Digital Renaissance X Decentralized Club Ama Recap From the 23rd of February

Hello, Decentralized. clubbers Another AMA took place in Decentralized Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest Jonas Rosbech(CMO) , Oscar Van Velsen (CPO) , Luuk (CTO) , Julius Caesar (CEO) , Nick ( Creative Director) from The Digital Renaissance .The AMA took place on the 23rd of February.



AMA now is with Digital Renaissance Joining us here today is @oscarvanv





Welcome to the Decentralized club

Hey guys! Nice to be here! 🙂 CMO of Digital Renaissance

hello! 👋 CTO here


It’s pleasure to have you here with us.

Before we dive into the project, we will love to know about your role and day to day work experience in project

Kindly type ‘’Done’’

After answering the question.


Hi 🙂




Welcome to the decentralised club

As mentioned before, I am Jonas CMO of Digital Renaissance. I have done marketing and growth for 13 years, been a touring artists and recently sold my latest startup GamerzClass and now building the future 🙂

Oscar van Velsen here, CPO @ DR. I am, first and foremost, a tech enthusiast and music lover

I have a background as a fullstack software engineer in medical tech and fintech. also I have organized techno and house events for about 10 years, which is how I met @JuliusCaesar2

Me and my team of 6 engineers write all software for the business.

@JuliusCaesar2 @Nick_DigitalRenaissance do you want to go as well? 🙂

Brett, CEO of DR. I am a entrepreneur with more then 10+ years experience. I have been Involved in many industries/sectors: tech & start ups, music, festivals/clubs and have done a lot of marketing & growth hacking for festivals & multinationals. Also booked some nice artists like Charlotte de Witte, Louie Vega, Black Coffee, Job Jobse and many more

Born & raised in Amsterdam

And Nick is our creative director with years of experience and working with some of biggest brands like Heineken and more (all on our website)



Yes and Pepsi & Netflix.

The rest of our team & advisors can be found on




Thanks for introducing yourself 😊

as you already know, this AMA will have 3 segments.

Intro segment

Twitter segment

And in the last (3rd) live. segment , I will unmute the chat to allow questions from our dear Community!

So let’s start our AMA with basic introduction segment.

Introduction questions asked by DC AMA Star , auria | Decentralized 💎


Here’s the first one for you

Q1. Can you start us off with brief description about Digital Renaissance ?

Yeah been busy, DR is a project were we put all our sweat and tears in!

Digital Renaissance is a company that explores and expands the boundaries of what is possible with music experiences and blockchain/NFT technology

Im onboard to make the UI/UX and socials look as goos as they can get – and I think we’re in the right direction 🔥

our flagship product is the NFT marketplace, but as we developed it we saw that more was on the horizon

We are all about experience (NFT+), online & offline.

A meeting place for forward-thinking artists, pioneers, curators, music lovers, collectors, and people of technology to be empowered.

NFT+: digital, physcial and experience (events) in online & offline.

We are going to organize our own events: music events, NFT galleries, etc

Core of our team has a background in the music/festival industry.

@oscarvanv can you maybe talk more about Maarten

+ Guido & Pieter


our partner Maarten represents some of the biggest techno artists in the Netherlands

for example: Joris Voorn, who plays the mainstage at the worlds biggest techno festival Awakenings

he is also the booker of one of the most popular clubs in Amsterdam: Marktkantine

Making Patterns music agency of Maarten (Music director)

he is essential in some of the key objectives of what we are trying to do: bridge the gap between the music/festival experience and blockchain

Guido is btw a spoiler we havent mentioned him yet

One of our new bookers, he worked at

And is also the manager/booker of Sander van Doorn ( and some other artists



Awesome 💯

Next question…..

Q2. Can you elaborate on the exclusive benefits your platform will bring to its users ?


so we are right now building features where holders of our tokens get exclusive access to DJ mixes, and other releases

Find the latest updates here

also we have special programs for our tokenholders that allow:

  • exclusive access to NFT’s
  • - early access to ticketsale rounds
  • - other perks that will be announced soon (stay tuned ; )


📌 Chat don’t forget to follow and join




Next question….

Q3. What’s the utility of $VINCI and how does one aquire it ?

$VINCI is required to bid on NFTs in our auctions.

It also serves as our way of showing support to. artists that release NFTs on our platform. You can lock it in an artist pool and be rewarded for it, while also benefiting the artist (more details on this will be released!)

also, for the next presale round, keep an eye on

$VINCI can also be used in liquidity pools, to become part of the Picasso Club. A special group of members that gain additional access on the marketplace

Able to see sales earlier, and even be able to configure their profile to become their own NFT webshop, with optionally their own URL

So the utilities of $VINCI are broad, and required for every interaction with our services




Moving on to our last question of this segment

Q4.Can you tell us what are you guys planning to achieve by the Q1 of 2022?

We are finalizing our beta testing this quarter, as a final step required for launch


Also we just announced our first artist today and will announce even more before Q1

also our mobile app (iOs, Android) will be finished

in Q1

Say hi to Colyn, our first announced artists. And trust me, more and more will be announced soon!




Thanks for that well detailed introduction about Digital Renaissance

Let’s now proceed to the twitter segment

Questions asked on Twitter for Digital Renaissance team!


Here’s the first interesting question from twitter

Q.1 In Digital Renaissance’s UNLOCK feature, Merchants are not allowed for everyone to download high quality versions of their photos, art & music. What is this “unlock” Utility? How does it work and How does the Unlock system secure public & private content attached to their NFT?

Twitter question from @scoopkk

We as a company feel that NFT experiences have been stuck on their 1.0 version for too long. Digital renaissance wants to innovate the NFT, take it to NFT 2.0. Provide an actual use for NFT’s, private unlockables, real life events and others.

Unlockable means that the content of an NFT is only(!) accessible by the owner of the NFT

I think we are DONE on this question 🙂



Next question…..

Q.2 I read that “Extract Artist Royalty” system that allows buyers to earn a percentage of future royalty payments from Spotify,Apple Music or Beatport.Can you tell us more about this Royalty Extract?How does it work, what will you get from this royalty system?

Twitter question from @Manchester2303


so ARX stands for “Artist Royalty Extract”

which means users can buy tokens that represent royalties of music

royalties are basically forever (70 years after the artist deceases) so it’s a cool and interesting new way of investing

so an artist can launch an album and tokenize 50% of their royalty rights, and sell them on our platform. for big artists it’s a nice way of getting a large sum of money for those rights at once

Letting fans grow with the artist

for smaller artists it’s a way to , almost, ‘crowdfund’ equipment or other investments into their gear or carreer

the artists can fragments their royalties as much as they want (they could spllit up 50% of their royalty rights into 1000 tokens : ) )




Next question….

Q.3 Will digital renaissance be looking to venture into other markets such as the asian markets? Using the the korean-pop market as an example, having a large fanbase/sell-ability(5billion dollar industry) im actually quite curious and believe that NFTs released in these markets .

Twitter question from @Copenhagen230

We are really aware of the k-pop industry (even wrote songs sold to k-pop artists and toured Korea) and that is a huge market. BUT we are sticking to our key market right now and gain the competitive advantage that we have right now, and then expand more rapidly soon. 🔥

But definitely looking into that AND the african market and already in talks with some interesting people and companies 🙂



Next question….

Q.4 When it comes to platforms like DigitalRenais,security is a fundamental pillar.What are the security protocols that you have included in your platform to protect all the assets and products of your main commercial partners and users?How invulnerable are they to malicious attacks?

Twitter question from @kennyy2503

Great question! We are applying multiple security practises to mitigate attacks and exploits:

We make sure to build our services on top of auto-scaling architecture, to protect against DDOS attacks

2. We have all our Solidity code audited by independent third parties, like Solidity Finance

3. We write tests for our code to make sure that it does not break when we introduce changes.

our smart contract passed all tests when it was assessed by who have auditted hundreds of smart contracts for all kinds of companies and platforms:

4. We do quality assurance on our code with our entire team. For everything from the API to Web, to Android and iOS. Every piece of software is evaluated

5. We have engineers who are hired not to write code, but only to read it and do security analysis.

and lastly, 6, we love our community, and any feedback from anyone is always welcome. We work together with them to find solutions, even if they have been scammed in attacks which we could not protect them from (since they are outside of our control).

This includes partners we work with like NULS, who provide our Polygon-BSC bridge for $VINCI.

in general we have a very firm and deep grounding in the tech industry, even among people outside out tech team of 6 engineers. I myself am head of product, but I have been a software engineer for 8 years working in all kinds of software engineering positions




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Moving on to our last question of TWITTER segment

Q.5 I’d like to hold a significant quantity of your currency but Ineed to be confident in its profitability.Can you inform me about the benefits of owning your project. and where I canget it?What is the use caseforthe. token how does itcapturethe value of the ecosystemyou’re creating

Twitter question from @terracolll

so as we all know token utility and real word usecases is one of the most important aspects of token value

VINCI will be the main token to buy our NFTs and give access to the full NFT+ experience

our currency will fuel a whole new creative eonomy that we are building

we are going to do not only NFT’s, that’s just the beginning

Text is better, sorry 😛

Another big part of the utilities is that we are going out into the real world. And hold real events, tickets based on $VINCI

so there is inherent value

And it also allows people unaware of crypto to come in

We’re going beyond the crypto-experts or fanatics, and move crypto to the center stage of society

we will also:

  • organise events (music festivals )
  • - sell royalties
  • - resell our software
  • - education on crypto, and offer courses
  • that’s just a part of the products we are developing

And the 4 specialties; Unlock, Physical, Events & ARX are all linked to VINCI

all of them will be paid for in VINCI





Thank you for answer all the Twitter question.That’s so informative for our community

Thanks for leading this AMA

Going great so far!

Yeah, really nice!

Questions Asked by our Decentralized club members during live session to Digital Renaissance team!


I can see that $VINCI has great utilities

I’ll like to BUY and HODL $VINCI is it live yet?

What exchange can i buy $VINCI. ?


Check the for all token details

I read. you are planning to or have partnered with Flawless Agency. Can you tell us more about Flawless Agency? How are they going to help build this project?


Hi Taiwo, they are a specialized law firm, that we need for all the artists details, and legal frameworks. We like to do it the right way and have 3 law firms as partners


Can you share some information about your token $VINCI listing?

Is your token currently listed/traded on any CEX or DEX?



First on DEXs: Uniswap & Pancakesswap

Then CEX

I think you know that for the prosperity of an project the community is the best and strongest point, so I want to know, What are the plans of Digital Renaissance to develop well working, strong and best community?

Community events, giving value to our users, and hosting big festivals is one of the many ways we are diving into

Our first community event is coming soon..

You have partnered with NULS, Pincubator, PolkaEx and WeRaveYou. Weldone!

Do you have any more upcoming partnerships on the way for this project???

We do indeed yes. We have a lot more artist announcements, partnership announcements and much more coming up. We are working day and night to take the world by storm, and we will! 🙂

Here are the some important link of Digital Renaissance

Website :

Twitter :

Telegram. :



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