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Dear, Community,

Welcome to the recap of our AMA with Delta Exchange.
Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Delta Exchange is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with Delta Exchange: 👉

Trooper Zen:
Q1. Can you provide a brief introduction to the core team behind Delta Exchange?

Pankaj Balani:
We are Delta Exchange. We are a derivatives exchange.

We offer:
1) Perpetual swaps on Bitcoin and 65 other coins. Customers can trade them with upto 100x leverage
2) We offer options on BTC, ETH and other altcoins such as BCH, LTC, XRP, LINK, BNB etc.
3) We also offer bunch of other derivatives such as interest rate swaps, calendar spreads, exotic options etc.

Our team:
We are 3 cofounders we come from experience of working in Finance with big investment banks such as UBS, Citibank, GIC etc.
Our CTO comes from background of buildling large scale technology

Trooper Zen:
Here is the next question

Q2. Can you talk a bit about what services does Delta Exchange offers and how customers have more options than other exchanges?

Pankaj Balani:
We have a very unique and one of the most advanced derivatives offering.

1) We offer perpetual swaps on a large number of Alts. We also offer ALT-BTC paris for leveraged trading with up 50x leverage.

we are the only exchange to have perpetual swaps on such a large number of big ALT-BTC pairs

2) We have Options on BTC, ETH and also BCH, BNB, LINK, XRP, LTC

we are the only exchange to offer options on Altcoins.

Trooper Zen:
Awesome 👌

| DK | 🌿 | Never PM/DM First 🐞 Decentralized Club:
Cool 😎

Pankaj Balani:
We have introduced a bunch of new innovative products in the crypto derivatives space

for example:
1) We were the first to start offering perpetual swaps on smaller coins such as BNB (opened perps in dec-2018), NEO, LEO, RVN, KNC, AAve and a bunch of other names

2) We introduced stablecoin settled derivatives in cryptos way back Jan-2019

3) We launched interest rate swaps for people to swap their variable interest cost with fixed interest cost

we have been covered by Nasdaq, Coindesk and other top media for our USPs

| DK | 🌿 | Never PM/DM First 🐞 Decentralized Club:
Very Impressive👍👍

Trooper Zen:
Q3. Who are the investors behind Delta Exchange?

Pankaj Balani:
We have some very good investors backing us

Pankaj Balani:
1) Aave Ventures
2) CoinFund
3) Sinoglobal
4) Kyber Network
5) Lunex Ventures
6) Gumi Crypto
7) g1 VC
8.) BRC
9) Spartan Group
10) QSN by QCP

Trooper Zen:
Here is the fourth question…

Q4.What custodians are leveraged and what additional steps are taken for securing user funds ?

Pankaj Balani:
- We keep funds with best custodians : BitGo, Curv.

- All withdrawals are checked and cleared manually only after a review

- We don’t store any private keys on internet

- Even with custodians funds are in multisig wallets

Trooper Zen:
Nice 😍

Q5. What is further planned for Delta Exchange in 2021 ?

Pankaj Balani:
Our Roadmap

Launch Options chain ✅
Launch spot trading in DETO and selected cryptos
Launch robo trading strategies ✅
Native apps for Android & iOS
Localise website and trading terminal to support multiple languages

Options position builder tools
Options analytics
Enable sub-accounts
Support for multi-asset collateral
Enable portfolio margining

Enabled Custody-less trading by leveraging smart contracts based margining & settlement
Launch FIX APIs
Launch multi-legged orders

Native desktop apps for Windows & iOS
Portfolio analytics and tax computation tools

Trooper Zen:

Thanks for that well detailed introduction about Delta Exchange

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Trooper Zen:
Twitter question no 1.
Username : @TonyMon253

Delta Exchange have a very interesting element called “ ROBO TRADING STRATEGIES”, so is this an artificial intelligence that help users to trade?

Pankaj Balani:
Robotrading allows retail traders access the benefits of Algo trading.

It is a suite of automated trading strategies to grow your crypto on auto-pilot.

The strategies available on the platform will range from:
1) Momentum trading on BTC, ETH, DeFi assets, top crypto-assets to
2) Low risk cash and carry strategies and more.

Traders will be able to compare different strategies based on their past performance and will be able to ‘Subscribe’ to a particular strategy using BTC or Tether (USDT). Via the dashboard, traders will be able to see how many other traders have subscribed to a particular strategy, the fee structure for any strategy and other details.

Here’s a quick start guide on Robo Trading Strategies:

Trooper Zen:
Hey Chat take time to read 😉

Lets move to the last question from this segment….

Twitter question no 2.
Username : @static_current

How did you manage to give options on smaller cap coins?

Pankaj Balani:
We have always been ahead of the curve in bringing products to the crypto derivatives market.

We believe that 2021 will be the year of Options and we had started to prepare for it in early 2020 itself.

We developed margining and risk management engine to handle large and sharp price swings in prices of these options.

We also developed ecosystem and market makers to offer options on top names.

these efforts are bearing fruit now and we are able to offer options on bunch of smaller coins

We are the only exchange to offer options on smaller names

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by Delta Exchange ✔

How are the strike prices of Options listed on Delta determined?

Pankaj Balani:
In 2 ways:

1) Fixed strikes which are rolled out as market moves up. So when BTC moved to 50K we launched 50.25K, 50.5K, 51K strikes and so on on.

2) For smaller alts we have daily and weekly options. At every expiry (daily 12 noon UTC) we launch ATM strikes for next day. Every friday (at 12 noon UTC) we launch ATM strikes for next week and so on

Nastaya 👄:
What Referal policies will Delta Exchange have for users when they introduce and invite more people to use the platform? What plans does Delta have for mentoring and educational programs for beginners to enter the crypto market?

Pankaj Balani:
We offer 15% in referrer commissions and 10% off in fees for the referrals.

We also offer 40% Referral commissions for special affiliates.

Details here:

Microbyte Trader:

Will the utility of DETO be exactly like what BNB is doing for Binance or it comes with something extra ?

Pankaj Balani:
DETO has many more features than any other exchange coin.

Key features of DETO:

1. Trade Farming: Traders earn DETO proportional to their trading on Delta.

2. Liquidity Mining (AMM) on single currency pools (BTC and USDT) and more will be added eventually.

3. Robo-Trading: Earn potential yield and DETO by investing in trading strategy pools.

4. Minimum Support Price (MSP): Delta will accept DETO for >= $0.10 as trading fees.

5. Buybacks: Delta Exchange will use a part of the fee earned on the exchange to buyback DETO.

6. Staking and Exchange Utility: Staking with fair lock-up periods. Use DETO to pay fees, use as margin, etc.

There are 2 ways to get our $DETO token:

1. When it gets listed on our exchange.

2. You can earn DETO via Trade Farming, Referral Mining and Liquidity Mining as mentioned here:

Trooper Zen:
Thanks @pankajbalani. That’s all for today’s AMA. Let’s wrap up 😊

Pankaj Balani:
yes 🙂

thanks for having me guys. was a great session

great to see such interest and thanks for all the questions

| DK | 🌿 | Never PM/DM First 🐞 Decentralized Club:
Thanks @pankajbalani :) for the lots of time🙏

Trooper Zen:
Our AMA ended with Delta Exchange !
Hope you had a great time . Please join the below social media to stay updated with them as they progress further:

Pankaj Balani:
Do join our community and come talk to us anytime

Trooper Zen:

Pankaj Balani:
Do make sure you join our group for upcoming token updates: @DeltaExChat

Also here is a sign-up offer: Get up to $100 as a first deposit bonus when you sign-up on

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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