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On the 19th of May, 2021 at 15:00 UTC, Decentralized Club had the honor of hosting Anton Fartushnyi, CMO from the Liquidifty Team for an Ask-Me-Anything session on their Telegram page with a community of over 30,000 people. It was hosted by DC Admin, May.
The session was divided into four segments. Introductions were made in Segment 1, questions from the Twitter and website community were answered in Segment 2 and 3 respectively, and live questions from the community members in attendance were answered in Segment 4.
If you missed this event and would like to know what Liquidifty is all about, you can find a recap of the interview here. Note that slight edits have been made for clarity.

Segment 1 - Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is May and I'm your host for today.

Today, we have with us, Anton Fartushnyi, the CMO of the Liquidifty team.

You're welcome, Anton.

It's an honor to have you here.

Hello guys! Thanks for having me today

Hello, Decentralized Club community!

It's our pleasure. Thank you for joining us.

Before we head to the introductory questions, could you please tell us more about yourself and your job description at Liquidifty?

As you already said - my name is Anton, I'm the CMO of Liquidifty. 
I’ve been working in the blockchain industry since 2017. 
In our team, I’m responsible for all marketing activities and also for a community building 😊


Let's hop straight into the introduction session.

Question 1.

Q1. Can you introduce Liquidifty to us briefly and tell us with which unique objectives it has come to market?

Liquidifty is a platform that is designed to bring more use cases to NFTs you have. Now, most NFTs are just pictures/videos and you can only collect them. And we want to create more scenarios for NFT usage. For example, we are planning to integrate NFT-backed loans, NFT multi-ownership, and more features.

Wow. That's a pretty amazing use case.

Thanks 👍

I'm excited at the idea of using NFTs as collateral for loans and other financial services.


Next question.

Q2. What are the benefits for early joiners to the ecosystem by acquiring the $LQT token?

Among the functions that the $LQT possesses will be its ability to be used for buying NFTs, receiving discounts, and exclusive drops. The team aims to constantly improve the deflationary mechanisms for using the token and motivate users to hold and burn their $LQT tokens. The token will also be implemented as a payment currency inside the ecosystem in the near future and holding of $LQT tokens will allow its holders to receive discounts on the purchase of NFTs.

$LQT token holders will also become part of Liquidifty’s community-based platform moderation and will be helping curate the content that is marketed on the platform. The community can vote on which artwork belongs to its weekly pick, giving them an added boost in the reach that they need.

Talk about user inclusion! Great stuff!

So many cool benefits for holders and users.

Third question.

Q3. Can you tell us about the upcoming Mainnet launch and Public App testing?

Our app will be launched in mainnet on 20th of May which is tomorrow already 😅
The first version will include a fully functional NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain. We will also start with some exclusive collections from NFT artist - so stay tuned for the updates 😊

As for the testing - since the testnet launch there were more than 700 NFTs minted on our platform and this number grows every day. 
In the beginning, we planned to launch Mainnet in June, but most of our users asked to do this ASAP to let them use the app

Tomorrow? Can't wait to give it a test run. 😁

Last question for this segment.

We will be glad if you test it out haha

Sure will! 😁

Q4. What are the next big updates in the pipeline for Liquidifty?

The next big events after the Mainnet launch will be the TGE for $LQT token and our IDOs on BSCPAD and Ignition.
From the development side - the next steps are implementing the multi-ownership system and Ethereum chain support

Great! All the best on your launch tomorrow and subsequent events.

Let's move straight to questions from Twitter.


Sure, let’s go!

Segment 2 - Twitter Questions

Q1. I am impressed that you have wonderful partners today, partners of all kinds. Anyone just arrived? Which of your current partners provided LIQUIDIFTY the most benefits, why? Another good aspect to think about is, what do you want your future partner to do?


Our newest partner, for now, is Paid Network and we already scheduled an IDO with them

These guys are doing an impressive job and we are glad to be the first BSC project on Ignition

As for benefits - the most valuable help comes from BSCPAD and Paid

They didn’t just provide us with the slot for IDO

But also connected us with tons of influencers and other people from the industry

Awesome! Glad to hear you're making major marketing moves.

Second Twitter question.

Q2. Can you tell us about the 100k event for NFT artists? How is the response to it yet?


We launched an event more than a week ago and since then we have already got a lot of participants.

There were some troubles with rules because some artists thought that we will have all rights to their works

We’ve published a big FAQ for the even rules and now everything is going great

We’ve already attracted some of the greatest NFT artists as our jury members

They will pick the winners who will get the $40k prize

So if there’s any artist in the Decentralized Club community - you are welcome to participate!

Everyone has a good chance to win 🔥

Can you please share links to your site where our community can participate?

Here’s the link to our Medium article that describes everything

Also, you can DM me or @liquidifty_admin if any questions appeared 😊

Great! Our community will keep in touch.

Third Twitter question.

Q3. I understand that with Liquidifty you can get loans with an NFT guarantee, but could you give us more details about these loans? Will they have a maximum amount that can be borrowed? How many will be the payment installments? And also, can only ETH be borrowed?


That’s an interesting question!
The maximum amount of borrowed money will depend on the NFT price. So if the NFT is really expensive and it was minted by a famous artist - you’ll be able to borrow up to 20% of its price

Exact numbers and % will be announced later

Together with the public test of this feature

I'm interested in these percentages.

Hopefully, we get to see the data on your socials.

Are you ready for the next set of questions?

They're from our website community.

Yes, let’s move forward 😊

Segment 3 - Website Questions


Q1. One particular thing that caught my attention about Liquidifty is that you allow multi-ownership NFT, can you tell us more about this? How is this possible and what are the benefits of this for users?

Telegram Username: @meml97

So as for multi-ownership: 
We are planning to launch a system that will be similar to multi-signature wallets. You’ll be able to split the price of NFT with your friends/colleagues etc. Why should you do it? 
The answer is simple - some projects are doing NFTs with different bonuses. So you don’t just buy NFT but also get some benefits for holding it. And if this NFT is too expensive - you can share it with other people and also share the benefits from it
You can share it as an equal 50/50, do 70/30, or any other proportion


Anton, I have to say this is amazing.

Recently, a lot of tokens have been rewarding holders for holding large quantities of their tokens and tokens from other projects.

I can't even imagine how excited users will be when they hear that Liquidifty allows a similar feature with shared benefits.

We are also looking forward to finally deploy it 😅

As are we!

Second website question.

Q2. There are a lot of different and unique NFTs, all of them are made on different blockchains. But there’s one thing that unites them – value. you help users to use this value. What are the mechanisms through which they help users to use that value?

Telegram Username: @Josegamboac

Except for the multi-ownership - here are some features:

Loans under the NFT collateral
Did you just buy a valuable NFT and need money for profitable trade? Use your NFT as collateral to get funds. NFT estimated price will be determined by our trustable oracles and then you’ll be able to borrow ETH. You can also lend money to other users and earn with it.

Cross-chain NFT oracles
We are also developing cross-chain oracles that will analyze prices for NFTs on different blockchains and estimate the price of each NFT held by our users.

Cross-chain NFT marketplace
With Liquidifty you’ll also be able to sell/buy NFTs from any blockchain. We are planning to implement NFTs made on Ethereum, BSC, Flow.


Last question for our web segment before we move on to the question from our live community.

Q3. To make your platform more artist-friendly, which are the most important issues you guys thought of solving?

Telegram Username: @danWickerjil

We are talking with different NFT artists every day and always ask them what should we do for them to move to Liquidifty

Because nowadays most platforms are not artist-targeted and don’t have many promotion things for smaller artists

We are now working on a strategy in which every artist - not just big-name guys - will be able to sell their works and get some new followers and fans

I like the fact that Liquidifty is accommodating and helping upcoming artists make a name for themselves.

Great job there!


Okay. We're now moving to the live question segment where I'll open up the group for the readers to send in their live questions.

We're almost out of time so I'll open it up for a little while and you'll quickly pick four smart questions for us.

Okay, I’ll try to be as fast as possible

Dear community, remember to follow Liquidifty's socials for your questions to be valid.

Check the pinned message for more information.

---Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions---

Segment 4 - Live Questions

Asia, Africa, and other communities are Non-English speaking communities, how will your project create global adoption to more local communities?

Thanks for your question!
We do have a lot of partners and investors from Europe and Asia

And now we are closely working with them on expanding our community to more countries

There’ll be more local communities soon

Three more questions to go.

[Pasta Mama]
I'm new to crypto, and I trust a project. I ended up investing my hard-earned money, and some of it turned out to be SCAMMED. What guarantees will you give to a layman investor like me? that you won't SCAMS? IS your project AUDITED?

I’ll tell you a little secret that will be announced only today

so you are the first community to know it 😅

Our contract has just been audited by Certik

We will publish an announcement about it soon!


[Jennifer Patricia]
The $LQT token is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Why do you choose the BSC ecosystem? How will you compete with your other competitors similar to your project at BSC?

We decided to start with BSC because of the huge fees in the Ethereum network

As for today, gas was more than 1000 gwei and this makes a lot of trouble for collectors

and artist

We will later expand our ecosystem to more chains

but for the start - BSC is the greatest from the fees side

[DC Member]
What are the marketing strategies of your project? What will you do so that your project will be visible in the crypto field and people come to explore your project?

We are mostly focused on working with NFT artists

We have few ongoing events for them

And we are also working on a bonus program for collectors

So stay tuned for upcoming news

Were all done?


Can you please share the link to your social media pages so the community can keep up with updates from Liquidifty?



Thank you so much Anton for being a guest here on DC.

Thanks for having me guys

We wish you and the team all the best.

and thanks to the community for great questions

Thank you!

Before you go, what platforms can we buy $LQT on?

The token is not tradable yet, so first, we will have IDO on BSCPAD and Ignition

And after that, we will list it on PancakeSwap

Also, we are discussing some CEX to list us

Great! We'll stay updated so we can all be early adopters!

Once again, we wish you and the team the very best.

Thank you so much and enjoy the rest of your day.

The group will be open now.

Thank you, guys!




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