SafeLaunch AMA Summary with Decentralized Club ✔️

  1. Simplify marketing
    SafeLaunch will help projects with pre & post-IDO marketing plans and provide them with our
    vast array of contacts in the industry.
    2. safety
    SafeLaunch looks to protect investors’ funds and help prospective good projects overcome the
    hurdles of marketing and presales.
    investors are offered a well thoroughly vetted project that reduces the chances of scams or
    rugpull events ever happening.
    3. Great benefits
    A reliable project that the team can bring good benefits to users.
    And yield Farming will be live alongside the IDO launchpad to provide token holders passive
    income earning means.
    The advantages are awesome.
    I just want to take a minute to appreciate you, Yoda, and everyone else on the SafeLaunch
    You’re doing a great job and I can’t wait to hear big news from your project soon.
    Ready for the next two questions?
    [Chewbacca] Yes, I am ready
    3. Can you tell me what is the goal of this #SafeLaunch project for 2021? And development
    direction in the coming years? What is the basis for us to believe that #SafeLaunch will be
    available in the market?
    4. In every project, people value projects with long-term benefits more than projects with
    short-term benefits! So how does #Does SafeLaunch ensure their long-term interests? Tell me
    your plan?
    [Chewbacca] 3rd answer, Our ultimate goals are to become the biggest all-in-on marketing,
    incubation, and launchpad not just on the BSC network but cross-chain.SafeLaunch We’ve got big plans over the next 5 years and see $SFE to have landed safely on the moon by
  2. this point.
    On a more serious note, we want to be the goto incubation platform for new projects, the goto
    platform for people to find optimized yield farm rates, and also the place people look to get
    marketing help on the Binance Smart Chain.
    4th answer: The current climate with launchpads are small allocations with big investments into
    the tokens. We’ve designed a model that will reward token holders in our farms with bigger
    allocations than most of our competitors, not only giving you allocations into pre-sales but
    earning interest on your staked coins.
    We will be incubating projects, dedicating our marketing teams to them pre and post ido. On top
    of that, each project will have its own farm on our platform so it has an instant use case
    How it will work is depending on how much $SFE or $SFE-$BNB you’re staking in our farms
    you’ll get a multiplier of allocation into each IDO, the longer vesting into each pool will also
    increase your allocation.
    So we’re bringing DeFi farming with good APRs and the added benefit of having access to
    future IDOs and private sales.
    The emission rate at the start will be 1 $SFE per block halving every 10 days.
    Had to give a minute for the community to digest the answers.
    I love the fact that you’re working on staking and farming rewards!
    One last question for this session.
    5. Who do you create #SafeLaunch for? What will I get as a customer using your #SafeLaunch
    software? Do I need to pay anything when using #SafeLaunch?
    [Chewbacca] In order to be responsible for our platform and investors, we will provide everyone
    with sufficient confidence to participate in the SafeLaunch ecosystem. For the project party
    holders, we will provide industry top auditors and top marketing for any project participating in
    the platform. In addition to the audit and marketing I just mentioned, if the project party needs
    more incubation support, the platform can directly or indirectly provide assistance. We hope that
    more projects can gain more users through our platform. This kind of help is a benign way of
    operation for the project party, investors, and SafeLaunch.
  3. [May]
    Such a wholesome project.
    Ready for the live session?
    [Chewbacca] Ready
    You will select five really good questions.
    — -Chat was then opened for the live community to send in their questions — -
    Segment 3 — Live Questions
    Wow. So many good questions.
    You can start now.
    You mention that SafeLaunch is one of the first incubators of the BSC network, if so, surely they
    have made many launches of various projects, right? For this reason, could you mention some
    of those projects that IDO has carried out for its platform? and what results have they obtained?
    [Chewbacca] We did not launch IDO ever before, and we will provide the best product to our
    investors, projects, users, so we are in preparation now, pls stay tuned.
    [󰨠 Dyesebel 󰨠]
    Your most original motivation to do in SafeLaunch is to let those potential projects have a better
    start & incubate growth. So how do you plan to do all of these? What are the great features &
    package of benefits you will provide to all the projects to be launched in SafeLaunch?
    [Chewbacca] Nice question, all the projects that go through our incubation service will have
    access to our network of developers, marketing teams, community managers, social media
    managers, and audit partners. This means projects can focus on their tech and ideas and not
    worry about the cumbersome idea of marketing and making the right partnerships as we can do
    this for them.
    Great answers! Keep them coming.
    [Tooba Khalid]
  4. PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbones in making every project more
    widespread. Can you list some of your partners with us?
    [Chewbacca] Yes, cooperation and partnership are some of the most important issues to help
    develop a project. We already have some partnerships and are also working on more
    collaboration and partnerships with some valuable firms. Our partnership, for example. BSC
    news. BSC daily, and other famous audit agents, this will help a lot of Safelaunch.
    Two more to go!
    [Marian Merheb]
    🧨 I read that you will open your SafeLaunch Ambassador Recruitment Program soon, can
    you tell us more about it? What will the requirements be for being an Ambassador? Also, what
    will the benefits be?
    [Chewbacca] Yes, security is the first for our users, now our contract has been audited by some
    top famous audit agents, and now we are doing Certik audit at the same time, you can check: And for the projects launched on Safelaunch, they
    must go through our 122 points in-depth due diligence check, this will include KYC of founder
    members and CTO, audits paid by us through our partnerships with audit agencies, locked
    liquidity from the get-go, and much much more.
    [Chewbacca] Yes, in order to strengthen our community, and provide good support to our user,
    we will launch our Ambassador Recruitment Program soon, pls stay tuned, we will announce on
    our official social media platform, now you can join our One-pager campaign, How are you all
    doing today? Our one-pager is now available! As a result, we’re holding a giveaway that you can
    join by taking these simple steps!
    ❗️$600 in USDT in the reward pool🤩🤩
    🔹Step 1: Go to Twitter and follow @Safelaunch1.
    🔹Step 2: Go to IO and join TG.
    🔹Step 3: Retweet this tweet and tag three people. Safelaunch1/status/1397196044467900416
    🔹Step 4: Fill out this form:
    👉 OnePager:
    Thanks for all your support from Decentralized Club, welcome to our Platform.
    And we’re done!
  5. Thank you so much for being a guest here today! We appreciate you, Yoda, and everyone else
    on the SafeLaunch team.
    You’re all doing an amazing job and we at Decentralized Club can’t wait to hear big news from
    your project soon.
    We hope you enjoyed your session.
    Official website:
    Thank you, thank you.
    [Chewbacca] Thanks all of you.
    Dear community, please follow up with this.
    Okay. Have a nice day 😊
    The group will be opened now.




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🎉Welcome 🎉 We are a community who eats, sleeps and drinks crypto 😉 Contact👇@cryptoTALK01 @UniqueBoyDK for AMA and project promotions♻️

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