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Dear, Community,

Welcome to the recap on our recent AMA with “AtromG8” held on Telegram group . We appreciate everyone’s support who participated in the event . Some really good and thoughtful questions were asked. For those who missed our AMA or just want a read, this blog post is for you :)

✔️Introduction with AtromG8 :👉

Q1. Can you guys please introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about AtromG8 ?

Quantum Baker:
My Name is Milivoje Batista and i am the Founder of ATROMG8 which is a merger of two organisations which came together to join the tech and the team in order to provide a better product. We are an platform which has the focus on data protection and privacy and we are building all together a social media envirnoment with many features and parallel platforms to provide services and structure for Students, Enterprises all over the world for the post pandemic requierments.

Seems like AtromG8 is not just one product but an amalgamation of multiple products

Q2. Can you elaborate a bit about the phrase that AtromG8 use “Exchange real value as a society” ?

Mak | Support:
We at ATROMG8 think about the society and its people so with our project users can share data and all the important communication on the platform without the threat of data getting leaked or stolen to any other 3rd parties. Its a project which focuses mainly on Privacy and Security, thats another reason we are using LLARP technology which uses MixNet technology.

Q3. What are your working products till now ?

Answer from @QuantumBaker
Q3 We have the social media platform ready with the messenger which is the basis of the communication and the so called trusted environment for the private and the corporate participant which needs to register in order to use all the tools. The more tools and subject to the legal requiements we will need different due dilligence.
- Then we have the shoping Centre almost ready (B2B — B2C — C2c) we are working on Design and fine tuning
- We have an Event Platform which gives the possibility for companies and Associations to digital meet and do business
- We have our own wallet and Exchange which we are fine tuning in Desing and are in the licensing process
- We have a online School which is almost finished for Insitutions and private indoividual to share the knowledge and informations on a professional way
- We have a Blockchain based Certification which gives everyone the possibility to issue Certificates and Diploma on Blockchain, even old and already issued ones can be registered and the service used to secure the Value of the confirmation
en anything but i am sure that Mak will kick me if i dit so

Mak | Support:
We have our own wallet that has many features implemented in it but they will go online on 11.11 this year, thats when our ecosystem and social media platform goes live.

In cooperation with Accubits Technologies, ATROMG8 has developed a robust and scalable concept for use on its own blockchain. The ATROMG8 blockchain which is based on the combination of the EOS algorithm, MixNet communication structure and the LLARP routing protocol introduced by LOKI with a strong focus on privacy and data protection.

The ATROMG8 blockchain structure was chosen by the Department of Health in Kerala India for its E-health pilot project. This E-health pilot project aims to initially keep patient health records for approximately 35 Million residents on the decentralized ATROMG8 blockchain that is secure, rather than storing it in a centralized system that is insecure from data breaches. The E-health pilot project’s core aim is to enable better data security and data accessibility for all patient medical records. With approximately 35 million inhabitants, Kerala is a small state in India but still one of the most progressive states that embrace the use of modern technological achievements!

You can read more about it here

Wow that’s really cool. You guys already have a customer

It’s success there will pave way for more high value customers

Q4. Finally , in the short term what is AtromG8 planning to achieve by end of year?

Quantum Baker:
Q4 Our plan is to have the platform running at the 11.11.2020 and that we can stabilize the ATROM Price trough the activites and with the use of it by over 1 USD
we want to break the mark of the first million user on the platform by end of the year and have at least 5000 copmanies using the service

At this point of time we have an partnership with IBREI and Accubits for the Enterprise part. IBREI is at home in 20 countries and operates a Network of 30`000 Companies which gives us confidence that we will be able to achieve this goals

Mak | Support:
There are lots of plans and all these small steps are taken is to ensure that those plans and goals are achieved which we are positive about reaching within the time frame we have set by end of year 🙂

Quantum Baker:
On the other side we have huge colaboration wiht one of the largest Student organisations in the world which will cover as well a big part of the individual users we want to reach

Looks like 2020 is jam packed

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Twitter Question no 1 :
Username : @pandalucu66

We often hear that some cryptocurrency platforms experience data theft and abuse by hackers, talking about the quality of the AtromG8 Network’s security. How confident AtromG8 to solve this issue?

Quantum Baker:
Question No: 1

Yes this is true and you have to understand that we are fighting here against mostly organised criminal structures and some of them financed by governments like North Korea etc….
They are not sleeping and growing and have huge money for this activities and we are as well not sleeping. One of the reason why we have people Jorge Sebastiao former CTO for MENA Region of Huawei and we have William Nonnis in the science department who is the Fullstack and Blockhain developer for the Ministry of Defense in Italy! But we can not discuss here what we and how we are doing it. We are confident but we cant sit on the development we have rather to stay on top of it and do our homework to keep it this way as well in future

Mak | Support:
Data theft, hack, leaks are one of the biggest and most common problems which are not looked into by those who we rely on currently

Quantum Baker:
one other thing is very important

Mak | Support:
Whats that ?

Quantum Baker:
the most of the problems with Hackers are not by the system this are human failure! This is a realy big issue

Mak | Support:

Twitter Question no 2 :
Username : @kamal_daiya

What are the great achievements that ATROMG8 has achieved so far? What difficulties and risks did you encounter during project implementation and what factors helped motivate you to overcome difficulties?

Quantum Baker:
the biggest achievment is the we have are still here. After the change of the regulation in the europen union last year we had to restructure a lot of the technological part and we dit not know if we would be able because of the fianncial preasure and the new requierments and then short after the COVID which dit block us for over 4 month.
Now we were able to almost finish the new outline and it became better then we have expected.
The difficulties were to combine the tech part withouot compromising the security which was not easy and we had a lot of time to start again and to search another approach. The motivation came from our great community and supporters who were here and alwas supported us with many many things

Mak | Support:
Risk and difficulties are part of every projects and we have came through them on various occasions.

The only difference between us and others is that we didn’t abandoned the project or pushed the dates further but worked hard to make sure what was promised

That’s something that builds trust!

Quantum Baker:
And of course the big partnerships who are now bringing a complete new thrill in the game

Twitter Question no 3 :
Username : @sridhar_naini

ATROMG8 has devised a Blockchain IDSP-backed application, but there are still many students and over academics who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology and whats ur approach towards them?

Mak | Support:
Ohhh yeah. That’s something we can talk about whole day but after the announcement is made 😛

Quantum Baker:
As we mentioned earlier, we are working with huge Student Associations to take care for the mass adoption. You are reaching the Students best by working with their own structures in a way they like to reach them and connect!

Twitter Question no 4:
Username : @LeleCrypto

In terms of global expansion Regulations and licenses are very important. How does ATROMG8 Network deal with the regulations?

Quantum Baker:
The regualtion we are focusing at the Moment is the FIAT, Crypto and Data protection Laws: We are building communities in the region and legal entities which then are much more flexible to act globaly but serve locally! Thats why we have buildet first structures in Brazil, India and in Switzerland for the Swiss and European Market. IN preapration are Russia, China, Vietnam and Indonesia!
The rpoejct will have all platforms in every country but not all services will be provided under the same terms and conditions

there is no other way unfortunetly due to the 100 different regualtion in every single country!

Twitter Question no 5 :
Username : @Buraysalah1763

You will release the Beta version soon. Please explain what new functionalities it will bring and what is its goal?

Quantum Baker:
I hope that i understand the question right!
New functionalities are non. We are not reinventing the Wheel new we took what was on the market available and dit a deep analyze about it and then we adjsuted what we dont like for our project. Many features were this way updated and made safer and faster which is important for the scalability. Social Media is social media and this is the platform from where you are going to use the functionalities and services. Think of a shoping Centre in which all the shops are providing theri service under the umbrella of Data security and privacy and in which all users are participating in the growth of the project in one and the other way

one add here

Let me give you an example: The Blockchain we took the EOS algo and adjusted it to have a better scalability and combined it to the MixNet which was an introduction of the ninties by David Chaume and on top of it we connected it the to the LLARP protocol which was introduced by LOKI and is bridging the downsides of i2P and TOR. This all are not new but in the combination it is very powerful and good!

The final goal is that the user has full control over his data and knows what is happening with it without giving up the technological achievment of our time

Mak | Support:
More information about the blockchain and the technology we are using behing it can be found here —

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by AtromG8 ✔️

Anisur Rahaman:
Most investors simply focus on the price of the TOKEN in the short term, and not on the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and advantages of AtromG8 token investors in the long term?

Quantum Baker:
The project is not made to serve the price of the token rather to contribute a realy value to our society and buidl a platform the bring bpeople together who care for the world and our future. If someone is in the project onyl to make fast money then he should search another project. The Value is buildet over the numbers of users and the service provided. It is in the logic of the numbers that more users and services are stabilizing the price and pushes him up exponentially. We are not hyping and we are not pushing! We wnat to build a good , stable and sustainable project for the future of our kids! I dont think that we are the right platform for Exbankers and people who want to become millionairs over night!

Do you have any yet to be launched UNIQUE FEATURES that ATROMG8 is planning, can you tell us about the UNIQUE FEATURES ATROMG8 has?

@QuantumBaker @Frost1230

Mak | Support:
Yes there are still many features that are yet to be launched and will be included in the Ecosystem for example we have our own exchange that we have developed.

💎💎💎. In AtromG8 a transaction can be considered confirmed with 99.9% certainty after an average of 1.5 seconds from time of broadcast, would that 0.01% be significant to funds losses while doing transactions?

Quantum Baker:
the risk is one of a hundred billion if you take in concideration all the tech part involved that this kind of event really takes place.

$ATROMG8 circulating supply of 269 Million and So, are there any repurchase plans to burn or block tokens to increase the $ATROMG8 value? @QuantumBaker @Frost1230

Mak | Support:
we have burned the tokens in order to build trust and not to hold any toekns minted on wallets which are not in immediate need. We are only waiting for the last test resulats and considering to burn another 200 Million Tokens. Its a trust decision and not an immediate economic decision

Диего | Diego | ディエゴ:
What is the role of ATROMG8 tokens in the network? Does the payment need to pay for ATROMG8? Do I need to pay for ATROMG8 to send a message? In other words, what is the ATROMG8 token appreciation logic?

@QuantumBaker @Frost1230

Mak | Support:
ATROMG8 was not built to pump a Token. The Token is a medium which is helping us to provide Services to the Users! We are strong believers that only extensive and intense use of the Token in the structure will give the Token the real value and not pump and dump! All this structure joining us and already started to work with us will use the Token for theirs service and this is guarantteing a long term stability and grow in the price of the Token! Its very simple
No ATROM = No Service on the Platform

What is the ATROMG8 charity program? And who can benefit from it? Also, is there any form of application to support it, I mean how can I contribute to this program? Thank you!

Quantum Baker:
Chain of Love is financed with 10% of all transaction cost involved. We are here to build this structure and we are already distributing the little money we are collecting every month over the actual level of transaction. Will post her epictures later. We are about to build team for this and have already several very good persons who are helping us with it. If you want to contribute then please write so we can see where you are and where you will fit in. there are so many different fields we are active with Chain of love that we cant impossibly list them all here and now!

Q1) There exist so many DLT models with such good features, so can you tell me what make your Multi-DLT system unique? What is Able to do with It ?

Q2) With How many Real Life industries is possible to AtromG8 work ? I know that Healthcare is related , so can you give more details about It?

Quantum Baker:
We are at the moment in the work of bringing 35 Million people to opour blockchain with the Ministry of Health and Accubits Technologies. Additionla to it we are working on projects in supply chain mangement, pharmaceutical distribution, tourismus and certification for many fields like quality certification of production and much more!

Dalmasca Blockchain:
DeFI got atention in Crypto now,
How do you see Defi potential for astromg8 right now!?
What role do you think astromg8 will takes to makes defi better in global usage!?

Mak | Support:
We had this questionfrom many sides and there is only one thing we can say to this:
We dont see any funtional DeFi operation system which is fully fullfilling the requierments for decentralized financial service from A to Z
We are testing solutions with our partners and different technologies which are available on the market. Unfortunatelly not one is satisfiyng until now and as long we dont reach the results we will not offer this service to our community. In my eyes it is a hype at the moment which will calm down very fast. Once the technological requierments are better we will provide this service and even change the financial network from that what we have today to go fully decentralized. At the moment this is a project in the laboratories of ATROMG8.

Suraj Rajput:
Can you explain why ASTROMG8 decided to launch token on SAFT? What types of investors are eligible to participate in SAFT, is it open for public or private sales?

Quantum Baker:
ATROMG8 it self has not conducted a SAFT nor ICO one of the companies we took the technological part in the merger has done a SAFT an with the experience we know about i can say that i dont advice neither ICO nor SAFt to do. This is with the new regulation coming an absolute nonsense and only the lawyers will make money and be happy!

That is one of the Big reasons we are cooparating with IBREI and Accubits to make Blockchain and the new technology to everyone available and provide the structure they need to compete in the todays market with the stady growing requierments. There are sevral programs to be published before 11.11. which will show how one can participate in the and profit from opur services

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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