision for KPHI a year from IDO. Good luck.

Community ask questions from Website

Riswan Rasheed:
Could you give us an introduction to how the KPHI market mining will work? How will the project improve once mining is implemented?

Live Questions answered by Kephi Gallery

1)Kudo Shinichi:
What is PROJECT's revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

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