AMA with TrustKeys

Introduction with TrustKeys

Q1. Can you tell us about TrustKeys and with what goals was it developed ?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
TrustKeys is a SuperApp for crypto citizen, we have 4 key features:
Social Network/ End-to-end encrypted messaging, Exchange, Wallet .
They are all based on Decentralized Account Model

We bring the applications of cryptography to not-only-cryptocurrency

and help users control the root of blockchain - their private key

TrustKeys provides the world’s first decentralized social network, an end-to-end data security network that is extremely secure when exchanging information.

This is the most unique and different feature. In the future, we will separately develop features such as chat, social networking in different versions so that TrustKeys becomes a global development space where to meet the increasing information exchange needs of users.

With the security features that TrusKeys provides, it will be very useful to the global community now and in the future.

Sounds great!!

TrustKeys Network Leader:
For crypto-users, Exchange between coin/token is very popular deman. A hybrid exchange between centralized and decentralized, it can promote the strengths of both types. In addition, we will develop a parallel decentralized exchange to address the growing needs of the market.

For holders: TrustKeys provides a wallet with multi-chain support, full-featured item and digital asset storage (NFT-in development).

In the future, TrustKeys Network will develop into a private Blockchain in the form of One-Stop. Businesses will build their systems on it and apply Blockchain to business and management activities to create higher productivity.

Thankyou for the detailed one

TrustKeys Network Leader:
Remember this, and you can try the real product here (not the white paper) 🚀

Ohhh, really confident 🔥🔥

Q2. How does Trustkeys promote the strengths of both Decentralized and Centralized ?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
This is a very interesting question 👍

The life, our real life is consist of both Centralized and Decentralized things, they are all important.

It is philosophy .


TrustKeys Network Leader:
In our product, we bring all the value of Decentralized to work with centralized to build value to people.

First, Decentralized Account Model - help user control their account for applications

We provide non-custodial wallet based on it, social network based on it, messenger based on it

In fact, Decentralized Account Model (DAM) is not new. Bitcoin uses it, ethereum uses it . All of them are cryptocurrency.

We extend the model and use it for other BIG application: Social Network / Messaging and others.

With this DAM, we also bring and exchange with UX of Centralization

User can trade easily with order book - with the account of decentralized model

In this model , you control your PRIVATE KEY. Public key is generated from your private key. And we use the publickey as user root identity

Similar to bitcoin address, etherum address

The public key as user identity, we can encrypt message for you, and only you – with your private key can decrypt it

You control your private key and you can sign to document for other applications.

The advantage is that , no one can take your account away, like facebook

Got it

Q3. What distinctive features does the TrustKeys social network have that other social networks don't have?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
This is a Super App, with Social network and Crypto-applications

The first feature that is only existing in TrustKeys is Decentralized Account Model

User ID is similar to a Crypto-Address

public key is generated from private key, and it is your ID

TrustKeys Network Leader:
This is the first OTT/Messenger that you can chat with friend securely and send them cryptocurrency :)

We will continue to improve these utility to help crypto to into our daily life


TrustKeys Network Leader:
You can get present/airdrop in Exchange Tab

A good step indeed

Network Leader:
The world of crypto and daily life inside one app for you

Q4. Can you shed some light on the utility of $TRUSTK and how are the holders rewarded ?

TrustKeys Network Leader:

TRUSTK is the main token in our ecosystem

trading pairs with TRUSTK, trading fee is reduced , nearly zero in first-3 years

It will be a rewards and the condition to promote posts in TrustKeys Social Network

It will connect the economy of many mini-apps which can be integrated into TrustKeys and developed by our partners

It will also be gas in our TrustKeys chain (in the future)

With a lot of applications in the ecosystem, it will be very useful

Looking forward to it

Q5. What objectives are you planning to achieve by the end of 2021 ?

TrustKeys Network Leader:

- We will release NFT wallet, P2P trading
- We are going to start public sale rounds on 28th October , now we are opening pre-sale round

– You can buy public on 28th October 2021 on and our app

At the moment, we have presale for early investor => using PC to buy it

We will have Staking in our Exchange, not only for stake TRUSTK token, it is a service for other projects as well


Community ask questions from Twitter

Twitter question no 1.
From : @Albe_1602

When talking about messaging, there are a lot of people who prefer to save certain important conversations, Trustkeys deletes messages after a certain period of time. Is it possible to configure this option so that messages are not deleted? Can this option be edited?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
self deleted message is an optional. It is not a must.

We can select time to make it self-destroyed or keep it persistent.

It is all under your control

Good one

Twitter question no 2.
From : @tuan_iker

Will TrustKeys project have private and public sales in near future? How to get your token in the fastest way in the early bird? What are incentives of your token that bring to investors and community?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
We are going to open public sale rounds on 28th October 2021. Now we are opening pre-sale and some remaining private-sale.

To get fastest early bird, you can join presale

On PC/Desktop/laptop

price for presale is: $0.08 per TRUSTK
public sale will be $0.2 per TRUSTK

all advertisement in TrustKeys will only work with tokens

Mobile phones :( ??

TrustKeys Network Leader:
Mobile phone is always a must, you need to use your mobile phone to login into website


TrustKeys Network Leader:
This is a security feature to keep it safe for crypto holder

Twitter question 3.
From : @Greyhair_08

Many new exchanges have flooded the market, but majority of them have been unable to withstand the harsh market conditions and have closed down. Why should we choose Trustkeys and put your trust in it? Given previous hacking incidents, what level of protection does Trustkeys?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
Good question

First, we provide the way that you can control your account with your root private keys. in Decentralized account model. It is safe and other can not hack your account like hacking other centralized account.
Second, we make it easier to create an account and trading, make the crypto community grow faster, and stick them with a built-in social network.
Third, This superapp is useful for daily life, for both crypto and non-crypto users.

Trustkeys to the moon

Twitter question no 4.
From : @VikJ09

Trustkeys incorporates an interesting cryptographic wallet, is there a limit of transactions per day in this wallet? How long can this process take, how fast and secure are the transactions in this digital wallet?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
We have two kinds of wallet:
- Non-custodial => Your private wallet from your root key. there's no limitation , it is all based on blockchains platform.
- Exchange wallet : it depends on policy of the Exchange. There's no limitation.

You can deposit USDT and withdraw it into any wallet in seconds

Sounds great!!

TrustKeys Network Leader:
we support USDT multichain (ERC20, BEP20, TRC20)

Twitter question no 5.
From : @Lotfi11162105

what makes you sure that the security system of this project is so secure? Who wiIl be responsible for the project's emergency response to disasters?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
We based on the security level of bitcoin-equivalent technology. With Decentralized Account Model. It help user account safe

TKBlockchain Corporation will be responsible for all the treasure of users inside TrustKeys Exchange.


Twitter question no 6.
From : @AntonySabu13

What are your plans for global adoption and popularization of Trustkey? Their are many country which still consider digital currency a taboo. How do you plan to market your application in such regions? What are the plans to increase awareness among non-crypto space?

TrustKeys Network Leader:

This app is for global

We are developing both languages for global users and business in many countries. With p2p trading, we will support it easier.

As long as having Mobile Internet connections, users can use TrustKeys globally

Easy and efficient


Twitter question no 7.
From : @KevinSalom1

I am interested in all the products that TrustKeys offers, but is it easy to use for beginners as well as experienced blockchain users? Do you have any kind of tutorial for all users to know how to make the best use of all the applications you have available?

TrustKeys Network Leader:
We are developing and improving everyday to build good product and make it friendly to all users.

You can check our youtube channel for tutorial
and our blog

Check it out everyone!!

Live Questions from TrustKeys

1)TrustKeys Network Leader:
1. What is your publickey/identity in TrustKeys? How to get it / share it?

Orina 💎Emine:
Block chain identifier genenerated from private key

TrustKeys Network Leader:
2. How to buy TRUSTK presale now? What is exactly link?

Quartz K.Happuch:
To get fastest early bird, you can join presale

Buy here

TrustKeys Network Leader:
3. Can you find near-by user in TrustKeys ? How?


TrustKeys Network Leader:
4. How many stages is TRUSTK distributed to the community? IDO is implemented from which date of October 2021?


TrustKeys Network Leader:
5.1 Can you share us your public key?

This is my secure address in TrustKeys.Network 037a3951467e4b2faea7e9b742f8249d64d128c9bfd8e22da4461fa519098a715b

This is my secure address in TrustKeys.Network 02c20a017eaa569cd16c04205a5eb5e47f18785cb7ecad9eb579b045d59979c24e




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🎉Welcome 🎉 We are a community who eats, sleeps and drinks crypto 😉 Contact👇@cryptoTALK01 @UniqueBoyDK for AMA and project promotions♻️

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