AMA with The Dapp List

• Introduction with The Dapp List

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1. Can you tell us briefly about The Dapp List regarding its mission and when did you guys start working on it ?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:

We started working on @thedapplist in late 2020. To put it simply, The Dapp List is formulating a multichain ecosystem for curating web3 adoption.

Here we will bridge the gap between users, developers, and ecosystem partners by providing them a common platform to interact & work together.

It will make Dapps more accessible for users to engage and learn about.

Additionally, the developers can build their community, get validation for their ideas/dapps, and gain traction to develop their idea to outcome.

Riswan Rasheed:
Nice one! 👍

Q2. What are the significance problems faced by people venturing into crypto and how you guys are providing a solution to it ?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
Currently, if we analyze the user base that actively engages in web3 ventures, it commonly includes tech-savvy individuals, web3 enthusiasts who adore the idea of cryptography and decentralization, and others with a fundamental perception of financial systems and economics.

Even with such strong backgrounds, it sometimes becomes challenging to distinguish among projects they can trust or incorporate within their existing institution. Additionally, when it comes to novice entrants, they usually fall for gimmicks, and the cycle of 'crypto is scary' narrative continues to trend.

Now the enigma here doesn't just end with users. Developers with innovative ideas and good potential fall behind due to a lack of support, infrastructure, and guidance. Plus, the centralized fashion of existing app stores harms the user experience, and even developers find it challenging to cope with their publishing policies.

The Dapp List is manifesting a Multichain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption. It does this by eradicating centralized authority, supporting developers, and offering a safe space for users to explore and engage with the dapps.

Formulating this vision, we provide a set of modules that include Explore, BUIDL, and Invest.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3. How one can place the proposal to list a Dapp and how does the reputation system work?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
To list a Dapp, anyone with a Web3 identity can do that by hunting them on Click on the button 'Hunt new Dapp', fill in the required details & submit. Just make sure, you've got 60 DAI in your wallet to do so - no need to stake or deposit.

Reputation mechanism is in place to keep fraud and malpractice at bay, so when a hunter submits a dapp, the community members vote for it, and after this cycle, dapp will be listed. Here whoever is involved in the process gets a positive reputation if the dapp is listed. Negative actions will harm their reputation and thus they also lose chance on further rewards. You can read about this in detail on our community governance article:

Anyone from community can raise a counter proposal to delist the Dapp & if that passes with 51% confidence - hunters & voters involved in listing that Dapp lose their reputation & future rewards.

Riswan Rasheed:
Community take your time to read this

Q4) Is there any competitor in the market and who do you consider as main competitors?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
That's interesting because as an ecosystem consisting of different modules that cater to users, devs & investors at one place has no competition as of now.

We've got three different modules:

1. Explore - Decentralized apps store powered with community governance to curate dapps. The Graph does this to some extent but in a different way with

2. Buidl - Launchpad for Dapps (not an IDO platform). It has two different venues to help dapps - product launch (competition - none) & support with networks (some competition here but we're not just connecting, it is more of mentorship).

3. Invest - Bridge between devs & investors. We'll be building different models here, two of them in the current plan - DAO & Syndicates. There are few DAOs already in the space, but syndicate is a relatively new model in web3.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q5. Going forward into 2021 what more progress do you see ?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:

Riswan Rasheed:
This is our last question in this segment

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
First, we are excited about our upcoming IDO (Details to be announced soon) followed by the V2 release. And in Q3 we will go live with the BUIDL module that is focused on devs and later in Q4 we will have our investment module live which is a huge step towards uniting investors with devs and the community.

• Community ask questions from Twitter :

Riswan Rasheed:
Q1. Partners are very important for every project today, may I know which partners you have now? and which partners in the future you will be heading to ? @Ductrung753951

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:

Allow me sometime to answer that 🙂

We've got some integrations coming along very soon, don't want to break the news atm. But I would definitely add some details to it 🙂

Recently we partnered with Cryption Network to fuel projects on Polygon. Read More here:

We've got partners from the following background & I'm talking about the best of the best. And, you can tag me back on this 🙂

- Wallet integrations
- Decentralized Identity integrations
- Data integrations
- Analytics integrations
- Web3 notifs
- L1s & L2s for creating a common playground

I think if I type more, I'll probably leak all the details 🙈

Riswan Rasheed:



Q2 There are many very successful blockchain projects with the same ideas as Your project, so can you tell us the difference between Your project & those projects?Do you feel confident that Your project will have some outstanding features compared to those projects to attract users? @UmmeHab53626731

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
That's interesting because as an ecosystem consisting of different modules that cater to users, devs & investors at one place has no competition as of now.

Talking about features that distinguish us, The Dapp List's explore module has got community governance at its core, where the community hunt and votes for dapps, and based on the outcome, the dapps get listed.

Generally, with other mainstream platforms, all these happen under central authority, and many times fraud and scam apps make it to the listing and thus depleting the user experience.

Our primary focus is to make the ecosystem safe for novice users to explore and engage with the dapps. Adding on top of that, we've got Buidl (launchpad for devs) & Invest (a bridge between users, devs & investors) launching in Q3 & Q4 simultaneously.

Riswan Rasheed:
Q3 Covid-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, as a crypto projects how did it affect you? How you and your team have done the work in the pandemic?

Last question in this segment

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:

You are right covid has slowed down a lot of industries and it does make a dent in the web3 ecosystem too. We have hired team and made sure that our team is safe and in alignment with the project's vision.

We are fortunate enough to be ahead of what we had previously planned. For Q1 our target was to close seed and private funding rounds & hire the team which is done successfully.

Check out our funding announcement:

First, we are excited about our upcoming IDO, followed by the V2 release. And in Q4 we will have our investment module live which is a huge step towards uniting investors with devs and the community.

So far:

- V1 was active for more than 6 months (collected numerous feedbacks & suggestions),
- Onboarded 8k+ users onto our platform,
- More than 50 dapps getting ready for our V2, out of 122 hunted dapps

Have a look at our V1 :

Our Pre-IDO concluded on Genesis Shards, and soon enough we will do a Public IDO. NFTs from Pre-IDO are live here -

We have also launched our Ambassador program :

Have a look at our roadmap:

Riswan Rasheed:
Once more. Thanks for the wonderfully detailed amswers😊

• Community ask questions from Website

Riswan Rasheed:
1) Regarding your reputation system, I am interested to know, how does “the dapp list” manage to qualify an action as hostile or not? And what is the minimum number of hostile actions necessary for a user to lose reputation? @duongphong98

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
Doing any hostile action even one will be counted against the platform's interest in protecting users and the rewards and reputation will be slashed.

Riswan Rasheed:
2) What does the The Dapp List name stand for? There are interesting stories behind every successful project, and of course you have to work hard ever day. Can you share one of these interesting stories with us? @dtv1907

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
So, this was back in 2020 when I was building the product & receiving suggestions. At that point, we were making a clean list of dapps - buidl & invest were in discussions.

The offering was to have a community-curated dapps list & that brought us to dapp list. Because it is not simple curation, we had the community involved around it which is not done by any other project. Hence, 'The' Dapp List.

Adding to that, if you look at the start of the user journey & how user/community search for blockchain dapps - we always use the keyword: List of dapps or Dapps list. This further adds more power to the search volumes & was a strategic move.

Riswan Rasheed:
3) On your website, you state that project developers lack the support and networks to scale their project and certainly this is a major problem, how then does the dapp list manage to connect projects with the RIGHT communities, in relation to TASTS and INTERESTS? @dtv1907

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
So this will be majorly implemented during our BUIDL module. Here devs will closely work with our integration partners and other communities plus while doing so they will be creating their own community and forming potential network connections that will help them further in their journey.

Read more on BUIDL in our litepaper:

Riswan Rasheed:
Well done

WE will see a good future

• Live Questions answered by The Dapp List

Your platform uses a reputation system that can be accumulative, can you share more information about the actions that can increase or decrease the users' reputation?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
Hunting & Voting on Dapps that you believe in & the one that gets listed - you're rewarded with reputation.
Bad action / manipulation reported by community & proved - you will lose reputation.

2. John Clark:
One of the problems of the current lack of adoption is the numerous smaller networks that result in less coordination. What will The Dapp List do to foster synergy between communities to support, invest or build in the web3 ecosystem? Will they only focus on the web3 ecosystem?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
That is the sole reason, we've 3 different modules catering to all the 3 stakeholders in the ecosystem - Devs, Users & Investors. Yet, bringing them at same place to interact & reduce the friction, and build an ecosystem rather than a smaller network.

Can you please share structure of Token holders? How many fund raising rounds have you done to make this project? Any reserve for growth?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
Sure, we've raised 1.7m USD from 3 different rounds - Seed, Private & Strategic.
We've got Reserves & Marketing pool for the growth of ecosystem. Read more about our Token Economics here -

Read more about our Investors here -

4.DE Razy:
It is said that users can duplicate rewards while hunting and voting for the list. After gaining some rewards, do users allowed to recycle and earn money like Staking and Mining at TheDappList platform? Can you explain how we can Stake, the minimum/maximum staking? or Mining/Yield Farming?

Nirbhik | check username @nirbhik:
Duplication won't be allowed. If there's a duplicate entry (listed previously) - it won't be considered to get listed & rewarded.
If there's a duplicate entry (not listed previously) - it would be considered for hunting & voting.
For Hunting & Voting, you don't have to necessarily stake or deposit.
But if you Stake LP token & then Hunt / Vote, you can earn premium rewards on top of staking rewards.



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