AMA with Sleepfuture

On the 12th of February, 2022 at 11:00 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Brandon Lee from SleepFuture for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 70,000 people. It was hosted by DC Admin, May.

The session was divided into three segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1, questions from the Twitter community were answered in Segment 2, and live questions from the community members in attendance were answered in Segment 3.

If you missed this event and would like to know what SleepFuture is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Information here should be researched and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Also note that slight edits have been made for clarity, and links in this recap lead to images, documents, or other media.

Segment 1 - Introduction


Hello, สวัสดี, 大家好, नमस्ते, Selamat!

My name is May and I am delighted to be hosting the AMA with Sleep Future

Today, we have a guest from the SleepFuture Project with us!

[Brandon Lee]

Hi May! Brandon here from SleepFuture


It’s good to have you!

You’re welcome to the Decentralized Club!

[Brandon Lee]



How are you doing?

[Brandon Lee]

Doing good!

Thanks for asking!

[Brandon Lee]




Could you please introduce yourself and tell us your role at SleepFuture?

[Brandon Lee]

Hi, y'all!

My name is Brandon from Singapore and I'm the brainchild of SleepFuture and I am in charge of the strategy and operations of SleepFuture.


Awesome! It’s great to have you here with us.

Let’s get right into the session.

Can you tell us about Sleep Future Finance and the inspiration that got it started?

[Brandon Lee]

So SleepFuture is a sleep-to-earn sleep wellness ecosystem powered by the community and blockchain

Our company started off as a real-life business selling mattresses in physical stores and online eCommerce

We realized that to scale our business, we have to move away from the traditional model of buy-and-sell and because of COVID more people are staying at home, working and studying from home and they have bad sleep quality, including me

so I was on the search for a solution where we can help people to sleep better and reward them so I thought of a blockchain solution where everyone wins:

SLEEP-TO-EARN: Users can be paid for sleeping well and users can use the $SLEEPEE tokens to buy sleep products from our sleep merchants


Beautiful introduction!

What innovative solution is Sleep Future Finance bringing to topple its competitors with similar offerings in the DeFi sector?

[Brandon Lee]

To be honest, I dare to say that we belong to a whole new category: Sleep-to-earn

I understand that play-to-earn is huge, but it's not a healthy way of "earn" as you sacrifice time, energy, and money to play games but Sleep-to-earn:

You simply just earn $SLEEPEE tokens by sleeping and you get paid more if you sleep better


Isn’t this amazing?

[Brandon Lee]



How can your users sleep to earn and can you tell us about your staking feature?

[Brandon Lee]

Our users do that by using our SLEEPEE mobile app which includes sleep monitoring

Our sleep monitoring technology is backed by a state-of-the-art technology backed with over 10,000 hours of sleep research

As for the staking feature:

Users stake tokens to upgrade their membership tiers and get rewards:

boosting of their sleep-to-earn rate



This part is very impressive!

Can you tell us about your native token $SLEEPEE and its utilities?

[Brandon Lee]

Yes of course :)

$SLEEPEE tokens can be earned through the sleep-to-earn function

and users can spend $SLEEPEE tokens to buy sleep products in SLEEPEE STORE, see a sleep doctor/specialist at SLEEP DOC

Stake $SLEEPEE tokens to increase their sleep-to-earn boosting

[Brandon Lee]

Participate in SleepCloud sleep research studies and earn $SLEEPEE

Vendors/businesses pay us $SLEEPEE tokens to get into our online marketplace: SLEEPEE STORE for marketing

Buy SleepFuture NFTs with $SLEEPEE

All within a mobile app and website

Users can purchase and stake $SLEEPEE tokens to boost their sleep-to-earn earnings and to exchange for a slot to convert their $SLEEPEE tokens (in nominal balance). 🔥

👉Join our telegram at:


Great! A lot of progress has been made with SleepFuture!

Please give us a summary of your 2021 highlights and what major news should we look forward to from Sleep Future Finance in 2022?

[Brandon Lee]

Sure thing, a lot of things have happened since 2021 and we are moving fast and full steam ahead in 2022

We have revamped our whole business strategy to a blockchain-powered model and worked with a few strategic partners to support each part of the ecosystem

And in 2022, we are looking to launch our IDO at the end of March/Early April

[Brandon Lee]

As for our SleepTown: our offline experience centers, we have plans to open 100 SleepTown across the world in 2022, and we are starting with South East Asia.

We also have plans to be in the metaverse, and we will open our virtual SleepTown that offers a fun and interactive experience

We are heading to the next milestone with 20,000 members on Telegram Community & Twitter!

Join & follow our social channels to update the latest announcements





All very impressive achievements and plans!

Dear community, please follow @SleepFuture for more news!

It’s now time to take questions from our Twitter community


Thank you, May! Let’s join our Telegram at to win $10,000 Airdrop


Segment 2 - Twitter Questions


for a new user to start earning tokens $SLEEPEE for sleeping, must he first sleep a certain amount of hours so that he is approved and can start earning these tokens or can he do it the first time?

Twitter Username: @Pirry05Universe

[Brandon Lee]

The mobile app is by invite only, which means you can only activate it by inputting a referral code

once the app is activated, the user can start to monitor their sleep and get their sleep quality score the next day

and get $SLEEPEE tokens

For example, if your sleep quality score is 84% out of 100%

You can get USDT $8.40 worth of $SLEEPEE tokens

in your nominal balance in the wallet

Users can purchase and stake $SLEEPEE tokens to boost their sleep-to-earn earnings and to exchange for a slot to convert their $SLEEPEE tokens (in nominal balance) to convertible balance where they can buy products and services in our SleepStore with $SLEEPEE.


read in your site is your offline concept store's name SLEEPTOWN. Can you first explain to us what Sleeptown is? What countries does Sleeptown be available in? Is this available globally or in certain countries only?

Twitter Username: @imwiiw27

[Brandon Lee]

Yes, instead of just calling it a mattress shop, because it isn't anymore

We decided to go with the name: SleepTown

So it's like a one-stop experience center where you can find all sleep-related products and services: mattresses, pillows, bedlinen, bedframe, bedroom furniture, sleep devices, aromatherapy, mood lighting, in-house partnership sleep clinics, cafe, meditation, and yoga classes

Most importantly we have a real-life utility for our $SLEEPEE tokens

We have 3 SleepTowns in Singapore, and 2 SleepTowns in Malaysia. We are opening our flagship SleepTown in May 2022, and it will also serve as a members lounge

We are looking to open 100 SleepTowns in 2022

around the world where our members are

Immediately starting with South East Asia


read your website and I feel the concept of this project is very unique. Blockchain-driven sleep wellness. What motivated you to make a project like this?

Twitter Username: @Yujiu212

[Brandon Lee]

Due to the pandemic, everyone is spending more time at home, thus sleeping more, but more doesn't mean better

due to the long use of electronic devices and stress

sleep quality actually becomes worse

so I thought of building a blockchain-powered sleep wellness ecosystem to reward the community for sleeping well and also benefit sleep-related product manufacturers

It's a win-win-win situation :)



A great project indeed but what inspired you to sleep future and will there be a platform where we can create NFTs as we all know that NFTs is one of the biggest tokens now

Twitter Username: @Mirach_2

[Brandon Lee]

No users can't create NFTs as we aren't an NFT creation platform

but our products include Sleep NFTs where users can enjoy utilities like:

1. Boosting of sleep-to-earn rewards

2. Free mattress in a box

3. Free mattress cleaning services


an in-house sleep clinic and partner. Who exactly are the doctors and other health care personnel who work in this clinic? How are the people who work there chosen and what kind of training do they receive? Thank you!

Twitter Username: @iracundito

[Brandon Lee]

SleepDoc can be an in-house partner in our SleepTown depending on the availability of the doctors and sleep specialists.

The doctors that work with us are sleep specialists in the area of tackling problems like insomnia, sleep apnea, etc

Users can also book a virtual consultation with a Sleep Doc through the SLEEPEE mobile app


Now I have to appreciate the input you have made into this project!

You’re doing so well to improve sleep quality for the global community!

Very impressive, thank you for your work.

It’s now time to take questions from our live audience.

[Brandon Lee]

Thank you, May


You’re welcome!

In this 3rd segment, I will open the group for some seconds for the live community to shoot you some pressing questions.

Please pick five original questions to answer.

Try to ignore generic, vague, and copy-paste questions 😊

Ready for the live questions?

[Brandon Lee]

Yes :)


What's your favorite sport? :)

[Brandon Lee]



Dear community, please include the guest's answer (not emoji) in your questions!

The group will be unmuted shortly.

---Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions---

Segment 3 - Live Questions


Dear guest, as a measure to deter bots and reward hunters, your favorite sport (Badminton) has been included in the questions so you can tell original questions apart!

Please prioritize such questions 🙂

[Brandon Lee]

ok, sure!


Please pick five questions to answer 🥳

[Nimsa 🌸]

Mr. Brandon,

Do you see Sleep future having physical offices in many countries around the world?

What country did you start the business in and are you still hiring professionals and sleep specialists?


[Brandon Lee]

Answer: Yes we have physical offices in Singapore and Malaysia. We started the business in Singapore and Malaysia, and we are still hiring professionals, sleep specialists, and sleep merchants worldwide



[Febriyanti Oktavia]

Does Sleep Futures have a pre-sale to get Sleep Futures tokens and where can I get updates on Sleep Futures news can you provide your social media?


[Brandon Lee]

Answer: Yes we are closing our seed and private round soon, and we are holding our pre-sale round in March.

You can get updates on our pre-sale round and announcements from our Telegram channel and other social media.

👉 Follow Sleep Future Twitter:

👉 Join Sleep Future Telegram Group:



[Taiwo Bisayo]


How will SleepFuture know that people are sleeping indeed? What If they just lie down pressing another phone they have pretending to be sleeping?

Also, Have you hosted an AMA before? If yes can you share its recap with us for us to Learn more about SleepFuture?

[Brandon Lee]

That's a very good question :)

At least it's an original and well-thought after question

The sleep monitoring app uses sonar tracking technology and determines if someone is sleeping: awake hours, sleeping hours, non-REM sleep, REM sleep, deep sleep. It's not based on the number of hours that you sleep.

It's quality over quantity :)

Yes, we have hosted AMA before, in fact, this is the 3rd AMA.

You can find the recap in our Telegram channel

👉Join our telegram at:

[Orina Emine]


At what stage are you currently in the internal Audit and is the token sale out yet?

Can everyone in the world use the virtual sleep clinic?

[Brandon Lee]

The code audit round 1 has been completed, developer and auditor are now working to adjust some codes

The token sale will be out in Mar/April. Please stay tune

👉Join our telegram at:

Everyone in the world can use the virtual sleep clinic as long you have $SLEEPEE tokens and downloaded the mobile app

[🇸‌🇪‌🇷‌ ʀaymond]

Sleep Future is the world's first blockchain-driven sleep health ecosystem to improve sleep quality and the health of the global community. my question is how many hours is normal for people to sleep? and at what time is a good sleep and a good wake-up time?


[Brandon Lee]

Interesting question


The number of hours of sleep depends on the individual: age, habits, etc

Some people can operate well with just 5-6 hours of sleep, but their sleep quality is 95%.

Some people can sleep 8-10 hours every night but sleep quality is 50%

What we want to improve is the quality of sleep

Quality Over Quantity


Aaannnnd it's a wrap! 🥳

It has been a very enlightening session! Thank you so much Mr. Brandon for your time with us today!

[Brandon Lee]

Thanks, May!

My pleasure


Our warm regards to the rest of the team at the SleepFuture HQ working to make this project a success! Amazing people!

Until next time, do have a nice day

The AMA with Sleep Future is now over



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