Introduction with MELD

Q1. Can you tell us what is MELD about and what unique features it is bringing in the world of DeFi?

Of course!

MELD is a simple a powerful idea. unlocking the value of your crypto as a fiat loan so you can keep your crypto positions and still see the benefit (cash) of it.

We are building a DeFi protocol in order to do this. There are projects that give fiat loans against crypto but they are all centralized and they require that you give up your keys.

MELD is building a decentralized and trustless protocol where your crypto is locked in a smart contract. It's non-custodial.

n this way we can build our service into other DeFi protocol and we can work like Money Lego's with the rest of the ecosystem.

(This is actually how we are able to offer negative interest rate fiat loans!)

You interact with the MELD protocol via the MELDapp on iOS, Android and as a chrome extension.

You will be able to link your Metamask to it or transfer crypto assets into it from BTC, ETH and BNB.

You can then choose the terms of your loan and the protocol creates a smart contract.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
This great

For fiat loans, once you complete the KYC then the money wired to your bank account.

When you borrow against your crypto you have 2 major benefits.

You don't pay capital gains tax. The interest on the loan is tax-deductible in most countries.

So in real terms the loan is basically free and you can keep seeing the upside as the crypto price goes up.

We also offer several other products as part of the lending and borrowing.

We will be bringing wrapped or MELDed assets to the Cardano network as mETH, mBTC, mBNB, mUSD and mEUR. It's a simple idea but because we are building the banking stack it touches on many areas.

So much to say hehe

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There would be time for that

Q2. Why should a person looking for a loan against his crypto choose MELD?

I would say the biggest differentiator is our commitment to the DeFi space.

We created MELD to meet the goals of DeFi which is trustless, decentralized, and non-custodial.

As the saying goes. If you don’t hold the keys, the crypto is not yours.

We wanted to make a protocol for lending and borrowing, not another closed, private solution.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
What can you say makes meld unique

The current options out there are centralized, private. More like a classic bank.

DeFi came about as an answer to Banks and MELD can be part of that answer.

Our goal is to play nice in the DeFi space. Work with and add to other protocols. This is very different from the approach of Blockfi, Nexo etc.

We are unique in a sense that we are the ONLY DeFi protocol that can offer fiat loans from crypto backed collateral

all other solutions are centralized

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Q3. Can you shed some light on the Initial Stakepool Offering by MELD ?


This sounds interesting

The ISPO is a truly bless for the community and the protocol, all possible thanks to Cardano's staking mechanism.

Participants can easily join with just 1 ADA and a wallet like Daedalus and Yoroi.

No sign-up required. All data is completely transparent on the Blockchain.

You stake with us we airdrop MELD to you, that's all.

You can unstake anytime and still get the amount for staked duration, once we launch this December.

If you stake with us right from the get-go then you'll get more than 2 MELD for each staked ADA.

(And we actually are releasing a new long-term delegators rewards structure soon!!)

We officially launched the ISPO on July 1st, and got over 75m worth of ADA delegated within the FIRST DAY!

After the ISPO we'll lower the margin close to 0 for participants to get ADA rewards as usual.

We also don't need to cash out on the ADA rewards, just keep staking to help maintain the Blockchain, and earn even more ADA.

This way we always stay long on ADA, and have a huge net positive on the whole ecosystem.

We even have idea for helping smaller stake pools and new crypto companies looking to raise funds through the ISPO model

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Q4. How do we acquire the $MELD token and how its price will be positively affected in the long term ?

In short, you can acquire MELD through the ISPO by delegating ADA to one of the MELD stake pools

AS explained above..

I'll continue to discuss the tokenomics

For more info on the tokenomics, please read here!

the tokenomics are pretty nice! When you use the MELD protocol you get MELD tokens as a reward.

The earlier to use the protocol the bigger the rewards (then reduce over several years).

MELD is used to mint mUSD, mEUR, and other MELDed tokens.

But you can also Stake MELD in our protocol staking pool and if you that then you get 40% of all of the fees collected.

These fees are paid out every day!

The protocol is deflationary. We don't burn any tokens, but we don't mint any either.

We do have a buyback plan which you read about on our website. The MELD token is also used as a governance token.

Where you can vote on changes to the protocol MELD improvement proposals (MIP). The protocol is controlled by a Swiss foundation, so the people using the protocol determine how it evolves.

This is a protocol, not a platform. So it is not centrally controlled anywhere or by anyone.

When MELD launches In Q4 we will do a one-time genesis event of 4,000,000,000 tokens.

To stay up to date with the latest MELD news and ISPO announcements,
you can signup to our newsletter here 👇

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Q5. What are some of the biggest developments on track for completion this year for MELD?

The protocol is under heavy development at the moment, with the first launch date in December this year.

This includes MELDed services and parts if not all of the lending protocol.

The MELDApp that acts as a wallet, and also an entry point to the protocol will be ready by then as well.

The ISPO, a new secure and fair fund-raising campaign will run for 5 months towards launch.

And a solid, collaborative and smooth community would then mark an awesome 2021 for us.

For 2022 we're going to complete the first version of the whole ecosystem.

As well as going those extra miles to make fiat available in more jurisdictions.

Continue to expand the community. And transition into a dedicated R&D period, in preparation for an innovative v2.

To prove that we're leaders, not followers. Nice leaders as well, as we're going to publish our code and research papers.

Not just for third party peer-review from the best experts, but to also share all findings and innovations with the whole ecosystem.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
What kind of service do meld offer

Like usercase

In short,
crypto-backed fiat loans
these can either be actual wire transfers to your bank

or a line of credit that can be utilized my the MELD debit card

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
How can one apply to get meld debit card

The use case is being able to use the value locked in your crypto asset without having to sell your crypto asset

The MELD debit card is planned to be launched in early 2022, and people can apply for it directly on the MELDapp

no credit checks.. only crypto deposited as collateral 👍

That's what DeFi is all about

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Wow this great

I know right! That's why I'm so stoked to work for this company haha

first DeFi company doing this 🚀

Community ask questions from Twitter

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Twitter :

Q1) How secured is your smart contracts code, did you ever audit it via any third party? What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in YOUR PROJECT development?


First of all, I can say, security is our #1 priority

With user experience a close second.

Security on Cardano is a big focus we have because smart contracts have not yet been rolled out so no one knows what issues there might be.

We will be cautious.

We have a process in place to audit before, during, and after smart contracts are deployed.

We do our own attacks against our own protocol and we have very talented security engineers and white hats.

Hacking is something we are very concerned about.

Seeing the number of hacks that happen almost weekly tells you how much energy is being put into trying to break things.

We are currently working on bringing freelance white hats to attack our system in an ad hoc manner.

This means we will make ourselves a target to test the system without a script.

These efforts will help to harden our protocol and instill trust.

In the event of a hack, our risk oracle will be able to mitigate some parts of hack and we have insurance to support any possible losses that might occur.

Regarding outside interference. having a protocol helps us avoid these kinds of problems.

because it's decentralized, non-custodial, and trustless it's also very democratic and free.

We want the protocol to be free of influence from politics and regulatory changes.

oh one more thing!!

Our devs are an AMAZING team of Haskell developers who have been together for years and have been core contributors to the Cardano code base for the past 3 years!

You can see them here 👇

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Q2) I read that $MELD provide loan against crypto currency!.
Can you tell tue details about its APR, Credit line and procedures simply?


for sure,,

MELD is built on Cardano and they really give us a great advantage in many ways.

It also allows us to create some really interesting products in this space.

we have an oracle bridge between the crypto world and fiat accounts.

so we are able to record what happens in the fiat world into the blockchain.

With this oracle, we can then offering loans and credit lines in fiat currency (USD and Euros) based on a person collateralizing their crypto.

As part of this process, we are also bringing "MELDed" assets onto the Cardano blockchain.

These can be understood as "wrapped" assets

ETH > mETH. renBTC > mBTC. BNB > mBNB. mUSD and mEUR as well. these give us the flexibility to work all of the liquidity locked in ADA and bring even more liquidity to the Cardano ecosystem.

Because we have this we can create really exciting new products like the "Genius" loan which is a self paying fiat loan.

the longer the loan runs the more it pays off the principal until the loan is gone.

we will also be offering ADA-backed loans to mUSD and mEUR.

All of this is controlled with the MELDapp on iOS and Android and as a Chrome extension!!

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Q3) Can you list some features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?


If you guys have any more questions, please join
And our admins, or myself, will be happy to answer 😊


Aave and Compound have decentralized, trustless and non-custodial lending protocols as well.

But they don't operate in fiat.

When people need fiat, our solution is very tax-efficient.

No capital gain tax when compared to cashing out on a token like USDT.

With fiat loan interest being tax-deductible in most jurisdictions.

We are very autonomous as well, so people don't have to cash things out and do fiat paperwork themselves.

MELD can automatically wire the loan and generate fiat paperwork.

Nexo and BlockFi also have crypto-to-fiat lending. But they are centralized, operate in one single jurisdiction with a higher barrier to entry.

We are decentralized, trustless and non-custodial that people don't have to give up their key. We want to cover the whole world, with a lower barrier to entry as well.

The mindset is also completely different. Centralized companies focus on corporate profit.

The MELD protocol and the non-profit MELD Foundation just focus on the users' profit.

And yes, we do require KYC/AML for fiat operations. We don't require that for the many crypto-only services.

For crypto we're going to support ADA, BTC, ETH, BNB, and more. For fiat we start with USD and EUR, but should be able to support more with time as well.

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Apt answers

try my best :)

Community ask questions from Website

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Website :

Q1) Please explain us about $MELD ISPO method?And advantages of using of this method?


I guess that's similar to asking..
What makes the MELD ISPO better than ICOs, IEOs, IDOs?

There has been much debate on how to best achieve a decentralized network and the most optimal way to provide a fair token launch to our users and the ISPO was the result.

There are 2 main factors that separate the MELD ISPO from the other types of offerings:

1. How funds are generated

2. ISPO’s keep ZERO of the funds delegated

The revenue from MELD performing the ISPO is generated by keeping the ADA rewards that are allocated to delegators of the MELD ISPO. MELD will keep the ADA rewards (distributed every EPOCH — 5 days) and in return distribute the MELD token as a reward.

This functionality is a total game-changer when it comes to token launches and how funds are raised.

Users no longer have to deposit funds directly to these new crypto companies, risking their deposited assets from being rugged, in order to participate in their token launch.

Users keep full control of their assets and, what’s even better, they also keep their entire delegation!

No longer will users be forced to deposit their hard-earned value into some non-audited smart contract just to partake in a token launch from a new crypto-startup!

- Support crypto-startups by offering your interest in return for the token

- Keep your entire delegation & your private keys

- Join and leave anytime you like — The number of participated epochs are captured for token distribution

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Very taughtful of meld

Q2) Do you have any plans to attract Non-crypto investors to Cow jump . Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?


Sure, we have certain advantages in this front since we also work with fiat.

Lenders can lend fiat without having any crypto and earn interest on it.

Before gradually getting deeper into this crypto world. We're going to also have a very intuitive App to help people get familiar with all these stuff.

Ken Co-founder and Chairman At MELD, before becoming an awesome serial entrepreneurs was a designer for over 20 years.

He was the only designer in the team that invented Web Responsive at Audi in 2001.

The point is that we're having all the expertise to deliver the most user-friendly and beautiful DeFi App ever.

And we care a lot to do it.

For example, we've also been working on off-chain Oracles and Bank APIs to make more seamless integration.

Everything to embody all these complex processes under a few button clicks.

Let the experts build and audit the product, and let the users enjoy their financial instruments of choice in joy!

We do expect many more people walking into crypto through our bridge from the fiat world!

Celeb | Decentralized Club:
Q3) Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?


Right at the moment we've partnered with the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (our lead investor!) who is a big VC specialized in Blockchain technologies.

Amit Pradhan — the SVBS Chairman is also our advisor.

He has brought us partnership with Rainfall and many other projects in that huge ecosystem.

We've also joined private conversations to work directly with IOHK and the Cardano Foundation.

We've been talking to many DeFi projects on Cardano as well, for DEX, Oracle, StableCoin integration.

We've also been in touch with many projects outside the Cardano ecosystem, like Polygon, ChainLink, Binance, Aave, etc.

I'm not going to drop names here until we get the partnerships deeper, as to not over-hype the audience.

But trust that due to our own and DeFi's natures, partnerships are survival requirements. We're going to announce publicly when fit.

Live Questions answered by MELD

1)🎋🌈Princess & Frog🐸🌺🌾:
So many "Rug Pulls" and "Exit Scam" are happening now. How we can trust this project and believe you are not same like them? Thank you🥰

I would say the best way to make sure you aren't interacting with a rug-pull company is to do extensive research into the team behind the protocol.
Going in to see their past experience, who they have been affiliated with, and so on.

The best way is to check here !

Website | GitBook | Medium | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | LinkedIn | Github | Facebook | Instagram

Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

We dont have any buyback and burn plans

But we do have some buyback and liquidity provision models in place.

This would essentially be using protocol fees to buyback MELD on the open market and add it to our MELD liquidity pools to offer deeper liquidity for users to swap with.

3)Rana Mia:
I think, Success of a project also depends on how large the community is. Do you have plans to spread awareness to both crypto users & non crypto users in the world? Especially non-English speaking countries that may be restricted from accessing your project

We do!

As for right now.. we have the following MELD communities available

🌐 MELD Global
🇦🇪 MELD Arabic
🇻🇳 MELD Vietnam
🇨🇳 MELD China
🇯🇵 MELD Japan
🇫🇷 MELD France
🇮🇩 MELD Indonesia
🇧🇷 MELD Brazil
🇷🇺 MELD Russia
🇹🇷 MELD Turkey
🇮🇹 MELD Italy
🇳🇪 MELD Niger
🇩🇪 MELD German
🇮🇷 MELD Persian
🇮🇳 MELD India
🇵🇭 MELD Philippines
🇪🇸 MELD Spanish

We are always looking for active moderators and community admins to help grow our communities and spread the MELD message across the world .

4)Sindur Bio:
-Can you list 1-2 killer features, of this project, that makes it ahead of its competitors????

Offering negative interest rate loans! Imaging what banks will think?

No KYC negative interest rate loan. Now that is new.

I want our team to build the most honest and transparent AND PROFITABLE banking stack.

I want us to demonstrate that you can treat your customers with respect and honesty and still make a lot of money.




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