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Welcome to the recap of our AMA with PolypuX.
Our vibrant and enthusiastic community had a lot of questions to ask. To those who want to know quickly what PolypuX is about, we are sure this recap is gonna help you. So without further ado, continue reading 😉

✔️Introduction with PolypuX :👉

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about Polypux? @PolypuxSupport

PolypuX Support:
Hello, I am Marco, software engineer of the PolypuX project.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reach such a beautiful community.

As PolypuX team, we consist of a core 6-person software team.
We provide software services in important companies in America and some European countries.
There are some people who were later included in our team and supported us in the field of crypto.
We are currently working in a very harmonious way.

Within the PolypuX team, there are computer engineer, software architect and artificial intelligence engineer colleagues.
Apart from that, we have a friend who is working on DeFi and farming systems for a new development and to speed up our work. (these features will be announced on 15 th October)

We met the crypto world thanks to PolypuX.
We thought it was the right place to reflect our different ideas about social media platforms.
That’s why we are with you today.

Sounds good 👍👍

Q2. What are some of the key features of Polypux ? @PolypuxSupport

PolypuX Support:
There are some features of PolypuX.
One of them is connecting the social media accounts to the platform.
They will have some Pux (PolypuX Token) according to their followers, posts etc.
They also earn by interactions with their social media accounts.

People can create missions for other users to do, this mission can be anything like, following, liking etc.
If someone accomplishes that duty they will earn Pux.

There is another feature in the platform.
People can use link sharing feature and when they share the links created in the system they start to earn when others click on the links.
Each unique click means earning Pux. Also they will have detailed statistics about the clicks on the link.

Also there is a crypto side of our project as you know,
In order to check / buy, you can find us in many platforms, like Uniswap, Bilaxy, Hoo, Coinmarketcap etc.
New features like DeFi, Stake, Farming are coming very soon. (We’ll announce next week.)

Thats great. You guys have thought of almost everything 👍👍

Q3. Can you elaborate a bit on the solutions or enhancements that Polypux has brought to the table ? @PolypuxSupport

PolypuX Support:
We are open to any idea, offer, parnership etc.
You can send a message via telegram to us. Any contribution will be appreciated.

In terms of individual users, half of the world’s population now has mobile internet and they also have social media accounts.

This is called a project which values community a lot!

PolypuX Support:
People have been asking themselves how to make money from the internet since the first day of the internet invented.
And they’re doing research on what it can do for it.

Thanks to Polypux, they can start making money even if they connect their existing social media accounts.
In addition, they have the opportunity to increase their income by performing different tasks created by other users and the advertisers who will join us in the near future.

Even if it takes a long time while writing, these are things that can be done in a very short time.

Companies / product and service providers have the opportunity to reach real people on social media thanks to PolypuX.
As everyone knows, many people or companies are trying some methods to increase the interaction of their followers and posts on social media.
With these methods, they may have increased the seen number, but they do not see any benefit.

This is because the followers and people who interact with it are not real.
In addition, even if they are real persons, they can be unfollowed because these actions take place without their permission.
This creates a negative image for brands.

With the help of Polypux a lot of people can now have a passive income. Its only fair especially for social media influencers where the social network company takes the majority money

PolypuX Support:
Yes, we wanted to reverse this, not just companies, but users will earn.


Q4. Finally, what does Polypux plans to achieve by the end of this year?

PolypuX Support:
We are talking to many people to be partners and one of them is completed.
We will announce this great news very soon.
Now I can say that our new partner’s Marketcap is more than 120M.

Also we are working on some other social media platforms to add our platform.
Our focus for now is on YouTube and TikTok, simultaneously we are working on DeFi, Stake and Farming.

Looks like you guys are set to BOOM by next year 😎

PolypuX Support:
We will work together with many other platforms, companies and more social media platforms will be joined to our platform.

Also you can check our website :

And our RoadMap:


So it was a highly informative Q and A session. Let us now move on to Twitter round.

PolypuX Support:
This was an old RoadMap that we created, after that we updated some of our priorities but we are planning to stick to it.

Okay, 👌

I will post all the best 5 questions from Twitter and you answer one by one OK? @PolypuxSupport

PolypuX Support:
Go ahead please.

Thanks. 5 best questions coming

🐧Community ask Questions by Twitter ✔️

Twitter Question 1 (Tony)
Username : @TonyMon253

Polypux users will be able to monetizate the current live social media platforms? From where the monetization comes? From the quality of the published content or just the amount of likes and views?

PolypuX Support:
We aim to make money on existing social media sites.
We have achieved this.
Almost all social media sites will be added to the PolypuX platform in the near future.
The main principle of making money on the system is having interactions and completing tasks.
You earn PUX tokens as you perform tasks assigned by users.

Twitter Question no 2 (atif hosen)
Username : @irham1ul

Aside from this campaign,do you plan to have a staking, burning or mining #polypuxcom to add value of this token? and what is your vision and mission for the progress of this token in the future because it will compete with many defi projects?

PolypuX Support:
Staking, farming and, if necessary, burn processes will be made for PUX token.
We are currently testing the Farming system and will announce its release date soon. Full DeFi integration will also be active with it.

Twitter Question no 3 (Alice)
Username : @Alicewonder1202

Raising in this competitive enviroment can be quite difficult, and good allies can for sure make a difference and save some time. Which partnerships are on the roadmap of Polypux?

PolypuX Support:
We will announce our first partnership before the AMA event to be held 2 days later.
Our first partner is working in the crypto field and has a Marketcap of over $ 120 million.

From time to time, very important partnerships will continue to be announced.

Twitter Question no 4 (AD Tun)
Username : @cudosinichi9

How does Polypux benefit from understanding the user interactions thoroughly around the social media? What kind of data do you collect from users and is it shared with the advertisers?

PolypuX Support:
The interactions of the users will be made via PolypuX App shortly after.
Thus, the amounts paid to users will be met thanks to the ads we use on our system.

Wre are not collecting, storing, using any data of yours.
We only reach the informations provided the APIs of the social media platforms.
For example we are taking number of the followers or number of the posts to calculate the amont of the Pux will be given to the user.
It is not possible to share information with advertisers in any way.

Twitter Question no 5 (Mary)
Username : @Mary47229678

to create the $polypux financial ecosystem, will there be a buyback or burning of a token supply?

PolypuX Support:
There is a burn plan based on token demand and functionality.
We will explain how to do this in the future.
We will share the amount and the reason with our investors.

✍️ Telegram live Questions answered by PolypuX

Md Nuralam:
Are there any social networks on which Polypux cannot be used at present? What other platforms do you expect to make compatible with your system in the near future? thank you!

PolypuX Support:
1. In long term we want to add all of the known social media sites to our platform. So I can say, all :)
You can now connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can earn tokens from the interactions here. We are working on YouTube and TikTok now.
You can send message to us whenever you want, if you want to see another platform in our sysytem.

Abiodun Tomiwa:
What is the Token Name Of the Token Polpux project? And what is Each Token Standard For?

PolypuX Support:
2. It originates from polypus, which is synonym of octopus. Octopus has 8 arms. The arms are the links of your social media and our platform is like the head. By using our platform you will be able to reach all your social media and manage them and fill your stomach by earning :)

Shabbir Husain:
I am a crypto investor and I only care about prospect of a crypto that I chose, tell me the reason why I should choose your project over the existing one ? What is your coin advantage that can convince me to change from my favorite token ?

PolypuX Support:
3. We trust our project, that’s why we first launched our project ans showed everyone that it works, then we started on our crypto.
We did this because we will be a long term project and we want people to see that they can trust us. We are a working project.

Our Mcap is very low and most of our tokens are locked for long time.

The awards earned in the system are paid to the users through buyback. Thus, it does not affect investors negatively.

And last but not least, we worked hard on DeFi and Farming systems and we will announce them in a couple days. In this way holders will earn more and more. We have a plan which we share our profit with the users.

Stin Jonson:
Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? And what influence will we have on the crypto industry due to the project?

PolypuX Support:
4.We met the crypto world thanks to PolypuX. We thought it was the right place to apply our different ideas about social media platforms.
We were thinking to reverse the system which only companies earn from people who use social media. With us people will earn.

Our project was developed with an idea that could attract people from completely outside of this world to crypto world. We offered users the opportunity to earn money while using social media, and the only place where they can withdraw this money is the crypto world. In this way, a person who does not even hear the name of crypto will join this world. So this is one of the good things about this project :)

I am a professional vulnerability finder on the web, do you think Your system is secure enough from hackers? Does your project have a program that rewards individual vulnerability detection of the system?

PolypuX Support:
5. Hacking incidents can be seen even on systems with the world’s most secure infrastructures.
This should never be forgotten.
We take our software measures very securely, and also we have a team that follows the system 24 hours a day.
Because security is the most important issue for us. We have responsibilities towards both the users and social media platforms.
Also we want to have real users instead of fake accounts and etc. That’s why we created some filters for this issue too.

Keely Blick:
Q: Community is the key to the success of projects, so besides organizing AMAs, what strategy does PolypuX have to reach out and exploit new investors?

PolypuX Support:
We had many AMA’s in this month and we have a community manager who answers the questions of the people for new countries like from Asia.
As I told before we are here for any partnerships, collaborations etc.
We care a lot about users and community.

Kaitlyn Sauer:
Can you name the partners who have joined the PolypuX project? and what is the advantage for them?

PolypuX Support:
We managed a lot, like we had tens of thousands of users in a short time.

But also you should know that we are a really new project.
So we are working hard and we talk to many people, community and companies, we have to decide in time.

As I told, in a few days we will announce our big partner.

✔️Thanks to all of our Community Fans✔️

Have a Great Day

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