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Introduction segment

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1. Can you tell us about METAXY and what problem it solves ?

Lionel Hoang:
I would love to answer this question!

Riswan Rasheed:
Do it 😁

Lionel Hoang:
First, proud to talk about our project, the Metaxy!

Metaxy is a decentralized NFT based fighting game, featuring the most diverse anime-inspired characters, that creates a Multiverse where players can summon their favorite superheroes to battle and earn massive rewards of NFT collectibles and MXY tokens.

Metaxy takes place in a fantasy world where superheroes are summoned for the great Multiverse War.

Each game character comes with different appearances and unique fighting attributes that are developed over time along with the user’s experience.

The game allows each player to engage in battle against other online players (PvP) in real-time, whilst during idling, players can immerse themselves in an enticing narrative story plot (PvE) with intense AI-based combat governed by a wide range of Metaxy superheroes.

When the market now appears a lot of NFT game projects everyday, we’re proud today Metaxy will come with our special advantages and unique points which will help us to conquer the market soon.

The detailed information will be explained during the AMA. So, stay tuned here guys!

Riswan Rasheed:
Thanks for the detailed answer

Q2. What is the utility of $METAXY token, how do we aquire it and how are the holders rewarded?

Kaori Ran:
The total supply of MXY token is 1,500,000,000.
Hard cap: $2,325,000
Token for sale: 255,000,000
For a clear view of MXY's tokenomics distribution, please see the picture below:

MXY can be used in many cases, including:
💟Participating in-game special events such as tournaments, quests,..
💟Play to earn in a variety of game modes
💟GameFi features like staking will also be released in the upcoming stage so that players can have more chances to earn $MXY.

To earn $MXY, players can choose to participate in the following activities.
- Complete the mission and get 2 or 3 stars on Story Mode.
- Complete daily task
- Complete achievement or Complete quest in All-star member feature.
- Win in PvP mode.
- Beat bosses in Metaverse Great Beasts Mode.
- Reach checkpoint in Power Challenge Mode.
-Win Daily Raid Boss Match.

The token holders can be rewarded in-game coin (gold), Soul or $MXY tokens after winning battles. The rewards differ from each mode, and your levels as well. Coins and Soul can be used to upgrade your character’s levels or ranking system; by that creating more chances to earn more $MXY tokens.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3. Can you let us know about any of your partnerships and investors ?

Kaori Ran:
Metaxy is created by Onegame Studio, a famous game studio with more than millions of users and many significant achievements for their mobile version games.

Onegame is honored to receive a prestigious award from HUAWEI for Best Game award category.

Metaxy is also incubated by V2B Labs, one of the pioneering blockchain incubators in Vietnam with numerous blockchain experts with highly skilled intellectual experience around the world.

Next, We are pleased to announce that Metaxy is backed by Creator - Top 50 Blockchain-as-a-Service platform specializing in the deployment of blockchain in the DeFi and NFT World.

Also, recently we have form strategic partnership with some big name in the blockchain as well as NFT including: Gaigangs, SeedThrift, ,Oddiyana Venture, KoiStarter, Alphamoon,etc.

There are many major investment and trading funds that want to collaborate with us to successfully launch this Metaxy Game product. Details will be announced on LandingPage following the formal signing of the agreements.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q4. what is Metaxy and how it is different from others?

Lionel Hoang:
Ok, let me point out some outstanding features of Metaxy.

First, Metaxy is one of the pioneering NFT games in the fighting game genre but also retains many important features of traditional games.

Also, Metaxy has anime-inspired characters and exciting stories you shouldn't miss.

Lionel Hoang:
Besides the Play-to-earn features, Metaxy also provides you with the free-to-play features.

When players start, they can select one amongst four Metaxy superheroes to try out and still have chances to earn in-game coins to explore more game elements and functions of Metaxy.

Lastly, but it is also my favorite part,

Many GameFi projects are currently working towards this long-term goal, which is to adapt the Metaverse in gaming projects.

And Metaxy is no exception.

In the Multiverse of Metaxy, Galaxies will be tradable NFT items.

After owning the galaxies, owners can customize their galaxies to unleash their creativity.

You can also invite other players coming to have a battle in your own arena in your galaxy.

Many other features such as AR/VR integration will be included in the not-so-distant future.

It’s our biggest goal which is to successfully bring the metaverse together with blockchain technology and the fighting game genre.

And once we made it, I think that would be an explosive combination!

Twitter segment

Riswan Rasheed:
Players in @MetaxyMXY can get their digital assets and these assets are tokenized and tradable between players and other markets. When you talk about other marketplaces exactly what do you mean? And being so approximately how many marketplaces do you set up on your platform?

Lionel Hoang:
Thank you for your questions.

Would like to reveal to you guys that we plan to have a BIG CHEST SALE event on Mirana marketplace in Jan 2022 with over 2000 boxes available to sell.

The detailed information will be updated in our official channels, so stay tuned in our channels guys.

Moreover, players will be able to trade Metaxy’s NFT cards and earn back $MXY tokens.

Our first chest box sale is also going to be launched soon on this platform.

We are also considering other markets to make players more accessible to the purchase of NFT, but everything is still being thoroughly revised.

Follow us on Telegram and other official channels for more updates in the future.

Riswan Rasheed:
I saw that you have aligned an IDO schedule plan for Q1 2022. May I know the details about this upcoming IDO? Do you have a registration form or application for this special event? How can we participate actively?

Kaori Ran:
Upcoming periods will be full of important milestones and you might take a look on our Roadmap 🥰

Kaori Ran:
And yes, as planned, we will launch our IDO and list our MXY token at the very first week of January.

A whitelist event will be operated a few days before the IDO days, creating a chance for our community to register and have a chance to buy our tokens at the public sale price : $0.015. The detailed information will be published in upcoming days in our channels.

Stay tuned in our official channels to not miss this great opportunity guys.

And would love to reveal to you guys that our Video Game Trailer will be released soon within the next few days ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Keep an eye on our channels to not miss this huge chance!

Riswan Rasheed:
What's the in inspiration behind your name
Also what special characters will be in your project and their powers?

Lionel Hoang:
Well, I guess everyone here once gravitated towards the idea of superheroes.

Metaxy was then created to make the dream of transforming into superheroes to save the the Multiverse from the dark forces come true and allow us to think and imagine all sorts of possibilities.

About the meaning of Metaxy, it indicates the state of “in-between” or “middle-ground”.

Amidst the chaos of the Multiverse, Metaxy remains as the permanent place which holds the system balance.

We choose this unique name with a vision to get a positive impact on the direction of project development, bringing a complete and quality product to the community.

Regarding the character details, currently, we have 36 basic characters, and when each character is upgraded, the number may increase to 200 characters with different kinds of races, weapons and powers.

Each of the characters has its own special feature and it’s hard to say who is more powerful.

Recently, we have sneak peek posts about our first Metaxy superheroes - Zigu and Izgo and Zaru, you can check it here:

Zugo :



From now until the game's launch, we will reveal one by one the character’s details for everyone to discover. Keep following us for more updates, guys!!

Website segment

Riswan Rasheed:
I learnt that Metaxy is officially launching an Ambassador program. How can we the Community apply for this Ambassador program? What are the privileges and benefits we will gain for becoming an Ambassador of Metaxy?

Kaori Ran:
That’s a good question. You seem to stay really updated to our channels 😉

We are launching our Ambassador Program called Metaxy Knights and super excited when receiving a lot of attention from concerned people.

As a Metaxy Knight, you will be the honored representative of Metaxy in your local community and play a role as a bridge between the Metaxy team and new community or potential users through every social media marketing

In return for their contribution and efforts, you will be rewarded with various exclusive benefits and privileges

those are monthly $MXY Tokens based on contribution and recognition as the early and long-term supporter of Metaxy, etc

For more information, read at:

This program is open to everyone. If you are interested in this position, feel free to apply by submitting this form:

Riswan Rasheed:
Not everyone is vast in Gamefi and NFT, what is Metaxy doing to make beginers and the inexperienced people take part in this project.

Lionel Hoang:
Let me answer this question.

Metaxy already publishes the official website, whitepaper that provides useful information and technical assistance for the community.

Also, we have social channels like telegram, twitter, facebook, medium that update the latest news of our project.

We always announce and provide guidance for any upcoming events, so everyone can join the project.

I will attach the necessary links as below.

Metaxy’s whitepaper:

Metaxy’s official website:

Metaxy’s official Telegram Global:

Metaxy’s official Telegram ANN:

Riswan Rasheed:
One of the game modes of Metaxy is the “Metaverse Great Beasts Mode” which can reward players with NFTs. Could you please explain to us the structure of this specific game mode? Who are eligible to play this game mode and how often will this game mode be available to play?

Kaori Ran:
This game mode will be a really challenging one, but I know everyone likes that alot 😚

In Great Beast Mode, players can use their Metaxy superheroes to fight against great bosses.

There will be 7 Great Beasts, and each day of the week there will be one different boss for the player to battle against.

Riswan Rasheed:
Yeah 😊👍

Kaori Ran:
Each boss has 3 levels of difficulty and the player must pass each difficulty level in order to come to the next level.

This mode is unlocked when players pass level 10 in Story Mode.

The rewards will be ingame coins, souls or $MXY tokens according to the Beast level you encounter.

sound alluring enough everyone?😉

other game modes are also very great

so give it a try when our game releases

Live Segment

1) Alley:
How important is the community to your project? How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

Kaori Ran:
This is also one of our priority

A supportive community is vital to the successful development of any application or game

Our community not only encourages us to focus on building, refining game products, but also provides us with the most reliable feedback on our short-comings during our process of bringing Metaxy to the players

And as we’ve just talked above, we’ve created the ambassador program named Metaxy Knight

Everyone can join hands and help to spread out the news for us, then you guys will get back the tokens according to your performance!

If anyone here interested, you can join by filling out this form:

2) Bounty 789:
I really like the $MXY concept, but could you tell us how player-friendly the game will be once it's released? Is there a training video or tutorial that shows users how to navigate the worlds of $MXY?

Lionel Hoang:
Thanks for such an interesting question, you seem excited to have a chance to try our game.

Of course we present a completely friendly interface for users in which anyone can easily get familiar with by using Keyboard or Controller.

There will be an in-game Training Mode where players come here to fight a default dummy character to practice the combos of a new character.

We will also provide a clear introduction and detailed tutorial video for new gamers when the game is about to be released.

so stay tuned for upcoming plans ahead, guys!

3) Sunny 5:
How can I join the pre-sale or IDO? What is extimated date Where can I buy your Tokens ?🌼🌼🌼

Kaori Ran:
Oh this one is definitely for me 😍

There will be A whitelist event operated a few days before the IDO days

By joining that, you can have a chance to buy our tokens at the public sale price : $0.015 only

In the very near future, we will open the CHEST SALE EVENT for more than 2000 chests including valued characters cards at attractive prices.

After this sale, there are two ways to purchase NFT

You can buy NFT items such as Character cards, Card chest keys, etc. when NFT is listed on the marketplace in the near future. Or you can buy NFT by MEF tokens at the in-game Marketplace.

4) Lincy Dawinn:
Looking at the platform wondering if Metaxy is specifically only for gamers? What about those non-gamer users can they still benefit also from your platform without playing your game? If so, can you tell us the other possible ways they can benefit?

Lionel Hoang:
good question!

We designed Metaxy to be a welcoming space for both skilled and unskilled gamers with the intention of not only utilizing their gaming skills but also facilitating a certain advantage using reasonable financial spending.

For skilled gamers, their gaming ability will be a great advantage to generate income from winning each level of the Game modes.

As a non skilled gamer, we have plans for many great functions that you can benefit from.

There will be the auto raid function which allows the combat to be naturally automated, needing no hands-on effort.

Also, we specially plan to have a Staking system, in which users can stake MXY tokens in versatile use cases up to one’s preference and automatically generate specific tokens according to your duration and amount of token staking.
Those features will be launched soon after the IDO so stay updated to our channel

I think we're done now 😊

Riswan Rasheed:
❤️To stay updated with Metaxy team group please join their official Telegram and Twitter:

👉 Follow Metaxy Twitter :

👉 Join the Metaxy group:



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