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Introduction segment

Riswan Rasheed:
Before AMA pls introduce yourself, And brief out your project

I'm Sifer the CMO of MetaXeno, MetaXeno is an NFT-GameFi developed by the blockchain gaming studio IOMC, the game being compatible with cross-chain wallets is one of its many iconic features.

IOMC is backed by the well-known gaming company, HEADLOCK, and the game itself is co-launched with the deFi protocol- Mixtrust (MXT). Due to the various financial protocols, it provides healthy liquidity for the tokenomics of Metaxeno metaverse. Their cooperation mainly focuses on the diversified decentralized financial protocols of Mixtrust (including: cross-chain trades, crypto yield farming, synthetic asset etc.), therefore enabling the enhancement of the strength and flexibility of its financial ecosystem.

In the planet MetaXeno, they could experience the charm and fun from the multiverse in an immersive way. By bringing in the “Play-to-earn” (P2E) business model, gamers can participate in PVE missions, PVP battle royale modes, and home construction etc., to earn MXT Token and XENO Token.

The hero in MetaXeno symbolizes the identity in the game, hence every gamer would have at least one hero once enter the planet (receive one untradeable hero at registration ). With different skills, attributes and levels of rarity, they could battle in free combinations for the victory, and they could also combine the same level of heroes to level up their strength. In every battle, gamers could earn random weapon fragments which could mint a mystery box with secret weapon. Every battle consumes stamina, and each hero takes rest to regain stamina for new battles.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q2 : What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

There are different features that make us different from other projects, for example Free to earn feature where players do not need to invest any money to play in the game, the only thing they need to commit is time and effort

In the MetaXeno game, any new player would be given a 1-star hero at registration and can be used to earn native in-game tokens (MXT). They could also attain another 2-star hero by completing missions.

We believe that the players must invest a certain amount of money in playing the game is unreasonable and stops many traditional players from playing NFT games. In an e-sport game, the more players, the better the battle. Pay to Play will limit the expansion of MetaXeno in the future. ‌ This is the most important reason that we set up ”Free to earn“ mechanism.

Moreover, MetaXeno introduced various financial protocols, so as to flourish it's ecosystem growth. To expand and sustain both MXT and MetaXeno’s ecosystem, 20% of MXT‘s total supply has been utilized in MetaXeno.

MXT as the native token on Mixtrust, which can be traded on OKX (former OKEX) exchange platform. It acts as a circulation token in the game which can be used to purchase NFT mystery boxes, home construction etc., MXT was issued from daily PVE mission, and it is also the revenue of the planet.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3: Now Share us about your Gaming token, What is the respective application of $XENO and $MXT in games? What is the reason for adopting the dual-token model? And share to us the Tokenomics if possible.

MetaXeno adopted a a dual-token model for the token structure, $XENO is firstly compatible with OEC, and therefore bridging with ERC-20 and BSC.

$XENO is rewarded from MetaXeno Arena (PVP mission), weekly achievements are summed up and cleared, the first 1000 gamers earn proportionate XENO rewards.

$XENO is also the governance and functional utility token with my application scenarios, such as NFT marketplace trading, stake-to-earn, participating in special events, land purchase etc.

The XENO DAO will later be established for community governance which aims to create a virtuous cycle and co-governance mechanism for its ecosystem.

To ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem, 20% $MXT of its total supply is introduced to MetaXeno.They could be used for heroes upgrade, weapons enhancement, market trading, breeding and Genesis Mystery box purchase; but there is a difference between $XENO, $MXT will be rewarded from daily PVE mission.

For the tokenomics, please refer to this image.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q4. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results MetaXeno has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2022 plans for MetaXeno ?

Sure. The game idea was introduced in MAY 2021, we are expecting to launch our game within 2022 Q1. The limited supply of Genesis NFT mystery boxes will be sold beforehand which is expected to be a one-time-only sale. With the endorsement of MXT(which has been launched on OKX/OKEX Exchange for 2 years), we believed that more investors and gamers are willing to participate. Also, cross-chain will be also another feature of our NFT marketplace.

We are now setting up a reward scheme for all the early gamers, please come and join us now! and be part of our early supports

In this image you can see the MetaXeno roadmap, what we have achieved so far, and what we plan to fulfill this year.

Twitter segment

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1 @MetaXeno is a play-to-earn gaming platform that rewards gamers for their engagement,with the premise that "the more you play, the more you earn."Is this Platform only for gamers,or can I utilise it as a non-gamer?Or are there other methods for me to earn money here other game?

Thank you for your question, actually gamers or non-gamers both could participate in MetaXeno. Although MetaXeno specializes in GameFi aspect, our ecosystem covers the NFT marketplace, virtual land assets, stake-to-earn, XENO DAO etc. Non-gamers could participate in all these functions to get involved in MetaXeno, so as to earn rewards.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q2 How many NFT-HEROES characters are in #MetaXeno game? What are the differences in their roles and features? Can I only buy them from the Genesis Mystery Box?

Thank you Alon for your question, MetaXeno has 38 heroes characters in total, ranking from 1 star to 6 stars, they are wizards, warriors, rangers and mutants. Each hero has different ultimate skill (damage over time, stun,defense etc.) and unique weapons, such as : wand, bow, sword, axe, element, shield, magic book and dagger.

All heroes could be obtained from the NFT mystery box. We will launch a limited supply of Metaxeno NFT mystery boxes in this Q1, which gives the possibility of attaining high-star heroes; these heroes have their own distinctive value.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3 As we all know, a strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how is @Meta_Xeno planning to expand its community? While building your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Thank Randi for your question, our community is our project's first priority, currently our community of MetaXeno- has been gradually expanding, you are more than welcome to join us. We are about to launch our global ambassador program, to build up communities in different languages.

If you want to be one of the builders of our community, please contact the @MetaXeno administrator.You will have the opportunity to get priority access to more project information and resources, moreover with generous rewards.

A self-governance community is what we've always planned for, XENO DAO will be fully open in the future.

$XENO works as a circulation, governance and reward token, constructing Xeno node (consensus node) system. Xeno nodes will serve as the cornerstone of organizational governance and application promotion, which aims to realize self-sustaining. By employing TLSNotary technology, an open and transparent governance process will be enacted. Xeno DAO will collect gamers‘ opinions and demand based on smart contracts in order to maximize gamers‘ benefits, the rights and interests will be passed to the community.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q4 What types of users is @Meta_Xeno Global intended for? Is it simple for a novice investor to understand all the data and information you provide? Or does it require a minimum of knowledge to be able to understand it?

Thank you for your question, MetaXeno is open to global gamers, although you might have no experience with the game, you still can easily engage in it quickly. Once the game is launched, we will release a detailed tutorial to help players gain more understanding of the game. Please keep an eye on our social media accounts for the latest updates.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q5 We have seen your game trailers and development for the #P2E game and #Metaverse is already going on which is quite impressive but when will the game be launched because we are eager to play it right now?

Thank you Terus for your question and support, according to the information provided by our technical team, the development of MetaXeno is progressing without a hitch, and it is expected to be launched in Q1 2022. We will announce more technical development progress information on our official social media accounts , stay tuned for our upcoming updates!

Live segment

1)🇭🇺🇭🇺Rojina Kajem🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺:
Where can I currently buy Token?

$MXT can be traded on OKX (former OKEX) exchange, $XENO will be listed on the world's top 10 exchange platform .

$MXT Contract address : 0x9464cc476ba3d73c7c4d3c429f8f34117c6f57d1


Audit is important for both trust and security.ok Have you done any audit of smart contract❓


MXT has been audited by BEOSIN blockchain security, XENO is now under the process of audit by one of the top auditing firm within the blockchain sphere.

3)H̶o̶t̶ L̶a̶i̶n̶:
Hello Sir
How strong is your team? Many projects starts with good impression and later abandoned the project. What makes your project different than others?Thanks Sir??

Our team has 14 experienced developers that have a rich experience in blockchain and gaming , 7 game designers, 8 marketing and operation specialists and a few community ambassadors, what makes our project different is that we allow users to play and participate within the game without any prior investment unlike other blockchain games, users only need to dedicate their time and efforts to Earn within MetaXeno ecosystem.


MetaXeno is open to global players and investors, we are searching for powerful VCs, and personal investors are also welcomed for our IDO. Come and join us now as the early gamers, more privileges will be granted.

5)Dœll Qûéēñ:
What usecase and utilities of your token? Can I do staking for passive income benefits and what else long term holders can benefitted?

As we have mentioned earlier we have adopted a dual token economy, XENO the governance token of MetaXeno has different application scenarios, such as NFT marketplace trading, stake-to-earn, participating in special events, land purchase etc.
And yes you can stake $XENO to earn passive income



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