Homespacenft X Decentralized Club Ama Recap From the 31st of March

Hello, Decentralized. clubbers Another AMA took place in Decentralized Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest Nick from Homespacenft . The AMA took place on the 31st of March .


AMA now is with HomeSpace Joining us here today is @NickCZ

Welcome to the Decentralized club

Hi. Thank you for having me 👋

It’s pleasure to have you here with us.

Before we dive into the project, we will love to know about your role and day to day work experience in project

Kindly type ‘’Done’’

After answering the question.

Of course.

My name is Nikita and I am the co-founder of the Homespace project. Mostly I am pre-occupied with management tasks and outside communication, so business development.


Thanks for introducing yourself 😊

as you already know, this AMA will have 3 segments.

Intro segment

Twitter segment

And in the last (3rd) live. segment , I will unmute the chat to allow questions from our dear Community!

So let’s start our AMA with basic introduction segment.

Introduction questions asked by DC AMA STAR, auria | Decentralized 💎

Here’s the first one for you

Q1. Can you start us off with brief description about Homespace ?

Homespace is a Decentralized NFT Metaverse, an array of photo-realistic virtual worlds with professional Architecture – visualizations of “Dream Houses” with a separate world for each user and public cities for social networking. The project will be optimized for mobile devices, PCs, and VR. Several forms of Artificial Intelligence will be implemented: AI-assistant, Companion, or Replica of user Identity.

Our goal is to сreate a better alternative to reality: we aim to serve humanity by solving global problems: improving living conditions with virtual homes, organizing virtual jobs, providing children with free education, contributing free medical consultations from AI, caring for lonely people with the help of AI, and creating a new type of community.

Users can use regular assets of 3D furniture to mint them as NFTs and decorate their homes with them. Although, many artists, digital sculptors, and interior designers will create unique digital objects – NFTs, which you can place inside your homespace.

Virtual homes are the foundation of the Homespace metaverse and the most valuable and complex NFTs, which will not only be created in our project, but in our opinion will be among first NFTs with a real practical application.

Today we decided to give away 50 keys to the set of 10 houses from one of the world’s well known architects and lead architects of our team – Roman Vlasov and Dmytro Sivak and Sivak & Partners, who are our main partners and advisors. Also, the set will include constructions from our new partners, developing our first virtual city – Homespace Capital City. Winning users will be able to exchange keys for our project’s most valuable NFTs packs at the end of the second quarter of 2022.




Next question……

Q2. Can you elaborate on the features that make the users have a more immersive experience compared to other virtual world creation platform?

Imagine Roblox and Second Life with Extended Creative Mode, photorealistic graphics and AI instead of NPC, connected with Social Network Elements and NFT-Marketplace Financial Model.

We’re creating a decentralized Metaverse that allows you to create your personal virtual world – your Homespace, where you can design the home of your dreams. We are also introducing a customizable AI Companion to make your virtual home experience even more special. Core of the project is our Homespace Capital City featuring entertainment venues, educational institutions, game zones, and even financial districts with DeFi Projects.

We will deliver a Demo Version in the nearest couple of months, but you can check our progress on the recording of the MoleDAO hackathon and our social networks where we took 1st place.



Next question…

Q3. Can you shed some light on your partners. and what role are they playing?

Homespace is all about cooperation. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose upcoming cooperation due to the marketing strategy we are executing to prepare for the upcoming NFT sale, seed round and IDO.

But I can definitely hint to you that there will be numerous partnerships to be announced during 2Q 2022 for different fields. Be sure to expect collaboration with a few networks, one huge CEX, several DeFi projects and a few NFT collections.

Stay tuned to our group to know all the latest updates: @homespacenews




Next question….

Q4. How can user register and start building on your Platform?

We are creating a developer-friendly environment so anyone could hop on our governance forum and suggest implementing anything they want. Or even take a pre-made bounty from our team.

Our aim is to constantly stay in touch with our community because we are building the product for them and not to satisfy our egos.


Moving on to our last question of this segment

Q5.Can you tell us what are your guys next major priorities in 2022?

Our project is just starting so there is much to do in this year. I think a short roadmap could look like this:


First NFT sale

Public beta-test

Seed round


Presenting of the 1st part of the Homespace Capital


Major update

Release of new districts to the city

Mass implementation of 3rd party dApss

Listing on major CEXs

Collaboration with real-life brands and artists


Constant updates and improvements of our system

More collaborations

Release of Homespace NFT Marketplace 1.0

Release of Homespace 1.0

Impressive 💯


Thanks for that well detailed introduction about HomeSpace

Questions asked on Twitter for HomeSpace team!

Here’s the first interesting question from twitter

Q.1 It caught my attention that Homespace will be released for PC and mobile devices with VR support in 2022. for what date will the mobile and PC version releases? What devices exactly will we need to play and should we make any investment to start playing? If so, what is the minimum investment?

Twitter question from @viangul

To be exact we are launching on PC and VR. A PC release will be available in its beta state during April 2022. In the future, it will not only run on PC devices but also on our Virtual Machine system, which means that it will be possible to play Homespace from basically a cloud gaming. Later in the future VR version will be available somewhen around 4Q 2022.


Next question….

Q.2 I Found that You have Done the Partnership With the MasterBlox , Will You please tell me About the MasterBlox Partnership

and What Important Roles This Colloboration Will play in the Ecosystem. ?

Twitter question from @miyamee11

MasterBlox are great guys, they are providing ready to go marketing solutions. Unfortunately, after 2 months of our cooperation we’ve decided that we are pursuing different goals so right now we are not working with them anymore. However, we have a marketing specialist in-house and additionally, we have a very skilled and experienced marketing advisor who is helping us with outreach and promotions.

Homespace is a huge and ambitious project which we can’t do by ourselves. It is only about cooperation with artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, architects, DeFi projects and other 3rd party dApps, etc.


Next question….

Q.3 I read that in your $HST Token distribution, you have allocated 51% to the Project users and active members of the community Could you please explain how this fund will work and what activities it will be used for?

Twitter question from @Ezealmodelss

We are refactoring our tokenomics right now before the seed round, so there will be more tokens dedicated for the community in the end.

However, I want to mention that we will have many incentivization tokens which will include $HST tokens and our NFTs as a reward.

Right now we are giving away 15 Metakeys from the future houses in our eco-system, so don’t miss a chance to win one @homespaceNFT


Next question…..

Q.4 I read on your whitepaper that “HomespaceNFT is built on top of a novel “Decentralized Architecture”composed of two protocol layers. Can you explain this Decentralised Architecture and the two protocol Layers of homespace? How is it different from other competitors in the market?

Twitter question from @Moron652

Oh yes, its an architecture. brought up by our core blockchain advisor. We are Ethereum native token which will be launched on a Zk-rollup and will have a mutichain structure. We are aware that Metaverse on Ethereum is unusable, that’s why we’ll be implementing those side-chains from day 1.


Moving on to our last question of Twitter segment

Q.5 Marketing is an essential element of every project, so everyone knows the potential that a project can generate. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors and maintain it in the long term?

Twitter question from @amit_rnx

In collaboration with the head of marketing department and our marketing advisor we made a strategy based on native KOL promotions, ambassadorship and partnerships with different projects. We know how effective is cross-promotion and we are going to use it to its full capabilities.

Till now we were doing it mostly through attracting people from AMAs and blogger integrations and then converting them into Homespace Citizens through close communication. We are not leaving everything to community managers, so any day you wish you may come to our community and talk with any team member you wish.


Thank you for answer all the Twitter question. That’s so informative for our community

Questions Asked by our Decentralized club members during live session to HomeSpace team!

I see you have a new weekly competition. How can I join it ? What will the winner receive? In how many days we can expect the winner list after it ends?

As I’ve mentioned before, you will win one of 15 Metakeys that look exactly like the video. It will then be exchanged for a house from our world-known architects. It’s a very pricy asset in our ecosystem.

To join the competition, you should be subscribed to our news and public channels and participate in given activities.





With so many. 👉 projects being rug pulls and exit scams happening now days,

What would you offer to the users of your platform to earn their trust and how would it make you different from others projects alike??💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

No rug pulling here. Our team is transparent from day one and is publicly presented on our website. Additionally after we establish cooperation with huge blockchain projects and CEXs will ensure users that our project is trustworthy and that our only goal is to create something unique and exceptional for our community 😉


Please can you you tell us about some of the features available in your first planned Public World “DeFi City”?


It’s called Homespace Capital now. It will be an open world multiplayer area where users can interact with each other and our system. Our main aim is to fill the city with limitless possibilities to spend your free time and have fun 😏

Few examples of districts we are planning to have:

  • Game district – a district with collectible figures, NFTs, minigames and representative offices of gaming studios
  • - DeFi Tower – a place with different DeFi projects implemented inside, so that users will be able to trade any kind of derivatives and learn more about them right in Homespace
  • - Educational district – we plan to attract universities and courses to provide education for anyone all over the world.
  • - NFT district – a place with galleries, exhibitions and public marketplaces with NFTs
  • - Event area
  • - Shopping area – with blockchain and real-life products

and there is much more to come in the future

🪄🪅📒📒 🪄🎉🪅📒📒

🎊Please what would the 2nd part of Homespace Revenue be used for?

Then do you have a link to the MoleDad Hackathon you guys won?

I don’t understand the part about 2nd part of the revenue.

However, I can explain how will it be distributed. We will subtract a part of everything we earn as revenue. The second part will be sent for project development (supporting financial instruments, incentives, etc.) to maintain the token’s health. We will also be giving a percentage of the revenue to charity.

And here is the link to our MoleDAO presentation

And here is the whole video with the part where we won 😅

♻️Homespace is a product to any type of user or there is necessary do a little investment to participate on it? Also will Homespace include the VR/AR technology to explore the amazing scenarios ?

Depends on how are you planning to play. If you are just meeting the system, you can register and you will acquire your own homespace with basic visuals and furniture as a starting bonus. In case you want to have a home at an exact location, then you’ll have to buy yourself a land. Same thing applies to houses, furniture, decorations, etc. Any NFT from your collection could be converted to a 3D asset and hung on the wall.

So the answer is no, we are not hiding the game from the users behind the paywall and anyone could experience Homespace on a full scale. But there will definitely be premium assets and additional features which will require payment.

And yes, our game developers have a vast experience with VR inputs, so it will be implemented during the finalizing the Homespace version 1.0.

Here are the some important link of HomeSpace



Telegram News –

Discord –

Twitter –

Instagram –



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