AMA with Mega Fans

On the 14th of January, 2022 at 16:00 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Colin Bracy (CTO) and Zha Ke from MegaFans, for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 70,000 people. It was hosted by DC Host, Keymer.

The session was divided into three segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1, questions from the Twitter community were answered in Segment 2, and live questions from the community members in attendance were answered in Segment 3.

If you missed this event and would like to know what MegaFans is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Information here should be researched and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Also note that slight edits have been made for clarity, and links in this recap lead to images, documents, or other media.

Segment 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, it is a pleasure for me to meet and learn about a great project: MegaFans 😃

[Zha Ke]
Hello everyone! We are so glad to be here!

Our guests @MegaCTO and @Zha_Ke, welcome. How's your day guys?

[Colin Bracy]
Hello Keymer, it's great to be here, my days just getting started

[Zha Ke]
Same here! Just getting started!

A pleasure to have you here. By the way, I like your profile picture haha

So, how about starting the AMA with the introductory questions?

[Colin Bracy]
Sounds great, we are ready

To start, what are Megafans really all about? What got the project started? What was your inspiration?

[Colin Bracy]
It's great to be here today for the MegaFans AMA.
I'm a tech guy, so I rarely get to step out from behind the computer. I'm excited to tell you about the MegaFans platform and the story behind it.

Megafans eSports system is a software development kit (SDK) that integrates with any mobile game application, offering a competitive game environment where anyone, anywhere, anytime can play against other gamers across the world, simultaneously, for prize pools. It is a fully scalable, enterprise-level, GameFi monetization, and retention system with multiple revenue streams and cross-platform marketing opportunities. We use proprietary, patent-pending technology and our team has over 100 years combined experience in online gaming and eSports.

The company was founded by myself and Jefferey Donnelley who is the CEO.

Wow amazing, we have a lot of players here 😁

Could you tell us what is the mission and vision of Megafans is?

[Colin Bracy]
MegaFans has a massive potential to become the 'go to' for mobile gaming, I can expand on that a bit more. When people first hear about MegaFans they immediately think we build mobile games, we do not, however, our platform offers a much more unique experience. It serves as a plugin to transform existing mobile games into a unique and innovative full-blown tournament platform. What you see in the stores today is really just a sneak peek of what we are capable of. The games are pretty basic, but the important thing is to highlight the SDK and eSport tournament engine that we have created. Our unique SDK solves problems that game developers have been suffering from for a long time:-

1 - User Acquisition: We can drive all our existing MegaFans players to a new game.

2 - User Retention: Players always play games and stick around longer if there's the chance to win prizes just for playing their favorite game.

3 - Monetization: Historically, the main ways to earn money through mobile gaming are In-App Purchases or advertising. With MegaFans we pass on a pre-arranged percentage of any money made in our tournaments

Pretty cool eh?

So the vision is to expand the company by partnering with some of the best game studios in the business and using MegaFans in their best games. The possibilities are endless.

We have designed some incredible opportunities for our NFT winners. If you win an NFT (Either in a game or placing in a tournament) you have some options. You could sell the NFT on OpenSea, or you will have the opportunity to host your own tournament giving that NFT away as a prize - Why do this? Well, that tournament ‘host-er’ will take a rake of the entire entry fee for that tournament! This is huge and will potentially make owning a MegaFans NFT very lucrative.

I like what they focus on

Ohh that's quite an interesting option, so the NFT is useful to create a tournament?

[Colin Bracy]
Yeah, it's a very unique feature

What is the background of the team? Who are some of the core team members?

[Colin Bracy]
A little bit about me. I have been a software developer for over 30 years - I tell people that means I started coding when I was 5, but they never believe me :)

Growing up in England, I was lucky enough to be part of the early days of mobile telecoms. I was part of the first-ever development team at Orange, then became The UK Lead Developer for Vodafone, moving on to become The European Lead Developer for Motorola and TRW.

I moved to BC Canada in 2006 and after a brief stint in Electronic Medical Records, I decided to start up my own mobile gaming tournament company in 2017. As I mentioned earlier, I then partnered up with Jeff and here we are today.

Jeff (CEO) has an extensive history in the world of gaming. Mr. Donnelley has been a gaming executive since 1998, when he owned his first advertising agency and has been a key growth strategist for some of the biggest brands in the eGaming industry including Ubisoft, Draft Kings, World of Tanks, and Jam City (Panda Pop and Cookie Jam). Mr. Donnelley has started five companies and had two successful exits to date. Megafans is Mr. Donnelley’s latest project. His vision is to build the world’s first mobile eSports community using blockchain technology and the first mobile gaming company to offer cryptocurrency and NFTs in a play-to-earn environment for gamers and collectors to win, trade, and share. Jeff is also very passionate about supporting women in gaming and technology and he is using this global platform to reach and promote women entrepreneurs across the world.

The rest of the team is based all around the USA & Canada. Our development team is from just outside of San Diego, and a very talented team of marketing/operations and social media from Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, Pennsylvania, and Calgary - it's quite a remote company.

...oh and SanFran :)

Since the age of 5? Who would believe it haha? 🤯

I see that they are a very prepared team, I like that. I consider that the team is the pillar of the project

Let's go to the last introductory question

Could you tell us who are the main advisors and sponsors of Megafans?

[Colin Bracy]
MegaFans has 13 industry advisors (7 women and 6 men) who are all experts from the fields of eGaming, iGaming, Fantasy and eSports, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. They come from high pedigree companies such as Disney, Activision, Rock Star, Draft Kings, Launchpool Labs, and San Diego State University. We are working with several fantastic technology platforms through Launchpool Labs that are helping us continue to develop our advisory team as well as opportunities to partner with other blockchain and metaverse projects. We will be announcing more key partnerships soon.

Nice. We move to the second segment, Twitter questions.

Segment 2 - Twitter Questions

I saw that MegaFans works in 3 simple steps: Download the game, select a tournament and play, and finally win prizes. But isn't it necessary to connect the games with a wallet to receive these rewards? How does the transfer system work on your platform?

Twitter Username: @LeyaNirmala2

[Colin Bracy]
A lot of thought has gone into this. We wrestled with the idea of connecting each game to a wallet to allow for crypto transfers, but in the end, the simplest answer is to have a central website, where the player will connect their MegaFans account to their wallet - Metamask for example. There will be a staking page for the site where we can keep track of our wins, NFTs, stakes, and airdrops.

We have some very powerful servers which can control staking rewards and any other 'gifts' 😊 we decide to give to our dedicated players.

I noticed that you say that MEGAFANS is also a great place to publish games for fame and fortune, but can you explain to me what this means? What types of games can I publish on your platform and what are the steps to do this? What rewards do I receive if I publish a game?

Twitter Username: @PerejilCZ

[Colin Bracy]
We have a few ways to connect with a new game.

1 - We can deliver an SDK that will come with all the tools you'll need to run MegaFans tournaments. In Unity for example this sets up a very easy ‘almost’ drag and drop process to get your game going.

2 - We also provide a White Label version of MegaFans, which means you can skip the SDK and your game can talk to our servers directly. This has the advantage that the developer can customize the layout of their own tournament leaderboard (for example) and even embed this directly into PC HTML 5 games, basically anything with an Internet connection.

As far as types of games, there really aren’t many genres that don’t fit a tournament style of play. Quick hyper-casual games fit the pattern the best as long-drawn-out plays don’t add as much excitement in a global tournament that could only last a few minutes.

Quality Control is critical and will ensure that the game developers we choose to partner with release games that reflect the quality and gaming experience we wish for our MegaFans players.

Nice, next question

If really one of the attractions of blockchain games is that they generate rewards for their players, but when MegaFan pointed out that they will focus on entertaining their users, do they mean that they will also offer attractive rewards? Or will they just be entertaining?

Twitter Username: @OHashek

[Colin Bracy]
I'm glad you asked this as this is something I get excited about. With our staking pool, our stakers will have many benefits. They will be granted exclusive access to some high roller tournaments where we will be partnering with brands to give away some very high-end prizes. Being in the blockchain/launchpad/gaming space we will also be working with other crypto-based projects to airdrop to our stakers. Other incentives will be rewards based on staking amount and length of time. You could also be a winner of our frequently ran ‘stakers only NFT airdrops’.

I read that MegaFans has a VIP program, what does this program consist of? Is it really beneficial and profitable for the players to be part of it? What are the costs or requirements to be a VIP user?

Twitter Username: @sg_tahani

[Colin Bracy]
Our VIP program will be based upon the amount staked and the length of the stake. These are the only costs involved (Plus entry fee to the exclusive tournaments of course). When you see the possibilities I posted above, it's clear to see the benefits of joining the community.

Perfect, let's go with the last question of this segment

"Our esports gaming platform also gives players the opportunity to win cash prizes by participating and having fun." How much blocking time do users have to claim rewards during the day? Does your game work based on a daily energy limit? Can you claim rewards daily?

Twitter Username: @RogerZza

[Colin Bracy]
Our payout server handles everything for you. If you place in a winning position, your account will automatically be credited with cash, crypto, or prizes. Visiting the central web page and logging into your MegaFans account will allow for payout - just as you would in a casino cage - the user can choose PayPal or crypto for payout. Physical Prizes will obviously involve some communication with the player as we will need to confirm their mailing address.
Scores will also be reviewed before payouts as part of our anti-cheating routines.

Okay, we're done with the second segment, now let's go to the third and last one, live session

Remember to follow the rules guys 🎙️

I will open the chat for 2 minutes, then you can answer any questions you want. Are you ready?

[Colin Bracy]
Let's go!


---Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions---

Segment 3 - Live Questions

Wow. Many questions today 😁

Take your time

[Colin Bracy]
Wow, there are a lot of questions :) I wish we could reply to all of them, but we'll do our best

I want to Do some practice of playing Candy Boo games without any investment or without any NFT, do you have a practice mode or demo on your platform?

[Colin Bracy]
Hi Ayesha, Yes we do have a free-to-play practice mode. Every game will have a 5-minute tournament where you can join, play and win some prizes.

[Juan Sandoval]
Among your games, I saw Tunnel Tournament, Crash n Win, Candy Boo, and others, but are these games 100% original or created by Megafans? In the future is it possible that you will add other more popular phone games? Also, is it only possible to use Megafans through a mobile device or can I also use your platform on a pc?

[Colin Bracy]
Hi Juan, absolutely! The games we have in the stores are really just to showcase our SDK, but we will be working on integrating with lots of different genres of games, including puzzles, endless runners, platformers, etc. We do also have the possibility to move into the PC based game set due to the way we have written the server code for MegaFans

[Tom Nook]
You mention that your games are used to raise awareness and funds for non-profit organizations. So, can you explain to us what is the purpose and plans of these collections and which organizations will you be supporting?

[Zha Ke]
One of the missions of MegaFans is to support women in gaming and technology. We have partnerships with organizations such as and which runs an all-women's coding school in Afghanistan (currently under the Taliban). We will continue to work to support other causes as well, but we feel the fact that women are underrepresented in this space is important.

[Agatha Pemberton]
Really love that MegaFans are motivating Women in gaming. But How can you make sure to retain the Female audience on your platform? Are there steps in getting ambassadors or someone to represent? And how can you prevent gender stereotypes and harassment in your platform?

[Zha Ke]
Absolutely! We are constantly working on that but as a fact, over 50% of mobile gamers are female, globally. Of 3 Billion mobile gamers that make half of them women. We will continue to work with our ambassadors and influencers to raise awareness and be loud and proud about our mission!

In the section of your tokenomics, I saw that you have some icons like Google PlayStore, Huawei, and others. Could you tell us how Megafans are related to these companies? What are your biggest allies and how do they boost your economic strategies?

[Zha Ke]
We currently already have games published on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. We are joining Huawei this quarter and we are in discussions of joining other markets. We will have more announcements coming soon. These partnerships will continue to expand our global footprint. In the last 75 days, we have gained 100,000 installs and our current database has 219,000 in it!

Can you shed more light on deposits and withdrawals, how do I make deposits, can I do so with my PayPal, and how to also make withdrawals of winnings?

[Zha Ke]
We have several articles written to describe how payouts work depending on what your prize is whether it is a general cash payout, NFT delivery, or Crypto/Bitcoin payout! You can learn more about those and how the MegaFans system works in this article (which can also be accessed in-game if you ever have any questions)!

[Inur Da]
I read about the review from cryptoslate. How do $MBUCKS and $MFANS tokens differ from each other?

[Colin Bracy]
$MBUCKS (MegaBucks) are the currency used for staking/rewards. MFANS are an off-chain token used in gameplay. The Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore are very strict on kicking out games that do not comply with their rules, so we have been working very closely with the stores to create a working system that protects us both. Buying off-chain tokens in the games provide us with the perfect solution to allow us in these stores - many competitors have been booted for not complying

[Andrew Dy]
Will you eventually target all ages for the gaming community?

[Colin Bracy]
There are legality rules around age restriction for play to earn games, but younger players can always participate in the free to play tournaments without a prize pool

[Zha Ke]
Hello everyone thank you so much for participating and inviting us to do this AMA! We could not get to all of the questions (since there were so many!!). We would be glad to answer those questions in our own telegram channel if you would like to join, we would be glad to have you!

Thank you, everyone!

Thank you very much @MegaCTO and @Zha_Ke, your answers were very complete and accurate. We look forward to hearing more news about Megafans soon 😃

[Colin Bracy]
Thank you so much for your time guys!




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🎉Welcome 🎉 We are a community who eats, sleeps and drinks crypto 😉 Contact👇@cryptoTALK01 @UniqueBoyDK for AMA and project promotions♻️

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