$Hybridverse AMA Summary with Decentralized Club✔️

✔️Introduction with Hybridverse :👉

✍️ So, my name is Steve Erebor, I am the Founder & CEO of Hybridverse, a project from Turin Polytechnic Incubator, we’ve started 1 year ago with the first PoC for Hybrid Euro our multi-chain Euro backed stablecoin which is going to be released shortly. Hybridverse is an ecosystem of dApps with decentralized governance DAE (decentralized autonomous enteprise). Delegate nodes can join the network and provide access to network usage, getting rewards for their participation as well as being able to participate in fees governance. www.hybridverse.com

Q. What significant progress did Hybridverse had in 2019? Can we expect anything more in this year?

HYBRIDVERSE :✍️ Well, exactly 1 year and 16 days ago we joined Turin Polytecnic University a governmental incubator which is also best Public Business Incubator in the world https://www.i3p.it/en/news/incubatore-i3p-politecnico-di-torino-miglior-incubatore-pubblico-universitario-al-mondo , as I told you, we’ve applied the first PoC for Hybrid Euro, which is going to be released Q4 (surprise), Hybrid Euro is multi-chain, it’s based on Ethereum for trading and on Zilliqa for Point of Sale transactions, the technology is ready and has been started developing way before the Public Sale. Furthermore we’re working with many partners on research, development, education tasks (NVIDIA, GLBC, University of Turin, Polytechnic of Turin and many others) as example our NVIDIA partnership is focusing on AI implementations.

📢Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

👩‍💻 FromTwitter :🐧

📢. Telegram live Questions answered by Hybridverse ✔️

Q.✔️ Hybridverse project Dones many Great Partnerships with some companies like, Accord Project, Nvidia, I3P, etc ! So, whats the main reason behind these partnerships ? Whats the benefits of these partnerships ?

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