Decentralized Club AMA with Black Bear Finance

On the 24th of June, 2022 at 17:00 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Roger (Co-Founder) and BlackBearFi from the Black Bear Finance for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 100,000 people. It was hosted by DC Host, Ella.

The session was divided into three segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1, questions from the Twitter community were answered in Segment 2, and live questions from the community members in attendance were answered in Segment 3.

If you missed this event and would like to know what Black Bear Finance is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Information here should be researched and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Also note that slight edits have been made for clarity, and links in this recap lead to images, documents, or other media.

Segment 1 — Introduction



Hi Everyone! Hope you guys doing well🤩

Today I am hosting an AMA session with the Decentralized Club.😊

My name is Ella and I will be hosting Black Bear Finance in this session.☺️

Let’s welcome our guests @BlackBearFi , @BlackBearRM


Hello! Glad to be here Ella! 😎🙌


Hi Ella and group, great to be here


You’re welcome to Decentralized Club ! It’s our pleasure to have you guys here !😉

Hey Black bear! How are you?


We are doing well! Excited to answer everyone’s questions!


Yess, looking forward for this session🤩

will @BlackBearRM joining us today in the session?


Yup, I’m here


okaay great!

Hi Roger! How are you?


Great thx



Would you guys kindly introduce yourself to the Community ?


Hi everyone! We are just launching our presale and giveaway and we wanted to collaborate with decentralized club to answer all of your questions! Cheers 🙌




Hey Everyone

Forgive brief answers, I’m also not really an emoji guy!


Hehehe! np😌

Let’s get started with the session😌

Let me give you a quick overview of the session

AMA is divided into three segments:

Segment 1️⃣: Introduction with Project team

Segment 2️⃣: 5 best Question from Twitter Gets Answered

Segment 3️⃣: DC group Chat will open for 1 minutes, Users ask their questions in Live session. Best 5 Telegram questions gets answered.

Kindly type”✅” after you are done answering!

Let’s get started! We are very interested in learning more about Black Bear Finance!🥂


Sounds good!


Great! Starting with the segment 1

Q1. Can you give us a quick overview of Black Bear Finance, what motivated you to start this project?


We are a Canadian blockchain company that were originally crypto enthusiasts and investors. The inspiration was formed due to the use cases and utility of blockchain tech. Blockchain allowed us to build an ecosystem that could bring in incentives. We wanted to develop a sustainable program that builds value for both investors and the environment.


Q2. How Black Bear Finance contributing to the wildlife conservation?


Black Bear Finance is creating a sustainable platform that will focus on creating funding strategies for existing conservation nonprofits. We can effectively support organizations that would normally struggle or fail due to funds becoming scarce. As previously stated, case studies have confirmed that conservation organizations can have all their impacts completely erased if the project ends up losing its funding.

We are also allocating 500 million tokens 0.5% of the total supply as our charity wallet. These tokens will generate yield on our Defi branch and the rewards will be donated on a monthly basis. Throughout each aspect of our project there will be ways to support our conservation partners.


That’s Great!🤩

Q3. What makes Black Bear Finance different from other defi platforms?


We offer different ways for users to earn yield. We are building a staking platform, liquidity yield farming, and offering a way for users to deposit their $BEAR tokens to earn MATIC. We are incredibly excited to offer a way for users to utilize our native token to earn another. This allows more incentive and an additional use case for Black Bear Finance.


Okayyy! That’s interesting

Q4. what are the ways to acquire BEAR token ? What are the ways that the token benefits the user?


Throughout our website, you can find information in regards to the ecosystem we are creating. We have Staking, Yield Farming, GameFi ecosystem alongside in-game NFT assets.

Lastly, we also offer users to earn rewards and support conservation with a crypto-backed VISA card.

For more information check out our Litepaper:

We will also have our launch on the Quickswap exchange via matic mainnet. 😎


Yes, i have gone through your website and it’s really amazing🤩




Q5.Can you tell us about Black Bear Finance forthcoming events and the accomplishments it has made thus far?


We are currently launching our presale on Pinksale and just started our $15,000 Giveaway airdrop. We have been collaborating with Chainlink labs for our Defi development and we are working alongside a tier 1 exchange that we can’t publicly announce.

Presale link:


Community people, do check the Black bear presale link☺️

with this we have came to an end of segment1

Segment 2 — Twitter Questions

Let’s now take some questions from our Twitter community!


Q1: @Retropixel13

After Presale, can you tell us what your next great moves are? Can we expect on a Staking Program here? If yes, please explain how to Stake on our newly purchased $BEAR token? And what other ways to earn more passive income with #BlackBearFinance?


Our priority is to build out our DeFi branch. It will be the foundation that expands outwards to our other development goals within the Black Bear Finance ecosystem. We are collaborating with brilliant members from Chainlink labs to make our Defi secure and effective. ✅


great! you guy’s are really doing an amazing job!😌

Q2: @hasu05896004

Many projects look great only on their whitepaper and Roadmap but face many difficulties when trying to implement the project mission and end in failure. How does your project overcome every obstacle in its project development?


Everything we build is intentional to make sure we are a profitable company. Our motto is to offer rewards on a sustainable level that does not devalue our token. The team at Black Bear Finance has a corporate treasury to ensure we have funding to expand our mission. We also include a wide array of options for users to participate such as Staking, Yield Farming, NFT’s and Gamefi!✅


Q3: @berkee1985

I noticed that the theme of your project is based on wildlife and its complete protection. So what motivates your development team to protect wildlife so much? What specifically do they want to save? Animals? Ecosystems? Could you explain to me this important point of your project?


We have partners that deal with different sectors of conservation.

Some are very specific to certain animals such as Bears, Wolfdogs, etc. Our other partners have collaborative efforts on land preservation and protection.

Conservation is a multilevel issue that needs ingenuity, sustainable funding, and awareness to overcome. ✅


Q4: @Retropixel13

There is a very bad reputation for charity projects because they are considered a scam or projects that have no utility. So, could you tell me not only about the profits you plan to offer but also about the confidence-instilling features of your project?


Yes we know and agree, We are an open book. That was one of the driving forces our team had in creating Black Bear finance. We saw scammy, worthless projects rug pull or become disingenuous with the charity funds raised by investors. First off, our team is public and we had conduct our Smart contract audit and KYC.

The utility is another huge issue, even multi-billion dollar companies that launch a crypto can have little utility with their token. This is why we created an expansive network that offers all of the best features blockchain technology can provide. Ie, Defi protocols, GameFi, NFTs, and Payments. ✅


Q5: @Shimul36171483

“What’s your vision ultimately?” What is the project trying to achieve in the longer term and how do you plan to get there? How will your ultimate vision and mission make a difference in the world?!

Ending segment 2 with great Information about the project!☺️


We will build and build, our intention is not just for 2022, we are planning for 2025. The team here are driven to excel at what others failed to do.

Most projects unfortunately have the intention to make a quick profit. Our approach is to create an impactful ecosystem that we can be proud of.

We do not promise to change the world, however, we do believe we can attempt at finding innovative solutions that can bridge people and blockchain toward conservation efforts. 🐻🌲✅


Greatt🔥 Looking forward to it😌

We have came to an end segment2

— -Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions — -

Segment 3 — Live Questions


Time to take up some questions for segment 3 from our live audience! Guyss be readyyy to shoot your questions😉

Dear guest,

Please pick five original questions to answer.

Try to ignore generic, vague, and copy-paste questions 😊

AMA Rules for the community

🚨DC AMA Rules🚨

1️⃣ Post your best questions first. Community members are allowed a maximum of three(3) questions per session but do not repeat questions from the same account. People who break this rule will be disqualified even if the excess questions are deleted. WE ARE WATCHING 🙄

2️⃣ Post only original questions. Members with stolen questions from DC or other AMAs will be disqualified and banned.

3️⃣ There will be slow mode to prevent spamming.

4️⃣ Join the guest and host (DC) Telegram and Twitter pages to be eligible for rewards. Check pinned post during AMA for details.

5️⃣ Don’t tag the guest in your question or your question will be deleted.

6️⃣ Follow all the special instructions the host gives before the live session. Pay attention.

7️⃣ You can only win once in one segment no matter how many times your questions were picked.

8️⃣ Telegram username should be present in your Telegram Account, otherwise you will be considered as DISQUALIFIED.

9️⃣ Join Đecentralized Člub Discord:

Please join our courtroom for disputes and to report copied questions and cheaters with relevant proof.






Dear community, as a measure to deter bots and reward hunters, please include the guest’s full name in your questions so the guest can tell original questions apart!


Dear Guest, be ready to answer some 5 best question for our lovely audience


The group will be unmuted shortly 😊



It has come to my attention that you have a $15,000 giveaway and I would like to know more about it. Could you tell us what are the steps to follow to win in this giveaway? How can we participate? @alaskasb



Hi I will answer this one quickly! Our presale is hosted via gleam.Io

You can visit our website link here for more details. After launch we will announce the winners. 20 winners in total for the $15,000 pot. 😎💰


Q2. Do the token holders have right to the partiicipate in the govetrnance of the project? On what kiind of decisions can thiey vote on abiout the project? @mfiojpdjv



Yes, we want all of the input we can get. Holders will be a strong part of the community and be expected to bring worthy causes to the groups’ attention. Monthly voting on projects will be the norm.


Q3. How can I participate in the BEAR token pre-sale? When will be the launch? Will you wait for the market to stabilize a bit before launching it? [@habibi_ve]



Hi! Great question 👌

Our presale isn’t hosted on pinksale:

There is an extreme level of uncertainty, and volatility within crypto. And we have delayed our project before. However we now realize that the market seems to be more stabilized. ✅


Q4. IS This Your project only for elite invesitors, how abouit others with smiall funlds, is it opien to everyone? @Bangladesh400



We want EVERYONE involved, my main motivation was inspired by my experiences with 3rd world countries’ microloans. This gives access to everyone and that’s never happened before Crypto.


Q5. Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them?? @suvalaxme176



Check our presale link provided in this chat. We are on the MATIC mainnet. Our token address is:


And we will be launching in Quickswap! 🌲🚀 ✅


Great! with this we have came to an end of segment 3🤩

it’s a wrap! 🥳

Thank you dear guest for your time 😊

Your answers were brilliant!

Cheers🥂 to you and your team for their time and effort in making this project a success!

Dear Guest,thankyou for choosing Decentralized community🤩❤️


Thanks everyone! Great questions 😎👌

We really appreciate you hosting us here! Thanks everyone so much! 🎉✨


Thanks Ella



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