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Dear, Community,

Welcome to our community on t.me/decentralized_club Telegram group’s AMA. We really appreciate all your support. There were really good and thoughtful questions that were asked. For those who missed our AMA, this blog post is for you :)

✔️Introduction with Hybridverse :👉

✍️ So, my name is Steve Erebor, I am the Founder & CEO of Hybridverse, a project from Turin Polytechnic Incubator, we’ve started 1 year ago with the first PoC for Hybrid Euro our multi-chain Euro backed stablecoin which is going to be released shortly. Hybridverse is an ecosystem of dApps with decentralized governance DAE (decentralized autonomous enteprise). Delegate nodes can join the network and provide access to network usage, getting rewards for their participation as well as being able to participate in fees governance. www.hybridverse.com

Q. What significant progress did Hybridverse had in 2019? Can we expect anything more in this year?

HYBRIDVERSE :✍️ Well, exactly 1 year and 16 days ago we joined Turin Polytecnic University a governmental incubator which is also best Public Business Incubator in the world https://www.i3p.it/en/news/incubatore-i3p-politecnico-di-torino-miglior-incubatore-pubblico-universitario-al-mondo , as I told you, we’ve applied the first PoC for Hybrid Euro, which is going to be released Q4 (surprise), Hybrid Euro is multi-chain, it’s based on Ethereum for trading and on Zilliqa for Point of Sale transactions, the technology is ready and has been started developing way before the Public Sale. Furthermore we’re working with many partners on research, development, education tasks (NVIDIA, GLBC, University of Turin, Polytechnic of Turin and many others) as example our NVIDIA partnership is focusing on AI implementations.

Nasdaq mentions our NVIDIA Partnership here https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/why-you-shouldnt-wait-to-buy-nvidia-stock-2019-09-17

Q4 is going to be exciting with Hybridverse token and Hybrid Euro release.

📢Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

👩‍💻 FromTwitter :🐧

Username : @AliamBettor

Question : 1.

What are the plans to expand in different regions? Will you outsource the team/skills or keep it centralized ?

Hybridverse :✍️
Dear @AliamBettor

Hybridverse is a Global infrastructure, which means that everyone with an internet connection, a browser and a plugin wallet can use all Hybridverse dApps regardless of their location, our Workchain enables to further strenghten our market reach distributing the demand across delegate nodes which can enormously increment network usage and get rewards for their participation.

And as in terms of outsourcing in different areas is not relevant as Hybridverse Labs will administer, maintain existent dApps and ensuring new solutions and upgrades. We welcome global reach and global innovation of Hybridverse Labs as well, but it’s not a core issue.

👩‍💻 FromTwitter :🐧

Username : @Karansingh0965

Question : 2.

To expand the business how much focus is Hybridverse putting on developing Middleware solutions?

Hybridverse :✍️ Middleware support is at core of our development, each application can be automated and integrated in any workflows, as ell as being of course compatible with all smart contract interactions and implemetations on its related chain ecosystem via smart contract integration, APIs. We’re also developing client based middleware solutions that will be running in Hybridverse DAE.

👨‍💻From Twitter:🐧

Username @HighwayAaron

Question : 3.

To sustain a project direct services against FIAT must be available. Is Hybridverse offering the same?

Hybridverse :✍️ Hybrid Euro will have several different on ramp and off ramp FIAT gateway providers for the Zilliqa based Point of Sale solution, as well as liquidity providers that’ll be announced for the Ethereum trading pool solution

👩‍💻 FromTwitter :🐧

Username : @JamesFr86146643

Question : 4.

How big will Hybridverse play a role in Internet 3.0?

Hybridverse :✍️ Well, I was talking with an institutional Investor at BFC Italy a couple of weeks ago and he made a very comparison from a client perspective.
The role of Hybridverse in the internet 3.0 plays a similar role a the role that Content Management Systems played in the internet 2.0.
What did CMS do? Provided a easier, less costly, more performant way to develop applications on the internet.

👩‍💻 FromTwitter :🐧

Username : @Karansh91388145

Question : 5.

In permisonless voting facility provided by Hybridverse won’t there be a risk of same person voting twice?

#AMA #Hybridverse

Hybridverse :✍️ There’s 0 chance as each voter has its unique public key, with adequate regulatory oversight is as safe as national voting ballots.

📢. Telegram live Questions answered by Hybridverse ✔️

Q.✔️ Hybridverse project Dones many Great Partnerships with some companies like, Accord Project, Nvidia, I3P, etc ! So, whats the main reason behind these partnerships ? Whats the benefits of these partnerships ?

Hybridverse :✍️ The benefit is market cooperation and inter exchange, with each of our partner we’re working on concrete challenges.

Q.✔️ For what purposes Hybridverse decided to design E-VOTE platform? Are legacy voting platforms insufficient?
why should Hybridverse E-VOTE platform be preferred instead of old methods? Also for encryption you prefer Python scripts. Do you think this method is safe enough?

Hybridverse :✍️ As many know, on-chain privacy on legacy dApps platform isn’t yet possible, we overcome the issue utilizing treshold keys and ring signatures, however that’s a layer 2 solution. We’re confident though that once Aztec Protocol kicks in and Zilliqa implements ZK snarks, we’re going to be able to embed privacy in layer 1.

Q.✔️ Can you tell us something about the adoption of HBDV? Like where you would love to see the usage of HBDV?

Hybridverse :✍️ Hybridverse reduces the gap between blockchain application users (law firms, businesses, insurance companies, software providers and many other categories) and actual integration, which as of now is costly and complicated and needs to rely on third party custom development many of the times, HBDV adoption is directly proportional to the number of delegate nodes that we will have, the vision behind is that in 5 years we want blockchain professionals to be working full time as delegate nodes in the Workchain and provide blockchain SaaS solutions in a decentralized business.

Q.✔️ Mr. Steve @hybridsteve
Can you give us information about Hybridverse and UBTI cooperation? What are the main issues of this cooperation? Young people are very interested in the blockchain industry. In this sense, I think you care about young minds

Hybridverse :✍️ For those who not know, UBTI is the University of Turin Blockchain Iniative, it’s a Consortia of many faculties:

Department of Computer Science
Department of Socio-Economics and Statistics
Department of Law
Department of Culture, Politics and Society
IcxT — ICT and Innovation for the Society and the Territory

We’re working on two main challenges, education and awareness about blockchain good practices and development principles, we’re also working on a major implementation for Social Good involving the Public Administration as Pro Bono tester. The operation is currently under preliminary discussion and NDA, can’t say more.

Q. ✔️DeFi could be a trend in recent time with all projects and technologies, so could you share me in your view about DeFi in market space and how will Hybridverse be suitable with DeFi in future, why DeFi needs Hybridverse?

Hybridverse :✍️ DeFi is our main task for 2020 and solutions in that directions will be always at core for new dApps, as for existent DeFi solutions there is the Digital Asset Generator and a powerful combination with HybriDEX, we’ll soon be releasing more details about this combination, follow us on twitter.com/hybridverse to get it live.

Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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