Finnovant X Decentralized Club Ama Recap From the 9th of March

Hello, Decentralized. clubbers Another AMA took place in Decentralized Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest CM Benedict from Finnovant . The AMA took place on the 9th of March .



AMA now is with Finnovant Joining us here today @cmbenedict

Welcome to the Decentralized club

Good morning, good evening everyone! Thanks for joining!


It’s pleasure to have you here with us.

Before we dive into the project, we will love to know about your role and day to day work experience in project

Kindly type ‘’Done’’

After answering the question.

I’m one of the Co-Founders of Finnovant and the BioFi project. My role is business development/sales and driving revenue opportunities into our ecosystem. I have a long history in innovation and bringing new products to market. DONE


Thanks for introducing yourself 😊

as you already know, this AMA will have 3 segments.

Intro segment

Twitter segment

And in the last (3rd) live. segment , I will unmute the chat to allow questions from our dear Community!

So let’s start our AMA with basic introduction segment.

Introduction questions asked by DC AMA STAR, auria | Decentralized 💎

Q1. Can you start us off with brief description about Finnovant and the various solutions it provides?

Sounds great! So excited to share the BioFi project with your community. A little about Finnovant first.

Finnovant is a Fintech startup company specializing in biometric authentication to secure financial products and services. Finnovant principals and advisors come from a long history in financial payments, crypto solutions, and fintech activities. The BioFi ecosystem has already been launched and is equipped with real life utility for all holders of the $BioFi utility token. Partners can integrate easily with the BioFi ecosystem, highlighting the unique utility advantage that the entire service can bring.




Next question….

Q2. Can you elaborate on the Unisafebox password manager and Krptic Wallet?

Great question. Before I answer I want your community to take part in our contest today. We are giving away $50 in $BioFi when the project launches in a couple weeks.

🧬🧬🧬🧬 $BioFI Contest $50 in BioFi CONTEST🧬🧬🧬🧬

Enter for a chance to win $50 in BioFi by following us on Twitter @finnovant AND joining our Telegram group!

We are minting soon! Once verified we will need your public wallet address to send you your BioFi tokens after they’re minted!

The Krptic wallet is the most user friendly decentralized cryptocurrency wallet in the market and is already available for download on iOS and Android.

Additionally, we will have the biometrically secure UniSafe Box password manager available at launch too! It will securely hold all of your passwords and data. You can also see our Say-Tec technology as an on-chain solution with Governor Dao’s ($GDAO) Proof of Existence program. All are linked at DONE



Next question…..

Q3. What’s the utility of $Biofi and how does one aquire it ?

We are building $BioFi to have perpetually growing utility.

$BioFi can be utilized for multiple purposes!

  • Receive rewards and perks and to gain access to the $BioFi ecosystem
  • • Use UniSafeBox Password Manager
  • • Schedule advertising in the Krptic Wallet
  • • Purchase the API software development kit for the Biometrics prepay usage
  • • Engage in games like DogeRun or access the Cyberlete platform
  • Access the upcoming insurance pool
  • We welcome developers who want to create new utility products that integrate with $BioFi!

The $BioFi token will be the currency used for transactions in the ecosystem. We have seeded the ecosystem with existing solutions, like the Krptic Wallet, so that there is utility from launch.

We will be relaunching our existing Phenix X1 smartphone/device as a 5G “node” capable of acting as a fractionalized node for users delivering additional rewards and benefits that can compound over time.

Also, the Finnovant Say-Tec APIs will be made available for Providers who want to bring their solutions to the ecosystem to deliver additional value and utility. We compare this to the App Store where providers and developers can deliver useful creative solutions for community to benefit from.

We are working on insurance solutions and additional financial products.




Moving on to our last question of this segment

Q4.Can you tell us what are you guys planning to achieve by the Q1 of 2022?

$BioFi will be available for non-US people shortly as we launch

Reminder to DC Clubbers to enter our contest for $50 in $BioFi!

🧬🧬🧬🧬 $BioFI Contest $50 in BioFi CONTEST🧬🧬🧬🧬

Enter for a chance to win $50 in BioFi by following us on Twitter @finnovant AND joining our Telegram group!

We are minting soon! Once verified we will need your public wallet address to send you your BioFi tokens after they’re minted!

No more n that question.

Our primary objective for Q1 is to launch the $BioFi utility token on the Avalanche network and open the BioFi ecosystem for project backers to come and engage in smart contracts to earn Rewards.

Also to unlock unique tools to secure data as well as unique and exciting NFTs.



Thanks for that well detailed introduction about Finnovant

You’re welcome!


Let’s now proceed to the twitter segment

Questions asked on Twitter for Finnovant team!


Here’s the first interesting question from twitter

Q. 1 Your website did a good job introducing the project’s details, mission and goals. However, I could not find any details about the team and developers behind Finnovant. Would you care to introduce us to your team and discuss more about their background in the industry?

Twitter question from @carrie12307

Having a strong team of tenured TradFi & DeFi ecosystem players, having experience with companies like Mastercard, Visa & IBM and partnering with prominent new companies such as Constellation network & Chainlink Labs, our ecosystem players will be a prominent systems integrator for verified data. Current partners include GovernorDAO, the Constellation Network, Cyberlete Gaming, Alkimi Decentralized Advertising and G&A Insurance with many more in the pipeline. DONE👍



Next question….

Q.2 Finnovant is really good project and have great future. Can you share to us how do i possible to purchase $Biofi token? Will you create presale and publicsale for $Biofi?

Twitter question from @arrjuna44

We are excited to announce we will be minting soon on the AVAX network as an ERC-20, and we are engaged in multiple negotiations with Non-US launchpads to get this utility token out into the Blockchain ecosystem! Follow us on Twitter @Finnovant and join our Telegram ( ) to stay up to date!

If any non-US DC Clubbers are interested in a presale opportunity for a minimum of $10,000USD they can email for more information. DONE


Next question…

Q. 3 One of the upcoming features/product of Finnovant is the “UniSafeBox Password Manager”. Could you tell us more about this future product of yours? What should we expect from this specific product?

Twitter question from @0Jeanwayne

UniSafeBox password manager is a blockchain tech based solution that will allow users to store all of their sensitive information including passwords, documents, photos and more. It will be available for both iOS and Android devices by launch.

The Unisafebox password manager combines double encryption technology with blockchain encryption algorithms to secure your most sensitive information. To make it even more secure, Unisafebox access is secured by Say-Tec, Finnovant’s biometric authentication solution.


Unisafebox remembers your critical information so you don’t have to.

Securely store your:



Digital Wallet information

Photos and videos


Important documents

Follow us on social media to learn more:



Next question…

Q. 4 All initiatives and platforms prioritise security above all else. Do you believe the Finnovant system is sufficiently safe and secure against hackers? Is there a Bug Bounty Program for everyone in your project that rewards individual vulnerability identification of the system?

Twitter question from @Moron652

Finnovant is a security company and securing information is our primary focus. We are carefully working on a multilayered form of security. We have a great team of both Web 2 and Web 3 developers making sure that not only is our Website and Dashboard pen-tested and secured, but also multiple accredited smart contract auditors are looking closely at our contracts.

We are currently evaluating a bug-bounty program. DONE


Moving on to our last question of twitter segment

Q. 5 I would like to know that how important will governance. be for Finnovant? Do you plan to include governance within Finnovant or something similar to feel safe? And what minimum to hold to be eligible to make decisions on your platform?

Twitter question from @kennyy2503

Great question…

We are a utility token and not a Governance token. This is important because our goal is. to create a robust and open blockchain ecosystem with a wide range of Decentralized Applications and partners. You will only need 1 BioFi token to access the ecosystem itself! The BioFi token will act as the core collateralization protocol for users interact, deploy, and create smart contracts. DONE


Thank you for answer all the Twitter question. That’s so informative for our community

Questions Asked by our Decentralized club members during live session to Finnovant team!


I learnt you guys have developed a blockchain phone. How is this phone different from our normal phones and how can we get one?

Also Can you tell us more about Say_Tec your cybersecurity product? What are its use cases? Who are those that needs it?

The Phenix X1 blockchain phone is already in market in Asia. We are currently redesigning it to a 5G model that will enable node processing capability. It also uses 2 sim cards to allow both personal and a private operating systems that do not share information. It is n our timeline for delivery in 2023. More information available at

Say-Tec has virtually unlimited use cases. It replaces login and passwords which can easily be stolen or hacked with your individual biometric print. We have on-device, Web 2 and Web 3 solutions available and will make APIs available for Providers to use to integrate biometric security.

Please tell

Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

💥 আল্লাহু আকবর💥

Whitepaper is available at If you are interested in presale and are non-US please email your level of interest to Minimum is $5,000 US (not 10k as earlier noted).

$BioFi token utility

$BioFi has been conceived to foster an open and easily accessible financial ecosystem

that encourages active participation of both Users (consumers) and Providers (companies and

partners) who recognize the importance of letting Users protect and control their identity within

the financial decision-making process. Providers can independently create their own solutions by

easily integrating with BioFi ecosystem through common API interfaces. Sample solutions may

deliver ability to:

o Secure sensitive information with biometric access

o Access and pay for ecosystem utility solutions

o Earn utility rewards

o Store utility value and accumulate rewards

o Finance health utility savings and coverages

o Deliver biometrically secure solutions/products for enterprise utility

How long are emissions planned for and what type of security is being implemented???

We have a wonderfully detailed 1 Pager that explains our emission schedule and token supply

Finnovant offers Say-Tec technology as a chain solution with the Governor Dao Proof of Existence ($GDAO) program. Can you offer us more information about Say-Tec technology? What is it? What are their characteristics? How does it work?

Seed products have been in development for several years to ensure there will be utility at

the time of minting the $BioFi tokens. The following utility functions are already launched in

market, with tens of thousands of users globally:

o Say-Tec API and developer portal supporting numerous Provider integrations

o Krptic cryptocurrency wallet available on iOS and Android app stores (utilizing

Say-Tec on-device biometric authentication)

o Phēnix X1 Secure Android node mining smartphone (utilizing Say-Tec biometric

on- device authentication certified in the EU market with a large telco)

o UniSafeBox password manager (nearing launch, and utilizing Say-Tec biometric

on- device authentication)



Replace static passwords with unique biometric



Customer-friendly face and voice recognition

biometric authentication solution.


Transforms existing authentication methods into a

seamless, enjoyable customer experience using

biometric technology.


Lowers fraud rates, data breaches, and account hacking.


In your documentation you say that “Only the correctly registered user can get access to the account”. How can you reduce the incidence of wrong user registrations? Do you have a tutorial or user guide that explains the correct way to register? What should I do if I have registered incorrectly?

We leverage Say-Tec technology to ensure our user’s security. If you need to re-register we have step – by – step directions for the user to sign up, or re-establish their biometrics linked to their account. Using the. combination of both Biometrics, and connecting the user…

In your documentation you say that “Only the correctly registered user can get access to the account”. How can you reduce the incidence of wrong user registrations? Do you have a tutorial or user guide that explains the correct way to register? What should I do if I have registered incorrectly?

We have step – by – step directions for the user to sign up, or re-establish their biometrics linked to their account. Using the. combination of both Biometrics, and connecting the user’s decentralized wallet is one of the most sure-safe ways to feel confident and secure in our ecosystem.


💎Being a crypto project as well as a phone developer and creator, it leads me to ask. How do you expect your platform to evolve in the near or distant future with these features that differentiate it from other projects? Do you mainly plan to continue creating devices that are more advanced than others?

Great question! Important to note that, as a utility token ecosystem, BioFi will be open to other Providers to bring in and deliver their solutions to the BioFi community. Finnovant has “seeded” the ecosystem to get it launched but we fully expect the ecosystem to grow well beyond these solutions over time delivering utility and value to ecosystem participants.

Here are the some important link of Finnovant

Instagram :

Twitter :

Telegram :

Facebook :



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