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9 min readOct 19, 2021

Introduction with Ore Network

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1. Can you tell us about Open Rights Exchange and with what goals was it developed ?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
ORE is all about mass adoption of blockchain

The Open Rights Exchange (ORE) is a blockchain is built for decentralized identities, assets and rights. ORE works cross-chain with Ethereum, Algorand, EOS, WAX, and TELOS already (more chains coming soon!). It connects Web 2.0 identities to Web 3.0 — allowing everyone, everywhere to easily use blockchain technology.

Ultimately, ORE is the bridge to mass blockchain adoption - Mass adoption should be the number one focus of everyone who believes in blockchain and owns cryptocurrency. When mass adoption happens -- everything that all of us early adopters believed in and worked to create will find the success we all envision. ORE facilitates mass adoption faster.

ORE provides easy log-in for blockchain companies to get more users, so they can grow faster and allows non-blockchain companies to start using blockchain and crypto without having to do the heavy lifting.

we're trying to make it super easy for companies to bring their users to public blockchains


Riswan Rasheed:
Q2. What is ORE ID , ORE VAULT and how will users and businesses be benefitted by it ?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
ORE ID is single sign on for multiple blockchains

So a company can embed crypto wallets into their apps

and ORE Vault is the multi-sig product

that allows companies or teams to manage their treasuries

both products are software as a service that are built on top of the ORE blockchain and use the ORE token

here's a video for ORE Vault:

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3. What distinctive features does ORE have that makes it the best bet for massive blockchain adoption in next 5 years ?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
there are three big differences for us

1) ORE is much easier for casual users. That's why we connect social logins like Google, Facebook, Apple ID to blockchain accounts, and why we offer multiple blockchians conencted to a single account.

2) ORE Wallets work within existing applications. This is kind of a subtle point, but for the businesses building on ORE this is KEY!!

Take a customer like red fox labs - they're building a native mobile game where players earn NFTs. They don't want users going in and out of the app to a wallet while they play - it's bad UX and ruins the game.

Or (probably our largest user) - they have millions of users on their crod-funding platform. When they wanted to do a tokenized equity launch, they didn't want to send all those users to download wallets, they wanted to let them use their existing login.

3) ORE lets businesses pay for their users. Most of the Internet, businesses pay for the users transaction costs - hosting, servers, etc.

With ORE ID and ORE, it's designed to allow apps and Dapps to pay for their users account creation and Tx costs, which is normal for most use cases.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q4. Can you shed some light on the utility of ORE native Token and how are the holders rewarded ?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
The ORE token is a utility token - the core value of the ORE token is being able to store accounts and assets on the ORE blockchain. We already have different companies using the tokens this way, and we feel this is the most important use case going forward. We’re also discussing governance proposals that will allow token holders to vote on changes to the platform, but we haven’t finalized the details around that yet.

It's fairly straightforward utility token model

so 10x more accounts require 10x tokens

mostly we expect demand to come form the business that are onboarding users

and later from NFT instruments being deployed onchain as well

the more companies and users adopt the ORE token, the more useful (and therefore valuable) the ORE chain will be

Riswan Rasheed:
Q5. What objectives are you planning to achieve by the end of 2021 ?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
We’re putting a lot of energy into supporting new blockchains - Polygon, Cardano, Polkadot, BSC are all coming soon. And we’re happy to provide developer grants for teams that want to help us integrate new blockchains to our open source ChainJS standard:

Beyond the cross-chain functionality - we’re building out our multisig ORE Vault product. And we should be launching a number of new DeFi and NFT features for Vault over the next few months.

Community ask questions from Twitter

Riswan Rasheed:
I commend how this project prioritizes community involvement. It's something I believe many projects are missing. How can we as early investors truly assist in the growth of your project? What various roles are available,ranging from supplying liquidity to general participation?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
THanks for the question!

Of course supplying liquidity on Uniswap or Quickswap is good for the project

but honestly the most important thing is getting more users and projects to build on ORE

the entire reason we did the token launch was to get tokens in the hands of the whole world

the blockchain has been live for over 2 years with 0 down time

but smaller devs haven't been able to get their hands on tokens to build directly on the chain

so we're decentralizing this way

we'd also love people to help spread our message about blockchain adoption and decentralized ID

this is going to an effort that takes years and we need all the help we can get!

Riswan Rasheed:
Read on your RoadMap that ORE will launch ORE Vault — Built on top of the ORE Blockchain. Can you explain about your ORE Vault? How does it work? what benefits does ORE Vault provide and why do people lock their tokens in ORE Vault?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
I kind of tackled this quesiton earlier, but you can all learn about ORE Vault on

everything AIKON builds uses ORE

the vision behind Vault is to have a multichain, multisig wallet that makes it safe for teams to hold their own custody and still have the ease of use of a site like docusign

oh wait

one more thing

for Vault - teams can either pay fiat every month or buy and hold ORE tokens

so that's part of the token utility

for example Republic Realm (one of our biggest customers) bought ORE tokens instead o fpaying fiat

Riswan Rasheed:
Cool 👍

I read that apps built on the Open Rights Exchange work on multiple blockchains and can easily connect to the off-chain world. Is this off-chain connection provided by an Oracle? For what purpose is this off-chain connection made? What is its importance?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
this is a great question

basically the ORE chain holds the identity registry

those are the public keys

but the private keys can't be on chain of course

those are held in an encrypted DB

and there's a service called the Trustless Signing Service that signs the transactions with the encrypted keys

that's off-chain

in fact it operate sin Google Confidential Computing - with hardware level encryption, so no one can ever see the keys

it’s nt exactly an oracle, but the architecture is similar

Community ask questions from Website

Riswan Rasheed:
ORE has recently listed in uniswap and quickswap. Can you share the contract address and links to know more about the project? What exchanges do you plan to list ORE next?
• Telegram Username: @albertjaison

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
links first!




Dextools Polygon:

and a handy tool to add ORE to Metamask:

and here's the official contract:

on of our partners used the pNetwork bridge

we're still talking to a lot of CEXs, haven't decided which ones yet

Riswan Rasheed:
More than 5,000 transactions are carried out on ORE Network per second. This really is a great deal. But these transactions are done quickly? What makes ORE Network so fast? What technology does ORE adopt to avoid network traffic?
• Telegram Username: @mctrho

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
There are a couple key things we did to make this possible:

1) we used the open source eosio software that has DPoS that gives the high Tx speed, with low carbon footprint

which is great

but EOS has problems with spam and congestion due to their staking model

so we also don't allow Dapps on ORE

that's a big change - we focused the chain on one use case - cross-chain ID that it does really well and really efficiently

and then we plug into layer 1s that have the dapps / apps

Riswan Rasheed:
I read that the ORE network is compatible with Ethereum, EOS, and Algorand. will there be more networks that will be compatible with ORE? such as Cardano, Polygon, BSC and Bitcoin?
• Telegram Username: @Arya19970

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
Yes! we're all about building cross-chain

we've already started on Polygon and Polkadot

BSC, BTC and Cardano are definitley coming soon

along with Solana

but each chain takes work, so we do them one at a time

and we also offer developer grants for people who want to help!

reach out if you want to build a ChainJS plugin

Live Questions answered by Ore Network

1)Lupita Arrioja:
What are the strategies and objectives that Orenetwork currently has? can you tell us more about future campaigns?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
Wow that was a lot!

We're always working on attracting more businesses to the ORE blockchain, we believe we'll drive more adoption by moving hundreds of thousands or millions of users per app, rather than one individual consumer at a time. We've got big announcements coming up this year with Repubilc, RedFox, Alliance Block and others

great question - first of all, we only store public keys in the on-chain registry. No personal data is ever stored on chain. Each public key has a private key that goes with it. These keys are stored off-chian in an encrypted database. In order to sign a transaction on another blockchain, the ORE ID service asks the user for their password and then sends the encrypted key and the hashed password to a server called the "Trustless signing service" this service runs on Google confidential computing - which has machine level encryption, so we can't see the private keys even in memory.

that code is open source if anyone wants to review it:

beyond that we're HUGE believers in open standards. we used eosio code for the blockchain - battle tested with billions of $$ in transactions

pNetwork is working on our bridge - battle tested with billions in transactions and hundreds of millions locked

open zeppelin token contract - the most popular contract on ethereum

Google confidential compute as I said above - tried and true

even P had a hack where some money was lost - so no audit is perfect, no system is flawless, but you want to minimize the risk

I love that they refunded the users who lost money - just like CZ at binance

it’s about managing risk, using great partners and protecting the community

Do end users need to know that they are connecting to a blockchain or the decentralized web when using ORE?

What is ORE Protocol plan to power many next generation cross-chain applications?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
we try to make it totaly seamless for users, so they can start using blockchain without really understanding it, then learn over time and become more blockchain savvy

We have a large number of businesses building on ORE already. We’re supporting everything from tokenized gold -, tokenized equity -, and DeFi - to NFT games - RedFox Labs and Liquiid. In general, we seem to get the most interest from finance companies, but there’s been a ton of excitement around NFT projects recently as well.

3)এমা হোস্ট রাকিবে ডার্লিং:
NFTs, Metavers, games How will these fields benefit you in the future? Many are looking at these fields?

Marc ⚡️ ORE Core Team | Will Not DM First:
We have a bunch of NFT features coming out later this month and next month

we've been working with two NFT games too (play ot earn style) that are really cool

Kogs Slam and Liquiid Universe - they'r eboth in closed beta right now, but coming out soon!



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