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Dear, Community,

Welcome to the recap of our AMA with Gather Network.
Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Gather Network is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with Gather Network :👉

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about Gather Network? @RJerath

Reggie — Gather Founder:
So, I started my career in oil and gas, working in Iraq, managing about 200 or so people, I did this until ISIS invaded. After evacuating the employees, I left that industry and joined advertising. I bounced around different industries including MSLgroup — and then I founded my startup. — It was a b2b based logistics service, we provided the technology and man power, we did deliveries for banks, grocery stores etc, similar to Gojek or Delveroo. It was after this I founded Gather along with our team.

Wow so you had your share of adventures

Reggie — Gather Founder:
As for Gather — It all started with the simple idea — what if users could provide a tiny bit of their processing power, instead of being bombarded with Ads. — This is how it all started. — The full picture of Gather is as follows:

Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads, provides businesses & developers to access cheap and reliable processing power.

Gather Online (Layer 0) allows web & mobile developers to monetize from their users processing power.
Gather Network (Layer1) is the protocol layer, a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake blockchain, where stakeholders are incentivized to maintain transparency and security.
Gather Cloud (Layer 2) provides affordable processing power to enterprises and developers.
Gather Enterprise provides consultancy services and tooling for developers, businesses and crypto networks.

Hah and then some

Beautifully represented

Q2. What are some of the key features of Gather Network?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
1- Gather Online can be easily integrated into websites/apps with no pain.
2- Gather Online allows website/app owners to generate additional revenue on top of digital ads, or let them go ad-free for an enhanced user experience
3- Gather’s Loyalty program allows website/app owners to reward visitors in GTH/BTC or local fiat currency for the time they actually spend in websites/applications
4- Gather Cloud provides affordable cloud computing costs via processing power coming from publishers (there is no similar example in the competition)
5- Gather Cloud allows PoW blockchain developers to deploy without finding miners or building a mining community first

Q3. Can you elaborate a bit on the products or solutions that Gather Network has brought to the table ? @RJerath

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Four dimensions to Gather, where Gather Network is connecting our solutions:

Gather Online
Scalable and Predictable Revenue
We allow web and mobile developers monetize from end-user processing power

Gather Enterprise
Reliable Consultancy Services
We provide consultancy services and proprietary tooling for web developers, businesses, and crypto networks

Gather Cloud
Affordable Processing Power
We keep the cost of processing power economical for enterprises while providing developers the benefits of Proof Of Work grade security without the effort of sourcing miners

So basically a customer getting processing power by subscribing to gather cloud is actually getting that power from end user from Gather Online?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Exactly — but with consent — the Multi layered protocol is based on generating processing power from Gather online and then selling it to Gather cloud customers — Of which we already have a $4 B company onboard

Oh great. Sounds cool

Q4. Finally, what does Gather Network plans to achieve by the end of this year?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
We are putting heavy focus to development and continue our marketing activities in the meantime. By the end of this year, we want to bring our testnet live within 3 months and achieve main net status in 6 months


Reggie — Gather Founder:

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Twitter Question no 1 (zidan30)
Username : @Ridho1673

In-browser mining has a huge potential but it is always faced some accusations. Besides, some UI problems. People do not easily trust these kinds of innovations. How do you plan to solve the issue of trust and UI?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Our model is based on users’ consent IE end users must agree, this is what was missing in the earlier models which was leading to a troubled situation called cryptojacking. Our solution asks for users’ explicit consent. Another problem here, is the past models were trying to mine BTC, Monero. This are coins that were never designed from the ground up to be light. They were never designed to be used in context of a browser, or the from a financial perspective — the economic model was not tied in as well. Gather’s PoW consensus will only be used by publishers (website and application owners) and will be closed to external mining in order to keep the mining rewards balanced as designed for publishers. For UI/UX; There is a defined limit by Gather in order not to have any user experience issues. On top of this, the publishers can set further limits on these predefined limits. Our core product has undergone extensive stress testing as well!

Twitter Question no 2 (Latom con espert)
Username : @JLEspertLA

What are the problems that Streaming platforms face today and that Gather can improve from time to time? can the service itself improve thanks to the Gather Network?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Today’s website and application owners are not getting paid at the same rate as they used to, average earnings have fallen drastically, and this is for websites with western audiences. To combat this, websites/apps have added more ads, have been selling your data (ever wonder why you search for something on google and you then see an add for it? Or why you get so much spam emails even though you never signed up for the mailing list). Other sites have added paywalls, referral and native ads (advertising a product or service within the general content — so it does not look like a typical ad). The worst part of this — imagine trying to make a living from content when your audience is from Africa, India, China or South America, you Earn even less.

Gather Online can be used to go ad-free to enhance user experience on all these websites or apps. The beauty of Gather Online is that the visitors can be rewarded via Gather’s loyalty program by the website/application owner and it actually rewards for the time spent on the website or application unlike the number of ads displayed. Based on our observations during the prototype testing, Gather Online is 1.4x profitable compared to existing ad rates, therefore with better profitability streaming sites can choose to go ad-free with our solution. There are additional incentives as well — Netflix, Hulu etc all charge you per month. — If they used Gather — they could potentially stop charging you per month. I know that 10 bucks isnt much. But think about kids is rural countries where all they have is a smart phone for example and their monthly earnings wont be more than 100 or 200 bucks — Such an audience should not be left out just because they cannot pay directly.

Twitter Question no 3 (Blackcat)
Username : @metin8688

Can the system be manipulated
to increase the number of visitors? How exactly is the number of visitors to the website or application determined?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
So in traditional advertising — fraud everywhere — click bots, Programmatic fraud you name it. The beauty of Gather is that we do not discriminate based on location like ads. Similarly, if someone tries to game the system by using bots for example — it does not matter — at the end they are paying for said bots — and the main metrics we use is time per sessions and amount of sessions

Twitter Question no 4 (John Coman)
Username : @JComann

Why is the GTH token necessary for your ecosystem? What kind of a value does it bring to Gather Network and in which different ways is it used within the project?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
$GTH’s value is derived from being as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem along with providing holders the opportunity to vote on the future of Gather. The specific features that use $GTH as a medium of exchange include:
1) Gas Fees and network interactions charges, settlement and processing power related charges for the Gather Cloud, and Settlement of Gather Online Rewards.
2) Providing a financial incentive to nodes to act honestly.
3) Entitling Staking holders with the right to participate in the governance and future of the Gather ecosystem

Twitter Question no 5 (Oleg Troyanovskiy)
Username : @OlegTroya1

What are the main revenue streams generated by the GTH token?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Gather generates revenue from all layers of the network, which includes publishers/websites/applications at the start and enterprises using gather cloud at the top. Gather will charge a commission to websites/publishers/applications using Gathers technology. The processing power generated from the websites, is then redirected to child chains through merge mining and/or enterprises on gather cloud. Hash rate that is leased out to child chains to increase their security will be lower than market price. Enterprises that are using Gather cloud will also be charged at a discount to market rate (determined by google/AWS rates) for the processing power used by them. The majority of this revenue will be redistributed back to the publishers with Gather keeping a small portion as the commission, and thus keeping profit linked directly to growth of the network. This creates a positive feedback loop where increased publishers using Gather online means more processing power can be redistributed through Gather cloud which in turn increases the revenue of Gather online users, attracting more customers to gather online leading to more processing power and so on

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by Gather Network ✔️

Alejandro Urich:
• With Gather I can deploy Proof of Work Blockchain without having to find miners. So where do the miners come from? Do you use Gather Network? Do I have to pay additional feed for that service?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Yes! — the miners are the website users — Gather charges very nominal fees here, and Gather also earns a portion of your block reward, while you get a POW chain with allot of hashrate — a Win win

I don’t know much about web-lite blockchain nodes, how do these nodes work and how do they differ from generic nodes? For what kind of purposes are these nodes used within the Gather Network?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Web lite nodes do not host the full blockchain, and only verifies new hashes IE — making it light — compared to a full node which processes new Tx’s and has the full chain history synced

Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to #your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Yes, we have a logical model to bridge the gap between crypto and non-crypto users. With our integrated payout system, we close the bridge with non-crypto users as offering them local fiat currencies. Additionally the user experience for first time users (who would be first time crypto users) is seamless, a few clicks and the product is integrated into the website. Apart from this — most of our EAP applicants are/would be first time crypto users, since the problem of internet monetization is a global problem

If regulations change tomorrow, how to incorporate them into a tokenized security? How to comply with regulatory authorities in terms of KYC, DD and AML? How to enable dispute resolution mechanisms and enforce a transaction or reverse it ?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
So if we talk about KYC/AML/OFAC etc Gather uses a system called Artemis — bank grade KYC — all Early adopters go through said KYC and DD — this is because we provide websites a way of making money. If any form of transaction disputes come up, those would have to be first investigated and then dealt with, some would be automated and off chain, while more complex situations would require manual intervention.

One of the biggest issues for dapps is onboarding. What solutions have Gather Network team found to try to resolve this problem?

Reggie — Gather Founder:
Gather Online allows developers to build dApps which can let them generate additional revenue in GTH, BTC or local fiat currency. In addition to this, with the partnerships we are establishing, we add the ecosystem’s native token as a new payout selection. Using Gather’s loyalty program, developers can also reward their dApp users for the time spent on them so it creates a positive feedback loop where users and the developers are incentivized. We look at providing as many additional benefits as we can — when it comes to dapps

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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