MetalRoars. X Decentralized Club Ama Recap From the 16th of March

Hello, Decentralized. clubbers Another AMA took place in Decentralized Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest CEO vincent_metalroars roars from MetalRoars. The AMA took place on the 16th of March .


AMA now is with MetalRoars Joining us here today is


Welcome to the Decentralized club

Greetings Auria, and dens community

It’s pleasure to have you here with us.

same here. auria.

Before we dive into the project, we will love to know about your role and day to day work experience in project

Kindly type ‘’Done’’

After answering the question.

Yes Sure. Hi dens Community, my name is vincent. I’m the C.E.O of the Metal Roars gaming project. I have been in the blockchain ecosystem for more than 5 years now and closely monitoring the trends happening in crypto and gaming market.Also am dealing with the block-Chain development and Game Development.


Thanks for introducing yourself 😊

as you already know, this AMA will have 3 segments.

Intro segment

Twitter segment

And in the last (3rd) live. segment , I will unmute the chat to allow questions from our dear Community!

sure. Looking forward for that

So let’s start our AMA with basic introduction segment.

Introduction questions asked by DC AMA STAR, auria | Decentralized 💎

Q1. Can you start us off with brief description about Metal Roars and how it brings something new in the P2E space?

Metal roars is the first-ever 3d monster truck NFT based game in which you can own and drive your 3d monster truck. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you must use your driving skills to battle other truck drivers alike in order to survive. Monster trucks are the perfect vehicles to show your stunts and driving skills as they are incredibly powerful and can withstand a lot of damage.



Next question….

Q2. Can you elaborate on the gameplay and the various ways players are rewarded?

The idea behind metal roars gameplay is we want to develop a game that is based on superior gameplay, High quality graphics and seam less integration with blockchain.

In metal roars, player can enjoy multiple game modes like stunts, race & battle with their monster truck.

The first way to make money with Metal Roars is through playing the game itself. There are a number of ways to earn rewards in the game

You can earn rewards by completing quests, participating in game events, Win races & battle.

Also you can trade NFT’s in the market place.


Impressive 💯

Next question…

Q3. What’s the utility of the native token and how does one aquire it ?

Token utility is really important in any project. We have designed our game in a way that game ecosystem utilize the metal roar token in many different ways.

You can use it to purchase NFT Trucks

You can use it to NFT upgrade for your owned Trucks

You can buy weapons for your trucks for battle mode

It can be used to give users incentives to hold the token for the future


Moving on to our last question of this segment

Q4.Can you tell us what are your guys next major priorities in 2022?

Our team has develop the roadmap very carefully. Metal roars alpha version is near to completion. We will launch our alpha version on web GL around the launch of the project.

Our next focus will be marketing the project in best possible way. And to build a strong community. We have complete strategy in place for that.


Thanks for that well detailed introduction about MetalRoars

Questions asked on Twitter for MetalRoars team!

Here’s the first interesting question from twitter

Q.1 I couldn’t see any information related to investors and partnerships. In this competitive environment you need good allies so I would like to ask you about your partnerships have you done any partnership or who’s your investors ?

Twitter question from @miyamee11

Yeah you are right, Partners & backers are really important for project success. We are already in touch with many partners and investors. We are starting our seed round very soon. We will inform that on your twitter handle.


Next question…

Q.2 I would like to know that how many battle modes exist in your game and how many NFT monsters do I need to start the game? Can my NFT Monsters level up, what can I do with time with the NFTs, can I sell them for fractions?

Twitter question from @guddu2019

In metal roars game. Players have the option to choose multiple modes.

Stunt mode, Race mode & battle mode which user can enjoy.

To start playing the game you don’t need to spend any money on the nft’s, Every player will get our standard NFT trucks so that they can play and get the feel of the game. But of course you need to upgrade your NFT’s or purchase New NFT with better attributes to wins against harder opponents.

Yes, you can upgrade your trucks, And then you can use it to race and battle with the opponents and you can also trade them in our NFT marketplace.


Next question…

Q.3 It caught my attention that MetalRoar has Mystery box. what attracted me is the possibility to also use NFTs and to try luck and buy mystery box. Please talk more about mystery boxes. Is their availability limited? How much of the boxes can a players buy? What items can we find there? what is the value of mystery box, with what tokens can be purchased and how long will they be available for sale?

Twitter question from @snehabazaz

Yeah we do offer mystery boxes, you can buy those from our marketplace, or you can also win by playing the game.

Availability of the mystery boxes depends on the demand of the game. You can find multiple items in the like truck upgrade addons, NFT trucks, Rewards and lot more. All of the items can be used in the game as well as you can trade them in the marketplace.


Next question…

Q.4 Hey

Firstly , your project is interesting

Could you please explain us how do we start playing MetalRoars?

Do we need any NFT? Need to buy token?

Please tell us MetalRoars game play mechanism

Twitter question from @Rishabhroyy

You don’t need to purchase and spend money on NFT to play the game. We will offer standard NFT which you can use to play the game and get the feel of it. So anybody can play the game without spending. money.


Moving on to our last question of Twitter segment

Q.5 I read about metal roar’s mode they are

Damage to Earn

Fight to Earn

I would like to know more about these modes specially how do we earn through “Damage to earn” mode? And what’s difference between each mode?And what is “Truck Roar” ?

Twitter question from @zziyya2

Damage to earn mode is basically you will get points to destroy the different objects in the environment with your monster truck. The more damage you do to the environment the more points you will score.

Fight to earn as the name suggest, you will fight with your opponents with your trucks.and try to destroy and kill them to win the battle.


auria | Decentralized 💎

Thank you for answer all the Twitter question. That’s so informative for our community

Questions Asked by our Decentralized club members during live session to MetalRoars team!

SECURITY AND ANONYMITY ARE always prioritized by blockchain project’s in the development of the project’s platforms and technologies? So, do you have any technology solutions or plan to enhance users trust in these issues???

Yeah you are right security is really important in this ecosystem. we will hire multiple 3rd party auditors to audit our contract. like RD & hacken

can these multiple trucks a person has on Metal Roars be sold in the open market???

Yes, every truck and its addons are acts as NFTS which you can trade in our marketplace.

Does your great project support staking program? If yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform?

yes, we do offer staking program. you can skate tokens for specific period of time and gets NFTS or mystery boxes in return

Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

yes we have a marketing plan to promote the project to the local audience as well. Will hire local community managers for that purpose who can manage marketing to non English communities as well

What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Our team has develop the roadmap very carefully. Metal roars alpha version is near to completion. We will launch our alpha version on web GL around the launch of the project.

Our next focus will be marketing the project in best possible way. And to build a strong community. We have complete strategy in place for that.

Here are the some important link of MetalRoars

Website :

Telegram :

Twitter :

Medium :



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