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Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Bitcoin Origins is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with Bitcoin Origins :👉

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about Bitcoin Origins ? @M_Hewitt

Michael Hewitt:
Thank you again for this opportunity to share Bitcoin Origins as it is becoming a very highly anticipated project within the space, but before anything, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Hewitt, Director of Digital Strategy at CoinGenius and one of the Co-Founders of Bitcoin Origins. I’ve been involved in the industry now for roughly 4 years, being able to work with some of the most notable names such as Meltem Demirors, Don Tapscott, and Nick Spanos, as well as working with very prominent companies like OpenSea, WAX, and Binance. I’ve been involved in many different areas of product development, helping to oversee distinct qualities of exchanges to specific token functionalities from a developer perspective. This wide range of experience for myself really led to the personal impact that Non-Fungible Tokens had on me, as NFT’s are almost limitless in what can be created using it as a tool for a variety of products. Once realizing the impact NFT’s will soon have on our industry, eventually translating to traditional markets, it was important to quickly get involved into this impactful tech.
All that being said, Bitcoin Origins was conceived from our internal team as we were trying to encapsulate the pathos of Bitcoin’s undeniably hardfought progress throughout the years, as well as figuring out the best word that was befitting of a memorable past that was remarkable. Once we reached the conclusion of “Origins” perfectly fitting the description of a passionate and exciting journey, we knew it worked well with our main goal of the project, which was capturing the essence of Bitcoin’s history through rare digital collectibles. Our motivation behind this concept was truly about the embodiment of the blockchain industry because no matter which companies, influencers, or crypto’s one fully backs in the present day, Bitcoin was the preceding protocol that created the path for our progress today. We fully felt that Bitcoin throughout the years has left a remarkable memory, in some shape or form, on almost every crypto & blockchain advocate. Thus, creating digital collectibles that revive that same emotion and sensation for everyone’s personal tie to that specific moment in the Biography of Bitcoin is our underlying motivation for why we created Bitcoin Origins.

What a nicely detailed answer

Q2. What are some of the key features of Bitcoin Origins ? @M_Hewitt

Michael Hewitt:
Our team developing Bitcoin Origins is trying to create this into more than just favorable pieces of Bitcoin inspired NFT art. We are working with great producers, animators, and directors, helping to create a fully functional story around Bitcoin’s origin from the whitepaper creation to present today. A key feature that we bring to the table is an interactive story that users will be dying to be a part of on a daily basis. We are going to have dynamic NFT’s that will be be incorporated throughout the story, whether it has to do with opening up locked features, or redeeming for more scarce collectibles, our NFT’s in Bitcoin Origins will be dynamic in the way they will be used as well as featured since they will change as the story progresses.

That’s really innovative and fun. Dynamic feature is fun

Q3. Can you elaborate a bit on the products or solutions that Bitcoin Origins has brought to the table ?

Michael Hewitt:
We are working with one of the best developers that I have witnessed in the space, his name cannot be revealed at this time, but he has created some of the most adaptive platforms on the market. It is certainly great to have him be a part of the team, and to be passionate about the journey we are trying to bring our user upon with Bitcoin Origins. A problem that we felt within the space of NFT’s was that many did not have a functionality beyond taking up space in a hot wallet. We wanted to take that notion and flip it on its head because the ability of NFT’s is evident since one has the ability to do so much from a user experience perspective. That being said, we decided that we wanted to really make an impact for our users, and help shepherd them into this journey of Bitcoin Origin’s, while also redeeming ownership in the distinct moments throughout Bitcoin’s history. Though, it wouldn’t seem right to not have this mysterious, competitive, and community driven element to how our users will interact with the story, NFT’s, and most certainly each other. We are tirelessly working on a one of a kind platform, and hope to showcase it soon enough since we have big plans to disrupt the entire space of NFT’s.

👍👍👍It already seems disruptive in my opinion

Q4. Finally, what does Bitcoin Origins plans to achieve by the end of this year?

Michael Hewitt:
We are continually creating new and distinct ways for a fun, and memorable platform that helps to encompass our NFT’s & story while under the single idea of Bitcoin’s Origins, wherever that may take us. Our goal to achieve by the end of the year is to release some of the beginning moments in our series 1 called, “The Uprising”. We want our community to become as passionate about Bitcoin Origins as we are, and we felt that showcasing our specific NFT’s and having our community be able to collect these moments is a great first step in the right direction. We are excited for what the future holds for Bitcoin Origins, and are taking it week by week since we have big plans in developing a unique experience.

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Twitter Question no 1 (Oleg Troyanovskiy)
Username : @OlegTroya1

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the experimentally of the BitcoinOrigins project?

Michael Hewitt:
This is a great question because the upfront disadvantage about our process of creating distinct features in Bitcoin Origins seems to also be a favorable advantage. The reason is that the disadvantage is no one has created specific digital collectibles commemorating the years of Bitcoin, through the relative highs and noteworthy lows. This gives our team the opportunity to create specific moments and innovative functionalities with our NFT’s that have never been seen before across any market, focusing on many different features more than just highly exceptional pieces of art. This is one of the most exciting parts about the Bitcoin Origins project is that no one has been able to recreate the specific moments in the history of Bitcoin that tap into the heart strings of almost every crypto enthusiast, re-imagining those specific moments like Bitcoin Pizza Day, Mt.Gox, Whitepaper Creation, etc, on NFT’s which will more importantly have internal components that have never been seen before on any other Non-Fungible Token.

Twitter Question no 2 (Prettyboy07)
Username : @Prettyboy071

What are the memorable milestones and outstanding achievements you have made in the development process?

Michael Hewitt:
It’s hard to say which specific milestone thus far with Bitcoin Origins has been the most memorable as we have been making remarkable progress with our engaging community, adaptive NFT’s, and amazing artists who are able to recapture Bticoin’s history into distinct pieces of art. Though, if I had to choose the biggest highlight thus far it would have to be the outstanding responses from our incredible artwork displayed on NFT’s. We’ve been fortunate enough to showcase our progress and more specifically NFT’s in front of some major folks in this community including some of the biggest NFT platforms, and every single one of them has given us the most beneficial as well as extremely positive feedback on how they absolutely love the artwork. It is very much a confidence boost as we understand that we are moving in the right direction regarding our artwork for NFT’s, and the constructive ideas we formulate within the team.

Twitter Question no 3 (Anonymously Obvious)
Username : @AnonymouslyObv3

Can you give us a hint as to how #satoshis will be incorporated into the cards. Really cool idea!!

Michael Hewitt:
I love this question as we have been asked by our community and many others in how we are going to incorporate the mysterious figure of “Satoshi”. We are constantly creating new possibilities in how we can establish Satoshi into our NFT’s and more importantly the story of Bitcoin Origins. I can speak for myself, but Satoshi is very much a remarkable figure in the creation of Bitcoin, as well as the entire space because he has impacted everyone from either the birth of blockchain, to being a mythical-like figure in the community. No matter, he has always been an important part of Bitcoin’s past, present and future, so he will certainly be a part of Bitcoin Origins as we have distinct features of Satoshi being a helping hand through the Bitcoin Origins platform/story. That is the most I can say for now, but we believe everyone will enjoy having Satoshi help them in their journey through Bitcoin Origins!

Twitter Question no 4 (crypto2x)
Username : @crypto2x1

What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

Michael Hewitt:
Our community is undeniably one of our main focuses because Bitcoin Origins was created out of the idea of sparking those distinct memories we have all had with Bitcoin. This being our underlying goal is why we place such an emphasis on placing our community at the forefront of creativity, where we take into consideration what they have to say regarding NFT’s or even platform functionality. We want to create the best user experience, an experience where you are continuously blown away from the impact of Bitcoin Origins. Our strategy would be placing the user experience at the top of priorities, as we believe the power of the community is a fundamental part of building a lasting project, but more importantly a lasting experience. This being our top priority has created a service of continually giving back to our community with very interactive activities such as giveaways, easter eggs, and treasure hunts so everyone has the opportunity to win very favorable NFT’s from Bitcoin Origins.

Twitter Question no 5 (Mid Or Feed)
Username : @ranfille

What are the plans in terms of marketing and business partnerships in order to create value for Bitcoin Origins?

Michael Hewitt:
We have many exciting plans on our roadmap for Bitcoin Origins that will be public soon enough. For now, I can only share so much as we have to keep some of our plans exclusive since we are still processing some very significant partnerships with very impactful names that can help us bring Bitcoin Origins to a wide range of audiences. What I can distinctly say is that it is great to have such an experienced director and producer on our team, Joe Sichta. Joe is able to draw his background from working at Disney Interactive, Dreamworks Animation, and Mattel, allowing for a whole list of opportunities to expand Bitcoin Origins beyond the constraints of our community as well as give us an advantage over many NFT specific projects since we have close relations with great companies not within the industry, but who could be heavily interested.

Michael your answers are very detailed and satisfying. 👌👌

Are you sure it’s a HE? and not THEY or SHE? 😁😉😉

Michael Hewitt:
Hard to say haha, but at this point I really think the impact of Satoshi has grown out of the liklehood of being a single figure, and I think it’s important for everyone to realize the impact we are continually creating as a community of great minds! This industry started as a group and surely will progress as a flourishing industry that is working together everyday.

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by Bitcoin Origins ✔️

Adoption is one of the most important factor that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the invertors eyes. Can you tell us what Bitcoin Origins has done and plan to do to achieve adoption in the reality, real use cases, our real society?

Michael Hewitt:
Great question, as our ultimate goal of Bitcoin Origins is widley spread the magnificient story of Bitcoin. We plan on rolling out our own unique platform so we can widely spread, in an easier but fun fashion, the story becasue I best believe that everyone has some type of emotianal ties to Bitcoin. We have many connections to key partners from a traditional market perspective, and are exclusively working with certain animators from the worlds biggest companies. We are going to have undeniably lucrative NFT’s that have a fantastic longetivty to how they will interact with our story/platform.

As I read on your website, Bitcoin Origins is releasing a set Digital Collectible Cards foe Bitcoin fans hoow can fans adquire them? And as digital art how can you ensure it won’t be filtered and owned by anyone?

Michael Hewitt:
Our NFT’s will be released only from our team, and we are currently working on which platform to have our intial launch of our Series 1 “The Uprising”. That being said, we have internally outline the specific amounts of NFT’s we are going to launch, and want to create a true sense of scarcity with our NFT’s since our artwork is highly respected on any marketplace, especially the artists that recreate these moments. The process of minting will only allow the Bitcoin Origins to create the NFT’s, and will not allow for any duplications since we are the ones creating the distinct pieces with highly succesful animators/artists.

to create the Bitcoin Origins financial ecosystem, will there be a buyback or burning of a token supply?

Michael Hewitt:
There will definitely be a type of componenet featured throughout Bitcoin Origins regarding redemption mechanisms, and or opening new & favorable oppurtunties on the platfrom from collecting specific NFT’s throughout our releases. That is why we place such an emphasis on our community try to collect as many NFT’s, whether it will be from the intial launch of our Series 1, to starting to collect the Bitcoin Origins “Artist Sketch” promo cards, because our NFT’s are certainly featured for underlying value that will last for years to come, all of our NFT’s will be incorporated with our platform & story.

Dalmasca Blockchain:
You work with great producers, animators and directors. Have you been happy with the feedback you have received so far and the requests from users? How far will you advance the art of Blockhain?

Michael Hewitt:
I love this question, as we are taking great pride in the artists, producers, animators, and directors we are working with. That being said, we have fortunately received such great feedback because so far have created pieces of art that have been able to re-capture those significant moments in the minds of our entire communtiy, and beyond. We plan to progressivly work with more fantastic creators, and exclusive plans to create Bitcoin Origin NFT’s into more than just prestigous artwork, but possibly a comic book story NFT, short animations, and much more, allowing the community to have even more ownership of these distinct moments throughout the history of Bitcoin.

How to be motivated to keep Bitcoin Origins cards for a long time?

Michael Hewitt:
Our NFT’s are dynamic in the way they will incorporated onto our platform and throughout the launch of our Series 1. It is important for users to understand that almost all of our NFT’s on the market will be utilized in some fashion for future use so users are able gain more value the more they are involved by collecting the Bitcoin Origins NFT’s and utilizing the platform.

In Altcoins We Trust:
@M_Hewitt Do you have any interest in working on Ethereum articles (or not only Bitcoin themes)?

Michael Hewitt:
We are currently focusing on Bitcoin, but do have future plans incorporating all the featured protocols that certainly have evolved from the early days of Bitcoin. Though, for the time being, we are focusing on Bitcoin.

These cards are intended for Bitcoin fans around the world who want to own a rare piece of Bitcoin history. What are the most memorable moments of BTC to you, how many digital cards will be released to commemorate them?

Michael Hewitt:
For now, until the official launch of our Series 1 release “The Uprising”, this moments that will continuall be featured in this launch will certainly feature iconic moments such as the Whitepaper Creation, Genesis Block, Mt.Gox, and many more iconic memories.

Most projects have to go through certain difficulties and challenges, what difficulties do you face and how do you overcome them?

Michael Hewitt:
I think the biggest difficulty we are facing is that we are setting a new standard for NFT’s, so we are continually thinking of new ways to rid the past of jsut having NFT’s live in your wallet. We want to create the ultimate user experience for our communtiy, and have our NFT’s be utility purposed so users are able to prestigous Bitcoin themed artwork THAT can also be used in a interactive, gamified experience.

Hey Can you please brief about FEATURES & BENEFITS to our community?

Michael Hewitt:
The community at this moment has been able to gain exclusive “Artist Sketch” NFT’s, that will undeniably play a big part later on the platform. Like I’ve said already, our NFT’s that users need to be collecting will have hidden features, and interactive components that will open up far greater oppurtunties of gaining more value, so it is improtant for our community to be engaged as much as possible since they are already receiving NFT’s that will have much utility value for later purposes on our platform.

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