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✔️Introduction with @IECC :👉

Elyas : Hello, I am elyas, will represent the IECC today to do the AMA session with y’all, let me give you a brief idea, I am from the co-founding team from BEE Exchange and we are incubating this amazing project IECC!! and today this is the first ever AMA we have done for IECC, all of you are the first audience to witness the IECC thank you all !!!

Q. So without further ado lets learn about what is IECC and BEE exchange about??? @elyas0818

Elyas: IECC is dedicated to develop self-built charging pile (new energy cars) sharing industry to fulfill the gap of 4 million charging piles. It leverages blockchain technology to upload the data collected from both vehicles and piles to the cloud. The analysed data will be shared among the car owners and vehicle manufacturers. China has made the plan of achieving 70% new energy car coverage (around 200 million vehicles) by 2035.

IECC total supply is 10 billion and will be circulating around the overall IECC new energy ecosystem. The project has raised 15 million CNY which is applied in implementation and research. Currently there are 8 organisational strategic partners including SuZhou New Energy Automobile Association, 2 charging pile manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, a top HK media and an exchange with in-depth incubation capacity. In 3 months we are aiming to gather 30k ~ 100k active user traffic, which lays a solid foundation of global expansion of Internet of Everything connecting vehicles, charging piles and users.

In June 2019, a team consisting of co-founders of top exchanges gathered. They set off to an adventure pursuing an answer: How can blockchain be amalgamated with real business/factories, and further bring along robust digital asset?

After 4 months of elaborate preparations, BEE (short for Brand Economy Exchange) came into being, together with one after another carefully selected projects with real-business implementation. We put quality before quantity to ensure a safe haven is brought to the investors…

— — We are new, but we keep improving. In perfection of BEE, your voice is weighing!

Q. What was IECC and BEE teams achievements in 2019?? @elyas0818

Elyas: IECC has established several partnerships, I will provide the details by answering the questions from the community, BEE has incubated two real asset packed project so far and one of them is IECC for another one feel free to check out the BEE paltform 😁

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

🐧Twitter Question No :1
Username : @saneerjain1

Q. Mining by driving is a good idea, But how can you protect this vehicles from hacking because it leads to accidents.What are the Security measures provided by IECC

Elyas: Thank you for your question @saneerjain1, Minging by driving is the mechanism ionly for POS in the blockchian, the vehicles will not be controled by hacking the blockchain, because IECC tech team has separated the GPS system from the minging procedure we have no access to change any data, and vehicle companies has its own communication protocol, it cannot be tampered with IECC protocol,

🐧Twitter Question No :2
Username : @praneetsagar6

Q. From where does IECC core revenue come from? How can you make the IECC a win to win solution for both users and charging pile suppliers?

Elyas: nice questions @praneetsagar6 in terms of the revenue stream of IECC, actually there are many ways, for example, by providing user a online platform to purchase car related products, and it’s the same platform the users looks for their charging piles, from the charging piles side, they can maximize their promotion on this platform as well. For users side, they can mine IECC tokens while driving, and to use these tokens as a payment for charging their vehicle, because IECC is building an ecosystem so there’s not only one brand of charging piles companies or car manufacture companies will join IECC’s ecosystem.

🐧Twitter Question No :3
Username : @AntiMageAntimo

Q. Except make an Exchange, What kind of ideas/initiatives do you have in mind that can be consolidated in the future and give a positive boost to BEE Exchange?

Elhyas: Thank you for your questions, as I answered previously, BEE exchange is a exchange focusing on real asset packed projects, this is our business model and also it is our competitor advantages, by filtering the fake projects on the market which all based on a random white paper, we are at an early stage of building our own ecosystem which is structured by traditional business entities, we are aiming to contribute ourselves to the One Belt One Road Initiate to accelerate the speed of economic growth!

🐧Twitter Question No :4
Username : @hiep12323

Q. Is it too late for BEE_exchange to start building and developing in Vietnam, as there have been many large exchanges that have flourished in the Vietnamese community with promotions, events / meetup … in the past?

Elyas: Thank you for your question, it is not too late absolutely, because BEE exchange is dedicating to empower the traditional business by building brand economy through blockchain, and that’s why BEE is going to spread this business model to the whole world, we are growing fast in China now Vietnam could be our next destination

🐧Twitter Question No :5
Username : @nillerfect310

Q. Why does IECC choose blockchain as a great technology solution towards the green world? Without using blockchain technology, electric vehicles aren’t also harm the environment, is that true?

Elyas: Because the blockchain has immutability and security, as well as its unique digital model, it subverts the current Internet era. The security and reliability of data is currently unreachable by the Internet. Whenever the vehicle data is on the chain, it will always exist on the chain, which is true and effective, and the authenticity of the data will have great market commercial value for car companies and the country. The future is the era of big data.

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by @IECC ✔️

Q. Would the market or policy in China be influenced by any of these electric car battery explosion incidents (like, Tesla). In general, how is this electric car market trending in china? What kinds of opportunities and threats is IECC facing?

Elyas: thank you for your question,The electric car market has been trending in china for years and there are numbers of positive polices are going on recently such as MIIT formulated 15-year plan of new-energy development 70% of the vehicles nationwide will be new-energy or hybrid.Also the NEW SUBSIDY will be focused on new-energy infrastructure. Furthermore.President Xi emphasized that blockchain is the next major focus of innovative technology breakthrough. the opportunities in front of IECC is enormous, the market polices has shown the friendly sign, and IECC is lucky enough to meet BEE exchange which focuses on the real asset packed projects only, so IECC is confident to grow in the blockchain space, Of course there are threats for IECC as well, because IECC is transformed from the traditional business into blockchain, it has to compete with other players in the market, but IECC can definitely learn from them and the market.

Q. 1,Seems like IECC can be used as payment in new energy car charging, what else use cases?

Elyas: Thank you for your question. First of all, being one of the mining mechanism of IECC, the driver can mine the IECC tokens during his driving, with rewards given, driver can pay the charging fees by IECC. Drivers can also purchase the car related products in the application, Furthermore, IECC is establishing agreement with car insurance companies, that IECC can be used as deduction when drivers purchase car insurance for themselves. Not only car insurance, IECC can also be a deduction for car washing and car maintenance services etc…dsfsdf

Q. To initiate those use cases proposed by IECC, what kinds of partnership has IECC established with institutions/companies so far to make a start?

Elyas: thank you for your question mate, luckly I’ve prepared this partnership beforehand IECC has established several collaborations in different dimension,here are some of ours partners :1 IECC has made MOU with MATRIX AI,(https://www.matrix.io) to achieve a solid support for AI and other technology in later stages. 2 IECC has made MOU with FBH Hong Kong (https://www.firstbullionholdings.com/), profound support for global promotion and resource integration.3 Agreement with Hong Kong One TV (Media)
(www,.hktdc.com) which is biggest media platform in Hong Kong.4,Partnership with Philippine De Lao bank (http://www.dlo-card.com/) for opening up overseas (out of China) payment channel.5,Partnership with Unicloud Group (https://www.unicloud.com)Supporting us in-terms of big data storage, cloud model, data calculation and analysis.6, Partnership with Suzhou New-energy Chamber of Commerce (Ensuring the implementation by connecting to relevant resources such as its subordinate, supaizc.com, who owns 6,000 new-energy cars.7, 15 Million RMB investment agreement with VC,this is the major financial support to conduct most of our operations.8,In-depth partnership with Brand Economy Exchange,Overall supportive assistance in terms of incubation, global liquidity, PR and token economics optimisation. these are only brief introduction about the collaborations that IECC has done, and we will elaborate each of them specificly in our community, stay tuned !

Q. I presume you are based in China. Which city are you going to start with? Any local governmental support since it’s much infrastructure related. Is there any plan to expand overseas as the Belt and Road has been such an unstoppable trend now?

Elyas: Yes, In deed IECC is based in China, it’s going to start with ShangHai, IECC’s partnership with Suzhou New-energy Chamber of Commerce was actually from the SuZhu local government support, as you said all the local government is putting Belt and Road Initiate into their priority, the Chinese president has announced the launch of both the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, infrastructure development and investment initiatives that would stretch from East Asia to Europe. We have foresee the opportunities among with BEE exchange, being the real asset packed project especially in blockchain space, expanding to overseas is definitely one of our milestone.

Q. what exchanges is it listed on so far? Why them? If IECC has such a big market ahead, what is your benchmark of selecting exchange partners?

Elyas: IECC is listed on BEE exchange https://www.beeclubex.com/#/ , as we all know, BEE exchange is dedicating to empower the traditional business by building a brand economy through blockchain, all the projects have listed on bee exchange are, real asset based so do we, we want to clarify our position in crypto world to distinguish ourselves between other project has been established from a piece of white paper.Our benchmark of selecting the exchange is simple, we want our partners do care the real value behind the project and looking for the long-term collaboration instead of charging listing fees and that would be all

Q. how is “car self-inspection” function implemented? (Eg. Is that APP connecting to your car doing the work or the chips installed in charging piles) How frequent is this inspection and what kind of token rewards come along with it? Besides, I’m also curious about the competitors in this sector.

Elyas: Thank you for your question. The “car serf-inspection” function is very easy to use, all you have to do is check the IECC mobile application, the application will collect the data from the chip embed in the car, and provide the feedback for the driver, there is no rewards by doing car self-inspection, however, the drivers can check the status of the car, also the driving behavior can be reviewed. IECC is building the whole ecosystem based on blockchain, thus there are no competitors around the market yet. And we are looking forward to seeing other players to get into this sector.Because we have the ability to be the unicorn

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