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Dear, Community,

Welcome to the recap of our AMA with Mogul.
Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what Mogul is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with Mogul : 👉

Q1: Can you give us a quick introduction to Mogul?

Lisa Sun:
Definitely. Mogul is bringing blockchain and DeFi to film! Our decentralized film financing model aims to give everyone a voice in the filmmaking process. So, for the first time, film fans will be able to vote and influence which movies get funded and made as Mogul productions! All using blockchain, smart contracts, and Web3 technologies. Over the last two years we’ve put together an amazing Advisory Team of producers, directors, actors and other film industry professionals

Today is particularly exciting for us because we’ve launched the Mogul Showcase Premiere, where users can sign up on the Mogul platform and see the 9 movie projects we have available

That’s great . So today is definite a milestone day for Mogul!

Lisa Sun:
For sure! We’ve been building for two years, grown our team a lot, and now the community is able to check it out.

We have plans to launch on mainnet really soon as well, and that’s when our smart wallet and STARS tokens will go live

Looking forward to it

Q2: What caused you to create this unique cryptocurrency project? @lisaamogul

Lisa Sun:
Can I post links in here? If anyone is interested they can sign up and we’re currently running a promotion where the first 1000 signups today get a free Mogul genesis NFT. There are a few winners left…

Great question! I love telling this story

Of course

Lisa Sun:
Here is the link to sign up to the Mogul platform, where the first 1000 signups receive a free Mogul Genesis NFT!

Hurry ! Get this valuable NFT!

Lisa Sun:
The story of Mogul really starts when our team heard the story of Deadpool in 2016 and that’s when we originally wrote the first Mogul whitepaper. Then we started development in 2018. Our founding team had invested in movies before at the script level and realized the poor experience. No updates were given, the financial terms of investment were archaic, the first money into the project often got the worst deal, and there was no standardization.

One of the projects we invested in had a great experience engaging investors — they gave monthly updates with behind the scenes photos, told us who was being considered for casting, talked about business development, asked the investors for help and access to specific people in their networks, etc. Over the course of this back and forth, a big and dedicated community was built with the investor-base around the common goal of making the movie successful with the writers of the script. This is what we want to emulate with Mogul, but on another level with 100x the amount of engagement.

With Deadpool, the movie was shelved for 8 years by the studio because they didn’t want to produce it based on the vision of the people involved. The film only came to be because a proof of concept trailer was leaked (“by accident”). When the trailer was leaked on Youtube, it went viral and millions of fans demanded that Deadpool got made because they were so passionate and they loved the trailer.

Since then, Deadpool has become the highest grossing R-rated franchise in movie history; and it never would have been made without the Fans.

I never realized the inspiration of Mogul Productions would be this interesting

Fans would have the power to make their voices heard by the power of blockchain. And the bridge between blockchain and movies has been created by Mogul. Hats off!

Lisa Sun:
Yes!! ☺️ a lot of thought an inspiration has gone into Mogul, and it has been really important to us to launch a product. That’s why today is so exciting. A lot of blockchain companies promise a lot in their whitepaper — we want to make it real!!

Definitely. People can actually sign up right now and see the movies that they’re going to be able to vote on for financing. There are 9 feature films in there already where you can see the cast, watch their trailer, and more


Q3: Can you provide a brief introduction to the advisory team behind Mogul Productions?

Lisa Sun:
Definitely. Our team is amazing. Made up of true Hollywood veterans who have really bought into the Mogul production model of transparency through blockchain

For example, Cindy Cowan. She’s an Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated producer who won an Emmy award last year for Miracle on 42nd Street. We have Emmy-nominated producer David Cormican who negotiated the first ever Canadian Netflix Original Series distribution deal and has done 3 deals with them since, raising over $175 million for film and television productions over his career! We also have Piers Tempest who is one of the most popular producers in the UK right now and had his movie, Love Wedding Repeat, as one of the most watched on Netflix back in the Spring.

Our team can be found here:

Rest assured it is safe to say this concept that Mogul brought has full industry from the movie industry

Q4. Lastly, further plans in 2021 ? @lisaamogul

Lisa Sun:
yes!! We’ve assembled a team that is excellent at financing, producing and distributing movies; and they have the professional networks that a project like Mogul needs to succeed.

We also know how important it is to grow community and market Mogul to the masses.

One of our advisors is Dario Meli, he was the founder of Hootsuite which is a unicorn social media management platform

Well today is a big day because we’re launching

Users can create an account, submit projects, purchase rewards, and more.

On our roadmap is the launch of our platform on mainnet, the launch of our smart wallet, and then of course STARS

Information about Access Passes for STARS can be found here:

Users must have 1 STARS token to access the Mogul platform.

You can, however, sign up now and get your first STARS token for free PLUS a free Mogul Genesis NFT for the first 1000 users

Those who are interested in the access passes can inquire within the platform ☺️

That’s really generous . Thanks for sharing it here

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

What are the incentive mechanisms that MOGUL uses in order to encourage the participants of the MOGUL ecosystem to cooperate with the development of the ecosystem?
WINNER 1 TWITTER: @HarputluResul

What were the main reasons that led Mogul Productions to partner with Chainlink? What areas of your platform will improve as a result?
WINNER 2 TWITTER: @cryptoenr1que

@lisaamogul please answer

Lisa Sun:
Mogul rewards its users for their participation whether that be in participating in contests, events, or playing trivia right in the platform. We want to hear everyone’s voice so we have developed STARS in a way that there is something for every type of crypto user.

Great question by the way!!

STARS holders that are in the DeFi will be able to stake their tokens to vote in different ways such as on movies to be funded or governance of the platform.
For those movie lovers Mogul offers physical and intangible rewards that users can redeem their STARS for to get closer to the action.

Question 2: we partnered with Chainlink because a big problem with making filmmaking more transparent is getting data from the “real world” onto the blockchain. With Chainlink, we’re able to bring audited financials onto the blockchain for profit sharing when we’re making our films.

Our business development team is working really hard to secure other development, film industry, and media partners and there will be some big announcements in the next few weeks with regards to partnerships

The integration with Chainlink is the first of a series of major announcments

Not a lot of people know this, but 1983’s Return of the Jedi grossed $475M on a $32M budget. But the actor playing Darth Vader was offered a profit-sharing deal he was still getting letters saying there were no profits to share in 2009!

So he never actually made any money… What a shame!

By working with Chainlink we bring more transparency to filmmaking

Thanks for the detailed answers to the Twitter Questions.. I am sure the question askers are satisfied

So many problems . One solution. Mogul Productions! 😁

Really glad to host you here today

Lisa Sun:
I hope so!!

I’m really glad to be here, such a great community you have. I hope that you’re all able to join the discussion on Mogul after this too 😀

Now let us move to our last and final segment which is the live telegram segment . Hundreds of questions will pour in . Please answer the ones you like only and tag the best 3 questions at the end .

Please join Mogul Productions telegram to be eligible in this AMA:

Lisa Sun:
Decrypt actually published this article about Mogul today as well and talked a lot about the strong team we have assembled:

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by Mogul ✔

Can you please tell us about the Tokenomics of your tokens? Is there a deflationary system to help promote and increase the value of the tokens and would there be incentives to hold tokens? What Incentives would also be available for holders and stakers?

Lisa Sun:
Please sign up at to view info about our Access Passes

Nastaya 👄:
Do I still stand a chance to receive a limited edition Mogul Genesis NFT, or the cap of 1000 sign ups have been met?

Lisa Sun:
I haven’t checked since I began the AMA, but when it started there was!

Crypto Star:
What can Mogul offer to solve the scaling problem? And how does Mogul Productions deal with the threat of centralization?

Lisa Sun:
We are working with a top layer 2 solution. Partnership to be announced soon

Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

Lisa Sun:
We’re partnered with Chainlink, Reelworld film festival, and have some big announcements coming up soon in regards to partners. Best place to keep up with the partner announcements is here:

ucok keren:
. For now does Mogul have any plans to issue tokens or even its own coins?

Lisa Sun:
Yes we will be issuing our STARS token, which is required to use the platform, submit projects, purchase rewards, and is key for governance of the Mogul platform.

Information can be found at after you sign up

Sjje Jj:

why mogul need blockchain?

Lisa Sun:
Great question. Blockchain is best for payments, security, auditability and transparency. These all happen to be major problems in the film industry. Our mission is to make films with better financial transparency and blockchain is the best way to do that

how do you list some of the most advanced features we’ve never seen on the market before?

Lisa Sun:
We’re one of very few companies to build a smart wallet. Argent wallet is another company.

We also have quadratic voting, which Vitalik has talked a lot about, for governance

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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