Game Wonderlab X Decentralized Club Ama Recap From the 12th of May

Hello, Decentralized clubbers Another AMA took place in Decentralized Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest Game Wonderlab Marketing from Game Wonderlab. The AMA took place on the 12th of May .

auria | Decentralized Club 💎

AMA now is with Game wonderlab Joining us here today is @Daisy_GW_Marketing , @Antony_Lee_GW

Welcome to the Decentralized club

Game Wonderlab Marketing

Hello everyone!

auria | Decentralized Club💎

It’s pleasure to have you here with us.

Game Wonderlab Marketing

Good afternoon, or good evening to me here 🙂

auria | Decentralized Club💎

as you already know, this AMA will have 2 segments.
Intro segment
Twitter segment

Kindly type ‘’Done’’
After answering the question.

So let’s start our AMA with basic introduction segment.

Game Wonderlab Marketing

Hi everyone! It is my pleasure to be here today and share our exciting project with all of you.

I am the marketing director of Game Wonderlab. Now our team is working hard on building the AMAZING Game Wonderlab platform.

auria | Decentralized Club💎

1) Please introduce yourself. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?

Thanks for introducing yourself ☺️

Game Wonderlab Marketing

I was previously working in investment banking with lots of investment projects and accounting industry.

Altough I have been working in traditional industry for years, I’ve always believed that blockchain technology is the future and has a huge impact in a lot of traditional industries.

Now our Game Wonderlab team is following our vision to become a compatible platform for both IOS and Android mobile system
and “make sure all the Web 3.0 mobile games are in Game Wonderlab”.


auria | Decentralized Club💎


Game Wonderlab Marketing

That’s all I would like to talk about for the first part

auria | Decentralized Club💎

Next question……

2) What is the Game Wonderlab project about in a few simple sentences? You can talk extensively about the ecosystem and what it entails and what makes you stand out in relation to other projects in the sector you are operating in.

Game Wonderlab Marketing

Thanks Auria. This is actually a great question

Game Wonderlab is a universal mobile blockchain gaming platform that will contain hundreds of blockchain mobile games.

We are providing player with a one-stop gaming experience. under our WIN-WIN patern, which we also call it GameFi 3.0.

we have three modes for players to choose and play. As some of you may already know, they are FREE to PLAY, PLAY TO EARN, and PLAY TO WIN.

I reckon that the Win-win pattern is the key to make our GW platform stand out, especially the FREE TO PLAY

as it allows players to join the GameFi world without any initial cost.

auria | Decentralized Club💎

Impressive 💯

Game Wonderlab Marketing

Another character of GW platform is our game node. A total of 50,000 nodes are set up, and users from different places around the world will be jointly ensuring the stable and safe operation of our GW platform.

Speaking of our advantage, I believe it is that we have a game development team with 20 years experiences in the gaming industry.

That means, we have extremely rich game resources.

auria | Decentralized Club💎

Wowww great team💯

Game Wonderlab Marketing

My team always believes that the important thing of crypto games is “fun”, and that is what we put our greatest efforts in.


auria | Decentralized Club💎


Next question….

3) Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises?

Game Wonderlab Marketing

The answer is no. We haven’t raised any funds yet for our project.

The money we currently spent is coming from the founders.

But yes, we will. We are planning to start looking for financing our project later this year


auria | Decentralized Club💎

Next question….

4) What role does the token play in the Game Wonderlab ecosystem?

Game Wonderlab Marketing

this is a hard one!

In the GW ecosystem, we have GW tokens and in-game tokens and they play different roles.

GW Tokens are the top-level tokens within the GW ecosystem with a limited total supply

as we would like to stabilize the token economy.

GW token will be freely held, transferred, and it will be able to be exchanged under the blockchain standard.

As for in-game tokens, they are those tokens players can use and earn during the gaming process. It also can be exchanged in the market and can be used to purchase items within the game.


auria | Decentralized Club💎

Moving on to our last question of this segment

5) How far along are you with your roadmap and what should we expect in the next weeks and months?

Game Wonderlab Marketing

Thanks Auria

It’s been progressing nicely so far

We started to advertise our GW node in mid April, and up until last week, we already have more than 7000 node contributors.

In terms of games, we are expecting to launch our first game in June on our platform.

We are planning to launch 2–3 games in July

Depending on the market response, we are expecting 2–3 games every month in different types later this year.


auria | Decentralized Club💎

Thanks for that well detailed introduction about Game Wonderlab

Let’s now proceed to the twitter segment

Game Wonderlab Marketing

yes, let’s proceed to the next round

auria| Decentralized Club💎

Q.1 I read GameFi 3.0 Win-Win Pattern in Game Wonderlab has the following features; Free to Play, Play to Earn & Play to Win. Can you explain more about this Win-win Pattern feature from Wonderlab Games? What is the difference between a game to win and a game to earn in Wonderlab?

Twitter question from @themiracleboy0

Game Wonderlab Marketing

thanks for coming up with this great question @themiracleboy0

As specified in our whitepaper, Free to Play, Play to Earn & Play to Win are the special features for our Game Wonderlab

As in Play to Earn, Game Wonderlab offers different Play-to-Earn mechanism.

I will explain some of them here.

For Non-Investment Player: if players do not invest in the game, they have the option use free hero to participate in the battle in order to accumulate enough in-game pass rewards.

For Digital asset owners: Players can treat NFTs heroes as digital assets and earn rewards/income by actively fighting in the arena. Owners of NFT heroes can sign rental agreements with other players through the platform, entering into direct peer-to-peer arrangements to rent heroes.

More details will be coming up with the game launching

As in Play to Win, E-sports for Game Wonderlab is an great mechanism. Players can participate in the Game Wonderlab platform and achieve P2W.

In-game racing, battling, betting and other functional game plays allow token to be used on betting on the race to win the GW Tokens.

Hope this explains your question


auria| Decentralized Club💎

Next question….

Q.2 I read that the GW team was originally the Freedom Games team established in 2014, and that in 2020 they have managed to develop more than 40 game projects, but have they really all been games with blockchain technology? If yes, could you mention the most successful of them all?

Twitter question from @berkee1985

Game Wonderlab Marketing

Thank you Berkee1985

Yes, we do have an experienced team

As a well-developed gaming team, not only do we have thousands of digital games assets, but also we have a team full of talented and intelligent game developer and programmers that are specialized in game programming and blockchain technology.

We have also invested in some crypto projects since 2019

which has built up our experiences in crypto industry

and that’s why we feel prepared and confident to start Game Wonderlab.


auria | Decentralized Club💎

Next question…

Q.3 What are your amazing features and advantages that will attract crypto and non-crypto gamers to your platform? Game WonderLab describes itself as One-Stop Destination for All Gamers.Could you please give a brief description of the many gaming options accessible on your platform?

Twitter question from @jenneyj10

Game Wonderlab Marketing

Thanks for this amazing question, jenneyj10

I think one of our advantage is that we have a game development team with 20 years experiences in the gaming industry.

which means that we have very rich game resources.

My team always believes that the nature of the game must be “fun”, and that is what we put our most efforts in

to bring the fun crypto games to everyone’s life

Anther thing is that, Game Wonderlab is an open mobile game platform which provides convenient SDK tools to help traditional games quickly shift to blockchain games, and provides a modular protocol for game publishers to quickly complete AMT.

At the same time, the team and guild will quickly help traditional games establish a relatively mature economic system and education system.

This is how we attract crypto and non-crypto gamers to our platform

The first game we are going to launch in June this year is an online digital collectible card game, from our Japan team.

Hope this helps you know us better

thanks Auria

this is done

auria | Decentralized Club💎

Amazing gaming project

Moving on to our last question of Twitter segment

Moving on to our last question of Twitter segment

Q.4 I Was Reading about Game Wonderlab, I saw there will be “Co-creation Rewards” on the platform. Can you tell us more about it since I’ve never heard of something like this before? What do users have to do exactly to receive this kind of rewards? And what can they get as rewards?

Twitter question from @viangul

Game Wonderlab Marketing

thank you @viangul for bring the last one question

and nice pick up!

Product innovation is the most well-known use case for co-creation.

As you may know, many brands engage their customers in co-creation for product innovation.

The most popular example of product innovation co-creation is LEGO Ideas, where fans submit ideas for new LEGO kits.

We have adopted the same strategy for Game Wonderlab.

Game Wonderlab implements co-creation rewards into the growth ecosystem.

which means that from time to time, Game Wonderlab will reward players who successfully contribute creative ideas and help grow the community.

The rewards include but are not limited to NFT, GW Token, etc.

Hope this helps you understand a bit of our Co-creation Rewards

Thanks Auria. I am finished here




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