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7 min readJul 3, 2021

Introduction with Move Network

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1: First of all, please introduce yourself with us. How and when you have started? How did you get involved in the crypto? What's your role in Move Network?

Daniel Bokun:
I’m the president and cofounder of MOVE Network. We started recently and have had great traction. It’s been a great ride and looking forward to all the great things for our community !


Riswan Rasheed:
Q2:Please tell us about your project "MOVE Network". NFTs are trending in the world and everyone is trying his luck in NFTs. How move Network will manage to be on top of the list?

Daniel Bokun:
Absolutely !

MOVE Network is the project addressing the distance between a user and digital assets is the, which is an ecosystem composed of three parts, MOVE Market, MOVE Token (MOVD) and MOVEChain.

Each of these three parts works in tandem providing users a seamless one stop shop solution for creating, designing, minting, and launching NFT’s. Within the ecosystem on MOVE Network, users can make a full spectrum of highly sought-after NFT assets accessible to everyone.

MOVE gives power back to content creators and developers while providing greater levels of transparency and verification throughout the process of creation, deployment, and trading.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3:Move Network has its own Chain "MOVEChain" how it will work on MOVE Market. MOVE Market is also big with a lot of features so, I would love to know about MOVE Market then MOVEChain.

Daniel Bokun:
MOVE Chain is a Ethereum compatible block-chain for NFTs issued and traded on the MOVE Network with the following distinct features:
1. Lower transaction cost than other public block-chains
2. Lower transaction latency through the use of layer 2 Dex protocol
3. Supports all ERC-721/1155/BSC features, is public, and can be trade on other platforms
4. Supports decentralized storage

MOVE Market is the place to be. MOVE Market is our first application to support NFT development on the MOVE Network. The MOVE Market is the platform as a method of transferring ownership of highly collectible physical and digital masterpieces. Also, by leveraging the blockchain we can pay a royalty to the artists and provide additional security around authentication and storage. It can support BTC, XRP, LTC, BNB, ERC20, NFT

Collection and MOVD — our token, allowing users to access NFT tickets and multimedia NFT trading platforms. MOVE Market also offers NFT collectors an ecosystem to securely maintain unique crypto NFTs and digital assets in one place. To be concluded, this is a one-stop-shop solution for end-user’-token-assets to be an attractive medium for virtual trading.

Riswan Rasheed:
Nice, detailed answers 👏

Daniel Bokun:

Riswan Rasheed:
Q4: NFTs are non fungible tokens then how you will manage NFTs fragmentation. Who will be the real owner? Also tell us about NFTs discovery and trading in Move Market?

Daniel Bokun:
MOVE market is acting as a marketplace for NTF trading:
1. Auction Marketplace. Users may auction owned NTF tokenized digital assets (including but not limited to music, films, digital art, metaverses and memorial collections) on the market with $MOVD as the only medium of exchange. Auction directly with other stored cryptocurrencies (USDT, BTC, ETH and TRX) is not supported.
2. Issuance of NFTs. Content creators will be invited through our strategic partners to tokenize and offer their digital entertainment on the MOVE market for auction.
3. Storage of owned NFTs. Users can store NFTs they purchased in the wallet.
4. Withdrawal of NFTs. Owned NFTs may be withdrawn from MOVE market to ETH and BSC public
wallets on other marketplaces/platforms. No fee will be charged by MOVE Network on withdrawal. Network fee may be charged by the respective marketplace/platform, however.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q5: About 80 percent of Art, music and content creators are not yet in crypto World. Which strategy you will use to bring non crypto people to crypto world? How you will aware them that everything is going to be digital soon?

Daniel Bokun:
Our global executive team and advisors have deep roots in Music, Gaming, Art and Film, which allows MOVE ownership of diversified IP’s and access to unique NFT offerings.

IP acquisition will be the strategy for MOVE Network to bring in non-crypto people to the crypto world. We can leverage the IP fans base and create a NFT hype within the community. The network of the IP definitely is the backbone to boost up the NFT issuance awareness. The celebrities’ social media accelerates the viral power.
Sid Ganis, MOVE Network’s advisor, the Hollywood’s mogul film producer and long-time member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for which he served four consecutive years long terms as president (2004-2009). He has had a long and illustrious career serving as a film executive at major studios including Sony Pictures, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros. and Paramount.

MOVE Network also starts a partnership with the Hollywood Production Company The H Collective. Brightburn, the anti-super hero Movie is going to be the first NFT product on MOVE Market. Footages and the MOVIE Theme song --- Bad Guy by Billie Eilish will be tokenized as NFT.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q6: What are your aims in next 2 years? Where $MOVD will be after 2 or 5 years with this tokenomics?

Last Question in this segment

Daniel Bokun:
Awesome !

In Q4 2022, we plan to complete the MOVE Public Chain(MOVEChain) with the functions, including low gas fee NFT creation, cross-chain NFT, Decentralized storage, and Consortium Nodes and Decentralized NFT trading platform on MOVEChain launched.

In Q1 2023, we plan to have the MOVE Mainnet Launch with the functions, including NFTs trading on Open Market, liquidity pool protocols, smart contracts running on diverse blockchains, Community Mining and IDO For NFT Creators

Riswan Rasheed:
Once more. Thanks for your wonderfully Detailed answers!!

Community ask questions from Twitter

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1) Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?


Daniel Bokun:
Great question
In the current stage, we haven’t considered a Token Burning Plan in our roadmap.

But will take it up with team

Riswan Rasheed:

Q2) Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?


Daniel Bokun:
The total token distribution is 100 million.
15% is reserved for the Team. 20% is reserved for Token sales. 50% is reserved for Community Mining. 10% is reserved for partnership. 5% is reserved for Community bounty.

All in white paper

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3) Who are your strategic investors? And what will your Roadmap for 2022 look like? What is your ultimate goal for this year?


Daniel Bokun:
SMO capital is the seed round anchor investor. In Q4 2022, we plan to complete the MOVE Public Chain(MOVEChain) with the functions, including low gas fee NFT creation, cross-chain NFT, Decentralized storage, and Consortium Nodes and Decentralized NFT trading platform on MOVEChain launched. NFT represents the digital right management in the future by blockchain solution.

Entertainment industry will be fully migrated to NFT for a whole new market. MOVE Network will be the leading NFT marketplace to include a wide spectrum of NFT categories. As the Aggregator of NFT, we are hoping to emerge from the NFT products with the IP fans.

As mentioned, Move Network has ownership of diversified
entertainment-based IP that can capture illustrious moments in film and convert it into scalable NFT offerings.

Riswan Rasheed:
Well done

WE will see a good future

Community ask questions from Website

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1) Security is the most important , thing to consider want starting, up a project how secured, is this project for users and investors?


Daniel Bokun:
The MOVE Network is developing our own blockchain. The use of MOVEChain (MC) is developed to solve the bottleneck problems of public chain capacity and it has given MC a friendly development environment such as "expansion + ease of use + interoperability", creating the fastest path for developers to enter the NFT market.

MC supports the construction and connection of two mainstream expansion paths, Layer 2 network and side chain. Layer2DEX can achieve a CEX-level user experienc after a user initiates a transaction, there is no need to wait for the final confirmation result on the Ethereum chain. As a result, MOVEChain enables the MOVE Network to transact with limited transaction fees and high-speed transactions.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q2) Could you give us aspect that shows transparency of your betting system and there is no manipulation in the result?


Daniel Bokun:
Betting system is not yet included in our roadmap. We will definitely explore a concrete betting system for our community

Riswan Rasheed:

Q3) How do you plan to spread awareness of your project in different countries / regions where English can’t be used well? Does you have a community approach for them to better understand project ?


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Daniel Bokun:
We have already set up two local communities (Philippine, and Vietnam). In the future, we’re planning to scale up our social community channels to 10 and more local groups (Korea, Turkey, India, Indonesia, ). We are also connected to 100x crypto influencers within different countries.

As a Global NFT project, we targeted to reach 100K community Users in the first stage of the project development.

Live Questions answered by Move Network

  1. Temitope Awoyinka:



Daniel Bokun:
Yes we are global based join our telegram and ask admin

2. zafer metin:
🔵 MOVE Network recently announced that it has partnered with Sid Ganis, the tycoon of America's movie industry..
How will the partnership play a role in accessing intellectual property and filling the gap in the NFT crypto market??

Daniel Bokun:
It really helps as he has helped open up doors in his vast years of experience for IP purposes

3. Parallax:
Lately most projects on the Crytocurrency space are characterized by serious security issues. What steps have taken to ensure that security is not an issue here?

Daniel Bokun:
We have a great security team and continuously cross reference, and systematically audit to make sure our process is top of line

4. Nicole J Richardson:
Hello sir,
As a new investor how can I buy the token? Is it already listed on any exchange (CEX & DEX)??

Daniel Bokun:
It will be on top tier exchanges coming soon.

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