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Welcome to our community on https://t.me/decentralized_club Telegram group’s AMA. We really appreciate all your support. There were really good and thoughtful questions that were asked. For those who missed our AMA, this blog post is for you :)

✔️Introduction with HASHWallet :👉

Q1. Can you guys introduce yourself and for those who don’t know kindly illuminate what is Hashwallet about? @Danielhr @JRSendra

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
Yes, of course, I am the co-founder and CTO of eSignus. I am in charge of the development of the HASHWallet, both on the hardware side but also helping to focus on the App that will be the interface with the hard wallet.

Daniel Hernández:
I´m Co-founder of eSignus and the CEO fo the company. I have been working in the past leading IT companies that developed softwae projects for the Financial Industry. I know Jose Ramón for more than 10 years, and have worked together in several projects. One of them was the seed of eSignus, an smarcard for autenticating and signing transactions for online banking.

Q2. What is that unique feature that makes Hashwallet very hard to breach ?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
It is a non programmable device, so it does not have the option to be badly reprogrammed

In short, malicious code cant be injected

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
but it has all the benefits of a hardwallet with access to a whole bunch of coins

Yes, that is the idea

Q3. Is user data collected?

Daniel Hernández:
We don´t collect information from the users. Privacy is very important for us and for our community. If the user wants that we store one of the elements of the recovery process of the card, then we will have a username, but not more info from the user.

Q4. Incase someone loses the Key how user friendly and safe is the recovery process ?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
We divide the recovery in two parts, one is the Recovery Seed that is stored on a NFC card, this part is only noise if not combined with the Recovery Key

Daniel Hernández:
The other part of the element is the recovery key, that is generated with the fingerpint sensor. In the setup process of the card, you can choose to store the recovery key yourself or to sed it to our vault, and we store it for you.

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
Finally to complete the process you will have a new HASHWallet and you will inject the Recovery Seed (NFC) and with the Recovery Key the walet will be recovered

Daniel Hernández:
No words…..aa very straightforward and easy process

Q5. Are there any projects out there that lets you guys have sleepless nights?

Daniel Hernández:
We vision to this is that the cryptoworld needs more adoption, and to solve this problems we need better hardwallets. There are very interesting proyects in the market, and more to come. We have our own value propostion for the users, and they will decide whats best for them.

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

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First Twitter selected question!

Twitter Question No 1
Username _ @NeoLee37869010

Your cold wallet or hardware wallet has the functions of a fingerprint scanner and a wi-fi module. If I’m not mistaken, what levels of protection did you take to protect against theft using a vulnerability? these functions ??


José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
We do not have a WiFi module. The fingerprint will help the user to log-in and to sign without effort

The fingerprint will be used to generate the system seeds, and to log into your HASHWallet. You are the key

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Twitter Question No 2
Username _ @Cryptoboy236

HASHWallet has entered in the Arrow Certification Program. Tell me, what kind of certification program is this and what benefits does the HASHWallet get from this?


Daniel Hernández:
Arrow launched the certification process with Indiegogo. The idea behind this certification is to provide the users the confidence that a third party have reviewed the project and the production of the hardware is feasible. That means that the risk for the buyers in Indiegogo is reduced and for us that we have a huge company taht will help us in all the production and certifications process.

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3rd Question!

Twitter Question No 3
Username _ @TrinhDucLuong9

Recently Kraken Security Labs has proven that it only takes 15 minutes to hack into Trezor hardware wallet? What will you do to reassure users who trust your product, trust HASHWallet?


José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
The problem with Trezor is double. First they used an old secure element, and from that they generate the master seed from the aleatory seed and a PIN, so once Kraken entered the secure element they only need to brute force test the 1 million PINs possible

The solution they propose is to use a hard PassPhrase, but nobody uses that, it is not friendly

HAHSWallet solution, use the fingerprint

You can not hack this even if you use an old secure element

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by HASHWallet ✔️

What do you think is the biggest problem HASHWallet will solve which is not solved by other projects yet and why is the problem important to solve?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
Every project till now are thought as a small computer, so its is upgradable. Thats is the main flaw. A hardwallet only needs to generate the keys and sign operations, just that. This is HASHWallet

Rony Boy:
As you’re in the business of secure hardware, naturally there are questions surrounding the device’s security.
How do you maintain the security of device? Can it be hacked.

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
The strenght of a system can not be based on secrets. Of course you need to have a secure element, but even breaking that element the system must remain unbroken and that is solved using the fingerprint.

Trezor, Ledger are your major competition, can you list 3 top reasons why HASHWALLET is better?

What You See Is What You Sign is a good feature, what is the story behind this feature

Daniel Hernández:
Hi! First, our device is a non programmable device. This provides you with a scure environment to sign the transactions. Second. The recovery process is easier and opens a way to solve the problem of the delegation of the recovery process without giving out your keys. Third. The form factor of a credit card. We think this is very important for adoption.
WYSIWYS is a cryptographic principle taht we use, to ensure that the user can verify in a secure environment that what he wants to sign is what he is signing. No man in the middle is possible.

How will HASHWallet have strategies to interact with users to attract them to use your new innovation project technology instead of continuing to use the old, traditional technology available on the market?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
We want to interact, in the beginning, with people that recognize that there are problems with the present systems. After that that believers will spread the word.

There are many Wallets approves Swap, Conversion, & free transfer. What’s your take in HashWallet?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
We are a hardwallet, and we will work with existing systems. We only store the keys and sign operations. You are talking about the system we interact with.

Hi Mr @JRSendra @Danielhr
Q. What the benefits using Hash Wallet compared to Ledger?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
Non programmable device.
Easy and frienly recovery system
Smart Card form factror

What makes HASHWallet is better compared to other projects?
Are there any unique mechanisms?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
We are simpler than other projects, and that makes us perfect for a hardwallet.

David Prince:
What is your background and how did you come to the idea to create Hash Wallet project?

Daniel Hernández:
Hi! The seed of this project was an R&D project related to the security on the online banking industry, where we wanted to eliminate the online fraud with PKI technology. We found out that the banking industry was not interested in security, becuase the perceived security from banks by the users is very high, and we saw the opportunity in teh Blockchain industry, where the user is responsible for the custody of his keys and the signing of the transactions. Here security matters, because perceived security does not cover the losses.

Dalmasca Blockchain:
What is your long-term vision about the industry which Hashwallet is working at? Are you afraid someday there will be another Project with more innovative technology can replace Haswallet ?

As we know there are two major old hardware wallets brands TREZOR, LEDGER could you explain why we should use hashwallet compared to these? Which types of benefits do hashwallet provide to the holder?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra:
I have answered in part this question before, but regarding the first question we want to be part of the chain, we only want to be a hardwallet and collaborate with other companies to be complementary.

eSignus joined last year # 13ENISE, a reference event for companies in the field of cybersecurity. How did the event take place and what did you discuss there?And what are the benefits of being an event for eSignus and community?

Daniel Hernández:
H! 13Enise is a huge event from cybersecurity. It was an opportunuty for us to present our project there and to speak with companies that will be partners in the near future.

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