Dear, Community,

On the 6th of May, 2021 at 14:30 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting
Corfunicas, CEO and Founder of Mobius Finance for an Ask-Me-Anything session on
their Telegram page with a community of over 30,000 people. It was hosted by DC
Community Manager, Billy, and DC Admin, May.
The session was divided into four segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1,
questions from the Twitter and website community were answered in Segment 2 and 3
respectively, and live questions from the community members in attendance were
answered in Segment 4.
If you missed this event and would like to know what Mobius Finance is all about, you
can find a recap of the interview here. Note that slight edits have been made for clarity.
Segment 1 — Introduction
Hello everyone! Today we have Corfucinas from the Mobius Team!
Happy to be here tonight. Hope everyone is doing well.
Happy to host you too!
Before we start can you introduce yourself to our community!
Sure. I’m the CEO and founder of Mobius Finance. Our goal is to expand the derivatives
ecosystem in DeFi and offer new trading opportunities to experienced and newcomers.
Mobius Finance is backed by numerous important VCs, you can visit our website to see
who is supporting us.
Okay 👌
Thanks for the introduction.

Now without further ado let me ask some questions to know more about Mobius
Finance 🙂
Q1. What is Mobius Finance and why does its idea have huge market potential?
That’s a good question to start.
If I were going to ask anyone out here tonight,
“What is the biggest market in traditional finance?”
A lot of people would say probably “the stock market.”
That is actually the most popular one
Bigger than this, you would have commodities, forex, corporate debt, etc
The derivatives market is actually 10x the size of the stock market, over 10 trillion
dollars (crypto is less than 20% of this today).
Within this 2 trillion market cap, DeFi is an even smaller percentage, and within this, the
derivatives industry is a single percentage.
Why what we are doing is important?
If Crypto wants to compete against traditional finance, we would need not just to create
products, but also scale them in such a way to mirror the traditional market
With Mobius, we will expand the derivatives market, and rest assured, that will be the
future of the DeFi ecosystem.

And thus it is established why your 💡has a tremendous market potential!
Derivatives will be the future.
Now let us see what Mobius Finance incorporates!
Q2. What are the important features of Mobius Finance?
We’re based on 6 pillars.
Layer-2 Ethereum
Multiple incentives
Auction clearing pool
Automatic Debit Balancing
Quote-driven markets
Mobius will be designed with layer-2 in mind. The truth is, if you want to launch a
product today, you cannot repeat what other people are doing, you would need to
ETH layer-2 will be ready soon, and we will be one of the most important products
Layer-2 will change the panoramic game of ETH in lots of ways people don’t imagine.
We have multi-collateral, initially, we will support ETH, DAI, and the Mobius Token
This will allow more users to have different strategies to have exposure to synths.
We will hold multiple incentives, liquidity mining, we will have a token buy-back program,
token burning, among others.
This is in order to keep our price at a healthy price.

We will support a clearing pool to ensure that people that have profit, stay with the
profit, there will be no claw-backs and no losses for profitable people.
Full packed on features!
With our ADB, we will solve the global debt problem that’s a current problem in the
Synthetics application.
Quote-driven markets will allow us to have unlimited liquidity, no more impermanent
Hope that clears things for everyone!
I am sure it does!
Q3. What kind of assets can be tokenized and which chains are supported?
We will support not just crypto-assets, we want to support off-chain assets as well.
If the asset has a reliable data feed, it can be traded
Gold, silver, Apple, Tesla, will be available
We will launch on ETH, but we’re considering having a presence in other chains as well,
I cannot say the names tonight, but we’re in contact with two protocols of the top 10
coins to expand our platform beyond Ethereum
Ok got it. But this is really impressive what you guys have accomplished
Q4. Do you have any substantial developments in the pipeline for the rest of the year?
Yes, we do, our roadmap is available on our website for everyone to review.

Our goal is to launch the Mobius Token within 30 days. We will introduce other types of
financial instruments in September of this year, by the end of the year 3 types of
We want to make sure the Mobius protocol is decentralized and in total control of the
token holders, the $MOT token by next summer
So I can say that 2021 will be a very packed and eventful year for Mobius Finance!
What I want to do Is to give everyone a new opportunity into an industry that will be the
future of DeFi, and let them be in control of the protocol within a year
That’s unheard of!
That was a wonderful Q and A session with you and now we can move on to our
community questions starting with the best picked Twitter Questions!
Let’s do it
Segment 2 — Twitter Questions
Q1. You mentioned that “We offer low transaction fees and high speeds thanks to
Ethereum layer 2,” but if those characteristics can be obtained with the BSC chain, why
not use ETH? Will there be any other ETH benefits that BSC does not provide?
Username: @AugustK95
Q2. In case of market instability, how will your Auction Clearing Pool help mitigate the
Username: @static_current

Q3. staking ☑️
buyback ☑️
& DeFi ☑️
Can your project share thoughts on what I mentioned above?
Does it have an impact on the value of Your project?
Username: @MariaCahya3
Those are good questions as well
Question #1
I think people don’t understand how layer-two is going to affect Ethereum
BSC has a number of problems, it’s centralized, only have a handful of validators, the
chain is growing 3–4 Gbs per day….and some core developers are saying that they are
pushing the Geth and Parity clients too much
Of course, people like it because it is cheap and I can understand that
But for a long-term project, like Mobius Finance
We will stay with ETH, it is the chain with the highest security, the strongest community,
and the most support for developers
With layer-2 ETH we expect 2,000 transactions per second, and even cheaper than
transactions than BSC
So yes, there are more advantages that will come.
Question #2
If anyone here knows what happened to Maker during the March crash of last year,
knows what is a clawback, a global debt
and the bankruptcy limit on margin positions

They understand why we need an auction clearing pool
We want to ensure that in Mobius, users that have a profit, keep it
Winners win, and losers lose
It might sound simple
but it’s not as it seems
In order to keep a system that uses leverages profitable, we need to ensure that the
money borrowed is repaid, otherwise, people who hold profit positions will be subjected
to “clawbacks”
With the auction clearing pool, we will 100% insure that positions at a profit, stay in a
This auction pool will also allow the platform to operate during any market conditions,
allowing us to operate in any sort of market
One more thing that it is important
With our multi-collateral, users can select their asset according to their risk profile
We will support ETH, DAI, and MOT (the Mobius token)
meaning that users can have more than one option, in order to have stability
Question #3
staking ☑️
buyback ☑️
& DeFi ☑️
We will support all of that in Mobius
Staking to allow users a strong APY

Burning to insure scarcity, and those people who get in early can have a better price
Buyback, to use profits to give back to token holders
And of course, keep the DeFi movement growing strong
Thanks for the detailed answers to the question above!
Now let me post the website best-picked questions
Happy to read questions from our supporters
Segment 3 — Website Questions
Q1. Mobius implemented AI on the ticket marketplace. “the platform will algorithmically
issue and make tickets available to users.” Does every ticket is the same for every
user? Do all the tickets have the same amount of benefits?
Telegram Username: @yuzuru21
Q2. Your order execution model will allow the users to enjoy zero slippage and low
transaction fees, but no project survives without some fees, what is the percentage
you’ll charge per transaction, and is there any benefit for the holders of that?
Telegram Username: @Arisabela
Q3.I could read on your whitepaper that Mobius plans to make the entire ecosystem
liquid, can you explain the role of your token moUSD and what will be its use cases?
Telegram Username: @Antoni_azx

Question #1…that is interesting!
We need to remember that an algorithm is not AI. I think there’s a lot of people under
the wrong impression that AI can solve everything. Anyone who has trained a neural
network knows that is not as it sounds
An AI is an agent that can make a decision based on a reward system in order to find
the best solution to a specific problem, for example, a prediction or categorization
Mobius Finance has various algorithms in place with specific rules that anyone will be
able to read from our Smart Contracts which will be public
This means that everyone will have a fair opportunity, not just whales
Question #2
To be clear, yes, we will have 0 slippage
to be even more clear
infinite liquidity
Our transactions fees will be quite low
Let me clarify
For example, if a user places a trade on Uniswap, they would pay a 0.3% fee, on top of
the expensive ETH network fee
we will lower the ETH network fee with our layer-2
Let me give an example to everyone
On layer-1
If I were to send an ETH to anyone here
it will cost me 21,000 GAS

multiply that by the GWEI
and it would cost me around $5 USD right now
on layer-2, instead of 21,000 gas, I would pay less than 100
on top of, it can support up to 2,000 transactions per second
So the fees will be ultra-low, allowing people to trade even a few cents, with virtually 0
right now, if you place more than 5 orders per day in DeFi, it will result in probably $100
in Mobius, it will be just a few cents…0.000001
Question #3!
That’s a fundamental question
Yes, we will enable two tokens
Mobius Token $MOT and moUSD.
This will be a new stable coin, allowing users to enter and exit any positions, this means
that all trades will be settled in moUSD
The way to get moUSD will be by posting your collateral of ETH, DAI, or MOT
This will introduce a new stable coin in DeFi, allowing new trading mechanics in the
Before we move ahead, a request to our community. Please join:
Yes, everyone!

Join our channel so you can participate in our IDO.
We will make those announcements and many others in our channel
Make sure to join so you don’t lose your spot
Now as we got some wonderful answers to the previous questions, now let’s move on to
our last round. Live telegram round!
That’s going to be interesting
Are you ready!
— -Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions — -
Segment 4 — Live Questions
Corfucinas please answer best 4.
Woah, that’s a lot of questions
Ok guys, thanks to everyone
Give me a few minutes
I need to read from the top
If I don’t pick your question

Please join our channel
I or the team will find time for you
Which one of these aspects is important for you?
1-Increasing Token Price & Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally
In what order?
I’ll answer this one
The reality is, all of them are important, a strong project can’t select, they need to
understand that all of those things need to be joined in order to be successful
If the token doesn’t increase in price, there’s no value, only idealistic, but not material
If there’s no material value, you cannot empower a platform development,
if there’s no community trust, who will use the platform!
If why limit the community? The idea is to go with no borders, after all, this is DeFi
— -
So yes, I and my team understand the importance of those 4 aspects
Three more questions to go!
Chris Bautista:

I want to pick 3 more, but this one if it not obvious, the best you can do right now joins
our telegram channel.
Ok, back to selecting questions!
Alright 🎉
I want to ask 2 things — about Marketing and Rugpull. What is your marketing plan? How
can you guarantee we won’t pull the rug? Please explain that!
Our tokens are locked for a long time…I actually don’t get any tokens at launch….people
can probably get more tokens than me at the start
Of course, it will be on our smart contracts that will be audited and public
This is also the reason I’m selecting ETH
to go to the long term, and built a serious platform
You point out that Mobius will seek to adopt financial assets and instruments to quickly
adapt to future developments and market developments, but could you tell us more
about “future developments and market developments”? What features do you really
This is a nice question
If you look at traditional finance, their system scale is even hard to understand at a
Even having 2,000 transactions per second is just the start

The other important aspect is that whales and big names don’t directly trade the asset
like most people
they require complex products
for example, futures contracts that we will support
So by creating these products, we will already enable traditional investors to allocate
their strategies to Mobius Finance
That’s amazing!
Alice ☺️☺️:
Do we as investors of your tokens have the right to participate in the governance of the
project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?
Of course
That’s why I meant that Mobius’s goal for next year is to let the control of the protocol, in
the hands of the token holders. People will be able to submit improvement proposals
Let me pick one last question
There’s a lot, and it’s too bad that we’re limited
Join our channel if your question is not picked.
I know right? You’re sure going to get a lot of followers on your socials because our
community members have a lot of questions.
Done answering questions?
It is open-source, any developers will be free to contribute to our code on Github

I went over the questions, but they were quite good
And like I mentioned, if you were not selected, join our telegram group to continue the
Always the best from the DC Family!
We have come to the end of the AMA session with Mobius Finance.
Community, please follow Mobius Finance on all their socials.
Thank you so much, Corfucinas, for being a guest here today.
Thank you, everyone!
We wish you and your team all the best with Mobius Finance.
Thanks! Hope everyone enjoyed it.