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On the 23rd of March, 2022 at 01:00 PM UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Phill Ingram from Lepricon for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 70,000 people. It was hosted by Ella.
The session was divided into three segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1, questions from the Twitter community were answered in Segment 2, and live questions from the community members in attendance were answered in Segment 3.

If you missed this event and would like to know what Lepricon is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Information here should be researched and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Also note that slight edits have been made for clarity, and links in this recap lead to images, documents, or other media.

Segment 1 – Introduction

Hi everyone! Hope you guys doing well☺️
Today i am hosting an AMA session with the Decentralized Club😁
My name is Ella and I will be hosting Lepricon in this session.☺️
Let’s welcome our guest

Hi there - very happy to be here

Hi Phill! You’re welcome to the DC Community! Its good to have you here!🥳
Thank you so much
How was your day so far?
Long! I am in Hong Kong so it is 9:05pm. I generally start about 7am so it has been a long day!
Hahah! Yess Quite a long day for you then😌
This is the way.
Can you please introduce yourself to the community?😌
Thank you - I would love to.
Go ahead please👍🏻
My name is Phil Ingram and I am the CEO of Lepricon. I am based in Hong Kong as is most of the team with a couple of exceptions around SE Asia.

Let’s dive into the session😉

Q1. Can you give a brief description of Lepricon to our community ?

Of course...
Lepricon exists because we believe that the true and full merger of video games and entertainment .. and .. blockchain will lead to incredible change. We are true believers in the power of social entertainment - we all have those moments when we are stressed or tired and just want to connect with others through some sort of game or activity. An entire segment of the video games industry is built on this premise. We want to do that too but we also believe that blockchain allows players to own that experience and will drive the industry from the publisher-first economy to the player-first economy.
So Lepricon’s mission is to incorporate blockchain into gaming from a game first perspective, making the gameplay the most important thing but with the benefits that blockchain brings to ownership
Yeaah! Video Games + blockchain! Nice concept🔥
What are the key features of Lepricon from which we can distinguish from other DeFi gaming and NFT projects ?
That’s a great question

Right now we have a situation where the blockchain industry has adopted gaming to sell tokens and NFTs. We see beyond that to the video games industry adopting blockchain to make games better - this is the core of what we are about and is our primary defining feature and what I think sets us apart even now. We are developing our own games that take the best of video game play (such as player rankings etc) and creating a blockchain based alternative and will have a lot of content of that type down the line. At the same time we are partnering with AAA game companies in the US who are looking to transfer their in-game economies to blockchain but need expert partners to do it. We are still in build mode for the game platform that will enable this but it will focus on the player experience. We are developing a new stack that is not like DeFi to ensure a good UX for gamers. You should not have to hit approve in MetaMask every time you loot the body of a monster you just killed.
let's move on to the next question!
What's the utility of the token $L3P and how does one acquire it ?

Ok - there is now and then there is coming:
L3P can be used to play a couple of test games that we put out, with the chance to win L3P, stable coins and NFTs. That can be done at Lepricon City (
That site uses our own gasless sidechain, Leprichain, but you can easily bridge tokens from BSC or Ethereum where L3P is available. We also have multiple staking options - Eth naked staking via MANTRA DAO and BSC LP Staking also on MANTRA DAO using L3P/BNB LP tokens from PancakeSwap. Our future games platform will operate using L3P on Binance Smart Chain. We are building a new staking hub with multiple long term lock up options which will be available in about a month and we are about to launch FansPredict, our wn peer to peer predictions platform which will operate on Binance Smart Chain. We build this in conjunection with BePro, the same guys behind Polkamarkets. That is in alpha now and will go Beta in April. There are other longer term plans but those are the major things for now.
Great! Looking Forward to it🤩
What are the ways in which a user can earn on your Platform?
Earning with L3P, right now:
If you bridge to our own side chain from either BSC or Ethereum right now, just by being on chain (no lock up) you earn a yield.
There is also Etehreum staking with yield on MANTRA DAO and BSC LP tokens as I said above - which I think is paying about 50%
Our Lucky Wheel game - which was a demo game to show the gas-less nature of Leprichain (no gwei) pays up to 8x your stake if you are lucky.
Our Gachapon game (named after those Japanese vending machines) pays out an NFT with every go, which itself can be unwrapped to reveal an NFT on Opensea and some USDT on Polygon, from 50 cents to $125 - for about $2 a go.
Coming - a range of hypercasual games with an esports flavour for head to head competitions, Fans Predict which operates on binary options (you guessed right or wrong) and we have a couple of big surprises in development which I can’t even hint at right now.
Moving on to the last Question from segment 1
Can you tell us what are the next major priorities in 2022 for your project?

Yes I can:
Go ahead please😃

1. Developing a new wallet and bridging site and new staking options with higher yield long term lock up
2. Deploy our Leprichain games to Binance Smart Chain to make it easier for more people to play
3. Creating the foundation for the new head to head games system which we will announce more details on later
4. The launch of Pack Generator which enables developers to batch mint large volumes of composed NFTs (contain other digital assets - we call this DLC for blockchain - a common term for downloadable content in games
5. The launch of FansPredict in the late spring and...
6. the launch mid April (ish) of a cool little utility which will make anyone managing large amounts of assets across multiple wallets have a much easier life - but we have not released any details
Lots more following that but those are the active things at the moment
Good Initiative taken by your project🔥🤩

Let's Move to the segment 2 and take some interesting questions from our Twitter Community😊

What is it that will allow Lepricon to reimagine entertainment possibilities through blockchain technology and seek to establish mainstream acceptance of player-owned economies in gaming? Twitter Username: @y1sus_afp
Great question
As I mentioned above - right now, there are endless “blockchain games” being launched. These are blockchain companies selling tokens and NFTs, they are attempts to raise money.
We don’t think this puts the player first
Game companies are yet to adopt blockchain - mainly because of the way blockchain games work. When we have figured out all the new tech needs to make blockchain work in games without all the DeFi style UX of popups and confirmations then we will see where things can really go, that is what we are working on bringing solutions to
Could you tell me a little about the sidechain compatible with Ethereum without gas, Leprichain, which they run in their ecosystem, so, how does that chain run, what are its main solutions, what level of interoperability does it have right now, and why have they implemented it?
Twitter Username: @Pirry05Universe
It is an ethereum-compatible side chain that runs solidity and if the dApp runs on Ethereum or BSC it will run on Leprichain
The main difference is we set the gwei to zero - transactions are process using a system called Proof of Authority.
Gas is one of the frictions when it comes to running games on blockchain - it’s bad enough having to approve a transaction to loot a monster or a chest - but even worse if you get charged for it!
We have bridges on it to and from BSC and Ethereum - you can move your L3P across all three chains in seconds and with ease

ohh! that's a great thing!😌
I find it very interesting that Lepricon will allow developers to create new forms of dApps, and I was wondering if it was viewed in the same way that designers create arts, skins or NFTs to increase variety while being rewarded by the ecosystem?
Twitter Username: @Gazianteplyy
Well that is what we want to happen. We are great believes in the #CreatorEconomy, and we believe it is the people that create that should be rewarded.
We are working with some developers now who are testing out Leprichain and the gas-free environment and learning how to adjust to developing for it. For us - new forms of dApps - means dApps that put the user or gamer experience first, rather than the way DeFi focuses much more on sovereignty - this is one of the differences between blockchain in games and blockchains in finance
OKayy! well- explained!
I read that Lepricon promises anonymity that cannot be achieved through traditional platforms, how do you achieve this and is it really impossible for my transactions to be tracked?
Twitter Username: @TayfunessTurrk
I think you may have misunderstood something here - while we don’t at this time connect wallet accounts with emails or other personal information - like most Web3 services - wallets can be tracked - it is the blockchain. The thing is whether they can be connected somewhere with personal identifying information - for example if you did KYC with that wallet somewhere, But Lepricon certainly believes in the sovergnty of people’s personal information and certainly won’t be tracking it ourselves!
Last one from the segment 2:
UX/UI is an important issue with gaming projects. What creative dimension and gaming perspective will @lepriconio be introducing and how will you be able to prioritise game experience first and thereafter perfectly link NFT into it without trading off core-gaming experience?
Twitter Username: @cina656
Fantastic question
UI/UX is EVERYTHING with gaming projects.
Anything that gets in the way of that is bad. Very bad
This is why the full DeFi thing and games does not match
This is why selling 10,000 player characters is not about the game, it is about the money grab - what does the 10001st person do?
There is this word that came about - DeFi people who realised Gaming was an onramp - they came up with GameFi - it is a dumb phrase. Games are not about finance. The entire conversation has been poisoned by people doing quick token raises and NFT sales before a game even exists.The idea that your assets are on the chain - the coin you earn/pillage through gameplay, the items you find (NFTs) - yes we beliece in that - but you should get them by playing - not paying up front .
Mining by playing we call it
Your average PS5 game is about US$60 or US$70.
Who on earth would now pay US$500 for an NFT so they can play a game.
It is insane
So yes- UI is everything. UX is everything. The only thing that matters for a game is that it is fun. The rest should follow.
I love answering that question.
Totally agree with you😌
Yeeaaaa! Ending segment 2 with great questions and briefly explained answers by our Guest!☺️
I promise to be brief 🙂
Time to take up some questions from our live audience! Guyss be readyyy to shoot your questions😉
In this 3rd Segment, Opening the group for some seconds!
Please pick five original questions to answer.
Try to ignore generic, and copy-paste questions 😊

Dear community, as a measure to deter bots and reward hunters, please include the guest’s full name in your questions so the guest can tell original questions apart!
Unmuting the group in a bit🤩
---Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions---
Segment 3 - Live Questions
[Jean Pierre Hernandez]
Since many traditional games do not acquire the utilities and benefits that blockchain technology gives, due to the lack of education and learning about this field, would I like to know if Lepricon supports a massive education and learning about blockchain for new users?
That is actually an interesting question - we work with a lot of game Developers - half of our company is from the video games industry, not blockchain, and talk to them about blockchain integration - so we are doing this behind the scenes
IS This Your PROJECT ONLY for elite investors, How about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?
Yes open to everyone - that is why we launched the token on Binance Smart Chain so that gas would not impact smaller investors who are put off by the gas fees on Ethereum
is there a burning or buyback here and how would L3P be removed from circulation?
Hi - we use the buyback model - we buy circulations from revenue and investment returns and put them in a special public wallet with CMC and CG know is off circulation
[Sohail.vai 05]
Too MANY projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short? long time of release, Is your project also like this?
No - it’s not - we have already released a ton of stuff!
[J Mags]
Mentioned on your website is another platform for "Shamrock Studios". Can you please elaborate to us your relationship with Shamrock Studios? How does Shamrock Studios collaborate with Lepricon?
Shamrock Studios is our AR development studio and our Hong Kong based company. The two companies are jointly owned by the same company - Shamrock enables us to have for example an Apple App Store account which Lepricon as a crypto company could not be

OKayyyy! 🔥

Cheers🥂to you and your team at LEPRICON for their time and effort in making this project a success!

Thank you - and thank you for having me

It Was a great session🤩
AMA ended! 😊

Thanks - good night everyone
Night phill! 😌



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