On the 25th of January, 2022 at 15:00 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Rosemary Peters from NSUR for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 70,000 people. It was hosted by DC Admin, May.

The session was divided into three segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1, questions from Twitter were answered in Segment 2, and live questions from the community members in attendance were answered in Segment 3.

If you missed this event and would like to know what NSUR is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Information here should be researched and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Also note that slight edits have been made for clarity, and links in this recap lead to images, documents, or other media.

Segment 1 - Introduction


Hello, 大家好, नमस्ते, Selamat!


My name is May and I'll be hosting the AMA with NSUR

Today, we have with us a guest from the NSUR Team.

[Rosemary Peters]

Hi everyone!



You're welcome to the Decentralized Club and it's an honor to have you here.

How's your day going?

[Rosemary Peters]

It went really well! I am very happy to get to spend part of it with your community! Thank you for hosting us


Thank you for the honor!

Before we get into the session, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your job at NSUR?

[Rosemary Peters]

Sure thing!

My name is Rosemary Peters.

I am the COO at NSUR Coin.

A little bit about my background: I have spent my professional career working for large conglomerates including Samsung.

I have worked as a corporate strategist, helping them find ways to maximize sales through channel strategy and marketing

Most recently, at Samsung, I spent the last three years working on their marketplace sales strategy and became an expert in this area.

I am now applying this experience to NSUR in the expansion of our Merchant Network, which is the shopping platform we are building.

A little about NSUR!

NSUR is a health and wellness-focused ecosystem at its core

We have many utilities that we offer in this space to token holders.

Our goal is to bring token holders and retailers of health and wellness related products and services together in one space and to help customers receive discounts and rewards they would not otherwise have access to by using NSUR Coin to buy these goods and services

NSUR Coin is the heart and soul of our platform -- the coin of the realm!

It is a high-utility token, but what makes it special is that it is the world's first and only token protected against loss of purchase value.

For users who buy the token from NSUR directly in our sales events, you will receive a protection plan that covers you for 2 years against loss of purchase value on the tokens you buy

Can you imagine if Bitcoin had something like that?

For many, the value of BTC has halved, but if they had what we had, then holders of the token would be protected from that downside loss.


A minute for our community to read 🥳

Your bio is impressive, Ms. Peters 🥳

I wish Bitcoin did! 🙂

This is amazing!

[Rosemary Peters]

Thank you!


You're welcome

Can you tell us about the inspiration that got NSUR started?

[Rosemary Peters]

Sure thing

The name NSUR is a play on “insure” to evoke a sense of protection and “ensure” to evoke a sense of confidence and trustworthiness.

We chose this because as I mentioned, NSUR the company is an ecosystem of health and wellness-focused utilities.

We have an underlying component of insurance to make this possible.

At the heart of our ecosystem is NSUR Coin, which is the manifestation of our goal of ensuring crypto's future

People who buy NSUR Coin directly from us during protection events get tokens with protection.

This protection is thanks to our Value Protection Program, which is proprietary to our platform.

We hold sales events for these protected tokens every 3-6 months

In fact, we will be holding another sales event shortly.

If people are interested in joining the event, all they need to do is follow us on social media and register to our platform to stay updated on the news

But in terms of inspiration, this all came out of an event that has impacted the psyche of the founders of NSUR, which are me and the CEO and leader of our company, Mark Peters

(he is also my brother!)

Back in the early days of crypto, we had a relative who held ~520 BTC on MT.GOX.

For those of you who are aware of the history of this platform, I am sure you can imagine what happened

In short, our relative was robbed of all of these BTC when MT.GOX shuttered.

It is due to experiences like this and believing that people in the crypto space deserve better and deserve to trust the people behind the platforms and tokens that have inspired us to create NSUR and NSUR Coins.


I love your very detailed answers!

[Rosemary Peters]

Haha, thanks! I hope I am not too long-winded!!


Not at all!

Super siblings doing super things on the blockchain :)

A round of applause for this drive! Thank you for creating NSUR 🥳

[Rosemary Peters]

Honestly, it is a great joy in life to be able to work with my sibling


We can imagine 😉

What innovative solution is NSUR bringing to topple its competitors with similar offerings in the DeFi sector?

[Rosemary Peters]

Great question

Largely, it ties back to the three tenets of our ecosystem, which are at the heart of everything we do in the company

1. Protect the customer

2. Provide REAL real-world usage for the token

3. Reward the community for supporting us

A little on each of these


As I mentioned, NSUR accomplishes this by providing customers with a protection plan for their purchases. For two years, customers' initial purchases are protected from loss in value.

We are also in the process of working on a protected launchpad

Through this launchpad, we will enable other projects to leverage the protection mechanisms we have created to launch their own protected tokens, NFTs, etc

In the long-term, we also aim to launch a protected blockchain


We launched our token alongside a network of retailers through which NSUR Coin can be spent on real-world goods and services.

It is in its infancy right now, but we are quickly expanding the number of retailers in our network

You can see all the goodies you can buy by visiting our beta shopping platform


NSUR has a loyalty rewards program that rewards users with NSUR for everyday purchases made through the shopping network and for actions on our website (e.g., filling in surveys, participating in our social media giveaways, etc).

We really care about the community and users, and that should be evident in the way we have built this company from the ground up.

There aren’t really any projects like ours out there today. There are other projects with different approaches to insurance, but nothing that really protects users the way we do for as long as we do.

We believe these are our competitive advantages.


Protect! Provide real-world utility! Reward the community members!

Amazing, I must say

What are the top three features of NSUR?

[Rosemary Peters]

I would call back to my last answer for this one

Protection. Real-world utility. Reward the community.

These features are at the heart of all of our activities.

NSUR is the only crypto designed to address an area in crypto that doesn’t get very much love. We care about protecting consumers with our proprietary consumer protection protocol (; it is the only non-stable crypto available that protects consumers' purchases from loss of value. At the core, this is what makes us special - we care about our customers.

Furthermore, NSUR is designed to be immediately utilized – we have built out a merchant network in the health and wellness space that allows users to speak with a doctor, fill a prescription, get a lab COVID test sent to your house, purchase supplements, and much more. This merchant network ( is growing fast and many merchants (both online and offline) have applied to be part of the network.

Lastly, NSUR is all about community building and rewarding users. Every interaction you have with the token will reward you with more tokens, product discounts, or services you cannot get anywhere else (



Can you tell us more about your native token and its utilities?

[Rosemary Peters]

At launch, there will be 200 B NSUR Coins in circulation, split across 5 major pools. Over time, this supply will decrease as transactions occur because NSUR Coin is a deflationary token.

Initial supply is split across the following:

1. Value Protection Program (35%): Tokens sold during Value Protection Program sales events

2. Rewards, Charity & Marketing (20%): Tokens used to fund NSUR’s Loyalty Reward Program, which rewards NSUR Community members for referring friends, filling in surveys, and buying through NSUR’s Merchant Network. Tokens will also be used to support marketing activities (i.e., for influencers, etc) and to support charities chosen with input from the NSUR Community.

3. NSUR Team (15%): Tokens set aside for the founding team and first people boarded into the company.

4. Liquidity (15%): Tokens used to enable/fund smooth transactions of NSUR Coin on exchanges.

5. Finally, Partners & Advisors (15%): Tokens set aside to reward partners and advisors.

Every NSUR transaction will include a 10% tax, split into 4 parts:

1. Liquidity (3%): Tokens that will be used to fuel the liquidity pool.

2. Burn (1%): Tokens that will be erased from supply forever, making NSUR more scarce over time.

3. Rewards (3%): Tokens used to reward community members for specific behaviors (e.g., answering surveys) and given to charities. A portion of this is used for reflections.

4. Finally, Protection (3%): Tokens that will be collected to be provided for the next community Value Protection Program Sales Events.

As for utilities, through our shopping platform ( there are many things you can spend NSUR Coin on!

Speak with a doctor, fill a prescription, get a lab COVID test sent to your house, purchase supplements, and much more

I encourage you to go explore!


Please give us a summary of your 2021 highlights and what major news should we look forward to from NSUR in 2022?

[Rosemary Peters]


2021 was a busy year

You can see on our roadmap a digest of this

Our roadmap is available on our website - - and we are executing very well against it.

We recently completed our first protected sales event, have a vetted insurance network behind us, and have built out the first phase of our merchant network.

We have also onboarded a strong team and a great group of advisors

In 2022, we have exciting plans

First and foremost, we will be embarking on the Protected Project LaunchPad in the next quarter.

With this launchpad, we will allow other projects access to our Proprietary Protection Protocol and the insurance backing. This launchpad is what will make NSUR truly special.

NFTs, Tokens, Smart Contracts will all be able to have access to our protected ecosystem, and we can protect consumers at the same time.

We have already been approached by the largest gaming outlet in the US, a 3K location gym chain, financial institutions, major music industry producers, and sports stars to launch their projects on this platform.

Second, we will also be holding ~3-4 more protected sales events in 2022.

We will have another coming up soon -- make sure to follow us on social (@NSURco on telegram and @NSURCoin everywhere else)

You will get news about it this way and by registering on

Third, we have built an active rewarding calendar.

For example, we have launched an NSUR quiz series!

Join our telegram group, and you can participate in our regular quizzes for an opportunity to win $100 in NSUR!

We will also be shortly starting a competition around buying NSUR from Pancake Swap.

The details will be announced on our social media profile in the next week or two, but you stand to win some SERIOUS prizes

Finally, in 2022, we will be expanding our utilities. We have a good number of use cases for NSUR Coin at the moment, but we want to see these grow 10x by the end of the year

Moreover, we are actively recruiting retailers to join our platform from outside the US, as international growth is a big goal for us

If you or anyone you know is interested in offering your products on our platform, please reach out to us through our application:


Whoa! So many details!

Looking forward to all these and more!

Let's quickly race through the Twitter questions in the next segment.

Segment 2 - Twitter Questions


Almost 83% of investors have just focused on the price of a token in the short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in the long term?

Twitter Username: @ArkaanRendy

[Rosemary Peters]

Yes, this is a great question

We care about the early price and the long-term price, we have worked with our early purchasers and everyone is in it for the long haul.

We do not want paper hands early on - we want strong holders and all those people will benefit from holding.

As I have mentioned before, when customers buy NSUR during our protected sales events, every dollar we collect during these events is used to purchase an insurance policy and fund an insurance company that protects users' purchases for a period of 2 years from LOSS OF VALUE.

Holders benefit from that protection for two years - there is no benefit for them to sell and they know they have a big opportunity by sticking with us long term.



I would like to know how NSUR integrates health care providers to the platform and what kind of services health workers can offer to improve the performance of the project... Could you explain their role? What benefits are there for them?

Twitter Username: @ari_tulip

[Rosemary Peters]

Yes, you are correct.

As part of our health and wellness offering, we have integrated health care providers into our platform

For example, right now we have a telemedicine offer and can fill and mail prescriptions to users.

This is just the beginning

All of these health service providers are part of what we call our 'NSUR Merchant Network.' The NSUR Merchant Network is the name we have given to our vetted retail partners.

We have launched our platform with >10 retailers inside of this network, and we are in the process of expanding.

There are many benefits for the retailers in this network

First, by being in our network, they get access to the community of users and token holders.

Second, we are working with our merchants to enable their ability to take crypto as a form of payment -- this by definition is expanding their customer base, as it means they can open up their product offering to new users across the world more easily.

Third, we have a reward program that is specific to our merchants -- just as we reward our customers for being involved in our community, so too we reward our retailers.

Right now, our goal is to expand the number of use cases available to customers by expanding the number of retailers and types of use cases in our Merchant Network.

We believe expanding our assortment will make the platform 'stickier', which will create a snowball effect of onboarding more customers, then more merchants, then more customers

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our Merchant Network, I encourage you to apply to our website!


NSUR is a health and wellness project, What is NSUR doing in this third wave of covid?

Twitter Username: @hangryfeed

[Rosemary Peters]

Great question.

In short, we are doing what we have always been trying to do since we started -- we are opening up health and wellness to the crypto community, and we are trying to bring these products and services to people en masse and at a discount.

[Rosemary Peters]

Health and wellness are now more important than ever, as is accessibility to products and services you need to maintain your health.

With NSUR, you can talk to a doctor, get a prescription shipped to your house, get discounts on your medications at 35k+ pharmacies across the USA, and more!

Most excitingly of all - we have just released an opportunity to US consumers - we are giving away over 100K COVID lab tests over the next 2 months.

Come to, sign up, and get your promo code. You can pay with NSUR for the shipping and handling.


What are some of the major achievements that @NsuRcoin has achieved and what milestones are planned in the upcoming months/years? In the future, does @NSURcoin have a plan to beat your rival or cooperate with them?

Twitter Username: @Randiyansyah8

[Rosemary Peters]

Thanks for the question

I highly encourage everyone to check out our roadmap to see a detailed list of the milestones we have achieved and the ones that are coming up

We just recently completed our first protected sales event, have a vetted insurance network behind us, have built out the first phase of our merchant network, and have grown our community to ~190k users.

In 2022, our activities will focus on:

1. Starting our Protected Project LaunchPad

2. Having more protected sales events, like the one we are announcing soon!

3. Expanding our giveaways, promotions, and rewards

4. Increasing the use cases of NSUR Coin through our Merchant Network

In regards to our competitors and rivals, we will learn what we can from them, and if there was an opportunity for us to collaborate on something that would bring the community value in line with our three tenets of protection, real-world use cases, and rewards, we would be more than happy to

But we would not do this for the sake of focusing on our mission, which is maximizing these items in our own ecosystem.


Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. What are your plans and ways to generate profit/revenue from the token? Regarding this, please explain your income model?

Twitter Username: @Ayuaini20

[Rosemary Peters]

Yes, revenue is a very important aspect of all projects! We completely agree.

We have a robust revenue model in different aspects of the platform and coin, but at the core, it comes down to community building and working with our community members and partnerships to generate profit for the organization.

Every time you interact with a partner of ours, we have an opportunity to generate revenue which is used to fund operations

Talk to a doctor, get a prescription shipped to your house.

Shop at our merchants and buy your home and auto insurance with our partners

All will generate revenue for the token.

With this revenue, we will fund operations and perform open-market buy & burn of supply.

We will also be participating in the success of other projects when we launch the Protected Launchpad.


Amazing answers!

It's now time to take questions from our live audience!

Live audience, please like this post if you're ready to ask your questions!

NSUR is one of the best projects I've come to learn about this year!

So impressive! Please ask good questions to Ms. Peters 🥳


In this 3rd segment, I will open the group for some seconds for the live community to shoot you some pressing questions.

Please pick five original questions to answer.

Try to ignore generic, vague, and copy-paste questions 😊

[Rosemary Peters]

Let's do it!!


What's your favorite color?

[Rosemary Peters]

Haha orange


Dear community, please include Ms. Peters' answer above in your questions to show originality 😅

The group will be unmuted shortly.

---Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions---

Segment 3 - Live Questions

[Feray furnense]

How can I keep updated with what is going on in the NSUR community so I don't miss out on any new inventions?

I'm also interested in testing out new features. Please, how can I apply for that?


[Rosemary Peters]

Great question on how to stay updated and how to help us test out new features

[Rosemary Peters]

If you want to stay updated, the keyway is to register on our platform so you get our email communications and follow us on social media.

Regarding social media, we have many platforms for you

Telegram (

Instagram (

Facebook (

Twitter (

YouTube (

LinkedIn (

We would love to have people help us test out new features on our platform. If this is something you are interested in, please reach out to us through our contact us form on our website, and your message will be sent to the person who leads this group




What is the least purchase I can make for $NSUR and is there any exchange I can get for it aside from Pancakeswap?


[Rosemary Peters]

NSUR Coin is consistently available on Pancake Swap and BitMart.

When you buy tokens on exchanges, these tokens are not covered by our Value Protection Program -- protected tokens are exclusive to our protected sales events

You can buy that on our website directly

We will be having another protected sales event soon, so keep your eyes on this page:

Regarding minimums -- you are bound by the minimum value on BitMart and PancakeSwap

On our platform, we had set the minimum value at $50 in our last event. We have not discussed if it will stay at this minimum for the next one yet. You will be able to discover this once the event is live :)

OK, on to the next Q!!



Can your PCR covid-19 also be done for the type of covid-19 delta variant, Omicron and others? and how to get free PCR from NSUR?

[Rosemary Peters]

Love this question -- it is a very fair one.

If you would like to order your no-cost COVID-19 PCR test, you must first sign up through this special link:

Once you sign up, you will be emailed a discount code and forwarded to our partner, HomeLabs DX, where you complete the purchase process

The COVID-19 PCR test is original ~150, but your discount code will bring the test cost down to $0

You will be able to order up to 6 tests

Just a few things to note: We can only ship within the US and S&H will still be charged.

In regards to the test itself, it is a self-administering test that you do at home, but it is a lab-quality PCR test

This means you will mail it with the overnight shipping label we will send you back to a lab and they will process it

Therefore, it is far more accurate than the antigen tests

You will receive your test result via email, and the test result can be used for travel should you need

[Temitope Awoyinka]


In what available ways can I actively earn passively on your platform

And secondly, due to the high rate of security issues in the crypto Industry. How well secured is this project? Any audits?

[Rosemary Peters]

Security is very important

NSUR Coin has been audited by CertiK

We commissioned the assessment to discover issues and vulnerabilities in the source code of the NSUR Coin project as well as any contract dependencies that were not part of an officially recognized library.

CertiK initially issued 14 findings in its audit of NSUR Coin, all of which have since been addressed or acknowledged by NSUR. Half of the findings from CertiK were simply informational.

In our addendum report, we have come down to 5 remaining items of note

The addendum report is in the process of being published on CertiK, but you can find our response to the items here if you are interested

Regarding passive earning, by holding NSUR you will be rewarded through our reflections

Additionally, by actively participating in our reward events, you can earn NSUR Coin regularly

Finally, you can earn NSUR Coin when you complete purchases in our shopping network


Hello Ma'am! Can you share a link to your Medium or website where I can read articles about NSUR? I would like to know more. I also hope a recap of this session will be made.

Orange 🍊

[Rosemary Peters]

Yes, great question

We have a blog with loads of content on it about NSUR that we update regularly

You will find new content every week

Here is a link to one of my favorite pieces by our CEO, Mark Peters

Here, Mark discusses NSUR's inspiration in more detail

We also have a blog post coming up this week about why we set our supply at 200B -- it should be a good one, so keep your eyes on this space


Aaaaaaand it's a wrap! 🥳

Ms. Peters, we have had the most enlightening session here today, and all thanks to you for it!

Dear community, please follow

[Rosemary Peters]

Thank you so much for having me!


Thank you for your time!

Our warm regards to Mr. Peters and the rest of the amazing team back at the NSUR HQ working round the clock to make the project a success!

We also wish you the very best with your upcoming events and look forward to sharing some great news about NSUR with our community!

Until next time, do have a splendid day!

The AMA with NSUR Coin is now over.




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