BAXE App X Decentralized Club Ama Recap From the 10 of March

Hello, Decentralized. clubbers Another AMA took place in Decentralized Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest Ender @ BAXE App, CopiousTugboat @ BAXE from BAXE App. The AMA took place on the 10th of March .

Welcome @enderbaxe @CopiousTugboat

Welcome everyone!!! So glad to be here 😊

Hey everyone, excited to share the BAXE story with you guys today

That’s great to note hope we enjoy it

Can’t wait to take you all through the BAXE story and how awesome the project is

Introduction questions asked by DC Moderator , Celeb | Decentralized Club


Introduction question

Q1. Can you start us off with brief description about BaxeApp and its mission?

BAXE is an integrated value exchange and communications platform built on decentralised blockchain technology. Therefore, we can offer a seamless and easy to use solution for communications, e-commerce and digital assets – all in one place. BAXE offers exceptional privacy with biometric identity features and the security of knowing that we will not sell user data.

The BAXE project was conceived a couple of years ago and is the worlds first, blockchain-based super app. The ecosystem has been bootstrapped with four pillars laying the foundation – a lifestyle pillar, an e-commerce pillar and an embedded finance pillar and finanly technology.

Please reply with a done when you have finished answering a question

We wanted to bring together everything you love about the internet, with the security that only comes with blockchain technology.

Chat, video, share, browse, bank, shop, stream, invest in crypto, NFTs without giving up your data. Or security.


Q2. Can you elaborate on the various features through which BaxeApp provides solutions to its users?

Taking Back the Internet means bringing everything you love about the Internet into one place, with the security of blockchain technology. This means you can chat, video, share, browse, bank, shop, stream, invest in crypto, NFTs…

The best bit, you get it all without giving up your data or security.

One of the core tenants of the digital economy being P2P payments, BAXE users will be able to send and receive stablecoin and digital assets enabled through blockchain. Payments are not exclusive to the BAXE ecosystem either, with our credit and debit cards, you can spend your digital currency outside the digital economy.

Amazing right?! – Check it out here, we have an awesome explainer video that tells you all about it……

BAXE Payments (

And how about shopping around the world, but within the palm of your hand…..

What makes BAXE marketplace unique is that it is shopping without the middleman. Thanks to blockchain technology, vendors built into the BAXE ecosystem are cheaper and faster. – BAXE Shopping (

Be sure to join us over at to follow along and find our more as we announce new features, updates and overall awesome content!


What about conturies with a restriction on crypto currency

How do. You intend to work around those kind of countries

We have the ability to not only purchase every day goods and services with stablecoins, but you can also transfer your cryptocurrency into fiat and use it as we do everyday to purchase a coffee, magazine or buy that special someone some flowers or chocolates on the way home from work


Q3. What’s the utility of $BAXE and how does one aquire it ?

We actually have two tokens, the BAXE Market Coin ($BAXE) and the BAXE Stablecoin. The BAXE Stablecoin is the lifeblood of the ecosystem; it facilitates instantaneous transactions in a low-to-no fee environment

Our ERC20 token – the BAXE Market Coin ($BAXE) – sits outside the ecosystem and complements it, giving holders a share of merchant fees accrued on the app.

The BMC token will be available on both centralised and decentralised exchanges (e.g. Uniswap), and we’re looking at a public token sale sometime in Q2 of this year.

If you’d like to be notified of when we release more details about the token sale, you can visit:


Last question for this segment

Q4.Can you tell us what are you guys planning to achieve by the Q1 of 2022?

For the past year we’ve been busy developing the app and underlying technology powering the BAXE ecosystem, and by the end of Q1 – beginning of Q2 we’ll be ready to launch the app in closed beta.

We’ve also been in the process of going through all the various certifications and obtaining licenses around security and our financial services, as well as signing up partners, so the team has been very busy. We’ll also be announcing details on the public token sale soon, and are about to start a bounty campaign on March 21.

Be sure to sign up here to be part of the first people to be notified of when that bounty campaign goes live –

Has baxe being audited?

@enderbaxe. @CopiousTugboat

Yes, as a financial institutional we’re subject to a variety of security measures, so we’re actually in the middle of an ISO certification. Additionally, our private blockchain is being developed by Consensys, one of the top Ethereum ecosystem contributors in the world, and our entire ecosystem is being audited and advised by the Herjavec Group

Wow with iso certification this the bomb

We are currently in the middle of completing stage 2 of our ISO 27001 compliance and got the greenlight which is exciting! We worked with Herjevac (you may know of Robert Herjevac frrom the Shark Tank!) on our security to make sure our platform is super secure.

Our first market for rollout is the 27 member states of EU and we are in the process to be regulated as an electronic money institutoion so have central banking regularos to answer to for our fitat bridge.


Thank you

Questions asked on Twitter for BAXE App team!

Does your platform has a restriction or regulation to contents that are being posted?Do you plan to monetise this contents and pay the owners ?Does your project have a licence to operate it’s features? Question from joshblaze

We encourage thoughtful discussions and value multiple viewpoints on topics, but obviously we’ll have to put restrictions around illegal content. We will not be monetizing users’ content though, as it goes against the core of our mission.

The app is within the final stages of the closed beta where we are implementing a full suite of moderation services to keep it safe and secure from anything nasty!

As Take Back the Internet means, you want to only know about size 10 Air Jordans then that’s all you’ll know about! We want the power to be put back into the users hands. This is done biometric security thanks to our partners IDEMIA and Haventec.

Regarding licenses, we’ll have all the necessary licenses around financial services that will allow us to have fiat on-ramps/off-ramps, and handle things like global remittances and money transfers

Baxe is highly security conscious I must say

Initially we’ll be licensed in Europe, with plans to expand to other geos soon after


2. Does the baxe app help users ha e access to products all over the world without giving up your data or privacy

Question from. @Praiseeee8

Yeah, security is definitely a main focus. One of the issues with crypto these days is that there is a high barrier of entry for regular users, and we’d like to be the gateway for those users to all things blockchain and web3.

Super secure security!

The BAXE app will still ask users to give some information in order to set up an account. We also require KYC in order for users to use some of the financial services, as one of the core tenants of the platform is trust, and we’ll need users to be able to trust each other when sending/receiving money and buying/selling goods and services with each other.

However, unlike many platforms out there, we will NOT be selling your data to other companies or using it to market back to you.


3.With baxe you can perform transfer of digital assets some other projects offer this same feature what makes baxe uniquely different from others?

Question from hadarin kudi

The main difference is a lot of other projects are strictly focused on just crypto, so there are no formal on-ramps/off-ramps to the traditional fiat economy native to those platforms.

However, with BAXE, since we do have the proper licenses

A user can literally browse for an NFT or digital asset on the app

and instead of having to go out and obtain some crypto on an exchange, transfer from the exchange to their wallet, hook up their wallet to the NFT gateway, etc.

they can just pay with a credit card or account balance right on the platform

and we do all the heavy lifting

that’s not something any other app can do at the moment

You want to use the earnings from a digital asset to purchase pizza for dinner, no problems as we have the ability to transfer from the digital currencies into fiat or use our BAXE stablecoin at the click of a button


This has being quite a read

And straight forward

Let’s go on

4. How does baxe tend to reward it’s users?

Does your platform has a referral system which one can earn passively?

How do you plan to overcome your space?

Twitter question Joshuaid

BAXE collects a small fee on all financial transactions on the ecosystem, and will be distributing a portion of the fees to $BAXE holders periodically. So the more successful we are as a company, the more our community of $BAXE holders benefit.

However, BAXE aims to facilitate transactions within the ecosystem as well as the external economy at a minimal cost.

The BAXE Stablecoin is the lifeblood of the BAXE in-app ecosystem; built on cutting-edge Hyperledger Besu infrastructure, it facilitates instantaneous transactions in a low-to-no fee environment.

Our ERC20 token – the BAXE Market Coin (BAXE) – sits outside the ecosystem and complements it, giving holders a share of merchant fees accrued on the app, and fostering an owners’ mentality.

The BAXE token will be available on both centralised and decentralised exchanges (e.g. Uniswap).


Last question for this segment

There is increasing anxiety and fear for privacy, security of personal information and the power wielded by the tech oligopoly. Which has resulted in a digital ecosystem How do you control this problem??

Twitter question from abayomi nathani

Be sure to join us at where we drop pure fire content and keep up with all the latest announcements as well as a community full of web3, crypto and overall legends!

BAXE does not plan on monetizing your data the way companies like FB and Google do these days. We believe in users having control of their own data, so. all data and communications will be private, encrypted, and controlled by the user.


Questions Asked by our Decentralized club members during live session to BAXE App team!

How is it possible for a user to be able to contact a vendor directly through BAXE chat, arrange their order and pay straight through the app?

We’ll have a marketplace where vendors and really any user can open up a shop where other BAXE users can purchase. Since all vendors are also BAXE users, communications will be integrated directly through our native communications services.

Where can I currently buy Token❓

We’re current in our seed and private rounds, but will be announcing more details about a public token sale soon. You can sign up to be notified of that here:

Also, we’ll be starting a bounty campaign on March 21, where you’ll have a chance the first 1,000 participants will receive 100 BAXE:

Plese Sir Tell me

CAN you explain How is Your. Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many. Will be locked by the Team??? Thanks

Our tokenomics distrubtion can be found at

It will be broken up into the following categories:

25% presale, private and public crowd sale

18% BAXE team

15% Ecosystem rewards

27% Reserved

15% BAXE Network Reward Scheme (NRS)

The first drop will happen in our Bounty Campaign which launches on March 21st!

Be sure to stay in the loop 🙂


100% AGREE!!

We have gone out and partnered with the top of the class within the Blockchain, Security, Technology, Operations, Finance and Marketing platforms.

Some of those are:


Gemini is a New York trust company regulated by the NYSDFS. We have partnered with Gemini to ensure your crypto is always safe and secure.


IDEMIA provides Augmented Identity and envisions a world where everyone has an identity and can prove it, in total privacy, wherever and whenever identity and security matter.

Herjavec Group

Herjavac Group provides BAXE the access to the services of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity firms.


Accubits is a global leader in custom software, AI and blockchain development. They assist BAXE in mobile and web development.


ConsenSys is a software engineering leader within the blockchain space. They will be assisting BAXE in blockchain development.


🪄🎉🪅📒📒 🪄🎉🪅📒📒

🎊Can thus Bate Debit card be useful anywhere in the world?

BAXE offers users a virtual debit card which can be user anywhere that a debit card is accepted, like restaurants and retail stores. For crypto purchases, users can deposit money into their BAXE wallets and then use their funds.

Here are the some important link of BAXE App

🌍 Website :

Twitter 📱:

Instagram 📸:

Medium 📖:

LinkedIn 💻 :

📰 Medium :

⏱ Hackernoon :

💈 Blocknomi :

🪙 Coincodex :

✉️ Telegram Announcement page:

✉️ Telegram Community page:



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