SafeGramX Decentralized Club Ama Recap From the 19th of April

Hello, Decentralized. clubbers Another AMA took place in Decentralized Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest Ivan Tomic from SafeGram. The AMA took place on the 19th of April .

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Welcome @itmrbl12

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Hello everyone!

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Hope you have great time here

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Thank you I’m excited to be here and I hope everyone gets to learn about SafeGram and what we offer to the world :)

Celeb | Decentralized Club

We would be having 3 segments here today

Introductory session

Twitter session

And live session respectively

Lets begin the introductory session

Are you ready @itmrbl12

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

I am

Ready when you are

Introduction questions asked by Dc Moderator, Caleb | Decentralized Club

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Q1) Your solution to global remittance’s bottleneck looks promising. We would love to learn what powers SafeGram and various needs you see the platform resolving. How are you making sure that you keep the blockchain holdings and fiat remittance 1:1.

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Thank you for a great question.

I’m going to start off with saying that SafeGram is an Ecosystem that was built as a decentralized solution for all your needs.

SafeGram Send Money Services is a portion of that ecosystem that is an umbrella service which includes Crypto-to-Fiat bridge and ATMs. The product is provided on both dApp on website as well as through SafeGram ATM.

You may say how do we do it? Specifically SafeGram Send Money Services (SSMS) is built on a Decentralized On-Chain Infrastructure running specifically for transfers and ATMs through our Crypto-to-Fiat Bridge, which is powered by SafeGram Tech.

Call it a decentralized swift system, where the funds you’re sending through our system are landing as fiat-to-fiat in your bank account in a completely decentralized manner without ever touching your crypto funds throughout the process. The entire process is what we like to call it a hands off approach where institutional and commercial buyers are buying the value of the funds you’re sending and reflecting that in the regular monetary system at the designated account you have specified.

We are providing an alternative to the typical gatekeepers such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken etc.

The whole system is built to empower users across the globe, so consider yourself as your own walking bank.

We’re providing you with a gateway to send money in a secure and decentralized way with a goal for you to be a daily user, not just an occasional user.

Please keep in mind for partner projects we incentivize them with up to 30% combinations of discounts, rewards sharing for their community bases to utilize the bridge, whereas coinbase/kraken/ binance offer none.

We end up giving away up to 80% of our rewards back as a combination between our community and partner projects.

Our moto is to take you along for the journey with us in a true win-win formula for both B2B, B2C, and P2P applications.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Please when you are done reply done

Ivan | CEO SafeGram


Celeb | Decentralized Club

That’s good
Let’s go on

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

sounds great, please do.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Q2) Can you tell us more about SafeGram ATM services and how you are using it to power the metaverse as well

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Absolutely, this is a must question for all those Metaverse fans :)
Celeb | Decentralized Club

That’s great

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

SafeGram ATMs, which are a part of SafeGram Send Money Services are running on the same infrastructure utilizing Crypto-to-Fiat Bridge to power the ATMs. What is important to note is that they are fully decentralized meaning that we can send funds instantly to ATMs and get fiat or deposit fiat and get crypto. With the ability to be wireless, cellular, and satellite thus we can go anywhere with these ATM machines meaning the reach of the audience and access to crypto is exponentially expanded for all users across the globe, including metaverse communities.

SafeGram’s ATMs will be incorporated in a fusion of physical and digital form in Metaverse(s) and users will be able to utilize metaverse tokens, major tokens including bitcoin to transfer equal assets in and out of the metaverse be it for form of payments etc. without ever leaving the metaverse.
Think of payments in the game, paying for new accessories, tools, avatars, new lands and transport vehicle all using the safegram infrastructure as a means to pay with native tokens and other tokens as needed.


Celeb | Decentralized Club

I like the endless user base

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

yes the applications are endless. Pay for a ticket to a metaverse venue /concert and enjoy our time powered by SafeGram Tech.

the list goes on

Celeb | Decentralized Club


Can you share your tokenomics with us

Ivan | CEO SafeGram


Celeb | Decentralized Club

Go on

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

pg 21.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

This great

Let’s move on

Q3) There are so many decentralised exchanges out there. What is special about your Dex? And how are you incentivizing people to use it?

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Everything we’ve done has a special twist to it. What I would like to call a special ingredient…or better yet ingredients :)

Same is for the SafeDEX which is our DEX product.

SafeDEX follows the principle, if it ain’t broken why fix it? SafeDEX pays homage to some of the trailblazer DEXes and projects utilizing swaps, yields etc. hence why we call it Curve Wars Redefined 2.0

anybody familiar with curve wars knows how powerful those incentives can be.

The most important piece to SafeDEX utilization is the massive 50% reward sharing with the community, more specifically stakers, and liquidity providers from SafeDEX swap fees and 50% of rewards generated from SafeGram Send Money Services (SSMS) fees.

The use of DAO power will be specifically used to direct some of the massive rewards to specific pool weights that community and stakers see most value in by people getting veGRAM equivalent tokens by staking GRAM and putting their weight behind certain pools they see value in.

In addition to that we have what is called Self-Funding Pools unique to the industry with guaranteed 80–100% APY! These SF Pools are specifically setup for both our community and partner projects which wish to list farms on our exchange. You can often think how hard it is for the projects to list their farms on a DEX because they lack the funds to be able to sustain the rewards and that is an issue. We have resolved that by providing self-funding pools which generate passive rewards from SafeGram Crypto-to-Fiat Bridge for those listed projects, thus eliminating the need for direct injection of capital from the project. The more people use the bridge the higher the staking pool APYs will be, simple!

Last but not least our ILP pools or Impermanent Loss Proof Pools protect you from up to 10% of impermanent loss from the baseline guaranteed! That is a massive incentive for the liquidity providers that we’re able to provide to the LPs.
That’s a lot of incentives for both projects and users ;)

Celeb | Decentralized Club

This very succulent

Q4) SafeGram looks unique in everything it does including it’s launchpad platform. Tell us what makes SafeStarter different than most in the industry?

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

yes definitely

it sure is everything is unique and we aim to provide exactly what people have been craving for.

Same goes for the SafeStarter a launchpad which is built to mitigate constant migration from one launchpad to another…call it cable television solution, one spot to change all your launchpads.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Keeping the craves of people for more

Keeps customers
Ivan | CEO SafeGram
SafeStarter is the launchpad for SafeGram that not only provides IDOs for exclusive projects but also partner launchpad projects.

The significance of that is that the for the partner launchpad projects we provide a “boost effect” for the raise i.e. If a partner launchpad is raising 100k SafeStarter’s community will provide an additional 25k boost by holding both GRAM tokens and the partner launchpad tokens in a 50/50 ratio. This allows the GRAM token to get an extra mile out of it. It also provides a partner launchpad project an incentive as more users need to hold their tokens thus making partner launchpad project token more scarce, ergo more valuable.

You will need to hold GRAM tokens to stake and participate, as well as GRAM tokens to buy and participate at a premium for those with heavier pockets but less time on their hands, and GRAM tokens to engage and participate at a discount for those with lighter pockets but high engagement drive.

To reiterate:
Stake & Participate (S2P) — simply stake in VIP listed pools with qualifying amount of tokens, get whitelisted for participating in raise for the allocations.

Buy & Participate (B2P) — For those with heavy pockets but not enough time you will have the ability to participate by outright buying allocations at a 25% premium.

Engage & Participate (E2P) — For those with small pockets but high engagement drive you will have ability to participate by completing tasks, spreading the word, and entering into a whitelisted pool with 25% subsidy on allocations
It all balances out for a win-win formula!

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Q5) We would like to end this AMA with a brief description of your ecosystem that is obviously connected to SafeStarter. Tell us about your ecosystem

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

I’d be glad to.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

We would go next to our Twitter session after this

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

A SafeGram’s ecosystem of products and services is a decentralized solution which works synergistically to provide multi-layered benefits for both B2B/B2C users and partner projects alike.

This multi-layered fusion encompasses Send Money Services, with it’s Crypto to FiatTM powered by SafeGram Tech, and it’s ATMs with it’s fully loaded features that can deployed anywhere in the world with our satelite capability be it on a remote island, or in remote areas and communities in lieu of a financial institution, to it’s powerful SafeDEX with Self-Funding Pools, ILP Pools, yield earning & incentivized multipliers, and not to forget the multi-raise launchpad SafeStarter.

All of these products and services combined provide a fusion of rewards and services.
With a unique mix of products and services SafeGram offers a truly unique user experience.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Let’s go to the twitter session

Questions asked on Twitter for SafeGram team!

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Twitter question

1. SafeGram as I’ve read, enables users to send 1:1 value of Their blockchain holdings in fiat format to anywhere in the world! But I am from Africa where we have a restriction on Cryptocurrencies, I wonder if Safegram would be able to function down here. Please tell us.

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

It’s a rather ingenious system.
The money lands as Fiat to Fiat in your bank account meaning the institutional and accredited commercial buyers are seeing the value of a large liquidity which they get a slight discount. The value of the funds you’re requesting to land in recepients account is reflected in that large pool from which your request for the equal funds to be reflected in a designated bank account are realized by an institutional buyer. Furthermore the funds land from an accredited or institutional account as peer to peer meaning Joe send money to Mike.

it’s essentially a decentralized system connecting to a centralized system without you ever knowing or interacting with person seeing the value in what you’re offering.


Celeb | Decentralized Club

2. What are the security measure that safegram team put in place to convince the community that is secure from hacking because the most important part of every project.

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

We value security above all else. Thus we have implemented we have been audited by Hacken and received a very high score mark of 9.5/10. We strive for nothing but the best and we are making sure that everything we do is fully protected and safe from any potential exploits.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

3. Metaverse has just emerged with great potential for future development. Safegram ecosystem is in its early stages. Obviously, it is full of opportunities. So how can a new player/investor participate in early investment on Safegram? @Danielpelumi16

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

We are in active raise stage currently. We have worked extensively to bring forth the best tokenomics for SafeGram that is tailored for the vast ecosystem we are deploying. The #1 thing is token utility and as you have read above that is the driving factor for all our products and partnerships. Win-Win Formula.

When it comes to investments users can contact us directly via telegram and through one of our investor interest forms as well pinned in our chat. We look forward to working with all interested parties and everyone is welcome!

Celeb | Decentralized Club

4. Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Sure the value we bring is tri-fold from Send Money Services with up to 80% of rewards going back to users and partner combined, to 50% of SafeDEX swap fees + 50% of send money service fee rewards combined funneling back to qualified token holders..i.e. stakers & liquidity providers, and up to 80% of the SafeStarter generated fees going back to SafeDEX users that is a massive rewards incentives system all fused into one.

The more tokens you have the larger your incentives will be.
this is not to mention the liquidity juggernaut SafeDEX is poised to become and massive onboarding of partnerships between various partner communities and us the sheer volume and usability of GRAM token will explonentially epxand in both crypto and as means of utilizing globally deployed 1000s of SafeGram’s ATMs

Celeb | Decentralized Club

5.How does safegram decide to explore countries where crypto are not accepted any plans to increase adoption all over more countries

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Our list is continuously updated on our SafeGram website with over 120 countries at any given time being able to send funds to.

As fully KYC and AML compliant decentralized service the funds land as fiat to fiat to designated accounts, meaning the institutional and accredited accounts are sending peer to peer funds to designated account that you have listed at beginning of the transaction process. There is no association with crypto exchange or similar like it is with coinbase/binance etc… and funds are able to literally land in anywhere anytime within reasonable monetary banking time.
Rest assured we continuously groom our lists and update for any limitations we run into and as a remittance service we are simply providing you with access to our crypto-to-fiat bridge enabling all of this for you.

We’ve successfully landed funds across the globe. Feel free to try our services as any funds you are processing are 100% backed and stored in 3rd party escrow accounts until the transactions are complete.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

This is what every potential investors love to hear
Do. You have any extra words before we move to the last session

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

BTW watch our video it will summarize it in under 2 minutes.

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Congratulation on your audit
You scored a 9.5/10

Wow that’s great

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

I want to thank everyone for wonderful questions. There is much to learn about SafeGram and rest assured we’re ramping up things so stay tuned for a lot more!

We strive for nothing but the best :)

Celeb | Decentralized Club

Let’s move to the live session

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Questions Asked by our Decentralized club members during live session to SafeGram team!


Hello Mr Ivan 👍
Earlier you introduced SafeGram as
“An ecosystem of products and services is a decentralized solution which works synergistically to provide multi-layered benefits for both B2B/B2C users and partner projects alike”
With reference to “Multilayer benefit for users”
Can you tell us what these benefits are?
Thanks 😃

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

The sheer volume of incentives from multiple products is funneled in one ecosystem. With massive rewards provided back to our community from crypto-to-fiat bridge to liquidity juggernaut SafeGram with specialty pools including self funding and impermanent liquidity pools all drive liquidity providers to use, including a massive userbase. As other incentives and actual rewards are mentioned in the answers above there is a lot of incentives allowing user to keep the token for staking, launchpad, remittance services etc.

Q.2[Angal Trisha]

Considering that there are other ecosystems in the crypto space that also have various products where they provide services similar to what you offer, such as the #Binance ecosystem through its BINANCE P2P product, I would like to know in great detail what are the most significant reasons why a user or investor should choose SafeGram for such a service or simply what is it that makes them so special?

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

Binance does not offer SafeGram’s 1000s of global ATMs which a physical manifestation of blockchains we all enjoy. You are able to deposit local fiat get crypto, send crypto get fiat anywhere where our ATMs are present at high traffic areas, be it town centers, airports, train stations, malls, restaurants, venues etc.

In addition to that we don’t hold any of your funds, fully decentralized unlike binance for example. No limitations on how much you can send literally. If you have 1million good if you have 10 million we’re good, if you have 100 million we’re good for that transaction. Also our ATMs are made for both small and large deposits/pickups. tens of thousands in one transaction.

We’re also giving you the other side of the coin nobody is offering and that is ability to enjoy rewards from all transactions through being a GRAM user, specifically staker, liquidity provider where we give you 50% of the rewards back from the crypto-to-fiat bridge. Kraken/Binance/Coinbase don’t share in rewards with you….we do.


How Do you planning to promote “SafeGram” project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have a local communities for them to better understand “SafeGram” project?

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

We are poised to deploy thousands of ATMs starting in North America/Europe/South & Latin America, then expand from there. Our communities will be global with multiple chats for each country/region as we want to cater to people and provide them with alternatives to the current economic situations across the globe. Imagine putting your heard earned fiat as a store of value into crypto by simply depositing fiat and adding those funds on your own decentralized wallet. pretty sweet

Q.4[Joshua Parkinson]

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project / company. What is the way to generate profit / revenue of token? What is the income model?

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

We’re tapping into 1.27 Trillion dollar industry that nobody else can tap into fully. We can, and with combination of our crypto-to-fiat bridge and unique SafeGram ATMs for global deployment there is nobody that rivals us. I repeat nobody can address this on both levels like we can.

Q.5[Itz Abhi]

“You just announced the Audit report from Hacken 😁”
Q1. Do you think Hacken is better from other audit platforms?
Q2. How much did Safegram scored in the audit?
Q3. Can you share the audit with us?

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

You can find the audit on our announcement channel. Also if you go to Hacken you’ll be able to find the score.

Hacken is a technological partner for us and we value their audits and expertise. :)

Q.6[Feray furnense]

How safe is Safegram interms of KYC. Is the KYC necessary for withdrawals and deposits? And what would be the maximum deposit without KYC?? that is if KYC isn’t needed

Ivan | CEO SafeGram

KYC/AML is only done on sender through our 3rd party partner Blockpass to verify you are yourself. Please remember everything we do is fully decentralized and your funds are held in an escrow account until the process is complete. Meaning we’re not holding your funds and you’re only filing out a form list where you are designated where the funds need to land. Everything is handled for you like a hands off approach or white glove services for some. Our fully decentralized non-custodial system is meant for B2B and B2C services specifically.

Here are the some important link of SafeGram

Website :
Twitter :
Telegram :
Medium :

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