AMA with Wizardium

Introduction segment

Q1. Can you start us off with what Wizardium is about ?

Arch Wizardium:
Wizardium is a crypto magic Play to Earn (P2E) game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). By combining non-fungible tokens (NFTs) technologies and earning opportunities the team designed and build an incredible NFT game in principles of gamification and yield farming. The game is building by using smart contracts technologies and all the core features are decentralized.

Users of Wizardium are invited to astonishing crypto magic journey full of spells, alchemy, mythology, and mysterious quests.

Alchemists, wizards, and witchers are going to explore Wizardium lands to find some rare elements and use them as ingredients for such a desirable and valuable $WIZZY Wizardium Token that can gain insane profit for its owners as legends said.

Great 🔥🔥

Q2. Can you elaborate on how a user can register and start playing and earning at Wizardium ?

Arch Wizardium:
To start playing users should mint NFT hero. Minting here

Get some Wizzy and begin NFT farming - sending hero to Wizardium lands ins earch of WIZZY tokens :)

That was a nice explanation
Thank you

Q3. What is benefit of acquiring and holding $WIZZY and how does it serve as utility in your platform?

Arch Wizardium:
The benefits are play to earn. And play to earn games are trending so the benefits are obvious

Q4.Can you tell us what are you guys planning to achieve by the Q1 of 2022?

Arch Wizardium:
We are planning to release the next phase of NFT farming and Staking and release some mini games based on our Metaverse

Twitter segment

1) I had gone through several gaming platforms for obtaining some sort of income, but in many cases the assets received as tokens soon dumped to almost zero. so I would like to know how you will maintain the stability of your Token?

Arch Wizardium:
The main idea is to make it stable by the gaming process itself. We are working on it really hard - I can’t share the internal mechanics of how it works, but we designed this to be profitable and no way to dump 🙂

2)I read on your website that the team gives NFT owners a chance to earn roughly 500 -1000$ weekly. How does this work? Does the quantity of NFT owned affect the earnings of individual NFT owners?

Arch Wizardium:
The owners of NFTs are able to go to NFT farming lands, where they can earn WIZZY, so if they are lucky enough they can expect a huge income

3) As a user in what all means I could get benefit from your gaming platform?Is there any referral program for attracting new users? what benefit you could provide me when I refer the game to a new user? I mean is their an option for refer and earn?

Arch Wizardium:
No, we don’t have referral program, You can share your wins and invite friends to join the game also 🙂

Ok sir
I was also having the same doubt

4)What strategies you utilise for the global reach of your platform? What all third party platforms you utilise currently for ensuring global reach? And other than a global community do you have local communities based on language?

Arch Wizardium:
We are working closely with several good project in crypto world and constantly amkung a new partnerships, soon we will announce the new one, so stay tuned 🙂

We are waiting for that

5)I read on your website that once found, the NFT elements can be dropped into the magic cauldron to brew $WIZZY tokens. Could you please elaborate?Would the qunatity of NFT element required differ with each element? Or will the same quantity be enough for all types to brew token?

Arch Wizardium:
Actually it’s just a story! Elements are the part of the game. And cauldron brewing WIZZY token every 24h in amount of 10% from total farmed 🙂

Live Segment

Kindly plase share us your partnership achievements done and what marketing strategies do you have further?

Arch Wizardium:
We have done partnerships with several marketplaces 🙂 But from the next fee weeks we are gonna have several huge partnerships to increase WIZZY usage 🙂

2)Jesus Freites:
I read that in Wizardium the characters have 3 main attributes. Could you comment on what these attributes consist of? What are the attributes that the characters must have, so that the users can obtain the highest profits?


Arch Wizardium:
Yes every hero have Health, Luck and Energy

Health is resposible for ability to go the expedition (Farming)
Luck - the multiplier you get after farming
Energy - related to the amount of tokens you can get 🙂

Try here

What is the role of token in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it?what would be its used??

Arch Wizardium:
We are aimed to build the most balanced token system in blockchain Play to Earn gaming. Tokenomics of the $WIZZY Wizardium.

The use cases of $WIZZY tokens are:

🪄Exploration cost (when you send NFT hero to farm you need to have some $WIZZY)
🪄Exploration rewards
🪄In-game store purchasing (potions, other stuff in future)
🪄Token Staking and LP staking
🪄Ecosystem partnerships

Is your token listed on any decentralized exchange like pancakeswap

Can I buy your token on PancakeSwap. ?

Arch Wizardium:
Yes we are listed on Pancake and you can buy it easyli there 🙂

What are Wizardium magical NFT heroes all about and can I farm with them?

Arch Wizardium:
We have 3 grades of heroes: Alchemists, Witchers and Archimages. You can mint one of them or several and send them to Wizardium lands to be able to farm 🙂



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