LEAF Defi AMA Summary with Decentralized Club ✔️

Dear, Community,

Welcome to the recap of our AMA with LEAF DeFi.
Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what LEAF DeFi is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with LEAF Defi :👉

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about Leaf Defi? @Tello122

Sure! I’m Manuel and I’m the Marketing & Community manager at LEAF 🌱 put it simply, we aim to be the next generation protocol for smart asset management in the DeFi space. This implies a number of services and products we’ll release but I’m sure we’ll have time to talk about them in this AMA!

Q2. What are some of the key features of Leaf Defi?

Good question! I’d say among the various features we provide, for sure the ones we most care about are fee minimization (reached through our batching algorithm) and user-friendliness, in order to make DeFi available to the greatest audience possible. Everyone from the tech team to the marketing one has this mission in mind 🌱

That’s great 👍

Q3. Can you elaborate a bit on the solutions or enhancements that Leaf Defi has brought to the table ?

Sure, I’ll be happy to! The 2 most important technical achievements we have made are:
- the batching algorithm that, through group processing of transactions, makes fees effectively go to near zero.
- the DMCP protocol that ensures the max gain possible on your stored funds, by investing them in the most profitable lending protocol available on a daily and hourly basis

If you are curious and want more technical details, I encourage you to check our WP 🌱🌱

That’s right technical geeks Check out the white paper😁

Q4. Finally, what does Leaf Defi plans to achieve by the end of this year? @Tello122

Good one! So we already successfully closed our public sale, and the remaining goals for 2020 are:
- exchange listing: we’re coming to an end regarding the negotiations with some listing partners and exchanges (more on that soon)
- we’re releasing the beta of our first product, the LEAF wallet with staking capabilities. Check out our twitter page for some sneak peak 🌱🌱

Cool 👍👍. So 2020 is jam packed for Leaf Defi

You can say that for sure🌱🌱 stay tuned!

So now we move on to best selected Twitter Questions. I will post all the five questions and you can answer them one by one. Ok? @Tello122

Yes! Let’s go

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Twitter Question no 1 (Emre)
Username : @EmreOrdy

Leaf DeFi use a “CUSTOM ALGORITHM” for fee reduction, so can you tell more about that CUSTOM ALGORITHM? How exactly is able to successfully reduce the huge transactions fees of Ethereum Network?

Yes I briefly touched this point earlier. Transactions are batched and confirmed together, so fees can be shared between the participants and with the needed volume the commission amount can decrease substantially, ending with almost zero-fee transactions 🌱 this will be just the first step however, since our plan for 2021 includes the launch of our proprietary PoS Chain!

Twitter Question no 2 (Hakan)
Username : @Onganhakan91

The DMCP allow to user’s funds be connected with all lending Protocol of DeFi space, but in the Tokenomics a item says “ DMCP Rewards” so apart of offer such good service, the DMCP reward me for use it? Or not? Can you explain this ?

Yes precisely! The system allows you to invest your funds in the best available lending protocol, and switches when another one becomes more valuable. Potential gains at the moment arrive to a 10% APY

Twitter Question no 3 (David)
Username : @DavidSanta1704

Who are the main partners of Leaf Defi? What are the benefits of cooperation with the Leaf Defi ecosystem?

For us community and partnership are the key to success in this crowded space! We have menu discussions in place and as soon as some news are confirmed I’ll be happy to announce it to you all 🌱🌱

Twitter Question no 4 (La Quoc Nguyen)
Username : @LQucNguyn1

Are LEAF Financial Assets subject to interest rate fluctuations? Can it be affected by market risk? How does LEAF DeFi protect against volatility and liquidity risks? How does LEAF DeFi risk policy work?

So regarding the financial risks, leaf tokenomics work exactly like many other projects so naturally you mast weight your risks before investing. I can add that since our token has an utility function, value should not be dropping so strongly when market plummets, but of course this is no guarantee 🌱 do your homework before any investment!

Twitter Question no 5 (Nidhom)
Username : @nidhom_sadewa

on the twitter profile it says Leaf is a decentralized protocol dedicated to bringing smart asset custody and management to the DeFi token economy. What benefits does the Leaf Defi ecosystem bring to the community for the custody of smart assets in the token economy?

Great one! So basically our values are:
- security: your funds should be always secure and protected
- user friendliness: DeFi has not to be a complicated topic, especially if we want to reach a great audience
- sustainability: we want to minimise resources consumptions, including mining and fee expenses

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by LEAF Defi

Elaina Bernier:
Covid-19 is still causing huge losses in many countries, how has Leaf Defi adapted in the context of this ongoing global pandemic?

This is a nice one! The good part of having a remotely connected team is that Covid has not impacted our team or productivity by any means 🌱 we’re stronger and more focused than ever

Daphney Champlin:
Can you list 1–3 killer features of Leaf Defi that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

I mentioned them before but it’s important for me to highlight the fee minimization algorithm, the staking protocol and the DMCP framework! Believe me the last one in particular will be really intriguing 🌱🌱

how do you attract investors to be interested in $LAF ? because some investors only focus on short-term prices rather than long term?

I know, and we think this is the worst part of DeFi. Let me tell you that if you’re interested in short term gains, LEAF is not the right investment for you. Our plan originated 2 years ago and will not change based on market news or hot trends, but we can assure the maximum transparency and reliability, two characteristics this space really needs 🌱

Nyah Pacocha:
Who are Leaf Defi strategic investors? And what does Leaf Defi Roadmap for 2020 look like? What are your final goals for this year?

I can give you a complete roadmap of 2020 and beginning of 2021 🌱

(Q4 2020) Uniswap LP & other major Exchanges listing: right after the token sale, we’ll list the tokens on Uniswap (providing the starting liquidity to trade) and all the major exchanges.

(Q4 2020) LEAF Multi-assets wallet v1: shortly after the token listing, the first planned product will be released, our disruptive wallet application, together with the staking and lending protocols integration.

(Q1 2021) LEAF Decentralized money custody protocol (DMCP):
this will be the key step towards LEAF superiority in terms of smart asset management.

(Q1 2021) release of the full LEAF protocol: upgrade capabilities to all the existing products, including the LEAF chain and multi-asset wallet.

(Q2 2021) LEAF DAO: the final step of the LEAF journey towards a sustainable blockchain framework, starting from here investors and users will be able to take part in the active management of the company and decide its future developments.

Firt Time:
What a special for your security? And what make you confident is safe? i think security its important,please tell us about security of Leaf Defi?

Security is the basics! We have an entire legal and tech team at LEAF devoted to ensure our protocol use state of the art cryptography to make your funds safe every moment 🌱🌱

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

Edited by : 🌿DK✍️



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