Welcome to the recap of our AMA with Star Atlas!

Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Star Atlas is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading.

Introduction with Star Atlas

Trooper Zen:

Q1. Can you tell us about how experienced is the founding team of Star Atlas?


Despite being a traditional centralized organization in our game development efforts, we are proud to claim that we operate largely decentralized. We have more than 50 team members operating out of 14+ countries all over the world. This brings a tremendous amount of cultural diversity to our work product.

The team is still in a state of broad expansion, and we will be recruiting more team members following the minigame launch. It is at this stage that we will largely transition our efforts to UE5 development, working on the fully immersive 3D version of Star Atlas. Members of our team have decades of experience in game development, and have worked on quite a few high profile titles across their careers, such as:

Games - Star Citizen, Destiny 2, Dreadnought, Horizon Zero Dawn, COD blops 3/4, Halo Remastered, Dead Island 2, Spec Ops - The Line, Earth & Beyond, The Sims Online, Ultima Online, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings, etc

Cinema - Love, Death + Robots: The helping hand, Watchmen, Terminator: Dark Fate, Captain Marvel, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Superman Returns, Spider-Man: FFH, etc

Trooper Zen:

Q2. Can you tell us what issues is Star Atlas planning to solve ?


Star Atlas is an ideal product to emerge from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies.

Basing the Star Atlas universe in a Grand Strategy multiplayer genre creates engaging, long-term gameplay as factions battle it out in a universal spacescape under a constant state of flux.

Players stake assets with real-world value to grow their ingame corporate empires, discover unique and distant alien worlds, battle in high stakes combat, and shape the game’s features and future with earned political influence. Star Atlas’ cinema-quality graphical technology utilizing Unreal Engine 5 is beginning at a state that no other competitors in this space have yet had the luxury to adopt. To bring all these enabling technologies together presents a unique opportunity for the future of finance, video games, entertainment, real-world professions and blockchain where people can make money and have a lot of fun doing it. All in the familiar frontier of outer space, where exploration is both terrifyingly cold and simultaneously full of unrelenting optimism.

Of note, every asset that can be owned within the game is done so entirely on chain. Ships, crew, components, modules, permits, licenses, land, buildings, etc. are all held individually by the player as a non-fungible token. The result is that players truly own the assets they have purchased or earned through gameplay. We believe this transformative model of Play-to-Earn is the future of gaming.

Trooper Zen:

Q3. Can you tell us about the private sale, token allocation etc.?


We will be releasing more information about our previous rounds of sales, as well as future funding opportunities in the coming months. Our team has a solid grasp on the capital requirements of developing out a concept such as Star Atlas, and are well capitalized for the delivery of our near term goals. While we aren’t openly promoting our current stakeholders at this time, I will simply state that we have some of the biggest names in the industry providing financial support.

Trooper Zen:

Q4. What is Star Atlas planning to achieve further this year?


One of our major upcoming milestones is the launch of our very first NFT Collection titled ReBirth. This series of ‘meta-posters’ consists of 14 unique collectibles, released over the period of 14 weeks, and kicks off on April 24th. Stay tuned for a formal announcement from the team announcing the structure, marketplaces, and countless bonuses for Poster holders. Think lifetime benefits with these…

Following ReBirth, we will be launching a web-application based minigame, delivered in-browser. Our projected date for launch is July 24th. Gamers and asset holders will be able to engage in gameplay and start generating real earnings off of their assets.

And finally, as we move forward with full production of our fully immersive 3D and VR enabled version of Star Atlas, our marketing efforts will start to refocus on a broader audience, including mainstream gamers, and a global audience seeking the countless opportunities present in the Metaverse.

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