AMA with NFT11

On the 10th of February, 2022 at 14:00 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Jeremy from Project NFT11 ️ for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 70,000 people. It was hosted by DC Admin, Keymer.

The session was divided into three segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1, questions from the Twitter community were answered in Segment 2 and live questions from the community members in attendance were answered in Segment 3.

If you missed this event and would like to know what NFT11 is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Information here should be researched and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Also note that slight edits have been made for clarity, and links in this recap lead to images, documents, or other media.

Segment 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, it is a pleasure for me to meet and learn about a great project: NFT11 😃

Our guests today are:


Welcome guys! Excited for the AMA. How is your day?

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
Having a great day!

[The Gnome]
Our day is fantastic! Any day to share about NFT11 is a good day

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
Hope you are doing well too!

Great, so how about we start with the introductory questions?


1. To start, what is NFT11 really all about? What got the project started? What was your inspiration?

[The Gnome]

NFT11 is Non Fungible Tournament 11

It essentially is a Football Manager on the blockchain. and i think that basically covers what NFT11 is about. and that really is the beauty of NFT11! it's a concept that is so easy to understand and integrating GameFI or P2E mechanics to the game is so seamless and organic

The project started off with a stroke of luck and a handful of like minded people

allow me to introduce myself if i may!

So I’m Chance “TheGnome” Woon, the CMO of NFT11. I’ve been in the creative field ever since I owned a computer, started off as a graphic designer - web design and eventually I found my trade in Marketing.

My journey of crypto really started in the bull market in Feb 2021. Some might say it's late, but it's better than never! The thing that caught my attention in Feb 2021 was in fact the father of P2E, Axie Infinity! I was amazed by the P2E phenomena and I knew I had to get behind this movement.

This brings to how the team met up! Andrew and Shawn being hardcore football fans were looking for a Marketing person to join their team. They had the idea of putting a football game on the blockchain, and needless to say it was a match made in heaven.

3 months after we met, we had our first IFO, selling out 1.5m of NFT11 tokens in August 2021, and exactly 6 months later, we are here having this AMA with you guys, and getting ready for our Token Listing on 11 Feb!

Speaking of which Andrew and Shawn are our CEO and COO respectively. The team also has
Garret Chen our CTO, Bek Chee Jin the Growth Lead, Dennis Hui & Guru Singh our DeFi Advisors and last but not least Jeremy but I’ll leave him to introduce himself

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
Hi I am Jeremy, public relations. I have spent the past decade in various industries, from public relations, marketing to education.

My background in psychology and criminology makes me an excellent candidate to understand consumer behaviors and the opinions, attitudes, and beliefs of individuals. Most importantly the ability to navigate in the volatile and unregulated world of crypto (try my best not to get scammed, heh).

I was exposed to the crypto world in 2017 and have experience researching, analyzing, and navigating different protocols and projects. So eventually I stumbled upon NFTs and started to see the great potential it holds and what NFTs can be.

I am a gamer for life, and I understand the potential of the GameFi industry and am looking forward to growing NFT11 into a worldwide phenomenon!

Alright i think that about sums up our very long answer to the first question hahaha

Good, thanks for the clarification and introduction!

I think the combination between Football and games is amazing

Haha no problem, next question

2. Could you tell us what is the mission and vision of NFT11?

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
I think this ties perfectly into the second question

because our mission is simple

To be the most successful and fun/addictive football manager game on the blockchain!

To be the blockchain game enterprise that gives the most rewards to players. Allowing players to earn more with less!

To be the first blockchain game to be widely adopted by the mainstream audience.

And with football and the blockchain we are sure we reach that

We have a short-term as well as a long-term vision that we see for NFT11

As to our short-term vision of the project, NFT11 wishes to pioneer the class of P2E football games in the GameFi space. NFT11 wants to create a metaverse for football/soccer enthusiasts globally.

In the long-term we are looking to integrate the metaverse into our real world with real world stadiums being linked up to our assets. Using VR and AR tech advancements, we will eventually be entering the space to watch matches and interact with football stars! Essentially merging the NFT11 Metaverse with the real world!

That's all 👍🏾

Very good answer, you have a great mission and vision 😎

3. What is the background of the team? Who are some of the core team members?

[The Gnome]
I believe we kinda covered that question in our introduction! hahaha

if u wanna know more about me, thats a photo of me ^

and that's me hahaha

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
The team is fully doxxed btw


[The Gnome]
and that's us ^


[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
you can see all our lovely faces on our whitepaper


[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
We are a Singaporean team 👍🏾

I think we completed the question haha, let's move on to the last introduction question

4. Could you tell us who are the main advisors and sponsors of NFT11?

[The Gnome]

i believe everyone in your community agrees that partnerships makes or break any project

and we strongly believe that too

allow me to talk a little more about our partnerships! We have a series of Partnerships for Different purposes:

VC and Investors

- Pre-Seed fund of 400k from AISport, a tech company focusing on the sports industry. Was an official sponsor for Southampton F.C back in 2020

-We have been invited as a member of StartupSG, a Singapore government backed incubator/accelerator and also invited to apply as part of the 1 for 1 co investment scheme by the Singapore govt ie. If our investor is approved by StartupSG, they will be investing alongside the Singapore government.

-We are also approved by the Singapore Government to be cover by a grant of up to 1.2m for manpower (EDG Grant Singapore)

- TofuNFT
- LootEx
- Refinables

- DAOStarter
- Matic Launchpad
- D-Reit
- MilkywayEX

and one of our most important partners is David James, a retired World Class Goalkeeper from England as our first ULTIMATE player. To expand a little more on this Partnership with David James, he provides very valuable and intimate insights of football in reality, and that helps us in developing the best possible experience for our Managers in NFT11 Metaverse

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
On top of that we have recently entered into a partnership with a big company in Singapore known as GridSynergy who are currently working on revamping our NFTs to give our community the best and swweeeeeeettttest looking NFTs as possible hahaha

[The Gnome]
We also have Defi partners from who are our go-to guys for anything Defi / tokenomics related

Wow, good associations for the moment. I imagine there will be many more in the future

[The Gnome]
most def! In fact the team has plans to head down to the UK next month to meet some football legends!

Nice, good job!

We just finished with the first segment, now let's move on to the second - Twitter questions

[The Gnome]

Segment 2 - Twitter Questions
1. I read that your team "borrowed" mechanics from the hit game Axie Infinity, such as breeding and scholarships, so how can players get scholarships or breed in NFT11? Also, what makes #NFT11 different and how does its vision fit into the NFT11 Universe?

Username: @RangelMauricio9

[The Gnome]
awesome question

yeah, maybe a more fitting word would be "inspired" rather than "borrowed"

why do i say that :
On the matter of "breeding"

It would be pretty insane and biologically impossible if we could use two footballers to breed new footballers (just like axie infinity)

So in the spirit of football, we instead have a scouting mechanic with our stadiums. In order to scout for new Normal Players, Managers must stake Legends in Stadium Seats to scout for Normal Players.

on the matter of "scholarships"

Loaning Players is NFT11's own take on a “scholarship” program. It is undeniable that scholarships played a major role in Axie Infinity’s success, and now we can see that success being replicated in Pegaxy. NFT11 is integrating the “scholarship” program into our main game mechanics.

Similar to football in real life, Managers can put their excess players in their reserve team up for Loan for other Managers to Rent. The exact mechanics of Loaning Players is still being developed as we are studying the best way to incorporate it, especially the rewards distribution.

The idea behind Loaning Players is to benefit both the Manager renting and the Manager loaning. As NFT11 Players age in NFT11 Metaverse, it will be a waste for Managers to have an excess number of players and not put them in matches to gain EXP and train their skills.

And by loaning these players out, Managers can see their Players improving even though they are not in the first 11 of their team.

As for Managers who are renting, this reduces the barrier of entry to form a squad of 11 to form a club. In addition, renting a player allows managers to test out different strategies or formations of their squad without needing to commit to purchasing that Player!

yeps thats a short brief of our "inspired" mechanics!

Agree with that haha

Thanks for clearing it up

2. Could these cards really lose or decrease their abilities depending on the use that each player gives them? Or really this great use, what will it do, will it improve your skills?

Username: @Augustk95

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
Ahh good question

I believe he/she is referring to our Move Cards

Move Cards fall into 3 different categories, Attack, Defence & Utility. They themselves are unable to change, however they have varying effects on Players.

Btw Players = In-game characters like our Normal/Legend/Ultimate Players

Managers refer to actual people playing the game hahaha this can get a little confusing so I'd better clarify

It will help to create a layer of strategy and competitiveness between Managers. Depending on the stats and ability of each Player different Move Cards can be used to give individual Players an Edge on the field.

Yea that's it a pretty simple mechanic

Its actually built on the multi-stage simultaneous move of game theory

We also have a really fun community activity that is going on where people can create their own move cards so feel free to join in and get creative

Hope that answers the question 👍🏾

In case anyone want to get creative 😉

Sure, good answer

3. In your documentation you mention that players will have their "Morale" which affects the overall stats of the players, what would be the impact of having a high morale or a low morale in the game, how can I keep my players with high morale?

Username: @AlexBitcoin12

[The Gnome]
I see there's a lot of questions on NFT11 Game Mech which is really fantastic!

So Players just like footballers in real life will be negatively affected if their Morale

is low and likewise when their Morale is high they will have better performance on the field. We are introducing more mechanics as to how Morale is affected including how the Managers management style may affect players.

For now what mechanics can be pretty much confirmed is that winning games will give players a boost in morale while losing games will negatively affect their morale. There will be other ways to improve morale that would be implemented! All will be shared when they are ready through our weekly newsletter! So do subscribe to our Medium :

That's pretty much what we can say on Morale!


[The Gnome]

4. We know that Europe and America are the main fans of soccer, people spend a lot of money on fifa by opening surprise packs and playing "career mode". Is it possible to get extraordinary players by buying packs? How much is an envelope worth and what payment methods are available?

Username: @RogerZza

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
Ahh yes yes good question

but we gotta tread carefully around this too!

We do not wish to implement such a structure where you could possibly get players that are near their prime with insanely good stats. This is the essence of PAY to WIN which is not what NFT11 is about. We believe in Managers nurturing their Players from the start and taking care of the progression of their players.

But of course we respect/adore and pray to the RNG Gods as gamers hahaha so from time to time we do have sales with some lucky winners getting a little something extra. But we make sure that any of these perks will not offset the balance of the game or make it a cash grabby pay to win game

Ohh so it depends entirely on the Managers?

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
As for payment methods most transactions would most definitely be in $NFT11 which give a lot of value and use to the token, keeping the tokenomics healthy

Yes that's the beauty of the game

it's all about how you progress as a manager

and the dynamism of what you can do as a manager!

That is incredible, since everyone could have good players

[The Gnome]
say NO to Pay to Win!

No pay to win guys!

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]

[The Gnome]
fair play!

Automatically red card

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]

So, we move on to the last question of this segment 😄

5. In phase 6 of your roadmap I could see that you plan to launch NFT11 Clubs, so can you tell me what is the role of Clubs in your game? What will be the requirements that users or players will need to join a Club? Also, what are the benefits for those who have a club?

Username: @PerejilCZ

And can you share the roadmap with us?

[The Gnome]
This is essentially where the journey begins for managers. To form a club you will need a team of 11. Managers will be able to see how they can start forming up their teams and arranging their players to maximize the potential of their team.

Something very interesting is that We will also be launching a CLub NFT icon similar to the profile pic NFTs that are out there. It is not compulsory to own these to have a club but it will give your team a unique an exclusive look to the club icon!

there u go! our whitepaper has recently been updated, and it available in ES / PT / EN

we have a BIG brazilian community

Okay, we're done with the Twitter questions. Let's move on to the last segment - live session

Are you ready guys?


[The Gnome]

I'll open the chat for a minute, then you have to answer the best questions

Opening the chat in 3...2


Let's go!

---Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions---

Thank you so much guys! Many questions in 1 minute

Remember to follow the rules 🎙

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
Love it!



[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
Easiest and most important one hahaha

[The Gnome]
Right now we have 4 IDOs happening and our Official Listing is this coming Friday on our Partner DEX.

you could check out details of our IDOs here :

As for our Listing, join our socials as we are only announcing which DEX 15mins into listing!

Segment 3 - Live Questions

[Mr DAO]
NFT11 there are 2 Main Categories of Transfer Cards namely (Normal Transfer Card & Signature Transfer Card). Can you tell us the difference between these two categories and what is the maximum number of Move Cards that can be attached to a single Player? How do I get these cards?

[The Gnome]
awesome question!

Normal Move cards : There are generally 3 types of Move Cards:
Attack Move Cards (Orange) : These cards boosts Players attacking stats during the match
Defence Move Cards (Blue) : These cards works as a counter against Attacking Move Cards
Utility Move Cards (Green) : Utility Move cards usually acts a supporting boost on either the whole match in general, or a boost to post-match rewards

*Move cards are usually burnt after use!

Signature Move Cards : Signature Move cards are released in tandem with NFT11 releases of Ultimate Players. Signature Moves will reflect the Ultimate Player’s moves in real life and have a higher % boost compared to Normal Move Cards. Signature Move Cards can be attached to any Player on the field!

*Signature Move Cards are bound to the Player once Attached. Signature move cards will not be burnt after use, but cannot be removed from Player after equipping it (unless with a specific item)

Move cards are primarily obtained by opening booster packs, but Stadiums too mint Movecards, and movecards being NFTs, are also traded on the marketplace!

[Nancy Mcdonie]
I read Stadium is holy ground on NFT11. They are a place where coaches can send their players to train & coach players as well as organize football matches. So, What are the requirements to become a manager and be able to own stadium shares? or is it just for maintainers?

Thanks 🍭

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
To be a manager all you have to do is have that team of 11 players.

As for stadiums anyone can buy them on the secondary market but we have not released it to public sales just yet. That will be happening in a month or 2 once our stadium mechanics goes live! So stay tuned and get ready for the NFT11 Metaverse!

[The Gnome]
oh welcome our CEO @springwindroad taking the last question we will pick

[Thiên Tài Đu Đỉnh]
What is the strategy you would use to engage traditional Game enthusiast and the next generation on #NFT11

[A L - I will not DM you first]
We are building a the first football simulator game which fuses strategy, action and RPG elements, we believe we will be the trailblazer in this segment (probably the first) , also with multiple partnerships with "real world" professionals across the globe, we continue to bridge the gap of realism in our game play experience for the player. this combined multiple gameplay elements (mini games, trainers, competitions, story modes, team and player customization etc) we give a unique experience to different segments of gamers

❇️ In your website you define the NFT11 Legends as "The Key Players of the Game", as they possess an elemental aura such as: Fire, Electricity, Air, Earth and Water. How do these auras influence a match? How can we acquire these auras? Can a player have several of them?

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
Unfortunately and fortunately this innate ability was awakened by our Legends in the heat of matches and they realized their true potential surpasses that of normal football players! Under careful and intense training they have learned to harness these abilities to give them a boost in certain aspects of their skills/stats

Legends are born with these auras! They cannot be attained and each Legend only has a single type of Aura. Normal Players will strive to be like Legends but they do not possess this Aura. Maybe someday in the future their true potential might awaken ... 😉

[The Gnome]
I believe that makes it 5 questions!

Thanks for your time and good answers! They are a great team and a lot of fun. We hope to have news soon 👍

Finally, can you share some links or social networks?

[Jeremy TheCryptoSapien]
All our socials can be found here!

and if any of you are Chinese/ Spanish / Portuguese speaking please join the discords dedicated to those languages!

Thank you guys and community! I will open the chat soon



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